Alexander Dolitsky: Israel, Gaza and the historic, religious, ethnic issues of global terrorism



Far-left media notoriously make various historical and statistical errors that lead the public to a divisive conclusion on Israel-Gaza/Hamas wars.

The arguments are: (1) Unjust creation of Israel in 1948 had provoked conflicts in the Middle East; (2) Foreign aid to Israel is about one-half of Israel’s Gross National Product, and 85 percent of that aid come from the United States; (3) Israel’s response to Gaza’s attack on Oct. 7, 2023 is excessive and disproportionate. 

Creation of modern-day Israel. The Arab-Israel conflict in the Middle East is centuries old. The conflict over land is particularly perplexing. Before the time of Christ, the Jewish people lived in their own kingdom; a Jewish-ruled state was located where Israel is today. In 586 B.C., however, the Babylonian Empire defeated Israel. As a result of it, many Jews were brought to Babylonian as slaves.

Returning to their homeland after years of captivity, the Jewish people constructed a new state, only to be incorporated into the Roman Empire. Then, in 70 A.D., the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Jewish people scattered throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. From this time until 1948, Jews had no state.

During the intervening centuries prior to 1948, Palestinian Arabs and the Islamic religion predominated in the territory where Israel had been. The Palestinians, like the Jews, claimed the territory as their own. Thus, at one time or another, Palestinian Arabs and Jews both owned the land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. This leads to a question, “Whose land is it?” Unfortunately, there is no simple, universally accepted answer.

In 1948, the United Nations proposed that Palestine be partitioned, with Jewish state being created along the Mediterranean coast and Palestinian state inland. It was not a perfect solution, and few people, least of all the Arabs, were pleased with it. But, at least, it was a solution, and both superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, were behind it.

U.S. foreign aid to Israel. U.S. foreign aid to other nations in need is not only a critical humanitarian effort but also is in the national interest of the United States.

During World War II (1939-45), the United States instituted a huge Lend-Lease Program (US$50 billion at that time) to 42 recipient countries, including 11 countries who fought Nazism. The origin of U.S. modern-day foreign assistance dates back to the Marshall Plan.After World War II (1946-50), the United States instituted the Marshal Plan, which granted US$13.2 billion (over US$130 billion in today’s dollars) to help restart the world’s economy and stabilize potential U.S. allies in Western Europe.

The U.S. President’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request included US$60.4 billion for the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Countries that received the most foreign aid from the U.S. in 2021 are:Israel ($3.3B), Jordan ($1.6B), Afghanistan ($1.4B), Ethiopia ($1.39B), Egypt ($1.29B), Yemen ($1.04B), South Sudan ($954M), and Congo (Kinshasa) ($825M).

The United States currently gives billions of dollars in security assistance to both Israel and Egypt to help maintain peace and stability in the Middle East. The United States considers Israel its most reliable ally in the Middle East and gives it more than $3.3 billion per year in foreign aid, and gives nearly $2 billion to Egypt as well. In September, 2023, Israel Gross National Product was reported at $126.855 billion, (U.S. dollars.) Israel total foreign aid from other countries (mostly USA, England, France) in security assistance is about $5 billion.

Israel-Gaza/Hamas war. Far-left media and activists accuse Israel in excessive and disproportionate use of force against Gaza/Hamas in defending itself in today’s war initiated by Gaza. Historically, there have never being proportionate wars. None. 

On Dec. 7, 1941, Japan launched a surprise aerial attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack killed 2,403 U.S. personnel, including 68 civilians, and destroyed or damaged 19 U.S. Navy ships, including eight battleships.

In response, on Aug 6 and 9, 1945, the United States detonated two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 Japanese respectively, most of whom were civilians, and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in an armed conflict.

The allied bombing of Germany from 1942-1945 almost completely ruined several major cities (Dresden, Berlin, Cologne), in bombing essential infrastructure and, in the process, killing thousand civilians. Nearly 27 million Soviets were killed during the war, including some of my relatives in Kiev, compared to nearly 9 million civilian and military Germans death by allied forces during the war.

