After attack by ADN and bloggers over fluoridation, Mayor Bronson issues statement


Today, Mayor Dave Bronson’s office released the following statement regarding the fluoridation of Anchorage’s water supply, explaining that the fluoride was briefly reduced from the water supply because staff complained that their eyes and throats were burning from the fumes.

The statement is in response to an attack by various left-wing bloggers and the Anchorage Daily News’ own podcaster, who accused, without evidence, the mayor of sabotaging the water supply.

On October 1st Mayor Bronson and members of his Administration visited the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) Eklutna Water Treatment Plant for a site visit. During the visit, a discussion ensued about health problems occurring among water treatment plant staff charged with fluoridation of Anchorage’s water supply. AWWU staff informed the Mayor’s team that fluoride burned the eyes and throats of staff who handled it and was a health hazard for employees. Fluoride is considered a hazardous substance that must be handled by trained professionals. 

Information was presented to the Mayor’s team that pausing the fluoridation of Anchorage’s water would not violate federal or state law and didn’t violate Municipal Charter. To protect the health and safety of AWWU staff, it was decided by the Mayor to halt the fluoridation of Anchorage’s water supply and to further investigate these concerns with the Assembly.

Later that afternoon, the Mayor’s Office determined Municipal Code requires the fluoridation of Anchorage’s water supply. The Mayor’s Office immediately informed AWWU leadership to resume fluoridation of the Muni’s water. Fluoride was not added to the water supply for approximately five hours. 

AWWU General Manager Mark Corsentino confirmed “the data shows there was no disruption or material change to the fluoride in our water during October 1.” Fluoride levels did not violate Municipal code or Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation regulations. AWWU routinely shuts down the fluoride system for maintenance for much longer intervals than what occurred on October 1. In November, AWWU shutdown the fluoride system for several days to conduct maintenance on the system. Anchorage’s water supply remains safe for public consumption.

The mayor’s office attached documents to support his statement. Must Read Alaska has learned through research that it’s quite common for fluoride to not be added to the city’s water supply when maintenance is being performed or, as in recent times, when a part is not available.


  1. This is crazy, why do they put chemicals in the water? I lived near Tacoma, Wa. in the early 90’s and they had huge problems with fluoriding the water. The machine was faulty and sometimes disbursed too much, sometimes non at all. Keep chemicals out of the water, who makes the fluoride anyway? Is it from China?

      • I haven’t had a cavity since I started drinking well water. Some places in Anchorage the tap water is so chlorinated it smells like a pool when you turn the faucet on. Weren’t we always told to not drink bleach? ?

  2. And most of the city owned buildings plumbing are in such disrepair this us the assemblies concern. They are just out to trash the mayor.

  3. These people who work for the ADN are flat out CREEPY! I’m beginning to think little Ryan Binkley may be creepy too, and ruining his family name and legacy.

    • Agree. Perhaps an in-depth expose’ of the funding for this (toilet paper) rag would be in order. Start with Pro Publica and go downhill from there. I’m sick and tired of being philosophically raped every time I look at this rag. I’m.canceling my subscription when it runs out and – never again! Should have learned my lesson last year but I was innocently looking for both sides of the story. I’m done with ADN and the so-called Alaskans that own it!

  4. People already coming at me with the “ did you see this….” “ look what this guy did….” People in anchorage read the headline not the story and consider themselves “ informed. Good luck mayor, we’re pulling for you.

  5. Fluoride is poison.
    Municipal water facilities around the country are dropping fluoridation due to the ongoing health risks.
    Fluoridated water is not safe to drink.
    Read the label on the back of your toothpaste – it wards you not to consume / swallow the toothpaste – because of the fluoride.
    The Assembly? When is enough going to be enough?
    I feel a “storm” is brewing – woe be tide the agitators….

    • Chlorine in the water is a poison. The arsenic in the salad we eat is a poison. To understand these items we need to understand dosage. Most of every thing eat or drink is a poison at a certain dosage. Folks have died from overdosing on water, therefore we should ban water.

