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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Alaska voter data was breached by outsiders, but vote count not compromised


As many as 113,000 voter registration files were accessed by unknown hackers, who gained access to voter information, such as dates of birth and drivers license numbers.

The announcement was made by Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer during a press conference today.

The Division of Elections Online Voter Registration System is built and maintained by an outside vendor and operated by the division. The breach did not affect the division’s ballot tabulation system or the 2020 General Elections results.

At this point the voter database has been patched and is secure, the lieutenant governor said.

Meyer said he became aware of the incident on Oct. 27, 2020, at which point the division immediately began working with an outside vendor to stop further data exposure.

He did not say whether it was related to emails received by Alaskans on or about Oct. 21 warning them to “vote for Trump or else.” Alaskans in Anchorage, Eagle River, Soldotna, Kenai, Homer, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Ketchikan, Bristol Bay, Denali Park, Palmer and Fairbanks area all reported receiving those emails.

Since the discovery, The Division of Elections, in cooperation with the FBI, state Security Office, vendors and other law enforcement, worked to determine the scope of the problem, secure databases, and web applications, comply with state law regarding exposure of personal information records, and assist law enforcement with any investigation as needed, he said.

“This was a very unfortunate discovery,” Meyer said. “We have been working diligently to understand the situation and identify the extent of the exposure so that we can accurately inform the public and the affected individuals about what occurred. I have full confidence in the voting process and in the final 2020 election results. Our voting procedures, ballot tabulation systems and election review processes are not linked to the voter registration system that was compromised, and we have other safeguards that ensure every voter’s registration can be verified.”

The information in the voter files is not linked to the Permanent Fund Dividend application information. Alaskans now are automatically registered to vote when they file for their PFD every year.

The purpose of the breach of data, Meyer said, was apparently to spread propaganda and shake voter confidence—not to impact the election results.

Many details about the data exposure remain unclear, such as the exact identity of the outside actors or the precise information that was copied. The State is still investigating, and is following its established mitigation policies, which can be found here.

Those voters whose registration information may have been exposed are being notified by mail as required by law. The division has also established a toll-free number that voters can call to check their status or ask questions: 1-833-269-0003.

A credit monitoring service, through Equifax ,will be provided at no cost to those effected.

“We have no evidence that the data has been used for anything other than propaganda. We are notifying voters to help them verify that their personal information is secure,” said Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai. “I remain confident in our voting procedures and the election workers and staff that make it all happen. Be assured that your vote was counted, despite this unfortunate event.”

A summary of the State’s preliminary investigation of the incident can be found here.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Every machine belongs in a municipal landfill.

    • LOVE This comment William.

      The administers of this fraud belong in the First Jail of the New Republic. Location of said jail to be announced soon.

    • So, is Kevin Meyer still going to use the Dominion voting machines in the future? And what is it about 3000 plus absentee votes in certain contested state House seats? Something is suspicious about that. I feel as though we may have some illigitimate House Democrats as certified winners.

      • Oh waa! On the national levels this was the most sure election ever! How many times do you Trumpublicans have to be told this? Gawd!!

    • I sent his office an email and asked him to check out the last 30 minutes of the Kill Chain documentary that shows “MY ALASKA” accouts being hacked. Check it ouy for yourselves!

      This documentary has been out there since the 2006 election cycle but yet no one seems to care. Do you?

  • Yeah Trump people doing what he says liberals are…the “or else” is so typical of his bully peeps!! Glad he lost…losers all.

    • Hold your horses. Hacking and messages were more in line with what many Democrats have done for decades. Also the mentality behind threats is consistent with their childish behavior. Further more, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Trump is, and will be, our President for 4 more years. Blanket insults are the tool and last resort of the uninformed. Our voting system is fatally compromised because of those who think they don’t have to follow the law.

    • Right. Because the supporter of any candidate would be stupid enough to send out e-mails with direct threats in them.

      Seriously, you do not actually think those were sent by someone who supported Trump? Even the Biden supporters realized it was a prank.

    • Funny Jean

      Even you know that was a plant by some left wing nut or organization. This wasn’t going to scare someone into voting for Trump
      Everyone knew Trump would be carried by Alaska. This was just another event by the left, in pursuit of division.
      In States that mattered ,the left actually stole the massive Trump landslide.
      I’m praying they are caught and brought to justice.

      Trump still has a great shot at overcoming the fraud.

      • PRAYING IS GOOD !!! But it ain’t going to work. The perp’s , local or OUTSIDE, need to be taken to see the Mud Flats and told to wait for a Bore-Tide.

    • Keep telling yourself that. It gets funnier with each passing day.

    • You’re not really that gullible, are you? Think of reverse psychology. If anything, other than a prank, it was intended to do exactly what you bought into. I am not talking about right or left, just manipulation.

