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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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14 new cases, two new deaths


This story has been updated to reflect 14 cases, rather than earlier reported as 13.

Alaska saw 14 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus since yesterday, for a total of 172 cases identified statewide to date.

Two more Alaskans have died because of the virus, bringing the deaths to five in Alaska since the outbreak reached the farthest north state at the beginning of March. The first death in Alaska was March 26.

A total of 16 people have been hospitalized for treatment, although not all of those are in hospitals now.

The 172 cases now diagnosed includes the five deaths but does not include the number of Alaskans who have recovered from the virus. Although COVID-19 is a considered a “reportable disease” with the Centers for Disease Control, reporting recoveries is a less exact science and that information is likely to be inaccurate, therefore the State Department of Health and Social Services is not yet announcing the number of recoveries.

Cases reported in the past 24 hours are likely to be from those who caught the virus up to two weeks ago.

51.5 percent of Alaskans who have become ill with the COVID-19 coronavirus are women, and 48.5 percent are men.

The ages most impacted by the virus are those between the ages of 30-39. They comprise over 20 percent of the known cases so far.

The communities most impacted by the outbreak are in urban or small-town Alaska:

  • Anchorage: 81
  • Kenai Peninsula: 11
  • Fairbanks/North Pole: 46
  • Palmer/Wasilla: 4
  • Juneau: 12
  • Ketchikan: 14
  • Petersburg: 1 (died while out of state)
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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • It’s been announced that to get a test, one has to exhibit advanced symptoms, have a doctor order the test, and had to have traveled to some hotspot.

    Some say the criteria has been, relaxed? To what extent and in which instances? Nothing consistent.

    When I look, in much of the material offered on testing, the rigorous standards are not changed. Some say there is ‘discretion’ given to health providers.

    The CDC guidance still says no testing of individuals who show no symptoms.

    We know some people have access to testing that the general population do not. Such is life, some people have access to resources others never will, it helps if you’re wealthy, connected or just plain lucky.

    But we know people are tested who show no symptoms, BP has testing that most people can’t access. Is that counted?

    I see one number for how many are tested, but what does that tell you, other than some few got tested?

    Of those tested, how many had symptoms and traveled to one of the state department posted areas of the world, and how many were tested because they had access to testing that the general public does not have?

    How many different tests are now in use in Alaska?

    How many different businesses, hospitals, labs etc provide testing?

    Is there a breakdown of how many tests by each type of test?

    Anybody know how many times each of the various tests in use was administered to each person tested?

    If a person was tested twice, is that in the count or not?

    Anybody know how effective one test is from another?

    How many people are there that should have been tested, but don’t have access to testing?

    How many people wanted a test and were unable to get one?

    These are just some questions I have about the testing to determine if you have the disease.

    The next set of questions will concern the promised testing to see if people are really free from being able to spread the disease, the testing for immunity.

    Do we have any of those various developing tests yet?

    How many of which kinds of those tests there might be and where or when will those tests be made available, and who get’s to have that test?

    I’d like to get a test, I’d like to get a couple or three of these promised tests.

    I’d like everybody to be able to all get the same quality test, and have all of have the same access as the rest.

    I’d like to institute a fair and equal testing regiment and have the government pick up the tab because it’s a public health necessity.

    And I don’t care if someone calls that creeping socialism, it’s still what I’d like to see for everyone.

    Have you had a test? Do you know anyone who had a test?

  • Interesting that 22% of those infected are 60+, when it was supposed to be an old people killer exclusively. Young people let their guard down and got sick. Spring breakers did the same thing, only to take it back and plant some people from their ignorance. Stay home folks, and stay apart. Treat everyone like they have it or are a carrier, because they just may be. For all the political doubters….continue to do nothing different. The process of natural selection may take care of you and make the human species strong or at least smarter.

    • Natural selection has been going on since forever, with limited results. It it hasn’t made us stronger and smarter by now, it probably never will. I suspect that we will never be free of the lowest common denominator.

      • It’s always at work. 99.9 percent of all species have become extinct. Change or die off.

        • What changes to your DNA have you effected, simply by taking thought?
          At my age, I’m struggling just to be one who adds value to, and doesn’t detract value from our tiny part of the universe.
          The next many or few generations are on their own.

  • I have a concern that the deaths are reported as a RESULT of the virus. THAT is not provable in most cases….only that they had the virus when they died. If they were already compromised or sick then they possibly died WITH virus present but not BECAUSE of it.

  • JosephDJ
    Are you willing to concede that the God of billions of years and random chance might be just another Zeus in the Panteon of wishful thinking?