On the 9/11, 2001, the Arab terrorists cowardly attacked and killed 2,977 people and injured thousands at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In response, the United States and its allies invaded two countries—Iraq and Afghanistan—and, in the process, disproportionately killed and wounded tens of thousands civilians and military personnel.

The causes of Oct. 7, 2023 heinous Gaza’s attack of Israel are deeply rooted in multi-faceted historic, religious and ethnic issues of global terrorism. Historically, terrorism always has been a complex problem for humanity and for peace-seeking nations. And only “united we win” again.

Alexander B. Dolitsky was born and raised in Kiev in the former Soviet Union. He received an M.A. in history from Kiev Pedagogical Institute, Ukraine, in 1976; an M.A. in anthropology and archaeology from Brown University in 1983; and was enroled in the Ph.D. program in Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College from 1983 to 1985, where he was also a lecturer in the Russian Center. In the U.S.S.R., he was a social studies teacher for three years, and an archaeologist for five years for the Ukranian Academy of Sciences. In 1978, he settled in the United States. Dolitsky visited Alaska for the first time in 1981, while conducting field research for graduate school at Brown. He lived first in Sitka in 1985 and then settled in Juneau in 1986. From 1985 to 1987, he was a U.S. Forest Service archaeologist and social scientist. He was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Russian Studies at the University of Alaska Southeast from 1985 to 1999; Social Studies Instructor at the Alyeska Central School, Alaska Department of Education from 1988 to 2006; and has been the Director of the Alaska-Siberia Research Center (see from 1990 to present. He has conducted about 30 field studies in various areas of the former Soviet Union (including Siberia), Central Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the United States (including Alaska). Dolitsky has been a lecturer on the World Discoverer, Spirit of Oceanus, andClipper Odyssey vessels in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. He was the Project Manager for the WWII Alaska-Siberia Lend Lease Memorial, which was erected in Fairbanks in 2006. He has published extensively in the fields of anthropology, history, archaeology, and ethnography. His more recent publications include Fairy Tales and Myths of the Bering Strait Chukchi, Ancient Tales of Kamchatka; Tales and Legends of the Yupik Eskimos of Siberia; Old Russia in Modern America: Russian Old Believers in Alaska; Allies in Wartime: The Alaska-Siberia Airway During WWII; Spirit of the Siberian Tiger: Folktales of the Russian Far East; Living Wisdom of the Far North: Tales and Legends from Chukotka and Alaska; Pipeline to Russia; The Alaska-Siberia Air Route in WWII; and Old Russia in Modern America: Living Traditions of the Russian Old Believers; Ancient Tales of Chukotka, and Ancient Tales of Kamchatka.


  1. It’s often been debated the reason the Soviets went along with Partition was to cast the Middle East into constant turmoil.

    It’s also rarely covered Transjordan was supposed to be the new Palestine. For a variety of reasons, including the first of may refusals by the Palestinians to have peace, it fell apart. It became so untenable the King of Jordan declared a full scale war on the Palestinians to eliminate them as an effective force in Jordan.

    • Maybe because the family that was supposedly murdered was hiding out in the Middle East. They upchucked graves in Russia and Jerusalem. That One needs to go to the UN and spit on them! ; )

  2. Oh, what the “root” of Abraham has spawned–a Middle East love fest! The different peoples in the region are capable of committing horrendous atrocities, and the consequences of this war will linger on and on: it’s best to let them have at each other and deal with the brutes that come out on top!

  3. Good article.
    Nobody has any business telling Israel to stop just as the US didn’t stop for 10 years in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  4. Alexander I recognize your slight effort at a balanced viewpoint”the question is who owns it”
    The logical thing to have done was not support states based on religion.
    A blended non religious state government would have fit more into Einstein’s view.
    The whole i was there first concept is for grade school logic.