    • Win at any cost, eh Jean? No rules, no ethics, no law that isn’t worth subverting in your quest for one party rule.

      Fortunately, some of us feel differently than you. We will have truth prevail.

    • He won, Jean. Biden the hair-sniffing, corrupt, rapist Democrat is an illigitimate Prez-elect, with millions of counterfeit votes cast by lying, cheating Democrats like yourself.

    • Jean, Trump actually won, and in your heart you know that to be true.
      Trump won, Biden cheated (or was cheated for).
      There is no way that that senile and incoherent potato, who could not attract a dozen somnolent people to his lackluster public appearances, won over a sitting president who had to turn away thousands at every event. I hope his dog sends him down a long stairwell the next time he forgets to take his meds.

  • Outside actors? Might want to start looking at Dominion Voting Systems as they seem to be in the news lately and appear to have lawyered up & keeping a low profile.

  • Yep, and find out their voting history and submit votes for those who never vote, but no evidence of this. The perfect crime.

    • Excellent point!

    • This.

  • Just great, now I have to change my birthdate and drivers license again.

  • We have become a third world oligarchy. We can’t hold honest elections, protect our own people, and are run by wannabe tyrants.

  • Anchorage residents need to be sure they actually receive a ballot for the Municipal election in April. And, then double, triple check your information before the next general election in 2022.
    Would not be surprised at all if address changes and absentee ballots are requested for each and every of the 113K people affected.

    • It won’t matter. All of Anchorage districts use Dominion Voting System machines. With all the illegal mail-in ballots, it is absolutely certain that the election will be a complete fraud.

  • Yeah, sure. Not compromised? When will our lawsuit against Dominion and all of its associated companies start?


    The whole world is watching.

  • Maybe Kelly Tshibaka will write another opinion piece telling us how the DOA has strengthened the states cybersecurity. Really, Kevin Meyer does not understand the idea behind spreading propaganda and shaking voter confidence is to influence elections. This administration is a joke.

  • but vote count not compromised

    • No, undoubtedly the vote count was compromised long before the hack. Because that is just how radical leftists roll: “must do anything and everything to gain power! No fraud, no lie, no cheat, no chicanery is inexcusable or going too far, as long as it furthers our goal of gaining absolute power and control over others”.

      Radical leftism is truly a mental illness, a terminal one, not just for those infected by it, but for society as a whole. They should be treated like lepers used to be, isolated on some remote Pacific Island to protect the rest of (healthy) society.

  • Because hacking in-person voting is tough, the Left hates it. Online voting is hackable and the bonus round is identity theft. We should start by making hacking and identity theft capital crimes.

  • Yes and I have a bridge to sell. Do not trust government. They lie most of the time.

  • Current admin is a bunch of clowns. Too busy selling Pebble to China to bother with actually serving Alaskans. Upside? You can apply for a credit card number with dunleavy’s deets from this breach. Easily found on the dark web. suzanne’s record and bernadettes are in there too.

  • 27 October??? ACLU, Lt Governor Meyer changed Alaska Statutes 2019 Chapter 5. AS 15.05. Wrong! Only the Legislature can change Statutes/Laws. 98% of the Vote by Mail or Mail in Ballots are Fraudulent. The fraudulent Ballots flipped, in most cases, Alaska from Red to Blue for the Alaska Legislature. A recount will not accomplish anything, all mail in ballots need to be verified or tossed. Requested Absentee Ballots can be verified, the 2%.
    1. People paid $20, $25 an hour to harvest votes that were not requested but mailed out by Division of Elections.
    2. No Witness Signature required.
    3. Requesting of Absentee ballots did not follow Alaska AS 15.05.

  • Just an FYI regarding the credit monitoring services, SOME of them have also been targets of compromise/hacking as well.

    • Experion was hacked sometime back……. the CEO and friends sold stock AND neglected to tell the public or media that it happened for sometime. (( Like LtGov. wait till it’s to late)) If anybody trusts a bank, credit, mortgage score for any more than “click bait” you are a lemming or resident of the Western Pacific welfare rats. America is paying for the Pollyanna mentality.

  • And we should trust this why?? You can see where my skepticism comes from.

  • We have a bunch of over-the-hill non-tech-savvy conservatives trying to operate in a tech-centric world.
    As to the “Vote Trump or else” emails, simple misdirection, something else the 20th century minted Conservative squad cannot master, they prefer telegraphing EVERY punch.
    Why on earth weren’t the Presidential election paper ballots (at the very least) water marked, or (better yet) fitted with simple RFID tags?

