Zink says Omicron is here, time to use layered approach to avoid it


Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s chief medical officer, said the Omicron variant is in Alaska, and cases of Covid-19 are on the rise. According to the state variant dashboard, Delta variant remains the dominant strain in Alaska, although the data lags by several weeks.

For Jan. 5-6, 3,640 new cases of Covid were diagnosed in Alaska, there was one new death reported and 70 total hospitalizations.

“Thankfully, we do expect in general to see more mild disease with Omicron, both because of the nature of the virus as well as many Alaskans either being vaccinated or previously having had COVID,” she wrote on Twitter.

She said that hospital capacity remains stable and the state continues to work with hospitals through the surge. Depending on a person’s underlying condition, the new variant may be mild or serious, but with more vastly more cases come at least some increase in hospitalizations.

“Both testing and treatments options have become more limited through this surge and we continue to work with communities to improve access given limited supplies and increased demands. Layered prevention helps protect against severe disease, and if you are ill, talk to your provider about treatment options,” she wrote. She did not say what treatment options are effective or available, and she advised people to get up-to-date on their vaccinations to protect against serious disease.

One aspect of Omicron that is being discussed in research circles is that people with previous immunity from a Covid infection or from a vaccine appear more vulnerable to Omicron than to the Delta variant, which appears to be on the wane.

As for treatments, monoclonal antibodies are used in some of the major population centers in Alaska to treat those with the Delta variant. The antibodies act as substitute antibodies for people whose immune systems might not produce enough natural fighters. Some of the more known monoclonal antibody brands, however, are not as effective in reducing the impact of the Omicron variant.

Sotrovimab, administered as a single dose by IV infusion, is said to more successful in treating Omicron. It is administered as a single dose by IV infusion. “This treatment should be given within 10 days of symptom onset,” according to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services website. But it’s in short supply everywhere, including Alaska.

Paxlovid, the new Covid pill from Pfizer, is being distributed to the states by the federal government, but in extremely limited amounts. In December, Alaska was given just 120 doses of the 65,000 that were made available for shipment.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for Paxlovid (also called nirmatrelvir tablets and ritonavir tablets) for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Covid in adults and children 12 and older who are at high risk for progression to severe Covid-19.

“An initial 65,000 courses of Paxlovid will be made available for shipment to states and territories and will begin arriving at dispensing sites by the end of December,” the HHS website says

Other treatments for Omicron’s typically milder symptoms may be over-the-counter medications that many people take to reduce symptoms from cold or flu.

To check variant data for Alaska, check the Alaska Coronavirus Variants Dashboard at akvariants.github.io.


    • and she advised people to get up-to-date on their vaccinations to protect against serious disease.
      I’m not planning on doing this recommendation. The science that is coming in on this covid shot is showing that the cure is worse than the disease. It’s possible there could be a case for the covid shot, but for most and certainly the young its a very bad idea. How she can continue to support this covid shot without issuing caution is just a dereliction of duty in my opinion. Bob’s response is worthy!

      • Just like the 4th amendment, informed consent is gone.

        Besides, she’s on her way out the door anyhow…

          • Sorry Jeff, did you fail to comprehend what the post said? They literally claimed the “science science that is coming in on this covid shot is showing that the cure is worse than the disease.”

            Can you comprehend those words? So explain the science, and how more than 850,000 Americans are dead from the vaccine. Let’s see it.

          • You usually get your science from project veritas? How many lawsuits do they have going these days? Any reason to use them, rather than actual credible sources? No thanks. Find a credible source to present.

          • I believe the UK is beginning an investigation conducted by their military of media censoring, impacts on disease treatment, origins of disease development. Should be illuminating. Hope it has implications helpful to AK.

          • Aleutian, what is it exactly you think the ministry of defense would be investigating there? It appears they are assisting hospitals that are over run by COVID. Only on nutjob blogs is the concern with the media rather than the Omicron wave.

          • John,
            Don’t trust varitas sources?
            That is some investigative reporting and information we need.
            You could look at Dr. Malone and the thousands of doctors that have joined him in warning that the cure is in fact worse than the disease. 70% of covid deaths were avoidable or died with covid and not from.
            This is a good medication and Brandon won with the greatest vote of all time, are today’s operations.
            You better go to Lifesite News and check out possible ways of minagating the damaged done by your injection ?

