Al Gross’ bear tale doesn’t add up on state documents


Alaska Fish and Game records show that the female brown bear Al Gross claims to have shot in 1995 may have actually been shot by his friend Jeffrey Jones.

Jones, of Juneau, was the one who actually turned in the skull, hide, and tooth sample to Fish and Game in 1995. It’s unusual for someone to turn in the remains of a bear and identify himself as the hunter if he did not actually kill the animal.

The name of the hunter on the official “Brown Bear Sealing Certificate” is Jeffrey C. Jones.

Gross has been spinning the bear story since the beginning of his campaign, but has never mentioned the fact that Jones was with him. He has claimed that the bear snuck up on him.

Administrative Code 5AAC92.410 requires hunters to turn in the skull, hide, and the claws, in the case of a defense of life and property (DLP) killing. The person who shoots the bear is the one who typically reports.

The sow bear was killed at Sweetheart Flats near a popular dip netting spot south of Juneau on Oct. 19, 1995. Sweetheart Creek is known for brown bears to congregate and fish the falls.

Gross provided the photo below to news outlets as proof that he shot the bear. It shows him with the trophy.

On a separate report from the Department of Public Safety that week, the incident was described as “they” shot a sow bear (DLP). WW W600108 to Jones. Incident Location: Sweetheart Flats.”


  1. I’m guessing it snuck up on him because if he had been hunting it the snowflakes would have started to melt.

  2. He is an Anti American Social Democrat pretending to be an Independent. Al Gross certainly doesn’t represent all Alaskans, he is no friend to oil and gas or mining. He would gladly hand over Alaska to the Green New Deal Globalist. He is a lying and deceitful person, funded by outside Liberal Democrat money and he is part of the total take our and destruction of America and Alaska!

    • Whoo-hoo. Take a deep breath and get a grip, man. Even the Trumpster couldn’t pull that off. Other than the lying, and the deceit, and the destruction of America and Alaska…
      OK. I’m kinda liberal, and Al Gross doesn’t come off to me as being all that far from center.
      On the other hand, Senator Sullivan has just shown us that he is a liar and a hypocrite with his recent comments about the Supreme Court debacle.
      And the Pebble mine.

      • The guy goes and meets with the far left leadership in the senate, tells them he’s their boy, takes money from far left groups, and then lies to everyone and tries to come off as a moderate. He’s a rich guy who wants to buy a seat. Look, that’s fine, he can do that, if you like rich people running your life, you go ahead and vote for him. But he’s lying about who he is, what he supports, and probably about being this weird hybrid of Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett he tries to come off as in these ridiculous ads of his.. but the left seems to enjoy being lied to and being ruled by Rich elites, so I think he will have no trouble attracting their votes. Hopefully, Sullivan has enough support to beat him back tho.

        • No the left does not like being ruled by rich elites . It is fine to disagree with Al Gross’s ideas. However you should understand that Sullivan comes from a much wealthier background. He attended an elite college preparatory boarding school. He went on to graduate from Harvard. His brother got the family business Dan they bought a senate seat. You can simply look up RPM International to read about them paying $61 million to settle U.S. General Services Administration claims regarding a subsidiary’s overcharging the U.S. government on roofing contracts.
          So Al wants to tell a bear story so what? I do not know an Alaskan who doesn’t like to tell a bear story.

          • The left is controlled by the Uber wealthy. It’s fine if you disagree with Dan’s policy, but To deny that, is to deny reality. They increase regulation to drive out the small businesses and feed the big corporations. They shill for the wealthy by trying to import cheap labor through open borders policies, hurting the middle class wage base. The promote “green energy” so a handful of wealthy investors can get even wealthier..and in some cases? They sell our entire country out to competing nations in order to line their families pockets..ala the top of the Dem ticket (and no, I don’t mean Harris..).

            So knowing this, I would say, if you vote for the left, you support that. To me, that means you like that. You like a bunch of Rich people selling us out, destroying the middle class and small businesses and making our enemies stronger. And if you like all that? Then a vote for a guy who lies about his affiliation and who is funding him and what he supports? Well that’s par for the course. Have at it.

  3. I watch a lot of Youtube and I am tired of an ad for Al Gross popping up before I watch videos. I watch it an just wonder who thought it up. I don’t know is anyone here is familiar with it but it has these very dorky sounding men singing a capella to a rhyming diddy describing him as “Alaska’s own bear doctor”. The stereotypes of Alaska that are reflected especially in reality television shows are tiresome and I even have some respect for Democratic politicians who just put up bland but conventional informative political ads. Apparently he believes that suggesting that all Alaskans hunt bears and live off-grid will endear himself to the population. It doesn’t, and on top of that, the line in the song where they claim he killed a bear is a lie on top of that.

