Alaska Railroad announces vaccine mandate deadline is Dec. 8


The Alaska Railroad, a State-owned corporation, has given all employees a mandate to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, or be terminated.  Many workers are contemplating striking, sources say.

The Alaska Railroad required vaccination for all new employees hired after Sept. 15. The workforce is said to be 50 percent vaccinated, current employees told Must Read Alaska.

According to CEO Bill O’Leary, this notification will trigger union bargaining.

The letter to employees from O’Leary to Alaska Railroad employees:

From the start of the pandemic, ARRC has put a priority on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.  We’ve encouraged employees to follow guidance from public health experts regarding vaccination, but we haven’t mandated vaccination as some companies have done.  Our employees have diverse and often deeply held views on this topic, and we respect those differences.

We are proud that we have stayed operational throughout the pandemic.  We’ve kept trains moving and our business strong, while limiting workplace spread.  Our people rose to the challenge, and we are thankful to each and every one of you.  We appreciate all you do to serve our customers and communities.

Now the situation has changed.  On Sept. 9th President Biden issued an Executive Order on Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors. The EO requires all employees associated with a federal contract to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to safeguard the health of employees and their families, customers and visitors, and the community at large. 

Over the last six weeks, we’ve carefully reviewed additional EO guidelines and our interactions with federal agencies to determine if the Alaska Railroad is affected. We are. As a federal contractor, ARRC must meet this standard. 

Bottom line: All Railroaders must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, 2021. Time is short, because full vaccination is achieved several weeks after receiving the vaccine shot(s).

We understand that for some employees this news will require a difficult decision.  We don’t want anyone to leave the company because of this new mandate; yet, we do not have a choice. To disregard the EO could cause substantial legal, regulatory and financial harm to our organization, and ultimately, to our workforce.

Supervisors: Please share this notification with all employees immediately. Please print and post this notice on bulletin boards in break rooms and common areas. Please continue to share this information during your job / safety / staff meetings to ensure everyone is aware.

Meeting the Requirement

All employees must be fully vaccinated no later than Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021.

Reference the following schedule to meet the full vaccination requirement, based on vaccine type:

Vaccine Type1st shot no later than2nd shot no later thanFully vaccinated no later than
Johnson & Johnson11/24/2021N/A12/8/2021

·       Employees may use paid administrative leave to get each dose. Be sure to coordinate with your supervisor to schedule time off to vaccinate by the date(s) noted above.

·       Employees may use paid administrative leave to recover from any adverse reaction to the vaccine.

·       If you have been vaccinated but have not yet provided proof of vaccination to Human Resources, please do so immediately.  Scan or take a photo of your vaccination card, and email it to [email protected].

Who is Included?

All employees, including those working remotely, must meet the requirement.

·       Represented Employees:  We have notified union leadership as this triggers a union’s right to bargain regarding the effects of this requirement.  Effects bargaining does not eliminate the vaccination requirement or alter the Dec. 8 deadline.

What if I don’t get vaccinated?

Exemptions. Employees can request an accommodation for a sincerely held religious belief or medical disability. To request an exemption, contact Human Resources as soon as possible, and no later than Nov. 24, 2021. Exemption requests involve an interactive process to determine if an accommodation can be granted without: A) causing undue hardship to ARRC; or B) posing a direct health-and-safety threat to others. If granted, accommodation may mean additional protocols that include, but are not limited to: 

·       weekly COVID-19 testing

·       continued masking and social distancing even after the requirement is lifted for others

·       inability to attend in-person events

·       unpaid leaves of absence 

Non-compliance: ARRC Employees who are not fully vaccinated on or before Dec. 8, 2021, and who do not have an approved exemption or who are not engaged in the process to seek an exemption, will no longer meet the requirements to continue employment with ARRC.

About the Vaccines

To better understand how the COVID-19 vaccines work to protect you, review this CDC Information.  

