ADN columnist: Conservatives are worse than deplorable…



Oh the horrors. Conservatives wear Carhartts. We are being defined by them.

Anchorage Daily News columnist Michael Carey tore a page from Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” playbook, when this week he wrote this stunning dismissal of conservative Alaska voters:

“Sadly, it takes a scandal crippling the other brand for the Democrats to win a statewide election. Alaska is not turning blue, except in occasional pockets. We don’t have enough highly educated, highly innovative, highly secular, affluent professionals of the stripe who dominate Portland and Seattle elections to change the outcome in statewide tundra contests. Snow City is a café, not a precinct.

“If you disagree with my pessimism, review the election returns for the Kenai Peninsula, the Matanuska Valley, Eagle River, North Pole and up and down Alaska’s highway system. Where Alaskans wear Carhartts, the Last Frontier is as red as fresh blood and reliably Republican as far as the eye can see.”

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We’re not taking this insult too hard.

In fact, if you’re a Carhartt-wearing Alaskan, send MRAK  a photo of you or your loved one in your Carhartts and I’ll put together a photo montage and publish it right here. Extra points for photos of working Alaskans and their kids wearing well-loved Carhartts.

(Send that pic by Dec. 5, 2018 to [email protected])

Bonus: For the Carhartt Nation, everyone who sends a photo that is used in the montage will be entered to win this great Carhartt tote bag. It’s perfect for men or women, and best of all, it’s made in America:



  1. Thanks, Michael Carey, for your contribution to identity politics. I’m highly educated & was a registered democrat for 45 years. But the democratic party moved so far to the left I couldn’t stomach it anymore. Thats why I voted Republican. I’m willing to consider other party candidates too depending on the issues & the candidate’s position. But insulting certain classes of people doesn’t do it for me.

    And equating receiving the dividend with failing to vote? I’m not sure thats true at all. In fact distributing the dividend to all residents of Alaska regardless of income level is actually very progressive. Best of all it takes politicians/government out of the equation letting the people best decide how to spend it.

  2. Hopefully, Mr. Carey will give up and retire to Seattle or Portland where he can join with his like minded whiners. Anchorage is a mess and maybe the libs leaving would give Anchorage an opportunity to clean up the mess the libs have created.

  3. Why is it that these so-called, self-proclaimed “educated” people believe that government always has the high ground, believe that global climate warming is Anthropogenically created, taxes are the best solution to fuel the economy, and believe that private-sector workers are under-thinkers and slothful?

    Answer: because it’s the rallying cry for the unproductive, left-wingers who are basic losers and have a steady, but non-admitted reliance on the Carhardt wearers, …… those who bring steady, intrinsic contributions to the economy and gasoline to the left-winger’s Subarus, Volvo SUVs, and airline flights to Mexico and Cuba.

  4. This article by Carey is the most disgusting, despicable, arrogant, condescending, elitist and snobbish piece of tripe I’ve read, anywhere in the last several years. As a 3+ decades long Alaska resident with 2 undergraduate degrees, 1 graduate degree (most in the physical sciences); and 2+ decades of working in and growing my family and community in Alaska, I’m appalled at the complete disconnect that long-time resident Carey shows with the extremely diverse demographic of Alaska residents and voters – total disrespect! Oh BTW, my 3 adult daughter’s are both college degreed and extremely successful in their careers and communities. And I’ve been a registered nonpartisan voter my entire Alaskan residency. So, where do I/we fit in with Michael’s graphic?

    Why would Alaskans, anywhere in Alaska choose to give up their Alaskan independence, uniqueness and can-do lifestyle to emulate Seattle or Portland – socially or politically? Has he lost his mind? Michael, you really need to travel around this beautiful, wonderful state you live in and learn about the Alaskans who have built, and continue to build communities from territory to statehood to present. Your elitist, pseudo-intellectual arrogance is only superceded by your ignorance and revisionist history. You diminish your fellow Alaskan’s political choices because……? YOU are angry because Alaskans don’t agree with you.

    A heads up, Alaska has a multi-faceted economy – primarily resource extraction i.e. timber, minerals hydrocarbons and fish; and government employment (public service), military, transportation, tourism and business. Subsistence in Alaska plays a major role in the rural economic dynamic – I don’t see those folks working on calculus equations or write papers on sociology as they snowmachine out in the bush in the dead of winter to find food to feed their families. They certainly are not any less connected than their more urban neighbors. Alaskans reside in climates from the arctic, subarctic to northern rainforests. Our climate and diverse economic needs significantly influence the state’s demographic. And we have 2 major universities with numerous community branches, as well; I’ve personally witnessed lots of students on campuses in carharts. As for the statement on the disposition of the permanent fund; I personally and most Alaskans have no problem with the Permanent Fund being used to pay for government – but not before cuts to spending, and not to pay for grandiose, unthoughtout pork barrel projects. And, as a return to Alaskans on the state’s resource investments, the PFD Alaskans receive significantly contributes to Alaska’s economic cash flow. So, generally speaking, most all Alaskan’s are Deplorables – Dayumn, I’m in great company!

    Frankly Carey’s opinion article is just that – an opinion. It is factually incorrect, economically incorrect, historically revisionist, and demonstrates a complete disconnect with the diversity of mainstream Alaska residents, and the North American continent demographics as well! It is a failure, and only serves to misguide the ADN readership.

    However, his opinion piece does mirror the anger and angst of elitists in the lower 49 (yes, that’s a four and a nine) who think they know better, but have politically, educationally, and economically failed minorities and urban areas – that’s a rant for another time.

