Admitting defeat, Alaska Republican Party lifts censure on Sen.-elect Merrick, and U.S. Sen. Murkowski


The Alaska Republican Party has lifted its censures on two elected Republicans. The action came via vote of the officers during the state central committee meeting on Saturday in Anchorage.

That means Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who was censured by the party in 2021 for voting to convict former President Donald Trump after his second impeachment trial, is back in good graces with Alaska Republican Party.

Although Murkowski endorsed Democrat Mary Peltola for Congress, rather than a Republican, and although she resigned from her honorary position with the party in 2016 over her objection to then-presidential nominee Donald Trump, the state political party has accepted her return as their most senior elected leader.

Murkowski, who is pro-abortion, pro-Respect for Marriage Act, and generally pro-Joe Biden, has essentially defeated the Alaska Republican Party.

The party has also admitted defeat to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who fought against the state party’s choice of Tshibaka, and spent $7 million to shore up Murkowski and defeat the state party’s nominee.

The party lifted the censure of Sen.-elect Kelly Merrick, who won over Republican Rep. Ken McCarty this year for the state Senate seat to represent Eagle River.

Merrick has the support of Democrats and big labor unions, but was censured by the party two years ago after she organized with the Democrats in the House, where she has served for four years, in exchange for a co-chair on the Finance Committee.

Saturday’s votes included an agreement to not censure candidates until after the 2024 State Convention, which will be held in Anchorage.

There was also a change to the party to allow endorsements in local municipal and borough races, which are nonpartisan.

Last week, District 27 Republicans censured their senator, Sen. David Wilson, for caucusing with the Senate Democrat-controlled majority in the Senate.


  1. When the going got tough, the AK GOP got going in their pants. The French have more spine.

    What a useless collection of morons. No wonder the left uses the GOP like cheap ladies of the evening.

    So all the sudden Kelly and Princess are OK with them now?

    Feckless losers.

  2. We don’t have a Republican Party we have a bunch of power hungry losers who could find a mouse guilty of cheese theft. They are a rubber stamp of what true conservatives need.

  3. I hope they censure President Trump for his Truth Social post about terminating the Constitution. Please report on that – please treat it the same as if this came from any other public official. I HOPE reality sets in soon that there HAS to be a better way with better people and a better platform in the future. At least I hope so.

      • Softball Question. Answer: As a lifelong Republican, continue to not support my own party until my team morally gets it together. The way my team plays matters. It needs to abandon Donald Trump.

        • No, Trump is the only one who fights against the left. We need to kick out those who refuse to fight against the left

          • At all cost? I doubt an elected official has ever advocated for throwing the Constitution away – certainly never a Republican OR President. There are plenty of rational and strong Republicans who are not Trump. Abandon him or get used to losing.

    • Too late. Democrats have already terminated it. They violate Article I, the first 10 amendments, and the 14th amendment repeatedly.

      • I’m pretty sure that is for the Supreme Court to decide, as our Founding Fathers intended, Dan. Leaders and citizens who feel “justified” do wrong and damaging things. Ask Iran.

  4. Party defeated!? WTF!!!! Not hardly! The vaunted ‘central committee’ of the party bent over for big money and outside interests. Don’t ever say that the party is ok with this, because we aren’t. The ‘central committee’ is ok with this. Why does the ‘central committee’ hide itself? How about each member of this committee step forward and publicly explain their actions over at least the past couple of years. Instead they make decisions like this and hide away.
    I was sending angry emails over just censuring lisa. No one would explain to me why she was not expelled from the party altogether. Same should have been done with Merrick or any other party member that ran/campaigned against an endorsed republican. All I could get in return mail was ‘oh, but we censured her’. I warned at the time that this was going to be a repeat of the Joe Miller fiasco. The party claimed to be supporting the endorsed candidate but was supporting their favorite daughter under the table. The exact same situation took place in the recent election. The party claimed to be supporting the endorsed candidate (Tschibaka in this case) but did absolutely NOTHING to show that support other than a claimed endorsement. They stepped back and let the likes of mcconnell bring in his millions and run over our elections. The proof is in their actions in removing the censure. They knew they just needed to wait and now, magically, lisa is back in good graces with, not the party per se, but the ‘central committee.
    Once again the ‘central committee’ has bypassed the directions given by the part itself and done just what they please.
    We need to gut the party leadership wholesale and install officers that understand that they are simply the faces of the direction given by the members.

