Alaska Black Caucus sues Anchorage because police aren’t wearing body cams


The political group Alaska Black Caucus, which has been funded in large part with taxpayer Covid-19 relief funds, is suing the Anchorage Police Department because it has not implemented body camera policies for police officers.

The Alaska Black Caucus received a $1.15 million federal grant in 2021, ostensibly to encourage blacks in Alaska to get Covid vaccines and to help gauge the health of black Alaskans.

The group also received a 437,000 Covid grant from the Anchorage Assembly so it could buy a building to house its organization.

Now, the ABC is suing Anchorage.

The Northern Justice Project, which also filed the unsuccessful lawsuit against Rep. David Eastman in Alaska Superior Court, filed the claim against the municipality, saying it has not fulfilled the wishes of the public, which voted in 2021 to fund body cameras for police. That measure was a part of a property tax question that included the funding of various technology upgrades for the police department, including body and car cameras for police officers.


  1. I wouldn’t think the caucus would want police wearing body cams. Although it may show police brutality in some extremely rare instances, it’s likely to identify perpetrators and if they be black, contribute to their demise in the legal system.

    • That’s my first thought, also. Kinda like when we all complained that we didn’t have video replay of officials calls in the NFL. When they finally enacted it, we all found out that the officials were right more often than we thought they were. So, what is the Alaska Black Caucus going to say when body cams show officers doing their jobs correctly?

      • The citizens of Anchorage voted this in. Perhaps ask the citizens of Anchorage what THEY are gonna do if the cameras prove to be a dud.

      • Ok. Just talked to someone that has worked APD for a few years. Officers currently wear audio recorders. Sounds like the majority of the time they are played back, they help the officers against unfounded complaints.

        Apparently, there is an argument right now about how the body camera footage will be used. Officers want to be able to review their own camera footage before going to internal affairs to keep from being accused of lying . Internal affairs says ‘no’ to that. Sounds like some legal wrangling before that is ironed out.

  2. Are they suing because they are truly worried about what might happen to one of their own while being arrested for various reasons while under the influence of dangerous life threatening drugs or are they just simply wanting more $$$$$money$$$$$ from the Taxpayers? What ever it is I am confident Anchorages finest on the Assembly will cough up more of our tax dollars to appease them and most certainly win their vote the next election cycle using our money to do so. Better start thinking about a second job folks as there WILL be more expenditures and taxes in the near future. You might even want to consider trading in that education fund you’ve been saving for your children at Woke University and simply donate it to Alaska Black Caucus. They sound totally legit and worth the investment and at least you will sleep better knowing you have contributed to the betterment of mankind.

  3. Its all about the all important Reparations the finest black President in American history reminded us that we all must pay for because slavery was all OUR fault! The rich democrat plantation owners had absolutely nothing to do with slavery because they paid hard earned cash to the black slave traders. (sarc)

  4. It’s a stupid lawsuit, but APD should have body cameras. Best way to protect their officers from bogus complaints.

    Pity the black caucus didn’t spend some of that “Covid money” on body cameras if they are so bent out of shape over it.

    • Pity that over $1 million has been raised by the fees or taxes since the vote in 2021.

      The issue isn’t money to purchase the cameras, it is the APD’s desire to be able to withhold footage until it is convenient for them to release it. In fact, I believe APD has already purchased some of these body cameras.

      APD wants to be able to withhold the videos until after a trial, if someone takes a plea deal, no footage needs to be released. APD also wants to be able to view the footage before making any statements to cover their rears.

      APD is the hold up, not anything else. The Alaska Black Caucus is just suing APD or the city to make them enact a policy that was voted for in 2021

  5. Will the Alaska White Caucus join the lawsuit, or are they too lazy? Wait, what? There’s no such thing…….

  6. Why is it such a bad thing for police to wear body cameras?

    The voters of Anchorage, the ones who took the time to actually vote, in 2021 voted to enact this policy and APD has been dragging their feet ever since. Cops want the right to withhold the video until after a trial and they want the right to review footage prior to making any statements.

    Body cameras protect the public as it shows a cops actions during any interaction with a member of the public. Body cameras also protect cops from false accusations as that body cam shows exactly what transpired during an interaction.

    • I’m Very thankful for our Men and Women in Blue. I’m with Pablo on this one it’s a win win for all concerned.

      • When I pay a mechanic to repair my car, isn’t that a transaction of equal and opposite value? Money paid = services rendered? Who should be residually thankful? The mechanic? Or the customer? Ordinarily, the service provider expresses “thanks” to those choosing too give them patronage.
        Likewise, shouldn’t government workers, with platinum-plated benefit and retirement packages be thankful to taxpayers more so than vice-versa? No one is forced to become a police officer.

  7. So what’s the official position of the Alaska White Caucus on the matter or do we need to stop by their taxpayer-funded building to find out?

  8. How much of the $1.15M federal “grant” was provably spent in Alaska to encourage black folks to get vaccinated against Covid (as intended)? Who is the Alaska Black Caucus, where is it registered, what are the names of its officers, where can we see financial records, and an overview of its activities? With all the public money and resources it controls, shouldn’t this information be publicly disclosed? Just askin’ – – –

    • There is this thing called Google and it has most of the information you are looking for.

      As the Alaska Black Caucus is a registered non profit, all of that information is part of the public record. Even their tax returns should be available online.

        • Then use any other search engine and you will still get the desired results.

          The Alaska Black Caucus is a registered non profit and as such, their tax returns are public.

  9. What is wrong with body cameras? They make it easier to get criminals convicted since they give evidence that the police was doing the right thing.

  10. Spend as much time worrying about employing your youth. Educating them. And obeying laws. Your world will be a better place.

  11. If the ABC believes body cameras are going to benefit criminals they are mistaken. I for the record am a retired black man. Never been arrested, never been harassed by police. I have however on numerous occasions been the victim of black crime. White folks have always treated me with respect. The most racist folks I know are black.

  12. This is just another circumstance that identifies Alaska as a third world state. Just about everybody else in the lower 49 wears body cameras. Caveman economics and politicking up there is keeping you in the dark.

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