Alaska life hack: PFD emails may be fraudulent


The Permanent Fund Division at the State of Alaska’s website has posted a notification saying Alaskans may receive an email that looks like it is from the division, but is not. If you clicked on a link in the email, it would be advisable to go into the myAlaska portal, log in, and change your user name and password.

“WARNING! Some PFD applicants have received fraudulent emails requesting they login to myAlaska or the PFD site and update their Alaska Residency verifiers. These emails WERE NOT sent by the State of Alaska. We recommend anyone who clicked on links in these emails to update their myAlaska password and security question/answer immediately. myAlaska does not send unsolicited emails or texts to users requesting they update their passwords or account details,” the state’s website says on one place.

*MYALASKA WARNING!¬†There are reports that some myAlaska users are receiving phishing text messages requesting users change or update their passwords. Do not respond to these messages. myAlaska DOES NOT send text messages or emails to users requesting that they change their passwords,” the notice says at the PFD website.


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