      • A touch of cyanide never hurt a soul. It’s all about the dose. But they don’t add cyanide to the water. Yet.

        • Correct, it is about the dose. Some folks take a prescribed medication that helps them but to others could be fatal.

      • I have some mercury, how much do you want? Or I’ll decide for you says a for profit corporation who’s business IS running governments everywhere. Wake up. How bout we follow our heavenly Father’s instructions on how to live here in peace, healthily.

      • Why ban water? Ban the fluoride. It was put in initially “to help prevent cavities”. But in actuality it was added bc it’s a poison, another way to kill us. And the dose is being increased, as noted in the story.

        The mayor is correct in shutting down the unnecessary poisoning of the water supply. We don’t need fluoride in our glass of water.

        Just watch the ADN. When they start jumping up and down about turning it off, you can rest assured that fluoridating water is dangerous. Liars.

        Don’t swallow fluoridated toothpaste. Call poison control. But put it in the drinking water for decades and call it good? What’s wrong with us that we put up with this ? Why can’t we add 2+2 and get 4? Because we’re being poisoned, that’s why.

        These libs hate having a conservative mayor who does the right thing. They’re unglued. (Surprised he won too, I bet. Wonder if it has something to do with the quantum voting system?)

        Even more amazing is that dentists don’t know how dangerous fluoride is.

        They also didn’t know why the suicide rate in their occupation was so high at one time. Turned out it was exposure to Mercury, which arrived in a HAZMAT box. All that mercury caused depression over time. And suicide. Never mind what it has done to the population with mercury fillings. Mercury is a gift that keeps on giving. Google effects of mercury on the human body.

        But dentists still push fluoride. They don’t seem to have a clue.

        And accountants still claim that collecting tax is legal. They’d be jobless otherwise.

        The list goes on and on. We’re being lied to everyday and about everything.

  6. Complete non-story – the Alaska Democrat News (ADN) should be covering ‘why is Anchorage still poisoning the water supply’? Fluoride is toxic and should be handled with great care. The mayor did the right thing in halting the process and questioning. The years we lived in Anchorage we never drank the tap water but bought water for drinking. If one wants to add fluoride to their diet they can do so on their own. Why are people being forced to consume fluoridated water? We raised our kids in the valley on well water, and they have great teeth. Fluoridation is archaic, senseless. and needs to stop.

    • ELIZABETH HENRY: …and my Dad grew up in Texas, where the water is naturally fluoridated, coming from underground aquifers.

      God rest him, he had teeth so white his dentists were always in wonder. In fact, his periodontist made heroic efforts when treating his gum disease. He told him no dentures would ever match his natural tooth color. He also didn’t have any cavities. He died at age 85.

      So much for the “toxicity” of fluoride.

      • Anecdotal. Lets get real. Ya we all know of people who smoked a pack a day and lived to be 90. Yet all would agree smoking is hazardous to your health.

      • Natural fluoride is a different kind of fluoride than that in our water.
        What we have in our water is hazardous waste, a byproduct of making

      • That’s your opinion. It obviously isn’t everybody’s. My grandma lived to be 93 and smoked. The dispute isn’t whether or not fluoride helps strengthen teeth, its about the potential harms out weighing the benefits. Also there is a difference between naturally occurring fluoride in the water and an additive. I personally don’t feel real threatened about fluoride being in the water, but many do and I think it’s wrong for government to not treat people as individuals with the right to think differently and make different choices, especially when it comes to health and it doesn’t harm others. I mean you agree with fluoride, but what’s to stop the government from making a bad decision about some other thing that you don’t agree with. This topic is far from settled even in the government’s eyes by the way. Some at NIH think we need to reconsider systemically forcing the public to ingest fluoride by using additives in the water. ‘’

        • Justin Erickson: Let me emphasize, once again, that the National Library of Medicine, (housed on the National Institutes of Health campus) is a publications repository. They post a disclaimer on their website that states the articles available are those both peer-reviewed and unsupported by the traditional, rigorous, scientific aforementioned review. So, is this an empirical analysis backed by peer review or merely a hypothetical opinion piece masquerading as scientific fact?