    • It is arguably very possible, but that would make the universe, and everything within it just an overwhelming accident.
      It is written that we are saved by faith, by believing that God is, and that He rewards those who seek Him.
      I have chosen to believe that there’s a creator, the one called Yeshua Yahweh (aka Jesus) who cares about His creation, cares if we live or die, and can be completely trusted to keep His word.
      Everyone who has reached the age of reason has the right to decide for themselves, if and what they believe.
      To know with any certainty isn’t possible, for we have real limits as to how much we can delve out of our environment.
      Anyone claiming to “know” that there is or isn’t any God/gods thinks much more highly of their mental abilities than they ought to.
      One favorite argument against there being a God is if there is one, then why does He allow innocents to suffer…….my answer is that a real God wouldn’t have created a “video game” universe. He created a real universe, where all things and persons are subject to good and bad. I believe that is necessary for believers to become able to live with a being whom has created such a huge universe.

      • JosephDJ
        I commend you for your wisdom and powers of observation. Frankly, those who do not believe in a creator have far more faith than those of us who do. Life is irreducibly complex, with few simple explanations.

  • Just remember that at least 99% of people who get this virus get over it with no last effects, so the Governor is destroying the economy and sending us into a Greatest Depression for the 1%. This could be avoided with surgical quarantines of the sick and elderly while saving the economy and not going into a Medical Tyranny.

    • Can’t risk killing off elders at any cost. Pretty selfish thinking.

      • Death is a part of getting old, you don’t sacrifice your children’s future to save the 1%. I ‘ll gladly die for my children and grandchildren. Greater to sacrifice the one for the many than the many for the one. Talk about selfish. This Greatest Depression will destroy families and kill many times the few that will die from this Chinese Flu.

    • We don’t know who is a carrier. The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

    • How is it that your numbers aren’t supported by any objective evidence?

      A little snag like that tends to have an effect on your conclusions.

  • My apologies for using this thread for sort of an unrelated subject:
    “Naphtha is used to dilute heavy crude oil to reduce its viscosity and enable/facilitate transport; undiluted heavy crude cannot normally be transported by pipeline, and may also be difficult to pump onto oil tankers. Other common dilutants include natural-gas condensate, and light crude. However, naphtha is a particularly efficient dilutant and can be recycled from diluted heavy crude after transport and processing.[13][14][15] The importance of oil dilutants has increased as global production of lighter crude oils has fallen and shifted to exploitation of heavier reserves.”
    If the price of crude stays down, production costing more than revenue, for too long, the producers may resort to a shutdown. They can’t simply quit pumping crude through the pipeline, it would jell too hard to restart. They would have to dilute it heavily with lighter distillates and/or condensates so that a cold restart could be possible.
    If anyone knows any slope workers who are in a position to know, then ask them to blow the whistle so us Deplorables can have a heads up? At least give us enough warning so we can spend our last paychecks on air-fare to the S-49.

  • The only thing consistent with the “news” being blathered 24/7 is that nothing is consistent. One day a “miracle” cure (hydroxychloroquine, originally for malaria) is endorsed by every pair of talking lips on every media outlet. The next day, nothing about it. Vague statements about a herd of drugs and remedies that “might” help fight the demon, Wuhan virus, a few months down the road at the earliest. If anything at all, a few seconds about the new “miracle” drug. Dr.(?)Fauci, head of the CDC, touts imminent cures one day then wants to lock down the entire nation the next. Then the fatalities of the ‘virus’. Today, I see, the CDC and FDA have released new guidelines for classification of virus caused fatalities. As of the ‘release’, any fatality that “may” be caused or “related” to the virus, goes into the ‘virus caused’ column. No evidence or tests necessary. Just say “virus did it”. False statements and actions by numerous politicians that just happen to coincide with significant developments in the ongoing saga of Wuhan virus are not ‘just happening’. They seem to be coordinated between actual ‘events’ and wants and wishes of the democrat party and rest of the leftists. It’s like numerous ‘someone’s’ are perpetuating a pause in the American concentration on their actions, citizens being desperate for and searching for true info on the virus, thus diverting the bulk of their attention from that truth, putting the stealth attacks on America from within on the back burner. The ‘news’ seems to be constructed, not actual, in many instances, to remove attention from the real problems. The leftist agenda advances on all fronts. I believe the flood of disinformation will intensify. I was a believer at the start of this. I thought the attack on America was from a virus. Now, I’m not so sure.
    I don’t consider myself a “conspiracy” theorist. I do like to know and look for the truth.

    • The Media’s job is pump fear 24/7 so you will huddle in your rabbit hole shaking in fear while they implement a Medical Tyranny, destroy the economy, overthrow the Constitution install the Brave New World system.

      • OMG. Not another new world order freak. Give us a break.

