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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Alex Gimarc: Murkowski-style feminism is a negative lifestyle choice for Alaska

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Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski styles herself as a champion of feminism. 

Since she has been in the U.S. Senate, her default position has been to support women, any woman, when the public relations battle orchestrated by Democrats, the media, and like-minded groups pit women against anything else.

The most obvious example of this was her feigned shock, horror and dismay at the NBC-Billy Bush tape released in October, 2016, which was intended as a kill shot to take Donald Trump out of the presidential race.  

Lisa was shocked — simply shocked — at Trump, and demanded he withdraw as the Republican presidential nominee at the last minute, which would have conveniently elected a woman, Hillary Clinton as president. Happily, he didn’t.

But Lisa has championed feminist goals in other things, most notably judicial nominations. President Barack Obama’s nomination of Sharon Gleason to the federal bench for the U.S. District Court of Alaska is a relevant example.  

Gleason was celebrated as the first Alaskan female on the federal bench.  It’s too bad she decided to use her power as a federal judge to make law from the bench and shut down the Willow project on the North Slope this past summer.

Lisa also supported the nomination of Deb Haaland, as Secretary of the Interior. The rationale?  She was both a Native American and a woman.  

A lot of Alaska Native women supported the nomination because she was both a woman and a Native American.  Apparently, no consideration was given to what she actually believes, which is an anti-oil, anti-natural gas. She’s a “green energy” fanatic.

This leaves us with last week’s festive event, where, with Judge Gleason having agreed with the environmentalist whackos to shutdown down ConocoPhillips’ Willow project pending completion of yet another round of more useless environmentalist paperwork, Haaland’s Department of the Interior “accidentally” missed the window to appeal the opinion.

Great. Two women — Gleason and Haaland — collude to remove a couple hundred thousand barrels a day from the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, while the woman who proudly put them into office simply because they are women is silent. Worse, she is neutered, unable and unwilling to say or do anything.  

Now, I love the ladies as much as any other guy, but I never in my life voted for anyone because of the genitalia they were carrying.  Apparently, that is the critical consideration today, and the first among many considerations for our senior U.S. senator.  

Because of this, Murkowski now owns the Willow cancellation, and the 160,000 lost barrels a day through TAPS.

Murkowski is up for reelection next year. Perhaps she ought to explain how and why in her world genitalia is more important than jobs and an economic future for Alaskans. I don’t think she can or will. And I also don’t think she can or will do anything about Willow.  

Perhaps it is time that Alaska is represented by a U.S. senator governed by something other than the importance of body parts. Perhaps it is time that Alaska is represented by someone, anyone, who chooses to represent all Alaskans, rather than the half of the population of the state with the correct plumbing.  

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and Information Technology professional.

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Latest comments

  • Suzanne, this is —-. Why would you publish it?

    • Sorry that it offends you. – sd

      • Thank you. No problem.

      • SWEENEY,
        The TRUTH sounds to be uncomfortable for you … read the written lines … not in-between the lines.

        • Not at all. Truth doesn’t exist in this article.

          • Sweeney,
            You may want to address your cognitive dissonance and your obvious denial of reality.

          • “…….Truth doesn’t exist in this article……..”
            What part was untrue?

          • Reggie. Not a fair question.

          • It absolutely does! The writer was very blunt and I can see how you could be offended. We’re all adults right? We can see the writing on the wall with Murkowski. It’s time for her to go.

      • Never say sorry for publishing what someone is saying that needs to be said.
        I know I did say that I wasn’t going to post any more comments … but sometimes it feels like drinking scalding water to read many of the absolutely ignorant comments by some.

    • Please don’t simply dismiss, tell us WHY you dislike this. The points made appear to be quite indisputable…

      • The first sentence is quite indisputably wrong. Lisa is not considered a feminist. Generally she votes against all women’s rights legislation. She gets away with being pro choice because it’s the will of her voters. And Alex wants her to champion agent oranges pussy grabbing comment??

        • “………Lisa is not considered a feminist……..”
          Then why else would she vote to confirm either Haaland or Gleason? Certainly not for their past support of industry or state’s rights.

    • It is the truth, deal with it.

    • Sweeney, you are —. Why do you keep posting?

      • Because I’m an American and it’s my right. Have good day

        • The strong rebel when their rights are taken. The weak take to rebellion because it is their right.
          And s-weeny?
          Leftist Lisa is a cull that has done massive damage to this state and this country.
          I have never voted for a Demoncrat (not even Lisa) but if it ends up her against a Demoncrat, this will be my first time just to get her out of the seat.