    • As a former member of the Central Committee, I find your ignorance appalling. I got redistricted out of my seat, otherwise I would still be there. How much money did you donate to Kelly, Paul? I gave as much as I could squeeze out of a very tight budget. I don’t know of anyone in the AKGOP who has $7M to throw at any candidate. I stood against censure for Lisa because I thought it was the wrong way to approach her actions contrary to our wishes – it would serve to drive her further left, which it seems to have done. That the CentCom removed that censure is big news, but I’m out of the loop on why. As for expulsion: The Party does not have the legal capability to do that – something about the First Amendment gets in the way of controlling who registers and/or runs under our Party’s label. You don’t like what they did? Get involved. Arm-chair quarterbacking is the favorite pastime of lame lazy losers.

        • It’s supposed to be the Alaska people…but her actions belie her words! Money talks and she’s ‘whored’ herself to the Democrats! And you can bet that McConnell gets his money too! They do appear to be ‘strange bedfellows’! The Alaska Republican Party should ask the people IF these two should be reinstated back into the Republican Party!!

          • She’s done a great job as far as I’m concerned. She’s one of the few reasonable politicians left in DC and not a MAGA cultist like so many of her fellow Republicans.

  5. Someone could write a book about how such a reliably Red state can be so damaged by dark money from outside and by the incompetence of its state Republican Party. 2022 has been a disaster for the Alaska Republican Party, and the Alaska Senate Majority is perhaps the best example at the moment. Look for a smaller PFD, a state income tax bill to pass the Senate, the Anchorage Daily News and the Senate to combine forces in preserving ranked choice voting, and new oil taxes to likely be enacted and vetoed. Look for Governor Dunleavy to spend even less time in Alaska as time goes by. Look for fewer Republicans running for state office in 2024. They’ve beaten us without firing a shot.

  6. Stupid GOP party. Censure, then turns out the public as a whole doesn’t appreciate all the extreme partisan crud and votes for a person not a party. Then when the censure doesn’t work reverse it. It’s comical. The censure in the first place is a joke. A bunch of extremist having a child tantrum because other people don’t 100% align with them. Days of an inclusive tent of varied viewpoints that challenge each other to grow and think is long gone. At this point I view and GOP censure as a badge of competency. The censure is bestowed on elected officials who choose to represent ALL their constituents regardless of the censure of the useless political parties and may, despite all odds, actually want to work across the aisle vs roadblock for the sake of ideology.

    • Right, DF.
      Let’s make all of our kids, even grade schoolers, victims of pedophiles, LGBTQ perverts, drag shows, and everything else that Democrats believe in for alignment. Across the aisle. The Democrat way.

  7. We the people object to letting any of them off the hook.
    What a disappointment, in other words, SOP for the RNC.
    This is the problem with the RNC, no balls.

  8. We are approaching a tipping point; possibly there already. The liberal government with a majority in elected offices may set the stage for decades to come. When more than 50% of the population becomes dependent on the government we will at the very least have socialism. Or worse, Marxism. “From those according to their ability. To those according to their needs”.
    There is a glimmer of hope in 2024. But more of the same is probably not the answer.

    • Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, farm subsidies, corporate bailouts. I hate to tell you, but we’ve had socialism in this country for a long time.

      • And every bit of it has been leading to the ruination of this nation.
        But that is exactly what you radical leftist extremists seek, and celebrate. Because you are fundamentally a cult, a cult that worships death.

        • Why is your “go to” always “you radical leftist extremist” whenever someone either points out a fact you don’t like or has an opinion different than yours? Are you incapable of simply engaging in an honest debate or is name-calling all you’re capable of?

          • Cman, I so frequently use the phrase “radical leftist extremist” simply because it is the proper and appropriate designation for people like you, the far left, who are essentially ALL of what constitutes the so-called “political left” nowadays. And while in my mind it is a pejorative, and a vile one at that, it is also entirely truthful and accurate. Honestly labeling you radical leftist extremists as what you are is not “name calling”, it is simply acknowledging reality. And if that is hard for you to bear, maybe you should engage in some self-reflection.

    • Worse. Socialists and Communists at least made it a requirement that everyone put up the appearance that they were productive.