          • Boy you feel really passionate about making sure everybody gets fluoride in their water whether they like it or not. Better spend more time talking to the people of Fairbanks and Juneau because they halted their fluoridation, not for a few hours, but indefinitely. Or is this just something you are using to justify your witch-hunt? By the way, if you are asking whether or not it is a fact that you are just sharing your opinion that is definitely not shared by many, even in the scientific and medical professions, yes that is a fact.

            Respectfully, this lashing out and convenient misinterpretation of what I said is the tell tale signs of cognitive dissonance. I’ll restrain from rubbing your nose in it further. I definitely am guilty of such things sometimes as well and it only makes one more agitated and riled up when sand is kicked in one’s face. I sincerely hope you take time to ease off the gas and reflect.

      • There’s a difference between natural fluoride and byproduct-fluoride (i.e. one is natural of the Earth and the other a toxic byproduct of chemicals which is the one disposed of in the water supply across the United States).

  7. Fluoride is also known to lower IQs, among other things. Why is it even added to our water? Who decided it was necessary? Maybe the same people who think we need a shot for a virus that kills less people than the flu?

    It’s time to stop poisoning our water. Sure, you can drink bottled water, but fluoride still enters the body through the pores when you shower.

  8. So let me see if I have this right. The mayor does a site visit on October 1st and hears about potential harm to workers handling fluoride. Without additional investigation he has the fluoride stopped so he can “further investigate these concerns with the Assembly” But then he finds out that stopping the fluoride is illegal so has it turned back on. Presumably this continues the exposure of the employees. Despite this possible continuing danger, the mayor apparently doesn’t talk to the Assembly, doesn’t talk to the union, and keeps this so under wraps from October 1st until just now that even his spokesperson didn’t know what was going on. What was the mayor doing about this possible dangerous situation for two and a half months especially since he couldn’t stop the problem and the employees were still at risk? Something doesn’t add up.

      • How is questioning a mayor’s honesty petty? If the mayor were of a different political party and lied, I’m sure you would be happy to point that out and tell all of your Facebook friends about it.

        • If I were to do that over this, yes I would also be petty. And if I was a journalist, I would be incredibly unprofessional helping to widen the fracture in the community. The spokesman said he didn’t do it, and then later he said he was informed he did do it and corrected his statement, according to the article on Alaska Public Media. Is that the lie you are talking about? If you can give me a source proving that there was a time when a reporter asked the mayor: “did you turn off fluoridation for 5 hours?”, and he himself said “no I did not”, then yes he lied and that would concern me, genuinely. But that’s not what happened according to anything I can find. Can we get on to more important things now? I see that somebody wrote ADN and said that he called the FBI on the mayor. “You guys” are petty and extreme and nothing other than vindictive and self righteous and full of double standards. Do you remember Dunbar lying and knowingly violating municipal code when he got information he shouldn’t have from the city clerk so that he could strategize attacks against the mayor? That’s not a petty lie. It’s just more proof “you guys” are acting like anxiety riddled self righteous jerks that are impossible to work with and you take pride in it. It’s sick. Luckily, not everyone in the town that is left leaning are such jerks. But the many that are love to read the gossip tabloid that is the ADN and now even Alaska Public Media, and love to see that it was sent off to New York Times so you guys can all vindicate each other and make sure you don’t feel so ridiculous.

  9. I can’t recall when it was, but 2016 comes to mind for some reason. Too much flouride was being dumped into the water. I don’t recall the assembly harassing the mayor at that time.

  10. Boy the ADN is worse than CNN. Anybody that has any form of objectivity left in their soul can see this is deceitful and petty vindictiveness. Jeez. Do they not even realize why we don’t get flouride treatments anymore when we go to the dentist? Their unchecked vindictiveness is flying too close to the sun and they are making themselves look like fools. I hope good people, right or left, run against this assembly and blame the ADN for letting things get crazy in this town.