    • And he once shot a man just for snoring too loud! Wait, never mind, that’s a whole different commercial. I’ve also seen that YouTube ad one or twentyteen too many times. While it’s not the hokeyest jingle I’ve ever seen in Alaska politics, it comes awfully damn close. Too bad about having to secure permission from artists to use their music. I mean, if they could freely use commercial songs, think of the much better jingle they would have had: “Mama, just killed a bear / Put a gun against her head / Pulled my trigger, now she’s dead”.

  4. Tiny lil bear…. Cubs that big still hang with momma… Maybe that’s where they threw in the word Sow? Visions of Momma attacking and protecting her brood. Looks like a big Lab..

  5. Not sure what killing a bear has to do with being a Senator? Is that a requirement? What if you are from Florida? Should you run for Senate with the claim you killed an alligator?

    The major problem I have with Al Gross is that he talks about everything EXCEPT his platform. He killed a bear, he fished commercially, he was a surgeon…. AND? So???? Either that, or his ads are all about how horrible Dan Sullivan is.

    There is an old axiom in politics. “If you can’t get people to vote for you, try to get them to vote against your opponent.” Dr. Al is living up to that credo perfectly.

  6. I got news for you all the politicians lie and tell you what you want to hear to get your vote they do what they wanna do for big money.

  7. The bear in the picture is a young bear. At least a couple years from maturity. Of course, whoever shot and killed it had to claim it “charged” or it would be illegal. I notice the bear ‘evidence’ turned in didn’t include the claws. The most prized item to claim you ‘kilt a bar’. Gross probably has a necklace made of the claws from the bear he didn’t kill to prove he’s the ‘macho’ man he claims. The worst thing about living lies is, sooner or later, they tend to catch up to a person. If you don’t lie, you don’t need a ‘perfect’ memory. Evidently, Gross does not have a ‘perfect’ memory.

  8. Not surprised in the least that he lied about the killing of that brown bear, he doesn’t seem like the type that could defend themselves against a charging brownie. Al Gross has once again proven what liar and a sham he is but when he said “I’ll caucus with the Democrats” that was the truth. Bye bye Al, you’re not fooling anyone with your “Independent” label.

  9. The report says the claws were not salvaged. They are required to be turned in with the hide and skull. I wonder where they are??

  10. If you’re attempting to craft a self defense story you shouldn’t be sporting camo in the pics. This guy Gross has a very difficult time maintaining a semblance of credibility.

  11. I’m cracking up at how Al Gross obviously makes you folks nervous. Just look at all the free coverage MRAP gives the guy.

    • You’re not laughing near as hard as we are at his attempts to cover up his BS stories and false bravado, along with his fairy tale of being an “Independent”. For a dr with all that schooling he doesn’t hide his real intentions very well. lol

    • When someone points out a duplicitous toad it doesn’t mean the toad makes them nervous. Do you often crack up at inappropriate times?

    • I think I would be nervous if I let him cut on me.. I would be nervous about the bill, for sure. But no, any guy who has to lie this much to get into the game is not someone to be nervous about. Those people get theirs down the line.

      • Quit pointing out people’s writing. If that is all you got then you are in need of help. Some of us may not have good English but other skills may be more important.

    • B. You even been to Sweetheart flats?
      Didn’t think so. Look at the background, looks like early September. Gross looks decked out for a duck hunt. The bear isn’t a trophy either. Why the smiles from Al ” Mr cajones” Gross?
      I bet he shot this bear similar to the Johnny Cash song, ” just to watch it die” whether it was aggressive or not. If he did kill the bear, why did another person seal it? No Tag? Out of State Residence? Think about it. I don’t know about you but when I kill a bear in self defense, I don’t smile. Your man isn’t telling the truth.

        • B, sweetheart has a creek next to it that has been stocked in times past with Sockeye Salmon. It is a terminal fishery since the Sockeye cannot get upstream to spawn. Consequently, it is a gathering place for bears and humans to fish. The bears have become conditioned to humans. Shooting one there is like shooting one at Yellowstone Park. And no not nervous, your good Doc will doubtless find another cause after the election, his ” cajones” will dictate the direction.