    • Heretic and sinner, repent! Profess your blind devotion and compliance to St. Fauci-Mengele, or be burned at the stake by the Krazy Kovidian Kult!

      • We had a wonderful vet a few years back, she would often say, “let me check in with a colleague who specializes in this area and get back with you.” She even advised us against over vaccinating our sled dogs, cutting their vaccine regime back, allowing their immune system to naturally strengthen. The polar opposite of the Pfizer sponsored booster brigade MD’s & pediatricians.

        • Over vaccinating is something that can occur, but it’s unlikely your dogs were at risk unless you were getting them vaccinated more often than recommended.

          If you have a problem with pfizer, or MDs that politically you disagree with, that’s fine. But it’s not like you have any credibility to make the call. Your vet, as she would say, wouldn’t advise you on things she doesn;t know. Similarly, you shouldn’t either.

          • No downside to the boosters. Just upside. So far, a 4th booster is available to people with weakened immune systems that would benefit from a booster as we head into another COVID wave. The definition of insanity is attempting the same thing over and over while expecting different results. In the case of vaccines for COVID, they are shown to benefit the immune system, and each booster is shown to improve that. So not really the definition of insanity, unless you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Replying to John here. Sadly, your questions are circular and make no sense. The words I selected were the ones I meant to use. The important questions Americans may not speak due to censorship are being examined in other countries.

    • “Boosted to lessen the severity.” Do you actually believe that tripe? The best you can hope for from these vaccines is the fact that they don’t work at all.

      • Classic Mass Hysteria.
        The Sheeple lined up and did exactly what their overlords told them to do.
        Do you really trust the Feds, BigPharma, Mengele Fauci, the FDA, CDC, and SloJo Biden?
        The vaxxed will realize the error of their ways- but it will be too late.

        • Right On Brother, when they have to change the definition of what “Vaccine” means you’ve got to question this crap!

          • The definition of vaccine is still the same, regardless of debunked talking points. These vaccines meet the definition of a vaccine, pre and post covid-19.

      • Jack, do you honestly think you stumbled onto a massive global conspiracy by lazily watching youtube videos and reading nutjob blogs on the internet?

    • “You can get boosted to lessen the severity.”
      Prove it.
      Pretty much every piece of information I see does not support that statement in any way. Prove you will get a less severe reaction to a COVID infection.

      • I agree, CBM. There’s no way to prove that the “vaccine” lessons a person’s symptoms. I know many “unshot” people who had little or no symptoms who were surprised when they learned they had covid.

    • Which schedule? A boost every 6 months, 5 (UK) or 4 months (France)? Have one of the Chosen 150 order a pain pump and fill with “vaccine” as a constant infusion… then fully covered 24/7/365. This is a perfect time to try the very very safe regimen of IVM/HCQ/VitD/VitC/Zinc and see how it goes. Since the present treatment for active symptomatic Covid is short on supplies… why not? I thought the Science on masks was settle long ago?

  1. https://howbad.info/

    Did those that promoted this gene altering ‘vaccine’ to our fellow Alaskans honestly think adverse events could be forever hidden? She should be hiding in shame instead of publishing more garbage information filled with Pfizer promos and maybe think about lawyering up.

  2. Glenn Campbell sang, “I am a lineman for the county….”.
    Anne Zink sings, “I am a shill for Fauci….”.

    • It no doubt works, for parasites. Whether it works in treating covid or not remains to be seen but it does not appear to.

      • Uttar Pradesh, Japan, Czechia, and many other locations that have successfully used ivermectin against the Wuhan Virus would seem to refute your claim of its inefficacy here, Steve.

        • Brace yourself for a 10,000 word barrage of Cliff Clavin worthy NIH/NYT cut and pasted corporate propaganda. #cheers

        • Jeff,
          Any luck finding a study that isn’t fraudulent to support that? How many months has it been since I first asked if you could provide a study to support your belief? Anecdotal evidence is great, anecdotally I’ve heard of people taking ivermectin who died of covid…does that mean it doesn’t cure covid?