    I’ve not spent much time in Portland, but really enjoy visiting Seattle. However, I have no desire to trade my Alaskan lifestyle or fellow Alaskans for either place. But Michael, if you choose to move, I promise to purchase your airline ticket – 1 months notice please. Oh, and on your way out the door, send a request to the Alaska Division of Elections to update their voter roles to remove those on the voter roles who have died or left the state, so your textual percentage graphic of state and district voters more accurately mirrors election returns!

  5. Well, well. Mr. Carey is about to get his own education. You see, Mr. Carey’s bosses are well known Carhartt wearers. Ryan Binkley and his well-known dad, John Binkley, never go anywhere without their Carhartts.
    John Binkley, former state senator and representative, governor candidate, owner of a successful multi-million dollar tour enterprise, Chairman of the Alaska Railroad, President of the Alaska Cruiseship Industry, and yes, OWNER of the Anchorage Daily News. That John Binkley.
    Usually, when an idiot like Mr. Carey publicly besmerches his bosses, they get fired. Maybe Mr. Binkley will take pity and use this moment to “educate” Mr. Carey.
    Then Carey can write his next column and tell us what it’s like to kiss the zipper of a Carhartt.

    • Carey’s former colleague, Dermot Cole, couldn’t reach the zipper in time. Maybe both of these weirdo writers can work together for the newspaper in Fairbanks, before Binkley buys that one too.

  6. Where to start? I have an MBA and I was at one time a certified multi-discipline welder. But you would not want me wrenching on your automatic transmission or trying to repair anything electrical. We each bring our known skills to this world and the lack of a college degree in no way makes anyone less than someone who has a degree. Going to a trade school or being an apprentice to learn to be a plumber or an electrician or other skilled tradesman/woman is just a different way of using ones time to achieve a goal. I have nothing but respect for anyone that works with their hands or otherwise puts in an honest days work.
    As for Portland it is simply a lawless breeding ground for Antifa. Seattle has morphed into a socialist republic of California.
    Also, like many conservatives I held my nose for the (8) years of Obama and the (4) years of Walker. But I accepted the results of the election(s) and hoped for a better result next time. I was rewarded with Trump and Dunleavy. I think both will go along way towards reversing the damage done by their predecessors.

  7. Hey, Carey, have ever heard the adage that before you can be old and wise, first you must be young and stupid? Grow up, and you’ll walk away from the Democrat Party!!

  8. If you looked at demographic data, I suspect you would see that those people who live in the city of Seattle or Portland are largely white-collar workers, insurance, ad agencies, attorneys by the score, government workers, and other people who never get their hands dirty. When you leave the cities, you have farmers, miners, oil field workers, loggers, and people working in factories, and it is those ignorant slobs that get their hands dirty. Carey’s attitude is widespread in the Democrat Party, they could care less about workers that get their hands dirty and that is why for the last 50 years the party in power has given away America’s wealth. Clinton killed the timber industry in the northwest and Southeast Alaska, and the powers that be held back the oil industry, and was on its way to killing the coal industry. Trump is the best thing that has happened to the United States since the end of WWII.

  9. My personal operating political theory is that when someone – usually a person of the Left – resorts to name-calling, they are signaling that they do not have something to say on matters of substance or that they do not believe that their arguments may be persuasive to others. Mr. Carey’s column implicitly says that too many Alaskans are not educated enough, not innovative enough, too religious and not affluent enough. Just a question, Michael: Do you think that you could have fashioned a honorable and rational column around any ONE of those statements? I suspect the answer is no and it was easier to express those individual thoughts all at once in a dismissive, condescending sentence.

    I have an earned doctorate and am reasonably well off; I also attend church on Sunday. I am a conservative. And I believe that I also have lived in Alaska even longer than Mr. Carey. All of which should drive Mr. Carey nuts. Mr. Carey apparently wants different political results here in Alaska but finds persuasion on specific topics to be too challenging. Sorry, Mr. Carey, that is not going to work. Please leave your name-calling at home.

  10. I find this brand of identity politics highly offensive.

    I wear Carhartt jeans, sweatshirts, and coats all the time, ever since I was a young buck and worked outside, in the cold.

    Yes, I wear Carhartts, but I am a liberal. I am so liberal, I actually believe that tear-gassing children is a pretty messed up thing to do. So liberal, that I believe that all people should get to vote, even the ones with darker skin and funny sounding names. So liberal, in fact, that I fully support zany ideas like feeding hungry children, and providing care for the sick (EVEN THE POOR ONES!).

  11. I guess first I was “Valley Trash” and now I am “Deplorable Valley Trash.” And damn proud of it. Some Dickies, some Big Smith, Some Carhartt, even a Big Ben Hickory or 2 and still have some Frisco jeans. I guess the writer has nothing against X-Tra tuffs. Now about that scandal……… I guess it’s more important to rag on how I am dressed then a prominent public figure and native leader Liberal that assaults a underage girl. I am going to say he raped the girl if he doesn’t want to set the record straight.

  12. Mr. Carey’s snobbery is exactly why we hold the left in utter contempt. He is welcome to leave Alaska anytime.

  13. A second comment: Both the Left and Right make a mistake when they attempt to assign certain characteristics to people they may not agree with. The Carhartts stuff is fun, but it is hardly an admission ticket to any particular status. I dare say I have probably lived in Alaska longer than just about anyone commenting here but have never owned a pair of Carhartts. I understand they are good outdoor pants, but let’s not attach cult status to them. My other favorite the full beard. I have sported a mustache for over fifty years, but never a full beard. I still remember cruising around Juneau in the 1970’s when the latest group of Leftists hit town. You could spot the recent arrivals a mile away – they were the ones with the full beard for the faux-real-Alaskan look. And, by the way, I have never owned a four-wheel drive pickup truck. I have a lot of friends with such beasts, but I do not find it at all necessary. I could go on. Being an Alaskan is not a function of a few external characteristics; it is a state a mind and perspective that arises from long experience. At least for me.

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