    Its not just far left who accuses Israel of excessive force. 20 k murdered and counting.
    Its liberals , true conservatives, and libertarians who consider Israels actions unethical. ( bombing civilians just isn’t ethical no matter how you look)

    Then you dishonesty equate it to American response to Pearl Harbor. You are to smart to make that mistake.
    We didn’t immediately nuke them .
    The palestinian resistance can in no way be equivalent to the japanese invasion , infrastructure and history.
    The situation was world war two .
    Hamas doesn’t have one war plane they rule over a country that is destitute financially.
    Israel has been subjugating / blockading and occupying gaza for decades.
    ( btw – because this is a strong factual opposing opinion i doubt it will get past censors) will be interesting to see

    • Good points, American. BTW your comments actually made it in. I think we all miss the point that things can’t go on the way they are. Serious solutions most take place before more innocent civilians are slaughtered or we are all dragged into a world war,. Every life matters.

    • American, yes we didn’t “nuke” the Japanese immediately, because the bomb was still a theory in 1941 and didn’t become operational until 1945.
      I hope this clears things up for you.

      • Penis bone . Aka oosik
        Oosik we were in a world wide struggle that actually threatened the fate of the historical world. We wanted russia to fear us . Germany to not entertain ideas of resistance. We dramatically ended a war that was killing millions. We reduced war for decades. With a debatable action. Japanese were willing to fight to the death. Word war 2 and the situation cannot be compared to the hamas israeli conflict. Hamas didn’t destroy a whole fleet of battleships. Hamas is a fly compared to the Japanese who subjugated china – korea ect .

        Note we have not used nukes since.
        Despite many wars . 9/11 Korea vietnam ect .
        It has to do with Americans low tolerance for civilian casualties .

        Israel has killed more civilians in 2 months than America killed in years of gulf wars and despite 9/11

        Israel has no excuse for dropping bombs on civilian housing when hamas is under the ground unreachable by missiles.
        Oosik your statement holds no significance

        • American, put down the pot pipe and reread your comment to Al, you stated ” we didn’t immediately Nuke them” ( ostensibly your comment was in regards to a limited and measured tactical response to the Japanese as opposed to an all out nuclear strike).

          The terrorist hiding behind women and children in Gaza now were the same group that brutally mutilated Israeli women and children on October 7. Sorry Charlie, they should not be given any quarter in this conflict.

  5. I agree with Americans reply. Your article not only foolishly calls yourself out, but also gives away that time and time again a smaller focused attack has led to thousands, millions of civilians killed in the masses, all the result of the US- enforcing its power. This is the unethical, un-empathetic and violent moves the US continues to act on.

    Additionally, if you do more digging you will see there is always a reason behind the US supporting an “ally” country or invading another. For example in Iran and Afghanistan, was it not so obvious that the absolute reason of the invasion of these countries was to contribute to maintain control in the oil industry? Do you also realize that the Gaza Strip lies in a very geographically important area that also involves sought after resources/the land to transport it. The US is, poetically put, a hypocrite at every level.

    Using these “terrorist” attacks to “ok” their backlash behaviors. Hiding the true reason to fuel their greed for goods and resources and to continue to harbor fear its inhabitants. The US is and supports oppression and acts of violence on the innocent in order to continue to maintain military power.

  6. Throughout history the process of occupying another area has taken a conquer and assimilate approach. To say that anyone lived there 1000 years ago or a week ago matters not and religious goofballs will fight over whatever nonsense rattles around in their head.

    The only thing that this example underscores is that whomever took over that territory most recently didn’t do a thorough job. That an unrelated third party might later grant the land back to a long since conquered people is laughable; worse when you consider that it wasn’t the grantor’s to give.

    Jews like Dolitsky try to downplay attempts at unjustified ethnic cleansing and make it clear in their writing that they’re incapable of being objective but it matters not. Supporting anyone in that region is a waste of cash. Someone needs to teach them that the magical dead jew story is a complete fabrication.

