Alaska Airlines employees can now wear ‘they/them’ proper pronoun buttons


The Alaska Airlines company store just got even more woke. Not only can employees wear Black Lives Matter buttons on their BLM shirts, they now have the option of wearing proper pronoun buttons: She/Her; They/Them; or He/Him.

Alaska Airlines employees are allowed to wear pins that are sold in the company store. American flag pins are also now sold in the store.

The proper pronoun pins can be purchased at this link.


  1. Are these pins available for employees to purchase? I would have expected Seattle Airlines (this is a more appropriate name for the company) to issue them, according to each employee’s proclaimed identity, with their uniform.

  2. I wish they’d make the name change to “Seattle Airlines” or “Woke Airlines” or anything else. Take our State’s great name off those winged tubes.

    • I so agree!! They are no longer “Alaska” airlines. I will definitely fly other carriers whenever possible and encourage my family and friends to do the same!

  3. About 15-26 years ago you received a biblical verse with your drinks. Wow! You’ve come along way baby!

  4. No thanks to the convenience of purchasing Black Lives Matter apparel in the Alaska Airline store. So convenient that Alaska Airlines employees are authorized to wear this apparel. So, I’m very confident that when I wear my ‘Trump 2024’ pin or my ‘Trump Won’ pin on my next Alaska Airline flight, things will be just fine. After all, we live in a “live and let live” world, right?

    • Yeah sure Wayne, I usually fly wearing shorts to flout my Below Knee Trump Stump Leg! Watch for me in Soldotna and around town at Fred Meyers wearing my FJB hat!

  5. What if we just declare that Aircraft Cabins are Personal Pronoun Free Zones?
    I mean why distract Flight Attendants with such nonsense which might inhibit them from their more important task of making sure that passengers have their masks pulled fully up!

  6. They can call themselves whatever they want as long as they act like the good little waiters and waitresses they are bringing me my snack and drinks….

  7. Wokefest. But since they are the only game in town for much of the state, options are limited.
    I look forward to the day the aviation industry crashes and burns.

  8. I do wish that there could be some way to force Alaska Airlines to take Alaska out of its name. But so far as the they-them thing, Alaska state government has also promoted this somewhat perverted adoption over the past year or two, and public radio – NPR – has long been creeping up on bringing acceptance of those who have sex with animals. After all, they have brought into the mainstream – in many cases accompanied by special government protections – sex between multiple people of all sexes all at once, same sex marriage, changes from one sex to another, males dressing as females, and who knows what else?

  9. Sorry for the language, That is so fu***d up. Too bad many Alaskans do not get a choice in how they fly out of Alaska. I think most of their wokeness is post Virgin air acquisition.

  10. Isn’t it sad to see a company that once left Bible verses on your food tray now is “woke.” We are all going somewhere. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Sadly they are flying blind to not see how this is all not going to end well.

    • As usual with you and other contemporary radical leftist extremists, Frank, up is down, black is white, good is bad, and crazy is sane. Why are your priorities and opinions so consistently bass-ackward and upside-down?

  11. It’s time for preferred adjectives, folks. I’m beautiful and intelligent. Recognize and affirm my identity…or else…

  12. I refuse to recognize damaged thinking as anything more than that… damaged. I will not refer to you by what you might “prefer” this week. If you can’t hear me on the next flight I’ll refer to you as “Hey You”.
    You can address me politely as “Sir” and provide the services for which you are being paid. One of which is NOT to attempt to convey your damaged thinking to me.
    Note, I treat suicidal people the same way. Buying into their neuroses doesn’t help them. You offer help, and a way out. Because they’re not thinking right.

  13. Checked into these. They do not have the pronouns I am looking for.
    I’m an adult/I won’t get offended if you use the wrong pronoun

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