  9. How about that, hats in hand the party elders plead, “Sister, can you spare dime?” It’s all about handouts and trough assignments! ‘Tis a little humiliating and self-debasing isn’t it? That’s leadership for you. But if that’s all they’ve got, then that’s what they’ve got to make do with! You might say that that’s the way it’s done here on the outskirts of “better” society.

    Sure, your word is your bond! What a crock! It’s time for heads to roll! Of course, for the betterment of the whole!

  10. Masked Avenger — more to the point, when Ms Kelly asked for endorsement from trump, that was pretty much not the Republican party that Ms Lisa represents. Ask Ms Kelly if she goes along with dismembering the US Constitution that her MAGA partier that calls itself a republican espouses. Then, ask yourself, is the Alaskan Republican party the party of MAGA or some other party? If it is MAGA, do we really want to see secession from the USA that a good majority of Alaskans fought to protect, defend, and preserve? If it’s some other party, then what is it? Time for a wake-up call all yous guys that calls yourselves Republicans. Disclaimer: not a member of ANY political party.

    • Mrs N, kindly provide the quote credited to Donald Trump and the context wherein it was made, Thank you.

      Also please tell us if you have perhaps just a tiny bit of outrage within you over the legion of unconstitutional actions of Joe Biden and the North American wing of the CCP, ( Democrat Party) these last 2 years.

      Thank you Mrs N.

      • It seems that perfidious rascal used his usual and well-known tactics to his own benefit once again if the ordinary citizen cannot surmise a call to negate the U.S.Constitution because of anything he says, doesn’t mean what he said.

        As for B.S., it is not good for my heart to expend the amount of energy requested just for giggles and laughs on your part.

        • Mrs N, I submit that if you cared one tiny bit about the Constitution you would be outraged at what the North American wing of the CCP has been up to these last 2 plus years. Obviously you are fixated on Trump alone and know next to nothing of the insidious damage Xiden and those real Skunks named Democrats have been up to.

          I am not a big Trump Fan, I am a defender of our Constitution. BTW Trump is not the President, his reign in office ended, are you aware of that?

        • Can’t supply that quote? Of course not – because Trump didn’t say that. You don’t have to like Trump to at least tell the truth and not just some lie that was spread on social media. Lying about him doesn’t help your cause.

          • “The massive fraud (he of course means the election, the poor thing)…allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” Is that quote sufficient for you?

          • “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote in a post on the social network Truth Social and accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

            Giggle away your cares, but the impression many Americans have about the FRAUD himself is as champion to the cause of lawlessness and immorality since he came on the national radar, at least six years ago. Folks in NY and along the East Coast have known about him for years. If you don’t believe that what he is saying is a desire for dissolution of the US Constitution (so that he can reign with his own rules) is as evident as the nose on one’s face, perhaps you do BELIEVE the BIG LIE that he made, then there’s no use talking rationality with someone whose logic is more indicative of the pile of rubber and embalming fluid in Lenin’s tomb. At least Patty Hearst was rehabilitated; Ms Kelly?

  11. Murkowski is a RINO. This does not speak well to our Republican Party. You dishonor the cause. You dishonor your principles. You become part of the problem.

    • Why bother to continue the censure when so many used it within the party as a source of contention. Why bother to continue it when so many of your neighbors voted for those people anyway! You wanted that censure in place to supposedly do the work you refused from your lazy boy to do!!!???

    • But Archie; a significant number of your neighbors did “support her” because you FAILED to explain to them that dark money was not the issue on the ballot, or why queen Lisa is still around. The George who was suppose to take of all this while you laid back in your lazy boy, died five years or more ago and no one told you!

    • I agree, Archie. Every time I see, or hear the name of, that bony and perpetually scowling, execrable, shamelessly hypocritical and self-serving opportunist, I feel nothing but contempt and disgust.

  12. I’ve always been a big proponent of voting, even when the candidates aren’t exactly what was desired.

    I held it was the only way to effect change, if incrementally. I’ve been dismissive of the people too lazy to bother voting.

    The actions of the AK GOP remind me of the third, distasteful option. Voting by choosing not to vote. When option 1 (the left) is unsupportable and option 2 (the GOP) is so feckless as to be inconsequential-or worse, adversarial- that support isn’t merited, option 3 becomes the only valid one left.

    Refuse to vote on principle until the offending parties are brought to heel. I can’t blame any conservative for extending a middle finger to the AK GOP until they can unFUBAR themselves.