  7. Alexander: Not a bad article as far as it goes. Israelis also had their “terrorists” i the Ir-gun, fighting for the establishment of the Israeli State after WWII. And not too many people were opposed because of the horror of the Holocaust. The ensuing wars for possession were brutal and somewhere the point was lost that it wasn’t the Arabs that murdered 6 million Jews and 27 million Russians among others, but the Nazi Germans along with Europeans who went along with it. Sadly, the Germans and the Europeans never paid the price the Arabs did and instead rebuilt their countries to prosperity with US help in the form of Marshal Plan assistance. It remains to be said that both sides must find a better solution than trying to kill each other. This might include ceasing to blow up Palestinian homes in the remaining East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhoods which have been invaded by Israeli settlers while attention is on Gaza. Sooner or later, there must be delineated borders. This is the real answer.

    • Do you know the Palestinians have been offered borders and land repeatedly? And refused it every time?

  8. Summary of most comments.

    If only Hamas can finish the Jewish genocide, all will be well in the antisemitism garden.

  9. Much of the news coverage about this was against Hamas is slanted by antisemitism. The standard is clear, Israel and Jews are held to a different standard than any other country and any other people in the world and those standards are in constant flux as the goaline is moved.

    We are told Israel needs to take part in a ceasefire, they were in a ceasefire on October 6th then Hamas attacked. Arabs live in Israel in peace, why do Palestinians and the terrorists that so many of them refuse peace and demand the wholesale annihilation of Israel and Jews? If Palestinians and the terrorists that so many of them support simply laid down their arms and stopped trying to wipe Israel and Jews from the face of the earth there would be peace. Why is it that Palestinians and the terrorists that so many of them support are held to a different standard than others?

    • Steve o

      Different standards?

      Hmm Israel has killed 125,000 Palestinians

      Palestinians have killed 25,ooo Israelis .

      Documented by Jewish scholars.

      Not sure what planet you are on steve .
      Who is the overall aggressor?

      750k- 2 million Palestinians displaced .

      Israeli Occupational force for decades

      Thousands of Palestinians women and children held with charges.

      Israel forced people out of their homes and destroyed noncombatant housing.

      Steve if someone did that to you should i say – steve lay down your arms quit fighting accept subjugation?
      Would you do it ? If all your relatives had been indiscriminately killed by a missile explosion?

      I didn’t think so . Yeah Israel is a rich powerful very intelligent society.
      It’s their responsibility to solve the problem and create peace without genocide

      • “American”,

        Given the past information you’ve posted here that are simply Hamas talking points, I have a hard time believing any numbers you provide while citing unnamed “Jewish scholars”. You’re still talking about the demonstrably false and rhetorically charged antisemitic Hamas talking point by using the word genocide for crying out loud.

        ‘’ presents starkly different numbers, with documentation, than you are presenting without any documentation whatsoever…hmm who to believe???

        I’m also glad you’re as concerned for Muslim on Muslim violence in places like Syria, Iran, Yemen, and other countries around the world that lead to tens of thousands of murders each and every year…oh wait you aren’t concerned about that at all. You are only concerned with holding Israel and Jews to a different standard than the rest of the world.

        If I were a Palestinian I’d try something different than what they’ve been trying, cause what they’ve been trying clearly isn’t working. Being a nation of martyrs and being proud to sacrifice themselves in the name of terror sure seems like a bad idea to me.

        Merry Christmas, “American”

  10. Professor Dolitsky – I am sure that you are aware that the DNA record does not really support your statement that present day Israelis are direct descendants of Abraham. Ashkenazi Jews make up the majority of present-day Israel. Their DNA record seems to indicate a northern Turkish origin. Some scholars link them to the pagan Khazar Empire who adopted Judaism around 800 AD, more as a means of combating Christian & Muslim influences on their culture, as any burning spiritual awakening. When the Khazar Empire was defeated by Russia many of them resettled in Russia & what is now Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This perhaps explains why so many Ashkenazi Jews are blue eyed & pale skinned. So, while European Jews may be related by religion to the original inhabitants of the Middle East, they are most likely not related by blood. In fact, darker skinned Syrian, Jordanian, Ethiopian Jews, et al have often accused the modern Israeli government of discrimination.

    • Yes, I am aware of it. And I am Ashkenazi Jew. Khazar’s archaeological sites, if any left, were not permitted to excavate in the Soviet Union until 1990s; only archaeologist Gumilev did some research and wrote a short book “Discovery of Khazaria, 1953.” I was not allowed to take this book with me by the Soviet authorities when I left a country in 1977.