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe have been vaccinated with one of the three available vaccines. The vaccines have been proven safe and effective against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. 

Find a vaccination provider or event near you here.

Finally, whether you support the mandate or have concerns about vaccination, let’s continue rising to the challenge by showing each other the mutual respect we all deserve. 


  1. I hope you RR guys shut it all the way down. Let’s see which side cries for Big Daddy Government to save them first. I’m all set until spring. How about you lefties, hmm??

    • Yes, exactly! STAND UP to tyranny!
      The power establishment only possesses the power that we, the people, grant to it.
      Withdraw that grant from the people, and that establishment will crumble like a sand castle hit by a wave.

  2. If Dunleavy thinks that conservatives in this state will reelect him after forcing people to get an experimental vaccine; he is in for a rude awakening.

    This mandate must be immediately revoked. The State of Alaska has no business forcing anybody to ever take any medical treatment. EVER.

    • I agree, Mike needs to stop thinking of re-election and stand up for the workforce at this point. If these dem mandates continue to destroy AK then the next election will be loss to Walker who will further tighten the screws on us. This is the hill to die on & our elected reps need to step up to the plate.

      • Dunleavy should know how badly these mandates are polling. Yet, he continues to support them with his silence.

      • Asking Dunleavy to stand and fight is like asking rain not to be wet.

        It’s impossible.

        Walker is gonna eat him alive in the election and anyone with a brain is gonna get the hell out of Alaska

      • Many a governor with an actual spine have said no to mandates in their state; especially in a state run operation.
        This move (which again requires a spine and some concern for the constituency) is a necessary step to fighting this fascist anti-science crap in court.

      • It’s well past time for states to start actively defying these immoral and unconstitutional diktats from DC. Declare Alaska a medical freedom “Sanctuary state.”

      • Oh, so NOW you are acknowledging Biden’s executive order, eh Steve? Just a few days ago you were pretending that no such order from the Usurper in Chief existed or had been issued.

      • It is total –. The legisature legislates. The president is not a king and cannot issue edicts that are in direct conflict with the US Constitution. I fail to understand why employees do no file a class action suit in federal court to fight this removal of their rights. And don’t bother citing Jacobs because a US Supreme court justice is already on record as stating it does not apply.

        • Yes, Jacobsen is not applicable as two choices were given, take the shot or pay a $5 fine. He paid the fine.

        • Jacobson v. Massachusetts also has to do with the constitutionality of state and local municipalities making health mandates and not the Federal government or executive orders.

          • And religious liberty has always trumped and should here. Also, nobody has ever been able to force experimental gene therapies as the grantor of privilege of a citizen to participate in society or keep a job.

    • Tim Smith,
      And elect who over Dunleavy? A corrupt, disgraced, ex-governor, shyster lawyer named Bill Walker. A huge vaxxer and Obama/Biden lover.
      Get real, Tim.

      • We need true conservatives to run. Former Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan would make an excellent governor. Dunleavy needs to go away. Also need to get rid of the scum in the legislature such as Micciche and Von Imhof.

      • Agreed. We need true conservatives to run for office. Dan Sullivan (former Anchorage mayor) would be an outstanding Governor. Need to remove all the RINOs from the legislature as well.

        • He would make an excellent Governor, but he has some… er… negatives that he caused himself that would make that a bit more of an uphill climb than it should‘ve been.

      • It is both.
        Just because somebody in authority has declared it to be “approved” does NOT mean that it is not also still experimental. Which it categorically and undeniable is, as the jabs have no multi-year safety and efficacy trials behind them. EVERYONE who has received the jabs are test subjects. Good luck with that!

      • It is approved under emergency authorization. Download and read the ‘consent’ under which a person signs away all rights and liabilities by taking the jab. Then read VAERS (
        All vaccines currently in use in the US are not FDA approved and no one assumes any liability if you become severely disabled or die. If you stub your toe at work, your employer will bend over backwards to take care of you. If you have a permanently disabling stroke from the jab, you’re on your own (OSHA specifically refuses to cover EUA reactions).