          • Thanks for the civil reply and informed description. I’m familiar with Sweetheart and brownies, but quipped otherwise because of your “didn’t think so” assumption. Regarding Gross, all he needs to do to get my vote is refuse to support Trump. GOP could easily get my vote back if they picked someone that carried their values in true form. But Trump is a joker, and by extension, so is Sullivan.

  12. It could be that all politicians lie….but in any case, we have several years of seeing what Senator Sullivan has done or not done. Dr. Gross?
    – Made his millions and now decries the cost of health care
    – Has said he’ll caucus with the Democrats.
    – Has said he’ll stand up to the “party bosses” for Alaska.
    – Has said he’s a gun owner and that we need “our oil and gas jobs”

    …but he’s made no statement of what he’ll do to protect gun rights, the economy, nor how he’ll benefit Alaska other than (apparently) intending to do whatever he can to bring in Canadian drugs and shut down Pebble Mine.
    For my vote, I’ll go with Dan Sullivan. Quite a few folks up here have killed a bear. Quite a few others have made millions from the medical field. Boasting that one has killed a bear and hypocritically lamenting the cost of health care don’t equate to senatorial qualifications.

    • “Killed him a bar when he was only 3” is from a song about Davy Crockett.

      I am sick of the Gross ads that show up in my mailbox every other day. They only thing they say is, “Sullivan is a bad guy because he votes Republican.”

      They’re the local equivalent of “Orange Man Bad.”

      I keep waiting for the ad that tells me something about Gross other than the fact that he used to wear a white coat but primarily sports camo.

      • Killing a bear isn’t a requirement for political office. And looks like Gross was a gillnetter. Big whoop! My dad, who was a king crab fisherman and seiner for most of his life always looked down on gill netters, cuz they were mostly school teachers and gov’t. workers looking to supplement their already generous incomes during the summer months. And typically they were not even Alaskans. Any 12 year old kid can run a gillnetter.

  13. Oh great, now I don’t know what to believe!
    Was he really born in the wake of an avalanche?
    Did he really pan for gold one time?
    Did he really buy a commercial fishing boat at 14?
    Does he really have the cojones he claims to have?

  14. This reminds me of the story Hillary told when she got off of a plane in Kosovo or somewhere like that and she said they had to run for the lives to the limo under sniper fire which never happened. Does anyone fess up these days that they actually voted for Hillary?

  15. Bear Lives Matter, even if the supposed “self defense” kill occurred 25 years ago. It must have taken some real “cojones” to do this. Just because someone can take a high powered rifle and kill an animal does not make him a good candidate for office, IMHO.

  16. I was already sure he was full of sh–… and I bet the bear wasn’t attacking either. I’d bet Al and his buddy snuck up and shot her for kicks. Poacher and Democrat, that’s about as low as a guy can get.

  17. Gross can’t keep things straight. He thought he was wrestling with either Smokey or Yogi, but it turns out he was ripping apart his teddy. All those opiods do have an effect

  18. We already have a a senator that votes with the Democrats: Murkowski. We don’t need Republican In Name Only or an “Independent” to do the same as her in D.C.

  19. It appears Al Gross is better at shooting off his mouth than shooting and killing a bear. He’s just a typical lying Democrat. If he ever tells the truth, it’s by mistake.

  20. LOL do we really need investigative reporting on whether or not someone shot a bear in 1995? Where is the real news MRAK?

  21. As opposed to Sullivan, Gross has no doubt, never heard a shot fired in anger.
    His attempt to convince folks he is a balsy man’s man won’t wash . Taking credit for killing a bear is really grasping at straws. His motto is “A lie is as good as the truth, if you can get someone to believe it.”

  22. “It’s unusual for someone to turn in the remains of a bear and identify himself as the hunter if he did not actually kill the animal.”

    How about: Illegal?

  23. Suzanne
    Thank you for this article. Gross’ story failed to pass the smell test. At minimum, it’s a version of Alaskan manly-man stolen valor. More likely, in my opinion, Gross is a liar and law breaker.
    Still think there is more to the story.

  24. Regardless of whether he did or did not…..what does killing a bear have to do with running for Senate? That is one of the most ridiculous campaign slogans I have ever seen!.

    “Al Gross…he can kill bears! ‘If I’m elected to the United States senate, I will make sure all the bears that need killing are killed!'” Look out Chicago! Wisconsin Packer fans are rootin for ya!

  25. So it turns out that the original state documents prove Mr. Gross was telling the truth. An apology would be in order, no? But that would only be if you were people of honor.

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