      Khazars were destroyed by Mongol invasion in the 12-13 centuries AD; and they could never recovered.

      As I commented to you in my prior article posted on MRAK, today’s Italians are not the same as ancient Romans; or today’s French, British and Irish as ancient Celts. Khazars were a nomadic Turkish people covering southeastern section of modern European Russia and southern Ukraine from the 6th century to about 13th century CE; and they practiced Judaism. Nevertheless, second oldest religion—Judaism— emerged in the land of modern Israel.

      • Alexander
        Remember that the Israelites must keep the covenant and follow the commandments if they are to receive and keep the promised land .
        When Israel Murders innocent people and its supporters bear false witness the violate Jewish law and the Covenant.
        In Judaism spilling innocent blood was against the law .
        As is twisting the truth. Especially regarding what someone else did.

        • American, so after the barbaric actions of Hamas upon the people of Israel this last October, what would be the proper response of Israel? Drop flowers on the Iranian backed Hamas savages?
          This is a serious question Sir, you seem to have all the answers, please enlighten me!

          • Robert
            First obviously secure the border .
            I would do what they don’t expect
            Start Talks . Hostage transfers
            Israel holds thousands of palestinian women and children hostages / detainees without charges.
            I would use those to bargain to get back the people hamas stole .
            I would find out what else hamas would exchange for the dear hostages.
            Then I would use back and front channel diplomacy to cut all world funding for hamas . Israel is rich and connected.
            I would use connections to cut hamas off from the world for their atrocities.
            Then I would start a careful campaign to eliminate the tunnels. Clean them out . Filling and sealing. ( technology would be my friend)

            Then I would start massive humanitarian efforts in gaza . Food water infrastructure. Business investment and world ties with investment in schools hospitals farms and the economy. I would make it beyond clear that Israel was palestines freind and a partnership would be beyond beneficial. This would undermine radicalization of locals . Undermine the reason for hamas existence.
            Creating an ally of palestine at the door of Israel.
            I would then support their democratic process and help them have elections which haven’t occurred in almost two decades. I would do whatever it took to promote friendship and peace.
            Yet I would reserve the right for self defense.
            Destruction of cities and civilians is not self defense. Its genocide . The Idf has barely made a dent in hamas and only created sympathizers.

          • “American”,
            So you would do something strikingly similar to what Israel was doing with Gaza before October 7th? Hindsight being what it is, you’ll have to pardon me for thinking you’d come up with a plan that would lead to a different result. Previously you said you’d go further than what Israel is doing to get rid of Hamas, but now you want them to come to the table and legitimize Hamas?

            You cannot reward terrorists for their actions. Hamas does not want to live peacefully with Israel, Hamas supporters do not want to live peacefully with Israel, the majority of Palestinians do not want to live in peace with Israel.

            You must be privy to some inside information to claim that IDF isn’t making a dent in Hamas, they’ve reportedly killed 8,000 Hamas terrorists out of 25,000-40,000…seems like a pretty big dent, 20-32% of their forces is a large dent.

      • Steve – O – If you wish to be taken seriously you need to educate yourself on the subject matter being discussed. Zionism is a relatively recent political doctrine – Judaism is a major world religion that is thousands of years old. Regurgitating Zionist talking points ad infinitum will not help either.

        • I’m not sure where you got your education on the subject at hand, but somehow you imagine regurgitating antisemitic talking points helps the conversation?