      • The current government is pro Constitution. The media is anti. That should clear up your confusion.

        • greg.
          I’m not confused. I don’t believe I’m a freak. I’m interested in the truth, not hyperbole. If you have an issue with that, you’re the one with a problem, not me.

          • You seriously need some education on the 19 virus. The markets were at an all time high. We wouldn’t do anything like a conspiracy to mess that up. You write hyperbole as fact. I think you are a conspiracy theorists. There is no blue print for this. Just trying to keep panic at a minimum and buy time for the cure. Surely you get my drift. Sometime people can’t handle the truth. Snowflakes will melt. Stay calm and stay inside.

    • Instead of any massive conspiracy, it is more likely than not that most of our leaders are just plain stupid, too stupid to have a real clue.

  • Kids are dying too. Read the funnies. There isn’t much to save here govt speaking. Infrastructure is built on pick up sticks. Stay inside, away from your kids and grandkids and ride this storm. You’ll be ok.

  • Jesus wasn’t the creator. Remember on the cross, he asks the creator why he has forsaken him. Things happen in this world. Keep the faith.

    • “Jesus was the Creator. “Without Him was not anything made that was made”. (John 1:3)
      “Of the Father, Jesus said, “You have neither heard His voice at any time, or seen His shape.” ( John 5:37 )
      The New Testament speaks of the Father and the Son as having two separate consciousnesses and realms of jurisdiction.
      a. The Father reserves timing of end time events to Himself only, keeping the awareness from the angels and even His Son. (Matt. 24:36)
      b. The Son is assigned all judgment activities. The Father remains separate from the process. (John 5:22)” Golden Sheaves

      • Unfortunately, the Bible was written by men.The Commandments, on the other hand……….

        • Too bad the priests of the canon left out many other books and 20 or so commandments. Too controlling for the time. Editors at best.

        • If the Scriptures weren’t inspired by God, being written only by men, then it has no authority.
          So, by what source, other than yourself, have you used to formulate your set of beliefs?
          Also, by what rational do you separate the Commandments from the body of the text?
          It would be useful to know a little about your thinking process, so that readers would have some sort of bench-mark for evaluating your positions.

    • “…no man knows the Son, but the Father; neither knows any man the Father, except the Son, and he to whomsoever the Sun will reveal Him.” Mat 11:27
      This could explain why Satan may have thought to make war against the Son, because the Son had not revealed the Father to him. Satan may have thought that the Son was alone.
      “For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of Elohim. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North.” Isa 14:13
      I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high.” Isa 14:14
      While the place of this battle is described in human terms, the mount of the congregation may not be an actual mountain, but rather the focal point from which the power of Elohim appeared to emanate from. Perhaps Satan thought that this place was where the Son derived His power, and he sought to displace the Son, and gain His power source.

      • Satan was a fallen angel. Ever wonder why angels need wings? Divine entities can fly without wings. Just saying.

    • It is the Father whom draws souls to His Son. It is the Son whom said that of all the one’s whom the Father has given Him, none shall be lost except the son of perdition, that being Judas.
      It is evident that the Father hasn’t yet drawn you to the Son, because you cling to the monotheistic “one god”. It is written that if you do not have the Son, you do not have the Father.
      Among people, there are no “soul winners”. All any person can do is state what they believe, and why. Only the Father can actually persuade you that His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) created all that was created, and draw you to Him.
      Perhaps some believers will pray for you, and perhaps the Father will hear, and answer to your benefit.

      • I’m down with that. Jesus wasn’t even born yet when the creator did the big bang. I’m ok with divine intervention with Mother Mary. God works in mysterious ways for sure. There is one God with many names. One creator.

  • Here’s the thing, you can be a carrier for 3 weeks and show no signs of illness while you kill off potentially hundreds of people. A 14 day quarantine means you won’t die this go around but you are not immune. You can still get it and spread it. There isn’t a free pass unless you had it and survived.

  • So why has Anch not shut down liquor stores and pot shops?

  • Thank you Suzanne, for tolerating some religious distraction. It might be worth the effort for you to make a religious section, so we could be directed to it, and not annoy your readers whom are just after ordinary news.

    • Religious distraction is entirely ordinary news.

      What’s extraordinary is nobody seems to care that we have no testing going on.

      Seems a new kind of faith is growing up around a global pandemic, faith that whatever you choose to believe will carry the day and forget about science, just pick some fiction off the shelf in a comment post and go with it, even if you change your spots tomorrow. It’s astounding.

      • There definitely has to be some bench-mark standards agreed upon, and set, before we can rationally assess matters.

  • Live your lives in an honorable way. Be happy with what God has given you.

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