  • The links in the article are bring up a 404 not found page.
    As for the assurance that my vote was counted ok, but how many illegal votes WERE counted. Which machines is Alaska using, when were they purchased, who chose them, who were they purchased from, who inspected them? And that’s just for starters…

    • Yes, Alaskans want to know who put their John Henry on the contracts to allow Dominion voting machines into the State? This should be public information. How about it Lt. Governor?

  • This happened when, and you knew for how long? Oh, and don’t worry no votes were tampered with. I don’t believe this. With what has happened around the country. Why in a small populated state did it take so long to count. Why were mail in votes allowed to be collected after Nov. 3rd ? Won’t be long before AK will be ruined and just another member of the wacky left coast….

  • “I have full confidence in the voting process and in the final 2020 election results.” – Kevin Meyer
    Well I’m glad you do, our information was out there for anyone to see and who knows how many steps these same people are ahead of you and what they’ve done with our information. When you say “This was a very unfortunate discovery,” it only further raises my suspicions. It seems to me that this is a timely or well placed discovery, but not an unfortunate one…by saying it’s an unfortunate discovery it makes me think you are sorry you found it when you should have prevented it from the get go and it should have been a non-issue.
    How are we to trust that the purpose of the breach of data was to spread propaganda and shake voter confidence—not to impact the election results? Couldn’t shaking voter confidence prior to an election impact the election results? Did the people responsible leave a note saying they only wanted to spread propaganda and shake voter confidence or is it that you have no clue what they were doing and going after?

    • It’s almost like these guys aren’t really that right isn’t it?

  • Paper records are looking better than ever.

  • Nobody who has been paying attention believes the vote system is secure or the believe the results. 2020 proved that voting is rigged through a combination of electronics and mail-in ballots. The only solution is in person voting using paper ballots that are hand counted. 1776 is the solution to 1984.

    • Every voter should jump through the “Federal Firearms Act” requirements before casting their ballot. “What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander.”

    • Yes, I find it interesting the percentages of voters for each party are very similar to the 2016 election, whereas, what will soon be proven is the ratios are far different. The other suspect numbers include the judges and ballot measure 2.

  • I am outraged that Alaska doesn’t use paper ballots!

    Why didn’t current admin insist on using paper ballots!!?

    Paper ballots are the ONLY way to ensure that you can’t tamper with the vote like the Russians did in 2016.

    Did you know Sullivan owns over $500k in stock for Dominion?? Look it up. It’s in his financial disclosure forms.

    Lots of people on Facebook are saying the current admin is hiding something about this. What do you think it could be? Hmmm??!!

  • They are going to give away Equifax for credit monitoring? They were the victim of the largest data breach in history 2 years ago and we still don’t know the full extent of how much data went into the dark web. SMH

    • ^^^This^^^

  • Berkie was going to buy China made ‘pods’ to build the high-end hotel downtown where the bus station is. I wonder what sort of pay-for-play deals were made and if this possible voter fraud and/or other ‘as yet’ to be determined other agreements were made?

  • Why is no one pounding on the LTs door asking him why he would allow a corrupt voting system into our state. Literally: You had one job.

  • Most countries. worldwise, do not allow voting by mail. It is too susceptible to cheating.
    Political parties cheat (fudge) ….as much as they can.

  • If anybody would like to send an email to the state of Alaska division of elections to request a forensic audit of the 2020 general election you can use this email address to send it to the Director of elections. It must be emailed before today’s deadline (12/5/2020) to request a full, independent and complete audit. 

    Email to [email protected]
    Cc, as many elected officials as you can.

    If they get just 10 people to request an audit/recount then I believe they are obligated to for any race. Well, let’s give them hundreds and demand (respectfully) that they pay for an audit of the entire 2020 general election.

    We mush have honest, transparent, safe and secure elections.
    We must preserve our democratic process because we have no Constitutional Republic if our elections are corrupt with fraud.
    Tell them you want a forensic audit to prove to we the people that our elections are secure.

    • Thank you for this, unfortunately I read it late. I still intend to contact our elected officials. Already spoke with Representative Rauscher about the Dominion System and he has written to the Lt. Governor. These systems are corrupt and can be easily manipulated in several ways.

  • Forgive me Lt. Governor if I have strong doubts as to the security of this election in Alaska. Especially with what is happening in the country. If this State is using Dominion Voting Systems you can bet this was not a secure election. Notice how no specifics are given by the Lt. Governor as to why he is so confident that our election was secure. I’m reading the typical political jargon that gives no details to the citizens of this State.

  • For anyone wanting the latest news on how the Dominion Dumpster Fire is going, look up Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Michael Flynn. This case is going to the SC, and things will get very interesting.

  • I received my letter today that my info was compromised…..yay. I don’t believe for a minute that here in Alaska our election results were NOT affected……………

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