          • Heck! I might even contribute!

  • One of the things that irritates me the most about people like Murkowski is that they seek to “empower” women. Excuse me, I do not need anyone to empower me. I am fully capable of doing anything I decide to do. I do not need a safe space, I AM a safe space. We need Kelly Tshibaka and people like her who can stand on their own two feet. An empowered woman can chase a man in a skirt out of a women’s bathroom or locker space. That same woman can stand guard while the man in the skirt uses the facilities and leaves, warning other women that their privacy is being invaded. The woman who does not need empowering can decide for herself what behavior she is going to accept. Take your empowerment and let’s go Brandon!

    • Completely agree Jean.

    • Right on. So true.

  • Let’s face it: Lisa Murkowski should NEVER have received her US Senate seat from her father, and should NEVER have been re-elected. And all of you who have ever voted for this self-serving sociopath (as that is demonstrably what she is) should hang your heads in shame.

  • Well said Alex, shes a traitor to her gender and all us Alaskans.

    • Was strongly for Joe Miller when he nearly took her seat away but the Native organizations held Joe back and helped the native vote go with Murkowski because they liked the green she was bring their way,,

  • Also, she is very intent on schmoozing her way to easy street and working hard for Washington state, not Alaska’s fish industry.

  • What this country and state is going through right now is a direct result of Lisa and Dan.
    But no mean tweets right?

    • I don’t think Dan voted to confirm these wrecking balls (irony not intended).
      I wish Dan was far more palatable to one who likes to see constitutional freedoms protected more often, but he’s not Leftist Lisa, thank God.

  • “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    Is MLK’s dream officially killed by progressives? Will we see a return to the paper bag test? Like the Nazi regime, do we have our genitalia inspected to assess our purity? Leeza sure aspires to run with the best and hopefully has banked enough through her position to settle being put out to pasture.

  • “Now, I love the ladies as much as any other guy”

    Reminds me of all the times I have heard (since I moved here in 1990)

    Out of all my friends I am the nicest to the Jews

    The last frontier of ignorance

  • Imagine the shrieks and howls of outrage if Senator Sullivan voted for nominees solely because they carried male genitalia.
    The cacaphony would be endless, and abruptly silenced as all the liberals paused to nod their head and smile as Lisa voted for yet another woman.

    • C’mon, man! You know that if leftists (and Sockeye Lisa is definitely one) did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  • The corrupted continue to use labels to hide behind while their actions reveal their true character.

  • Thanks Alex. I wish more men would write about what it’s like to be a modern woman.

  • Lisa Murkowski was a young woman when the ERA debates were occurring. No doubt out of her youth the debates influenced her and every woman and teen girl who was around this time. That tells me everything I need to understand what Lisa and her now her older female peers favor and always will prefer. Sometimes our preferences are deceiving. Sometimes the man nominee is better than the female nominee, or the white over the Native, or the straight over the homosexual. To not choose the preference doesnt mean you are any less equal.

    • I’ve studied the way in which we make decisions all my life. You, Jen, are a challenge.

      We all make decisions based on evidence we believe true. Science is the cleanest and most defensible source of information in my opinion.

      But you tend to draw conclusions based on the thinnest of connections like murkowski’s possible exposure to debates 40 years ago. And recently you posted that the reason Kevin Meyers looks old is because of the Covid vaccine. Plus your a christian.

      I’m not sure what my point is other than to say that you are fascinating.

      • You’re

  • Lisa is a champion of Lisa. Nothing else. Least of all Alaska.

    Nothing new here.

  • Look back at Leftist literature of the 60’s/70’s and all they railed about was “wage slavery”. Then soon after they use the ruse of feminism to subject all women to “wage slavery” – to replace motherhood. Go figure.
    Feminism was a product of a big influx of young women into Ivy League colleges in the 50’s/60’s who thought they were superior because of brain to blond bimbos who tended to get high wage earner men.
    They were mad and depressed that the bimbo’s still got the wealthy men and made up all the lies and Bull of feminism. The lies concerning sex/gender are now on steroids.
    Don’t be fooled, it all has a fairly simple explanation. “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too”. And whoever wrote the Wizard of Oz was a genius.

    • The author’s name is L Frank Baum. He was a woman suffrage advocate and was a critic of America treatment of Native American. Yes he was a genius and very much a radical socialist

      • “Ding, dong, the witch is dead! The wicked witch! The witch is dead! Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead!…….”

        • She’s getting all the respect that Kinzinger got when theyre-drew his district.nobody really likes A traitor too bad Prinncess isn’t following his example and retiring.