  3. ARR is state owned. Dunlevy has no excuse not to act (only to hide). Someone please explain any difference between Dunleavy and Walker. We have mandates and we don’t have PFD. Please explain.

    • The Executive Order is from the President, it is a Federal order and not a State issued EO. It pertains to contractors with Federal contracts, apparently the ARR is subjected to it. There are court cases that will be heard, in the mean time there will be lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth…and no doubt lots of name calling.

      • And an EO can only apply to a Federal Agency under the Executive’s control. Last I knew, the ARR is under the State Executive’s control.

        • That’s where the lawsuits come in, there are already a lot of them out there. EO 14042 Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors will likely be ruled unconstitutional, that is the executive order being used for this particular case. EO 14043 Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees may or may not be constitutional but that would be under an entirely different lawsuit. The yet to be published OSHA rule for employers with more than 100 employees isn’t an issue yet, if and when the rule is published it will surely see an endless supply of lawsuits.

      • My point being that if guv had a spine he would challenge it! It’s not like the feds can use a competitor in the mean time. It’s time for Dunlevy to act instead of quiver like a willow in the wind. Our AG should be leading the challenges. Oh for a DeSantis or Abbott!

      • So let the contracts go and see who squeals first. Certainly like the Senator said there are going to be legal challenges. Wait to see how they turn out and side on your employees side and not the government.

  4. What is the point of a vaccine mandate? What do they think they will accomplish? Is it that they don’t want their employees to miss work, be sick, spread Covid? Their employees will get Covid, miss work, and potentially spread, whether they are vaccinated or not. They may be less sick but will still need to quarantine the same as if they were not vaccinated. In fact even their vaccinated employees really should be t3sting weekly, masking, socially distancing, whatever….. because they will still randomly get Covid the same as the unvaccinated. Soooo senseless! And irrational.

    • Looks like the point of the vaccine mandate may be found in the October 2021 “Public Citizen” report, “Pfizer’s Power”, which opens with:
      “The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century.”
      Report seems objective, well-referenced, leaves one wondering whether the vaccine mandate’s more about moving inventory to make way for new inventory which has to be bought on a schedule, according to contract terms we’re not meant to know about.

  5. The Biden “mandate” for vax compliance is not based in any law passed by Congress. The Biden regime (a term describing the cabal or politburo who is currently really running this country) has tried to invoke this “mandate” through workplace safety via OSHA compliance. Good luck with that one. We are not hearing very much about the OSHA compliance angle. Instead, the Biden regime is using old fashioned extortion techniques with companies to get them to do the vax compliance heavy lifting. Have federal contracts with the federal government? Well, we will ruin your company unless you get on board and enforce our vax “mandate”. As you can see in the press release by the ARRC, they are stating that their hands are tied and they must take steps to enforce the Biden regime “mandate”. Maybe they feel compelled to go through the steps of complying with the Biden “mandate” and then watch their company disintegrate? Kind of like lemmings over the cliff. If they expect the Biden crowd to bail them out from financial ruin in their efforts to be compliant subjects, they are sorely misguided. The Biden crowd will have moved on to other endeavors.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could clone Florida’s governor and install him as our Governor in Juneau? A man who is exerting true leadership in Florida by fighting vax passports and mandatory face mask requirements and all the rest of the pandemic hysteria tyranny? Are you listening, Anchorage Assembly? And, are you listening, Governor Dunleavy? It seems our governor is convinced he is a powerless observer. Mere flotsam and jetsam on the storm tossed hysteria of this ‘pandemic’. The public notices all too well. There will be a reckoning on a not too distant first Tuesday in November.