          • Steve, the proof of ivermectin’s early-treatment effectiveness against the Wuhan Virus is out there in abundance and very easily found, but one has to have an open and honest mind to accept it, to be able to think critically and independently, and to look past the vast propaganda and disinformation campaign waged against it by the powers that be.
            This explains why you refuse to acknowledge the evidence, and continue to disingenuously and dishonestly pretend that the evidence does not exist.
            PS: I am not your research assistant. Do your own damned research on the subject, if you honestly care to — it would be more than easy enough.

          • All this time and you still haven’t read a single study to support your beliefs. You really should try informing yourself sometime, there’s a whole world out there full of fascinating things.

          • All this time, Steve, and you still haven’t allowed yourself to look at the mountain of evidence that just happens to refute your rigidly-held faith and belief in the establishment narrative. How sad for you.

          • Jeff,
            As I’ve previously told you, I’ve reviewed a lot of studies and a lot of anecdotal evidence. The anecdotal evidence goes both ways and proves nothing. The studies that claim ivermectin work are at best inconclusive, there are a few completely fraudulent studies, most are questionable, and any of those that are even close to being actual studies have found that ivermectin doesn’t help, might hurt, or might have a small positive effect.
            So given that the preponderance of evidence suggests that ivermectin does not cure or help covid, which study or studies have led you to believe that it does work? Or are you simply basing your entire full faith in ivermectin on someone’s word? Do you believe that third world countries test, inspect, catalog, and report better than the USA? Do you really think third world conditions are so much superior to first world countries when it comes to medicine?

          • At the risk of intellectually soiling myself by deigning to respond to your spurious and invariably pro-establishment conformist tripe, I guess you believe that Japan and Czechia, among others, are “third world countries”. And even if they were, so what? The truth is the truth, and facts and facts, no matter where they originate. The fact that you try to thereby denigrate mountains of evidence with such a shallow and specious dismissal speaks volumes about your intellectual and moral integrity (i.e., the lack thereof).
            Steve, you do not need to look at ‘studies’ — you can just examine the statistical evidence from multiple programs that successfully treated TENS OF MILLIONS of individuals with ivermectin in various nations around the world to unequivocally conclude that that drug is very efficacious against the Wuhan Virus. But you steadfastly refuse to do that, and pretend that all that evidence does not exist. One could ask “why?”, but to me the answers to that question are very clear at this point.

      • Steve-O, Ivermectin we are told don’t work, but in Japan, India, Africa, and amongst friends and free thinkers here in the US it has proven damn effective.
        But then Pfizer holds no patent on it, so unlike their failed jab there isn’t $$$ in it for big Pharmaand their stockholder political allies. Keep sucking the poison and repeating the lies and believe the bovine excrement from Fauci and the mainline medical establishment. I mean their jab works so well, right? ?
        What could possibly go wrong?

  3. It is criminal for Dr. Z to ignore early treatment medication like HCQ and ivermectin. She is criminally negligent in her position and should be fired immediately and prosecuted. She is causing unnecessary deaths by censoring vital information.

    • Well said. This is a partisan who is purposely ignoring the data. She puts lives at risk every day she is in this position.

        • They just spew words and hope some stick. There’s no facts to back anything up mind you none at all. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the thinking of some of these people. Why are they so full of hate?

          • Why are you so full of denial and/or ignorance, Greg? Is it because you refuse to listen to or read anything other than the official establishment party line from the utterly corrupt and self-serving corporate media? Don’t you realize that almost everything being spewed by CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/FOX is half-truths, disinformation and lies? What is wrong with YOU, Greg?