    Starve them. Of votes, of money, of seats in the legislature, of everything they value until they learn or fold.

    They don’t fear us. Let’s make them.

  13. Man I cant wait until the state legislatures taxes the majority of us out of this state. Then Lucinda and crew will be trying to figure out what happened and why Alaska is a state version of Detroit lol…. Yee haw!

    Oh and the Alaskan republicans party is a bunch of spineless rino’s anyhow.

      • To you maybe Christine. I feel confident that my short, declarative sentences are easily understood,. The reality of an ineffective and feckless Republican party in this state is clear to many. I notice how you are comment bombing this thread. Speaking into the wind much Christine? Quantity over quality.

  14. It is a sad day for me but I refuse to have any further connection with ARP leadership.

    28 years as a registered Republican.

    I am officially an undeclared as of about 12 minutes ago.

    If you feel the same it only takes about 3 minutes on the division of elections website to make the switch.

    • Scott: now that you are a member of the LARGEST party of the state of Alaska; let’s see what efforts you are going to do to make improvements beside whine and complain.

  15. How many of you commenters above have contributed a single dime to the party? How many have gone to a district meeting and voted for a district Chair, Bonus Vote, Vice Chair etc.? How many of you even know who your district officials are?

    You b- and moan about Murkowski. You b- and moan about RINOS. You b- and moan about the party but you refuse to donate your time, money, or any effort other than to stand on the outside and throw rocks at those who took the time to go to the SCC meeting and express their opinion via a vote.

    At the end of the day, censuring did NOTHING except ensure that Murkowski and Merrick got elected. One in Ten Alaskans don’t even know what censuring means. only two out of five registered voters even bothered to vote.

    If you want this to be fixed you need to control the party. If you want to control the party you need to show up. The Eastman faction have. They control two of the valley district BECAUSE THEY SHOWED UP and they got their people elected to district leadership in D27 and D30. When the Party voted to censure Murkowski, ALL of the big money donors left the party and the state chair had to find new ones. It takes money to run the party – in fact, the FEC will shut down a state party that has no money.

    So, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. If you can’t donate enough to replace the donors that will leave if Murkowski or Merrick are censured then donate time or effort and become a district chair or bonus vote. Join a womens club as they have a vote.

    It ain’t the party people. It’s us.

    • THANK YOU very much to write this out. This is the way of it. Not sure when armchair complaining got anything changed. There were listed here ways you can help, one of the biggest is be prepared to explain what part you played after 28 years as a Republican to grow the strength of the party. The officers of them district where I live has their phone numbers on the web page, I dare any Of you to call and say-what can I do to help??

      • Thanks Christine and NoRino, well said. It takes a lot more than an ignorant opinion and thumb-skill that so many numbskulls display to effect real positive change – The opinionated lack of involvement is a direct offshoot of the social media generations that want life handed to them on their cell phones.

      • Yep. So with that said I’m guessing the promotion of conservative values every waking moment of my life, support for conservative candidates, yard signs etc, and all the money I contributed over the years to the GOP was a meaningless gesture and not good enough? Thanks for sharing your narcissist denigration of other people you don’t know. I do know I won’t give another penny to the GOP. Thanks for helping me come to that decision. Support Murkowski, Petola and Sullivan because the AK GOP says so? Never.

    • Can’t argue this. I’ve beaten this drum until the drumhead broke. Conservatives are lazy. Bone lazy.

      Only one counterpoint: supporting the AK GOP in its current form is like buying drugs for an addict. It rewards and encourages bad behavior.

      The AK GOP needs to be raised like Carthage. Burn it to the ground, salt the soil, scatter the survivors to Adak and Ft Yukon where they will never be able to bother anything beyond local wildlife. Any trace of Tuckerman Babcock and his ilk eliminated forever politically.

      Then and only the rebuild.

      • It would be easier to disavow association with trump if the ideology of pragmatic conservatism still has merit and is supportive of a more inclusive agenda, unless the goal is dissolution, that is from an outsider’s perspective as I am not a member of parties.