  6. This whole ARRC thing is tricky. Retirement benefits for its personnel are split. Some employees fall under the Federal Railroad Retirement system, while newer hires are under the State’s PERS. Moreover, ARRC operates on HUGE amounts of Federal grant money from USDOT agencies like the Federal Railroad Administration, and Federal Transit Administration. Hence, the applicability of the vaccine mandate Bill O’Leary and his Board of Directors are required by Federal law to implement. This, especially since ARRC, as a Federal grantee, falls under the same OSHA requirements as Federal contractors.

    • Ditch the contracts. Run one engine a week to take residents and their cargo up and back. If there is private freight it can go on a schedule. Employees that fall under the “Federal Railroad Retirement system” can go work for the Federal Railroad in another state. The feral government does not own the State of Alaska. They exist because we let them. We should probably not let them exist here anymore.

  7. No one demanding another person to take the injection to stay employed deserves “mutual respect.”

      Great comment!
      I might add that Jab has proven to be incredibly ineffective in keeping COVID at bay, and has killed over 17,000 here in the USA alone.
      Respect is earned Mr. CEO. This member of the public has none for you based upon your actions described above.

      • It’s not about respect, it’s about profits above all else. Read Maddie de Garay’s story and the Pfizer/FDA collusion to put profit over safety.

  8. Any ARR worker who willingly follows these orders to take a jab, will have no problem following the order to load you and your family onto a box car.

  9. As I understand it, NO executive order has been put out there, only a press release from a doddling senile old man who is not even running the country. Good grief! Alaska Railroad! Grow a spine and tell him to go piund sand, otherwise you are responsible for ANY harm that comes to employees from your irresponsible decision to mandate a health intervention. Law suite? Yep!

    • Sally,
      There is no EO for employers with more than 100 employees, there are two executive orders dealing with covid vaccinations. Here are the executive orders and some information about them:
      EO 14042 Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors was signed on Sept 9th, I didn’t see anything about mandating a vaccine in it but it does say contractors shall “comply with all guidance for contractor or subcontractor workplace locations published by the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force”. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force on Sept 24 issued that guidance as part of that required federal contractors comply with the following:
      1. COVID-19 vaccination of covered contractor employees, except in limited circumstances where an employee is legally entitled to an accommodation;
      2. Compliance by individuals, including covered contractor employees and visitors, with the Guidance related to masking and physical distancing while in covered contractor workplaces; and
      3. Designation by covered contractors of a person or persons to coordinate COVID-19 workplace safety efforts at covered contractor workplaces.
      EO 14043 Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees signed on Sept 9th, it deals with vaccinations for federal employees, as the title suggests.

      • The fact that no such executive order has been issued, YET, takes nothing away from the fact that our Usurper in Chief has not only threatened to do so, but has issued undeniable statements and plans to force ALL employees of businesses with 100 or more employees to take the jabs or be fired. I cannot help but notice, Steve, that you consistently NEVER address that matter, merely relying on misdirection and lies of omission to ignore that very serious and far-reaching matter. Why is that?

        • Jeff,
          What are you talking about? I’ve been remarkably consistent on the fact that there are only two executive orders, neither of which had to do with employers with more than 100 employees.
          Meanwhile you’ve been (and continue to be) all over the map on your understanding of the basic facts regarding this issue.
          I’m sorry if I misdirected you by providing you with the EO numbers and what the EO’s said. I’m sorry if I misdirected you by telling you where to find EO’s, so you could look them up for yourself. I’m sorry if I misdirected you by sharing readily available information, that you refuse to acknowledge. It almost seems like maybe it’s not so much a me issue as it is a you issue.

          • No, Steve, yet again you are lying via half-truths and omission.
            You have CONSISTENTLY mocked,. and denied, any statements made by myself and others referring to Biden’s clearly and undeniable stated intentions and plans to COERCE every employee of large businesses (with more than 100 employees) to receive the jabs. You have repeatedly and arrogantly dismissed this FACT by disingenuously stating “show me the executive order”, as if that matters. Your every post on this subject has been misleading and dishonest. But we have come to expect nothing less, and nothing more, from you here.