  11. The non story was also hyped by Ak Public Media. It was so urgent, they sent out an e-mail titled “Breaking News Alert” and how Mayor Bronson shut off fluoride for 5 whole hours!
    I knew there was more to the story and thank you for bringing the Mayors actions some honest reporting.

  12. Sounds the water plant could use better quality air. Perhaps internal chemical filters (or more capacity) would be a cost effective way to do so.

    It can’t be healthy to work in air that is uncomfortably corrosive.

  13. These unending snipes from the left are designed to slowly wear down the voting public. Expect to see attack after attack after attack for the next three years. Their allegations do not have to be true at all, just sensational. So that the idiot press will hyperinflate the story – until the facts come out – at which point they will just quietly drop it and move on to the next sensation.
    Their goal is not to “get” the mayor (or the governor) on any specific allegation, but to create an image of sleaze, ineptitude, and chaos. You don’t have to convince every voter to change sides, just a small handful.
    These tactics worked to bring down Trump.

  14. What, the government corporation wants to continue poisoning their slaves using Health…. Want to see my shocked face, this cabal of satanist cult have been actively trying to kill us ‘softly’ forever… Rome never fell.
    Wake up and repent, the Kingdom is at hand

    • Nah. You hope that he’s a terrible leader. You wish it upon your community everyday because the only thing you truly care about is your ego. What you should be wishing for is finding common ground and creating less enemies. It’s a much more noble and fulfilling endeavor. But all of your comments show how that is the lowest of your priorities as you enjoy being as petty and hypocritical as possible because all you have for thought is spite.

  15. “…staff complained that their eyes and throats were burning from the fumes.”
    Takeaway looks like the AWWU union-management team deliberately failed in their responsibility to comply with Material Safety Data Sheets and OSHA regulations, to ask for an OSHA inspection, and to find out how other fluoridated-water municipalities manage their systems without “eyes and throats burning from the fumes”.
    Instead, they called the Mayor who they know is not a fluoridated-water expert or an OSHA guy, and the Mayor made a logical command decision: stop fluoridation until the problem is sorted.
    Then the union-management team, realizing this Mayor might well hold them responsible for causing and perpetuating a major workplace health hazard, figured they better get ahead of what could turn out to be a massive career-ending workplace health problem.
    So they tipped off the Anchorage Daily News and bloggers, re-framed the story, and blamed it all on the Mayor, because they know the Mayor is cordially despised by Anchorage Daily News “reporters”.
    Might be more like what actually happened, no?

  16. * AWWU staff informed the Mayor’s team that fluoride burned the eyes and throats of staff who handled it and was a health hazard for employees. Fluoride is considered a hazardous substance that must be handled by trained professionals.*
    And yet, this toxic by product is added to your city drinking water. ?

  17. The enlightened Marxists in PALMER ixnayed city fluoridation years back. One has to ask why?
    The assembly/ADN are on the wrong side of this, and it shows how full of it they are, anything for a political win, screw public health!

    • The pitchforks and amount of cognitive dissonance and mind pretzel is very palpable, so I dug a little deeper to figure out why, It was because Amy Dembowski is who proposed putting fluoridation to vote back in 2017.
      ‘‘ (man the elitist behavior of this assembly is very consistent)

      I’m starting to think she should push for:
      * Keeping Barbara Jones as the city clerk
      * Making everything a secret during the assembly meetings only when convenient for the assembly members
      * mail in voting
      * keeping the homeless in the Sullivan and allowed to pan handle, camp on the streets and trails
      * Decreasing the amount of police and to stop pursuing petty crime
      * And getting upset for pushing people out of the government just because they don’t care about doing a better job without getting a bigger budget, and get buddy buddy with the assembly and protect them and in return get more and more funding.

      Just so they will want to do the opposite.

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