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Monday, September 20, 2021
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Alaska protests peaceful

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There were cardboard signs, chanting, and some random yelling. But no mayhem to speak of. At two protests in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks, thousands of Alaskans who gathered in solidarity with protesters around the country were orderly, unlike their counterparts in cities where violent riots have put cities under siege.

The message delivered to the afternoon rally in midtown Anchorage painted a different picture of America than the America that patriots perceive. Instead of the greatest nation on earth, speakers in Anchorage found no redeeming qualities to the United States. None.

Rather, they said this is an immoral nation built by slaves on land stolen from indigenous peoples. And with a foundation like that, America is rotten to the core, a “profoundly sick society,” said one speaker at the Midtown Mall rally. Words like “racism,” “intersectionality,” “colonialism,” were repeated by several speakers. Alaska law enforcement officers were accused by one speaker of being some of the worst in the nation for killing of minorities.

A large number of the attendees appeared to be white, but there was representation from many ethnicities among the speakers. There was no visible police presence at the Anchorage rallies that took part two hours apart.

Protesters to the 2 pm rally came with handmade signs and listened to anti-Trump remarks before taking part in call-and-response chanting and then lining Northern Lights Blvd. to get their message to drivers passing by. Just one American flag was to be seen; it was not burning. Nearly everyone participating wore face masks but they were not as effective at the best practice of keeping their distance from each other during what is a pandemic.

Among lawmakers in attendance were Rep. Harriet Drummond, and Sen. David Wilson, who was a featured speaker.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • For those desperate to build their disparate society, why try and force your views on Americans that love this country? Change that must be forced is not change.
    The road that brings those unhappy souls to Alaska runs both ways. Alaska is not California or N.Y. Alaska is Alaska and I have yet to meet the person that dislikes Alaska that much and still stays here. Somehow, leftists have taken/stolen control of much of Alaskan American politics but that doesn’t make their views any more legitimate. Conservatives take a little more prodding and poking to get moving but when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with.
    Alaskan American. I like how that sounds. Remember in November.

    • Thank you for expressing beautifully what I and the majority of Alaskans feel about being American and Alaskan. Alaska is the paradise that I dreamed of as a kid growing up in Texas. The U.S. AirForce got me to Alaska but I became an Alaskan the moment I crossed the Canadian Border, looked South, and saw the Wrangell Mountains 50 years ago. I knew I could never live anywhere else. I love Alaska and I love our greatest and most wonderful nation. I love our Governor who also loves Alaska and I love our President who without any doubt loves our Nation. As Alaskans, we are the luckiest people on God’s green Earth! Why these haters live here or why they choose to remain in this country is a mystery to me. As a patriot and lover of our State and our Country, I will fight with everything I have in life to defend our State, our Country and our Constitution as long as I am alive.

      • Thank you, Ben & George. I couldn’t express my feelings about my state & country any more eloquently. Harriet Drummond and David Wilson should be ashamed for associating themselves with that protest. All the rest should move to another country, and see if they like it better than the USA. Doubtful they would.

    • Agree!

    • I’ve lived in New York my whole life. I’m a conservative and I’m 50 now and have a desire to leave this decaying city. My fantasy has been to just up and leave and make a fresh start in Alaska. I’m sad to see that it’s turning blue politically. BLM protests? In Alaska? That’s not my idea of escaping. Are there peaceful conservative places to live in Anchorage?

  • According to the first autopsy he didn’t die by the cop kneeling on his neck. But hey, you all just jump to what ever conclusions you want to because facts should never stand in the way of truth. Knee-jerk it up folks. There is another video of a black police officer choking a young black man but don’t bother to look at it. There is a distinction between rioting and getting free TV’s and a protest.

    • The exact cause of death may not yet be defined, but when the cop continues to kneel on his neck despite him expressing that he cannot breathe, then he dies and the cop reportedly remained on his neck for two more minutes after he became unresponsive, I can only conclude that excessive force was used. I generally trust police and donate to PBA, but this cop has a history of policy violations and should have previously been prosecuted by the now senator from Minnesota.