      • No radical socialist is a genius.

  • Whether we recognize it or not, Alaska is a complex state with many constituencies. Senator Murkowski’s job is to represent ALL those constituents and surprise, surprise they don’t ALL fit neatly into Left and Right political boxes. Senator Murkowski is doing a masterful job representing ALL of Alaska’s constituencies while balancing the national interests as well. We are very fortunate to have a third generation Alaskan, with decades and generations of cumulative knowledge and experience to draw on. For Senator Murkowski, Alaska and Alaskan’s come first. Always have and always will. Sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it.

    • Put down the crack pipe.
      Or is it April Fools?
      I’m missing something.
      Ironic comedian?

  • So Alex, you WEREN’T shocked by Trump’s grab ’em by the — comment?

    • I was. I didn’t vote for him the first time. I didn’t believe his conservative rhetoric. I was wrong. I proudly contributed and voted for him the second time.
      I miss having a President that built up America. It is sickening having Former Senator Biteme that has so quickly destroyed much of the progress and seeks to make it so much worse.

      • That’s weird. I can understand voting for trump in 2016, but after he proved his incompetence, why would you elect to continue his threat to democracy. You do know he’s a narcissistic, traitor and cheat, right? It’s undeniable. It’s clear as blue sky. Trump’s a crook.

        To support Trump now is to reveal your aversion to evidence in favor of weak rhetoric. Embarrassing really.

        • You just. Can’t. Help. Being. A. Moronic. Leftist. Shill.
          I guess you’re right. I hated that Trump reversed the damage to the economy and things were starting to look great again.
          I hated good transportation and shipping. I hated stocked shelves. I hated falling prices instead of runaway inflation. I hated that illegal immigration was better managed than it had been in the better part of a century. I hated that we became a net energy exporter for the first time in over 30 years. I hated that it looked like we would be able to get our oil economy running in Alaska again. I hated that someone at the top was attacking delusional wokeness enough to be attacked by Marxist tech oligarchs. I was just dreaming of the moron that would reverse all of it. I was dreaming of the moron that would make an ugly fat dude a 4star admiral just because he wore a dress.
          You’re right. I should be so lucky and proud to have the senile puppet from the Biteme crime family. Mr. “What am I doing?”
          Evan. Clear your head. Go stick your head in a bucket of water thrice and withdraw it twice.

          • Right ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And you’re now just figuring this out? When we got married she shoved a pre-nup in my face and promised she would pay the bills from her daddy’s account, so long as I supported her feminist agenda. Since I hated to work for a living, the document was a good compromise. She also received the family jewels and keeps them in a jar of formaldehyde as a reminder of who the boss is. Like I really need to be reminded. Another campaign donation coming your way, Kelly.

    • I always wondered why that bottle of old olives was sitting at her work station, with the label, “I’m the Boss!”

      • The pickle is in a jar in her private bathroom.

        • Don’t get too excited, Nancy. Old pickles don’t go well with bagels and cream cheese.

  • Lies A Lot’s lack of influence:

    The survey, conducted by St. Pete Polls, found that Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna, who Trump endorsed last month, has 36.7 percent support among likely Republican voters in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

    No other candidates vying for the GOP nomination broke double digits in the poll: Amanda Makki, a former aide to Rep. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) received 6.4 percent support; former Florida state House candidate Matt Tito tracked 2.7 percent support; and Audrey Henson, a nonprofit founder, raked in 2.1 percent support.


  • I’ve wanted rid of Murkowski for years, but conservatives need to put a decent candidate up against her. Please properly check the background of the candidate before nominating or backing them. The Joe Miller debacle still stings. Alaskans were ready to get rid of Murky then, but Miller was terrible. Bring a solid conservative candidate without the lies and deceit up against her, and she’ll probably be gone.

  • Let’s be honest. Frank Murkowski’s biggest political legacy action was to give the biggest boost he could to the leftist/Marxist/communist/Democrat cause. That is, he appointed his daughter to the US Senate. The political damage she has, inflicted is a thousand times the magnitude of everything Frank accomplished in his political career. Frank’s has got to be the biggest political mistake ever recorded in the history of Alaska.

    • Amen

  • One of the Miller problems was agriculture grants and his lack of support for rural Alaskans. Lisa was way ahead on that. Recently she made errors. I, a long way from a free press and the alleged beltway saw her hatred of US President Trump who actually loves America and her state. Her position of voting unconstitutionally against him has cost this state very much. Very unhappy with her now.

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