          • Jeff,
            There is no executive order for employers of more than 100 employees to get vaccinated (PERIOD). This is without question and I’m not sure why you think there is but you are wrong, yet again. There currently is no OSHA rule regarding employers of more than 100 employees to get vaccinated, but there is one in the works.
            Please show me where I’ve done any of what you claim. You don’t seem to understand plain English very well so maybe you’ve misunderstood what I’ve said.
            So once again, please show me where I’ve done any of what you claim. I suspect, just like every other time I’ve asked you to produce any evidence whatsoever, you will also fail to do so this time. Time to crap or get off the pot.

  10. Dunleavy said he was going to protect State Employees and allow them the freedom to choose. This doesn’t looking like protection to me. I thought he signed on with the Govenors to fight against this mandate, what happened.
    Also, I don’t know who heads up the RR but Biden actually didn’t put the mandate into effect until I believe October 15th not September 9. They can’t even get their story straight.

  11. Will Dunleavy come out of hiding and deal with this? Or will he stay hidden sucking his thumb and clutching his blanket?

    My money is on the Cowardly Lion doing what he does best. Not a damn thing. But he might run to the Porcaro show where he’ll get a pat on his back and told he’s a big brave boy.

    What an absolute joke of an alleged “leader”.

  12. Agree to the vaccine under duress. Have a legal document drawn up legally recording your long term health concern over an unwanted substance being coercively forced under threat of loss of livelihood (arguably an egregious act of aggression against persons BRANDED a ‘threat’ because it is unknown if they are or not) guaranteeing that long term injury from the vaccination is non-existent, and accepting fully legal liability. If AKRR authorities have been given the authority to afflict injury – actively and aggressively strip them of their survival (and act of VIOLENCE in my book) – on the premise that this vaccine is THAT effective, then they can make guarantees. If they WON’T (and they won’t), the question then is WHY? They don’t believe it is safe? If so, how can they mandate an unsafe vaccine? Zero liability…life and liberty threatening COERCION. The Nazi Party would be laughing their jack boots off. “Comply or die” AKRR

  13. Duleavey should have, long ago, stood up and defended all Alaskans in the face of this UNCONSTITUTIONAL demand on Alaskans. The complete silence in the face of the continual assault on personal freedom under the guise of “safety” is unconscionable by our local and state legislators. Bronson and Reinbold are the only people in their REPRESENTATIVE postions that are truly representing their constituents.

  14. I wrote Dunleavy about this mandate sickness taking hold in our state. Know what he said? He told me that Biden’s UNENFORCEABLE vaccine mandate is not able to be forced on employees. Yet here he is just allowing it without pushing back.. Sullivan says to all employers to stop firing people over this, yet it’s still happening.. I wish we had a Governor like Texas in our state pushing back instead of these yes men that say one thing and do another… The Ak RR is gonna hurt themselves more than they realize…

  15. They do have a choice. They can choose to refuse to comply. If enough companies push back on federal overreach, the feds will get the message. The fact that so many companies are rolling over on this is disheartening. People are just ceding their rights to the federal government. It’s COVID this time. Next year it’s the flu shot mandate. Pretty soon there will be no end to what the fed can force you to do in order to have a job.

    • Indeed, Dena.
      We are on not just a slippery slope with all this medical authoritarianism and tyranny, we are on a slippery (and very steep) Mt. Everest of precedent here. This Covidian madness marks a fundamental turning point in our history, a turning point which depresses and terrifies me.

    • You are banking on “if enough companies push back,” etc. something that appears to be just your wishful thinking.
      They do have a choice and looking like not much “push back.” Your thinking this is like that camel’s nose under the tent is not flying IMO.