    • Appreciate your energy. Only half in jest do we wonder whether things’d be the way they are if you or someone with your spirit led Alaska’s GOP.
      With respect, the blame rests squarely with party people, leadership of what we identify disparagingly as GOP Inc.
      They had a job to do and they failed to do it. Whether they failed out of epic incompetence or malicious intent, we can’t say, but it’s really hard to believe their failure was accidental, a one-off.
      If real-world results are any indication, GOP Inc.’s worn-out variations of, “They bad. We good. Send money.” alienated enough voters to sway entire elections.
      GOP leadership seem immune from accountabity for winning or providing worthwhile guidance. Nobody in GOP Inc. said, out loud or on paper, why their organization failed so badly at getting GOP candidates elected. 
      Alaska’s GOP Inc. had its own versions of the Georgia senate campaign and remind again, what happened but a RINO revival?
      Alaska’s GOP Inc. could have been a key factor in electing a state House and Senate with GOP majorities and maybe, just maybe, returning an affordable, user-friendly government to voters, but what happened instead?
      Alaska’s GOP Inc. could have played a key role in returning Alaska’s easily corruptible election system to what it was before ranked choice voting, Dominion, automatic registration, mail-in balloting, and ERIC.
      But no it was crickets, silence, which frighteningly suggests GOP Inc. is comfortable with an easily corruptible election system complete with built-in excuses: voters didn’t vote, donors didn’t donate, etc., etc.
      How much money should productive Alaskans have given GOP Inc. to not have a legislature of bipartisan band of bastards fired up to Get Money and stiff conservatives?
      Censuring, uncensuring doesn’t impress voters. It doesn’t elect GOP candidates. But it inspires bipartisan contempt for GOP Inc.’s leaders who do it. So why would they do it knowing how much it demeans the Republican brand?
      Bottom line is whatever GOP Inc. is selling, nobody’s buying because GOP Inc. failed spectacularly to persuade buyers -and voters- that they just can’t do without what GOP Inc. is selling.
      So Alaska’s GOP Inc. either adapts, wholeheartedly embracing populism, or goes extinct, drowning in corporate self deception.
      Or Elon Musk could buy Alaska’s GOP. That might warm up things, no?

  16. The Alaska Republican Party could not supress the ADN headlines of $$$$’s Murkowski brings to Alaska, now they want to ride her coat tails.

  17. Either defeat the old guard or
    Form a new party -those are your options. “Elections” are a joke-and AKGOP has now shown how corrupt they are -we have everything

  18. Until the GOP becomes again a united CREED in a all reasonable platform AND follow it it has lost it mojo with many seeking some organization that does! All eyes are on the AIP! Alaskan” INDEPENDENCE ” Party! Do we need a Declaration to bring US together?

    (Prudence, indeed, will dictate that GOP long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms ( RINO’S ) to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, ( CONSERVATIVES ) it is their duty, to throw off such GOP, and to provide new Guards for their future security.) ( By Authority of the good People of these Districts, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Districts are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent Districts; to do all other Acts and Things which Independent Districts may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. )
    And So BE It Brethren!

  19. Suzanne, “admitting defeat”? I wasn’t at he meeting, were you? The article makes it sound is if the SCC has rolled over. I was at the District 25, 26 meeting just prior, I heard anger and yes we knew the votes and not happy, but have to accept the fact. Defeat? Nope.

    AS to admitting defeat to the INHO traitor Mitch McConnel, not what I heard at 25/26 meeting.

    This adds to a displaced anger against the ARP/SCC. We are sadly split when we shouldn’t be. This adds to that split just in the reporting.

    I would like to know if you were at the meeting and if that was indeed the outcome or if you were not at the meeting and are making an assumption.

  20. Since most of the republican state senators essentially abandoned the party to ally with the democrats in the senate, I’m not surprised to see the party organization in such disarray.

  21. A great life lesson is to never make a threat you can’t or won’t back up. The Central Committee did just that, completely misreading the electoral winds and putting themselves in an untenable position (no plan B). Removing the censure won’t change the politics of these candidates, but certainly alienates those that were misled into believing the censures were justified.

    Why give money, time, or votes to a group that has proven to be so incompetent?

  22. What is the purpose of the Party? Elect our candidates, grow the Party, raise money, and hopefully have fun doing it. That’s the sound bite version anyway… Throw in an opposition and it gets very complicated quickly. Figuring out what happened and what didn’t work is a start to winning next time. We already know that the GOP platform is more popular than the other Parties’ platforms – we should be spanking them all and giving Governor Mike big majorities to pass his agenda. Snipers need to get involved and help us turn the tide away from communism.

    • “Elect our candidates, grow the Party, raise money, and hopefully have fun doing it.”