          • Not so. The hate comes ftom the left. She’s a partisan, because she ignored the data on Ivermectin, natural immunity, and other pertinent facts that surround this disease, and it’s treatment and prevention, long after those facts were known, because that is what helps the left, Big Pharma (their masters) and the AMA (which is owned by big Pharma). For a myriad of reasons, this has become more about money and politics than anything, and telling people to give an experimental gene therapy to KIDS, who are at a much greater risk of cardiac issues from the gene therapy than they are from Covid, IS not just criminal, it’s borderline Evil. So is trying to shame your fellow citizens and encouraging the sort of hate that drives lockdowns and the division that has ensued the past two years due to an inability to let adults govern themselves. The hate comes ftom the pro lockdown, mask Nazis, who don’t mind seeing children and servicemen used as Guinea pigs if it makes them “feel” safer. It’s blind worship of the technocracy and craven cowardice and virtue signaling self righteousness that is the worst of what humans are capable of, and it’s been on display for the last 2 years. They read no data, they scrutinize no media, they ask no questions of the bureaucracy and it’s mouthpieces, or the corporate shills that own them, but make no mistake they are driven by hate and fear and history will bear out that they made this time in history catastrophically worse than it needed to be.

          • Lawrence, the partisans are the ones still pretending health officials during a pandemic should listen to internet squawkers with zero medical training. That includes you. she is a trained professional. You’re not. Give it up.

  4. You mean the COVID cold. or Covid Light 19…Layering will not protect you from this highly spreading short lived new named disease. It seems that if we named the cold from yesteryears we would have the same sort of reaction. Your choice to layer just like going out in the Cold. If it is -5 and I will be outside for a while I put a cold weather mask on of not my choice. Freedom is back in style and it begins with you are not the boss of me.

  5. Its just like the weather you can’t stop the climate from changing and you can’t stop a virus from spreading, you can only treat it. Half the hospitalized were in for something else and it is important to list the co-morbidities. It would be interesting to see how close Delta flu as far as infections and how close the common cold is to Omnicron. We never tested just treated these diseases in the past and deaths goes we need to list with and off and realize that we did all this for 70,000 deaths most of which were not treated only VAXED.. We need to change the focus to treatment and put the real rates into perspective as the FEAR is the new Climate Change for the Democrat party and we are not afraid of this disease it has been two years get rid of your silly mandates and requirements and watch the rates drop and go away as a seasonal disease. We know what works and what does not. So stop politicising this and watch and treat disease as we did before 2019.

    • Well said. Covid fear-porn has approx 1/4 totally hypnotized by this psyop. And another 1/4 just going along for the ride and not paying any attention.

      Q: What do you get when you combine politics and medicine?

      A: Politics

    • Oh Alaska legislators already oassed the FEMA Green Spaces law layer. They forget to mention it. It is draconiam and furtive. Ask them about this enactment. They are not innocents.

  6. Paxlovid, the Pfizer experimental drug , 120 doses of 65000 sent to Alaska. Who determines what person is given one of the 120 doses? The US paid $5.29 Billion to Pfizer for this experimental drug. However, it is free–no cost to US people. Compared to Ivermectin (which is banned for Physicians to order) at 56 cents a pill , Paxlovid is $630 a treatment. Thank goodness people in the south can sometimes have Ivermectin ordered by their Dr. My granddaughter (not vaccinated)was diagnosed with covid. She took Ivermectin as prescribed by her physician . Her temperature of 102 broke in 4 hours and her symptoms the next day were minimal. Thank you Dr. Zink for letting me know that although I am vaccinated or have natural immunity that I am more susceptible to the omicron virus.

      • Why not Jeff, I believe every word that I write. I find it hard to believe that you actually believe some of the stuff that you write down but you’re entitled to it be at fact or fiction.

        • Why not, Greg? Because Dr. Zink, just like Dr. Fauci-Mengele, is hopelessly compromised by politics and regulatory capture by the giant pharmaceutical corporations. She has been propagating the many lies surrounding the Wuhan Virus and the (non-)vaccines, just as every other establishment-beholden doctors and bureaucrats.

          • GF, it is no use. Against stupidity we have no defense. Neither protests nor force can touch it. Reasoning is of no use. Facts that contradict personal prejudices can simply be disbelieved — indeed, the fool can counter by criticizing them, and if they are undeniable, they can just be pushed aside as trivial exceptions. So the fool, as distinct from the scoundrel, is completely self-satisfied. In fact, they can easily become dangerous, as it does not take much to make them aggressive. For that reason, greater caution is called for than with a malicious one. Never should one try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.