  16. Laws are sometimes immoral so should be disobeyed, but not this one, I LOVE AK RR. had a great trip there in June (after riding Empire Builder cross-country 3 days [and back 3 days] and AK Ferry 5 days Bellingham to Whittier to NOT FLY) Workers tried their best to be safe and super-friendly! As a vital tourism entity, customers will keep riding no matter what; locals take it to jobs [like the AK Ferry also functions for somewhat]. But ppl would not know if scabs are onboard from anybody quitting or fighting a generally sensible mandate. I hope they all get vaxxed, it is nuthin’ !! (Maple O. in NC, of

    • Coercing people to take drugs is not a sensible mandate.

      No need for this jab for a virus that most of humanity will survive.

    • Maple, I am sure that you are a very nice person, however it appears you are ill informed. This jab is a big deal, you see firstly it just don’t work, meaning it is very ineffective. Plus some 17,000 or more have died as a direct result of this TREATMENT, ( not a vaccine).
      But beyond all of that Maple, it’s your body, you have a right to what you put into your body.

    • Maple, this is a states’ rights issue. If you don’t understand that, perhaps your time would be better spent studying the Constitution instead of . . .

  17. The one thing I don’t get is that there are NO OSHA rules as of yet, just a vague executive order that directs OSHA to make it work…..somehow. Why not wait until they actually come out with the rules. That’ what all the AGs are waiting for, so that they have a basis for a lawsuit. There is considerable concern that this is not legal and an overreach by the administration. All this chaos and disruption based on Biden’s say so seems bizarre to me. I agree Dunleavy should declare that until there are actual OSHA rules and they have been adjudicated, none of this applies in the state.

  18. What an absolute load of horse droppings. “ We gotta elect Dunleavy because his opponent is Walker”.

    Ask the people of Vichy, France how that attitude worked out? Dunleavy is an absolute failure as a governor. In many ways worse than Walker. This attitude of quit while behind is why Alaska is going socialist.

    The sum cost fallacy is beyond stupid. Find someone with a spine to run against Dunleavy.

    • In many ways worse that Walker? Poppycock.
      Dunleavy is refusing to govern or to protect his constituents, but Walker was a diabolical wrecking ball.

  19. Seems like a wildcat strike on December 8, with allied-trade support, would give the State-owned corporation a great opportunity to rethink their position.

  20. Dunleavy is an antifreedom tool and a coward! He cares more about appeasing vaccine mandates and medical fascism than he does free market and freedom of choice. Shame on him and his administration for allowing this tyranny in Alaska. What a tool. I will never vote for a coward! What good is a vote anyway? What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I am not insane! When Americans decide to pull their heads out their A$$ and face reality, I will be right there with them to fight for freedom. Until then, good luck repeating the same BS over and over again expecting a different result. Screw Dunleavy! Let him burn for the tyranny he has put on Alaska by his cowardice and inaction to these vaccine mandates! Dunleavy sucks! Unless he does a 180 on these vaccines he is finished.

    • I agree, except I still don’t like that we would probably get someone worse. I always like better, but I also don’t like worse. I usually settle for less worse, because it’s somewhat better.

      • And if you, and others, keep settling for bad, even if “less bad”, then bad is all you are ever going to get.
        Think outside the box that the power establishment has trapped your mind within.

          • Matthew, you are clearly a smart guy, and I fully agree with most if not all of your comments, but here you seem to be falling into the trap, and the fallacy, of binary thinking and binary choices.

          • I get what you’re saying. I get that it is often futile. I just think we need to take it back by positive effort. More money, effort, and involvement in smart ways.
            We squeaked out a win with Bronson. I think positive moves are more likely to succeed than dropping out of the process in protest.
            Really the problem is systemic (yes, some things actually ARE systemic) like dumbing down and destroying critical thinking and all of the good that western civil society has wrought. This destruction is accomplished through Marxist ideals advancing in public schools and elsewhere.
            So ya. Who knows?

