Thought police: Alaska Democrats support Rep. Gray’s movement to censure those not ‘compassionate’ enough


The Alaska Democratic Party is avoiding talking about foreign policy, taxation, the debt ceiling, overburdensome regulations that harm the economy, or even the need for better educational outcomes.

Instead, the Democrats on the Last Frontier have turned into a sort of self-help group. The party is placing an emphasis on soft qualities of empathy, pride, truth, and other wholesome attributes, most of which can’t be measured.

The emotional-based campaign started with “pride” for “Pride Month,” and then switched to “empathy,” and lauded State Rep. Andrew Gray of Anchorage for censuring someone who was not compassionate enough. Gray is leading the censuring movement, they said.

In other words, the Democrats want elected officials to use their positions to officially censure people who don’t agree with them or who don’t show enough compassion.

Gray admitted in committee last year that he encouraged someone to lie on his military application. For the second Democrat attribute being highlighted, this would be a problem. Lying on a military application is a felony.

For the “truth” theme, the Democrats instead put the spotlight on Rep. Andy Josephson, who during his last campaign, told a whopper when he published an endorsement that supposedly came from the Anchorage Police Department. Police departments are not allowed to endorse candidates, but that didn’t stop Josephson, and his campaigning won him a Must Read Alaska “pants on fire” award.


  1. Specifically(!!!), what these foolish schmucks fail to realize is the vast // copious amounts of “empathy” and “tolerance” to put up with their ridiculousness and utter lack of … Honor, Duty, and Service (ie: Fiduciary Responsibility) to the citizenry!!!

    • Agree. And add that Iit really is psychological projection. They can’t even establish a budget so instead will point fingers at perceived and made up subjective failings of others.

  2. Funny how the party of sympathy has none for people who disagree or aren’t woke enough.

    This was inevitable when the first hate crimes legislation was passed.

    • If you want to identify the least tolerant and most hateful people in your neighborhood, look for the “in this house….” signs.

  3. Freedom of speech baby they can’t tell me what to say or how to say it.I want gray personally try to censor me.

  4. Wait, what? How can some legislator ‘censure’ me, a law-abiding citizen? They don’t control me. They can’t tell me what to say or feel.

  5. Wait!
    Aren’t these the same people who claimed that we can not legislate “morality” and therefor give them the right to do as they please. Well you can’t legislate “compassion” either Mr. Grey, as it certainly appears that you have no problem demanding conformity to your set of morality, while so cavalierly denying your fellow citizens, who disagree, the right to choose a different one.
    Shame on you!

  6. Evidently the freedom of speech has been interpreted by these people and organizations to be selective to their own cause. Lies, electioneering, money laundering and child abuse are tools that only they can use without consequences. Money is their only motivation, they could care less about the false causes being used to obtain it. They hold no value to anything but self gain. We would be so much better off if our state was not so rich, so the sooner they finish it off, the better we will be. Now it’s just flies at a picnic.

  7. In any truly ethical body of government, one would presume the body would immediately discipline and penalize any member proven (admitted) to aid and abet a felony by falsifying or encouraging the falsification of a government document, or falsely claiming a political endorsement of a municipal law enforcement agency for the purpose of misleading the electorate. Of course, that would pertain to a “truly ethical body of government”, not necessarily the Alaska State House?

  8. “Mirror..mirror.. on the wall..who is the most empathic one of all?” Spoken by one with the same villainist mindset as in the movie.

  9. Compassion can be used as a reason for illogical actions, as can empathy. It’s all fine and dandy to care; nothing wrong w/that. But can you care enough to employ “tough love,” if I may be permitted to bring back an old saying? Discipline is needed in order to achieve goals.

  10. So have compassion, unless you feel like someone isn’t compassionate enough (whatever that means), then don’t have any- at all- & do everything you possibly can to destroy them. How about we censure people who make no sense?

  11. Just like an Old Boilermaker told me years ago, you can find sympathy somewhere between SH/T and Syphilis In the Dictionary! These Parasites need to do their dam jobs and stop their indoctrination tactics, what a bunch of worthless Sbags!

  12. I am unclear on this story. What does ‘censure’ mean in this context? An official reprimand? Would it apply to everyone, or just other legislators?

  13. My compassion with a lot is gone. Our country was designed to be run by citizen politicians not career politicians who have done NOTHING but politics their entire adult life. If you have not laid awake wondering how you are going to make payroll on Thursday you are simply not qualified. And a college degree from 85% of these universities should automatically disqualify you. Our freedom is fragile if we loose it we will never recover it and EVERYONE looses. We live in the greatest country on earth there is a reason people put their lives in peril trying to get here. Wake up people and put an end to this corruption and nonsense.

  14. This highlights the fundamental difference between “values” and “principles.” I have the latter.

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