  11. There has never been a nation named Palestine. The British named territory they seized from the Ottomans in 1918 between the Mediterranean and Jordan River “Palestine” and west of the river “Transjordan”. With the influx of surviving European Jews following WWII and tension with local Arabs, who had been Ottoman subjects since 1516, the British played both sides. The Arab tribes during WWII opposed British Imperialist rule and supported the German NAZIs. The all volunteer Free Arabian Legion comprised of several Wermacht units created with assistance of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, a Nazi supporter who had fled to Iraq to avoid imprisonment from Mandatory Palestine before the war started. Both the Germans and Arabs shared the goal to exterminate the Jews. The conflict of the mix of Muslim Arabs who hated Jews and Jewish holocaust survivors has festered to this day. Jordan, Egypt and all the other Arab countries refuse entry to “Palestinians”. On one hand the Palestinians cause serious issues, Jordan and Lebanon are examples. The other benefit is to keep them isolated and seething with rage to use as leverage for maintaining tensions. It is cynical for Arab nations to pretend to care for Palestinians while exploiting their misery. Our state department and military are always looking for a conflict to escalate. The Israelis feigning not to know of the Oct 7 operation created an opportunity for the US to strike Iran, a neocon dream.
    They didn’t realize the Houthis would be used to close the Gulf of Aden.

  12. “During the intervening centuries prior to 1948, Palestinian Arabs and the Islamic religion predominated in the territory where Israel had been. The Palestinians, like the Jews, claimed the territory as their own. Thus, at one time or another, Palestinian Arabs and Jews both owned the land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. This leads to a question, “Whose land is it?” Unfortunately, there is no simple, universally accepted answer.”
    Here is where you skip a LOT of important history. When NATO annexed the land now referred to as Israel, the settlers who took that land predominantly came FROM Europe. They were not settling an active dispute between native Jewish inhabitants and native Palestinians. This article wrongly suggests that the Jewish settlers who were leaving Europe, a place that had become largely uninhabitable for Jews due to fascism and communism, had a legitimate claim to the land. The claim they made was ONLY legitimate because of the UN declaration. Creating Israel solved Europe’s “Jewish Problem…” a term I didn’t invent, it was the term used to describe the issue in UN discussions leading to the annexation.
    Obviously this led to other problems, like seeding perpetual enmity between the Arabs of Israel and the invasive European Jewish settlers. Osama Bin Laden himself said to a CNN reporter, in the last press interview he ever gave, that the reason why the Islamic world would attack America is because of their support for Jewish Israel. Maybe it wouldn’t have turned into such enmity if the decision to create Israel had been made with the cooperation of the locals. But it sure did not!! Thus we are here today.

    • The Arabs living in the regions occupied by Britain in 1948/1949 never had a country. They were Ottoman subjects (the Turks looked down on them, treated them like crap) who recently (1918) had been occupied by British Imperialists who treated them in the same manner liberal whites who have run Alaska since statehood look down on Natives. During the 1940s, the Arabs in the region shared the NAZI view of Jews which is extermination, and they formed volunteer Wermacht units to fight for the Axis, racist based cause. The natural homeland for Arabs in what the British termed “Palestine” is Jordan. No modern Arab country welcomes these people. The Arab children of Gaza and the West Bank are taught to hate Jews, using American and EU education funds for textbooks which are blatantly racist and genocidal themed. The irony is all the diversity and sensitivity which our so called liberal educators espouse are absent from what is used to brainwash young minds. It exposes the lies which form the basis of the garbage education our youth is subjected to. All the massive international subsidy funds used to administer Gaza are used to arm the thug terrorist Hamas instead of an actual productive economy for the locals. The local Arabs attempted to exterminate the Jews and failed. They are kept in abject poverty and misery because they are useful for geopolitical purposes. Our own country, run by unstable, ignorant and incompetent unelected leaders, are set on more expeditionary wars which they always lose. The goal is to find an excuse to start a conflict with Iran.

      • Bizarre statement: the Palestinians never had a country. True that they were subjects of the Ottoman Empire prior to its collapse in 1908 but to call it “not a country” is to understand the meaning of the term “country” in the narrow, British Colonial manner of the word. Palestinian people were being violently ejected from their lands under the British mandate for decades prior to the UN annexation in 1948. Such ejection was done with the purpose and intention of replacing them with the Jews of Europe (indeed, most of the Jewish settlers to Israel in that period were Europeans, not native Israelites). It’s twisted to call them “Nazi’s” because they hated “the Jews.” In my opinion, I can sympathize with people developing a hatred of Jews or of any other colonizing force, if that force consistently abuses the natives of that territory. You seem to be familiar with White-to-Native Alaskan attitudes… that model is a good one to relate with when you are trying to understand the Palestinian point of view. Plenty of negative attitudes between Native and non-Native people.