  21. I am a federal employee. I got the shot in order to keep my livelihood. I was mandated.
    I also had a lovely autoimmune reaction to the shot. Ten days later, while the symptoms have lessened, I am still having weird numbness in my face, neck, arm and leg on the right side of my body. Initially my body felt like dental Novocain had been injected into my entire right side of my body… real fun. Now I just have the tingly slightly numb feeling of it “wearing off”. They labeled it “Parasthesia” from an autoimmune reaction, and basically swatted me on the butt and told me they hope it wears off completely for me.
    The worse part was not sleeping for a week, laying in bed thinking, “I can’t believe I let them inject me”… and it wasn’t over the side effects that also had me thinking I could possibly die…. I knew before I got it that I had no choice in front of me that would bring peace. If I had not- I would have lost my job, as well as had mom guilt… my two sons who are active duty got the injection (by order) …. I felt like I couldn’t run away from what they had to face. The internal turmoil is very real when forced to do something and sign away saying “This is my choice, voluntary…. ” BS!!! Trust, me, I know… I feel weak not standing up to it and refusing…. I am now a part of the problem.
    Sucks to know that no one is protecting people… the tyranny rolls along. Ask me how I feel about this weeks headlines of “CDC-We may have to change the “definition” of fully vaccinated”, “Moderna- This may be an annual vaccine like the flu shot”…. “JJ recipients may need a second shot to be fully vaccinated”… the goal post just keeps changing and all for a injection that is not doing anything to stop the virus (duh), but is harming people.
    Thanks for the therapy session… though still not feeling better. If our political leaders won’t stand up for us, I don’t know how we have a chance…

    • Have you seen a neurologist? Done an MRI? Transverse Myelitis and Guillain-Barré are not transient annoyances, they are life changing disabilities for which you have no recourse because of the liability release that you signed for the experimental jab under EUA..

      • I have more follow up appts, (They “ruled out” GB and TM… and the ER Dr informed me he is seeing vaccine reaction cases like mine with same symptoms…. ) I will do more tests, and will keep seeking answers as long as I keep experiencing the side effects, thank you for asking….. thankfully I still have my health care, and recently have been informed that federal workers who are harmed by the vaccine do have recourse and will be covered by the Federal Employees Compensation Act if the vaccine was taken after we were mandated. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that! I mostly just shared so that people would see a perspective from a “mandated” individual who did get it…. many, many folks had to keep their jobs, and insurance for their families, and are not quite able to retire… it doesn’t leave many options when your deadline is looming.

    • You whine about something that you choose to do and all without your name on it, too. Further you say the shot is harming people but neglect to mention how it’s keeping those vaccinated from hospitals and death.
      Keep your whines coming.

    • So sorry for your troubles. I hope they reverse and go away (and I’m not just talking about dealing with people like B Y).
      You have figured out first hand that these ‘vaccines’ don’t do anything helpful.
      If they worked, endless required ‘boosters’ (I think Israel is the worst for this) wouldn’t keep being required. When are these places going to start figuring out what Dan Bongino keeps saying?
      “If the ‘vaccines’ work good, then why don’t they work good?”

      • Thanks, Matthew, I appreciate your note. Hopefully if people are willing to keep speaking up, especially about side effects, they will stop mandating the vaccine. At the least keep trying to make it better and more safe- which is what they are supposed to do with any new vaccine… I am simply sharing a perspective. I know there are many that fall into the “didn’t want it but were between a rock and a hard place” category, like myself. Healthy people, and young men and women in the military all fall into the category of VERY low risk of covid actually doing them harm…. so the “vaccine isn’t keeping us from the hospital or death”- our personal health choices are! Many of us have had covid, didn’t experience anything worse than a common cold, and have natural immunity.. yet still fall under a mandate. There are many on this site that comment and give me hope that there are still rational, intelligent individuals who can discourse without attack, read and consider perspectives without feeling threatened or needing to lash out against total strangers… and I appreciate reading their contributions which enable me to consider different perspectives.

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