  • Those were anti Trump and recall Dunleavy libs!
    They used the spotlight to further their anti-American agendas!
    Shame on them all!

    • Why do you think it is anti-American to be anti-Trump?

      Trump is not America. Trump is a president. We’ve had many presidents and we’ll have more. Hopefully a new president that can bring our country together instead of ripping us apart.

  • Funny how those who hate Alaska and America don’t depart to another country where they think they’ll be better treated. Hypocrites.

  • I often wonder how some people can be so infantile in their reasoning. This U.S. built upon Slavery idea is a good example of childish thinking or the lack thereof. The simple truth is Slavery has been the norm throughout the whole of human history. Whether it was outright ownership of another human or being subject to seldom.
    The real question is… where did freedom and individual liberty come from? The answer is easily found.
    Yes, I love America! Not perfect but She has given each of us the tools to work out our freedom and to enjoy our Liberty.

  • I agree with everything said in these comments. I’m a good ole Tennessee man but I love Alaska. I’ve never been there but I still love it. Love Tennessee too ,especially the mountains of east Tennessee. Liberalism has become the ideology of all who hate America and American values. It is funny though how none of the haters ever seem to leave. Instead they try their best to destroy us . 2020 may very well be the most important election in American history!!!!!!! If the left wins ,the haters win and the rest of us lose . Our loss will be the end of the greatest nation ever conceived.

  • I would be interested in learning what Mr Wilson had to say. He represents my district and is generally doing a poor job of it.

  • David Wilson at a Marxists Rally? WTF? Wasilla needs to dump this RINO Wolf.

    • I respect Wilson for showing up and speaking. I also would be interested in hearing what he said. He could of done the easy thing and probably the politically correct thing for his district and stayed home.

      • I would as well. David is being primaried I believe. This may not go well for him.

  • Interestingly the hyperventilating social distancing crowd seems to have no problem with thousands of people getting together, roaming the streets, hugging and yelling.
    Last week the small Memorial Day celebration on the Park Strip that drew a few hundred people was poo-pooed as socially irresponsible and wrong headed. While the mayor worries about church goers getting to close to one another, he stays silent on this. I am so very tired of double standards.

  • I can’t believe what I am reading here. A peaceful rally to bring more awareness to a serious issue is a Constitutional right that our Founding Fathers gave us. The Anchorage rally was the perfect example of peaceful assembly. The failure of leadership at the Federal level luckily didn’t spill over here. The “Comforter in Chief,” Reagan, rolled in his grave this week at the continued ridiculous tweets and the horrible example #45 is to our world. This could have been done with peace if it had been skilfully thought out, but we continue to receive gaslighting and impulsive abuse of social media. Thank you David Wilson for your leadership and attending in spite of the ridiculous comments to the contrary.

    • The failure in terms of “police brutality” and the riots first fall on the local and state levels. Minneapolis has been Bluer than Blue for decades. This is the same police force that brought in an affirmative action Somali who flat out murdered a women that called 911. The grievances for this peaceful protest here are shallow historically. If you wish to return to a bone and stone culture Alaska has places were you can live your dream…please don’t appropriate ours anymore.

  • Well, at least our America hating commies are relatively peaceful America hating commies.

    • The people taking full advantage of the first amendment likely don’t hate America.

      Calling out support for fellow Americans unable to fully and safely participate in the American Dream and pushing back against our rapidly evolving police state doesn’t sounds like a bunch of “America hating commies” to me.