        I don’t necessarily share or hold those kinds of attitudes, but I definitely observe them. It would be the same for Palestinians under the British Mandate. And the same for Gazans under siege today.

        PS: Cue the lambasting “DeeCee is an ANTISEMITE!” Yawn!

        • “Cue the lambasting “DeeCee is an ANTISEMITE!” Yawn!”

          Some times things are so obvious they don’t need to be stated, but you’ve already confirmed the obvious yourself.

        • Dee, the Arab tribes in the area in question were Ottoman subjects from 1516 until 1918. Not 1908. The British were fighting the Ottomans in the region when the Empire was defeated. The British occupied what is now Israel, Jordan and Iraq. They did not call themselves Palestinians as there was no such thing. Arabs in the region voluntarily joined the Wermacht to fight Britain. And yes, they openly shared genocidal anti Jewish goals with the NAZI regime. This was before and during the holocaust, not due to anger subsequent to European Jewish survivors migrating after the war. When the British pulled out, the local Arabs with military assistance from several Arab countries attempted to exterminate all the Jews. To this day Arab children are provided textbooks depicting Jews as pigs and subhuman, taught to hate. It’s worse of an education than our public schools provide. There is zero empathy for these people by the Arab states. They are used as human wedges for geo political goals. Just as the multi ethnic inhabitants of the construct of territories we now call Ukraine are being destroyed.

    • Dee Cee, thank you for the recap of history as it relates to the situation in Israel today.

      I have another take on the subject and it, is rooted in America’s popular culture.
      In 1960 Otto Preminger made a film called Exodus. It starred Paul Newman and if my memory serves its title song 🎵 proclaimed, ” this is my land, God gave this land to me”… after the Horrors discovered in the death camps of Eastern Europe some 15 years prior, the images and message of this film were very real to most Americans. I know it was for my Mother who installed a deep respect for the Jewish State in her children.

      I submit that the issues in Palestine probably haven’t changed much during the last 60 years, but American culture and media certainly have changed. I say the above to point to the power of our media in shaping the people’s opinions.

  13. No wonder American prestige seems so low, nearly gone.
    Imagine how American history would have turned out if the Greatest Generation were this obsessed with world approval,
    …if Germany and Japan weren’t persuaded by the most extreme means that continuing WWII wasn’t in their best interest,
    if the USSR weren’t persuaded WWIII wouldn’t end well for anyone,
    if America’s borders, language, and culture weren’t aggressively preserved, to hell with what anyone outside America said or did.
    Now Americans need planetary approval through multiple media sources plus social therapy to assuage their ethnocentric guilt.
    Americans need this permission to protect themselves and their allies from that which would destroy them utterly and completely?
    Americans and their allies apparently need social guidance and a certain amount of residual guilt so their misguided sense of self-preservation doesn’t cause socially unacceptable collateral damage to those who only wanted to Share the Dream?
    My, how far we’ve come.

  14. Sounds like a good land acknowledgment program complete with public indoctrination should clear the air with the educated types. Or is that a selective strategy, reserved for our brilliant assembly and college professors. Which way do you want it? Learn to choose.

  15. I enjoyed your comment regarding the Italians not being “the same” as Italians of previous generations. There certainly were Spanish and Portuguese, along with the French hierarchy. The King of Jerusalem was married to a French and English Plantagenet for a bit a most educated, wealthy Christian family who participated, started the crusades to exact justice upon Ottomans. Also Tim from the Greek Scriptures was Irish and Jewish and of course the “Romans” spent time in conquest of Ireland.

  16. The Muslims did not give us Bolshivikism, though; did they. They gave us excellent animal husbandry, ability to manage multiple climates, textiles, electrical engineering, knowledge of irrigation, metallurgy, astronomy, world trade, poetry. For starters.

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