      You probably don’t see it but this is exactly why so many of us, like myself, want nothing more to do with the ARP.

      While those in leadership may find these compelling reasons to support the ARP. I promise you that the rank and file are wondering why principles and core values didn’t make the “Purpose of the Party” list.

      This is the disconnect between the voter and the party.

      I encourage you to look back through your comments as well as those of Christine Hutchison (the two most vocal ARP supporters so far in this discussion). See how many times you use cash as a justification for SCC’s actions. Then, count how many times you defend SCC’s the decisions based on principle.

  23. Very disappointed in that decision. Don’t be an enabler. What changed to cause the flip? Is RINO Lisa now a Republican? NO

  24. Lisa wins! She knew it was only a matter of time before Alaska Republicans blinked. Remember kids: whenever Lisa says, “good public policy,” be sure to hold onto your wallet and your copy of the constitution, because she’s coming for it. It’s almost Christmas, I’m wishing for an Alaska Republican Party with some backbone.

  25. I once asked the void of space known as Tuckerman Babcock why I should continue to support the GOP. He said some version of “we fight”.

    I asked what they fought for, exactly?

    It’s been nearly 10 years and I’m still waiting for an answer.

  26. Some of the epic failures of the AK GOP recently.

    -failure to rally against RVC. Worse, the tacit endorsement of it.
    -failure to do a get out the vote drive.
    -failure to adapt to modern politics. RVC, early voting, etc are part of the game now. It was epic malpractice to not full court press the voters on how to use the system to their advantage.
    -failure to discipline the ranks.
    -failure to adequately raise money.
    -epic failure in recruiting and vetting good, electable candidates.
    -failure to support Roger Holland.
    -Sarah Palin
    -lack of a ground game.
    -failure to promote conservative values.
    -lack of discipline in general.
    -Tuckerman Babcock
    -failure to support Dunleavy in Wasilla.
    -failure to do effective opposition research on progressive candidates.
    -failure to establish an identity people can support.
    -gross failure in policing its elected ranks.

    Overall report card. U for useless. F’s are meaningless when you fail this badly.

  27. You mean Lisa “The Liz Cheney of Alaska” or better said, the “baby exterminator”
    Lifelong expulsion is the only solution for both of these.

    • You forgot to add “traitor”! She’s pushing for Socialism just like the Democrats! Look at her voting record!

  28. Never again will I give any support to the Republican Party, not one penny, these idiots are for sale no spine and totally dirtbags. When Mitch McConnell, Murky, Sullivan and Half the clowns in Juneau with “R” behind their names join the Democrats, I’m so tired of these phony LIARS…enough.

  29. Cowards and Jellyfish! Why would you do this? Lisa is one of the worst in the Senate as she sells out continually to the left. She is McConnell’s lapdog and goes with the flow. McConnell is completely sold out as well and is arrogant enough to agree to censor your speech in the NDAA. See below link!


  30. Well Frankie, we did it. Lisa and House Husband are gone for another six years and we can now escape Petersburg. Thank you, loyal Democrats and RCV. You kept us alive for another few years before we pass along. We could care less about you cranky old Republicans and Lisa haters. We got ours in spades. Nice double government pensions. Money from our earlier bank heists. Family name enshrined in the 49th state thanks to all the retards in the Democrat Party. It’s been fun! And to all the fools at MRAK, here’s to you……….?

    • Yes, Nancy. It’s time for us to be gone from Alaska forever. It’s in your hands now, Lisa. Maybe one of the grandkids will follow and the name Murkowski will carry on for another 50 years. Thank you, Democrats. Idiots that you really are, you kept the Murkowskis’ in business.
      And this is from me to all Republicans in Alaska:

      • Hey Frankie and Nancy…….you’ve offended more than 50% of Alaskans. And the Democrats are laughing at YOU. If I see you on a flight, I’ll be sure to mention that the old folks are onboard. I might even give out your First Class seat numbers over the PA system. Have a nice flight.

  31. Palin was right quit giving money to the GOP It is corrupt to the core both here in alaska and nationally

  32. Alaska is done. I said several years ago Alaska is in the crosshairs to be put in alignment with CA, OR, and WA. It’s been done and our elected officials, with the exception of Dunleavy, have sold out. The bright side? Real Estate prices remain high so time to sell and be out of here before Dunleavy’s term expires.

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