      • I guess you didn’t see the flyer? It called for a complete disbanding of the police and abolition of prisons as well as the establishment of a an autonomous African nation within the US. This is also what BLM is calling for (at least the abolition of the police and prisons). The only people who want the police gone are those who want to be free to use whatever force they want to serve their interests, without being checked or impeded. Bullies and tyrants. Those, would be leftists. Leftists don’t tolerate dissent. Historically they round up the folks that don’t agree with them, and either coerce them, or kill them. They loathe freedom, personal property, etc but one thing about them is inherently true and blatantly obvious: they do not tolerate dissent.

        “Commie” is a catch all phrase, I’ll grant you that-however that’s usually where they end’s close enough anyhow.. but “America Hating”? Yeah, that absolutely fits.

  • 50 new cases of covid 19 in four days, people rioting together, putting our great country down… if your stupidity gets you coved 19 WELL I guess hats Karma….

  • Stolen land, huh?
    What kind of deal would they have gotten from the Russians?
    Bottom line: Our tribe conquered their tribe and instead of wiping them out as they did to each other. We asked them to just join our tribe.

    • Ignutz, you really speak truth! Absolutely great comments.

  • As if if the Spanish had not come, then the English, and French, the Indians would be living in peace all across America today and the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, whomever, would just sit in their countries and leave them be. Yeah, right.

    And what about Mexico and all the South American countries?
    Did the Spanish steal all that land??

  • *Looks at American revolution, Civil war*
    Okay then

  • If you are upset that we were living on stolen land, then stop living on it. You’re living on stolen land and then griping about everybody living on stolen land. Leave then.

  • To hear these ignorant people tell it, America is the only country in the history of the world to practice slavery, and black people are the only ones in the history of the world that have been enslaved. No blacks in America ever owned slaves (false). African chieftains captured black slaves and sold them to slave traders (true). No white people have ever experienced slavery (false). America fought a bloody war, killing our own people, to end slavery (true). White Christians in America and England proclaimed for all to hear that slavery was evil and worked to abolish it (true). But no, many in our country who experience the blessings others bestowed on them would rather bitch and moan about their pretend victimhood and how evil America was because a MINORITY of Americans practiced slavery, and a MAJORITY of Americans ended it at great cost of life and treasure. Sorry…if you’re a victim it’s because you choose to be. Maybe quit voting for the party that was the party of slavery then and is the party of slavery now (Democrats). And by the way, there are still black advocates of slavery in America today. Their names are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Don Lemon, and many others. They’re the ones that tell people that if you don’t support the Democrats you’re not black – the Democrats who work overtime to keep minorities dependent on them and their programs.

    • According to the second autopsy he was, So ……… If you go by the first autopsy it tells me what kind of individual you are . And choking someone and kneeling on someone’s airway for 9 minutes with 2 /3 of his body weight are two different things. And there is a difference between defending freedom and Bombing them and looting them for their oil.

    • Well the North only fought to free slaves in order to weaken the south it was a strategic move that work in both African American favors and the North, because without slavery the South was nothing.

  • I was glad to hear Mr. Wilson speak at this rally. Very good to see a black, Alaskan conservative on the stage. He was the only non-lib up there & he spoke about American freedom & the right to assemble & peaceful protest ( the protest was very peaceful)

    If he is too ‘Rino” for the ultra white valley, I hope he moves hear and replaces my sad excuse for a representative, Harriet Drummond .

    After Rep Wilson came the head of HERE, ( Restaurant culinary union) who asked everyone to vote DEM, then some NAACP folks & some radical Native/black woman who had nothing positive to say

    Why shouldn’t this very young crowd, our future citizens & voters hear from a sensible Republican

    The young people (crowd) did a good job, as did the organizers. Conservatives should certainly speak to them ….especially in the liberal police state, that our current assembly & Mayor have created

    Alaska will not stay Red if we don’t explain the good that America is to our ever diversifying young people. Don’t let the libs have all the power over them. Good job Dave Wilson

  • So many ignorant people in these comments. This is definitely a FAR right news source. Ugh. If you don’t recognize there is a problem, and all you want to do is make it a partisan issue, then you are a part of the problem. End of story.

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