  7. Margaret, Ivermectin can be ordered through Mexican Pharmacy outlets. Lately though it seems that pressure has been applied by your Government to stop the importation of Ivermectin. Funny that. Chi-Com Fentanyl seems to make its way across the Southern border, but not life saving drugs. ?
    Welcome to the Biden Regime.

    • Not anymore. The US postal service is searching for and pulling parcels that contain invermectin.

      It’s sad when your own government wants you dead.

      • Order it from India, they are sensitive and send you parcels of garments. Even if you order(ed) it from Mexico, some of them still ship from India.

      • Don’t let that deter you. I got mine through the USPS from India. It was clearly packaged to say it contained medicine and Customs didn’t open or seize it.

      • Total fiction. The post office is it doing that. I’m not sure why they’d want you dead either you can’t pay taxes if you’re dead. Just more fantasy Make-Believe blow hard spouting. It’s becoming laughable on here.

  8. This site continues to be the perfect balance to r/anchorage on Reddit. My two cents about this report is no one can get it right 100% of the time when it’s a moving target. Dr Zink is doing pretty good though. She correctly hesitates on saying how much of the current wave is Omicron because the confirmation of test results is a couple weeks away but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… I myself am a little disappointed by the jump in hospitalizations and expect that number to reach three digits by the next report on Monday. That’s not so good but I’m an optimist and see national data indicating big cities may have peaked and Anchorage will follow the patterns peaking before the end of the month.

    • She never gets it right, shes a shill for Franken-Fauci. If she says it, i do not believe it.
      She counts people getting tested, many of these are mandatory by employers or for travel.
      Reality check, demoncrats are all in supporting Phizer and their recommendationsz and are not interested in actual science. Withholding actual medicine that works…
      Get real, you have fallen for the fake franken fauci story.

    • Wow did I call it wrong. The numbers came out and hospitalizations are only at 80 and the numbers dropped lower each of the four days. Fingers crossed this is a trend.

  9. ‘https://dhss.alaska.gov/dph/epi/id/pages/covid-19/outpatienttreatment.aspx?fbclid=IwAR21WLxeNwP1pLG0RElReAugL8XEqJVkJolpd75nGYrvepNZbktK4YMOF3A’
    Dr Zink put this up in FB yesterday, well into posts, not as part of the initial.
    This is the first reasonably comprehensive document that has come out of her office as to treatment, therapeutics, etc. since the start.
    I question a lot of this document from what is stated i.e. continued attack on HCQ and Ivermectin, nothing about Regeneron but the other that has a history of not working in the hospital setting and has history of serious side effects, i.e. kidney shutdown!
    Yet this is better than the binary approach of vaccine and masks!

  10. Zink states., “Thankfully, we do expect in general to see more mild disease with Omicron, both because of the nature of the virus as well as many Alaskans either being vaccinated or previously having had COVID,”
    It sounds like she is admitting natural immunity is effective. Unlike so many of her peers who do all they can to ignore that fact.

    She goes on “….. Layered prevention helps protect against severe disease, and if you are ill, talk to your provider about treatment options,”.

    Given Biden and his puppeteers have eliminated all effective treatment options from accessibility this is simply lip service as we no longer have viable treatment options. Treatment options that also were effective for the myriads of vaccinated that are still getting Covid.

    The despotic Biden administration have now taken control of the monoclonal antibody treatment supply and are restricting to point it is not available despite its huge effectiveness. Many of our family members and friends have been successfully treated – some of them vaccinated and some not. Worked for all. The Biden administration are criminals of the worst order.

  11. The absolute LAST thing anyone should do is take advice from Alaska Health or that Zink person. If they tell you to do something, if you’re wise you will do exactly NOT that. I’d go so far as to say to do the opposite!

        • Then stop running around like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling. Stop being manipulated by the fools on here. Do yourself a favor and do your own research and come up with your own educated decision. But by all means, when the building you’re in is on fire, run out of it.

          • Greg, the only people running around like Chicken Little, propagating and simultaneously falling victim propaganda that fuels rampant hysteria and irrational hysteria, are all the Krazy Kovidian Kultists like you. They are also the same people, and the only people, demanding that EVERYONE conform to their hysterical attitudes and actions.

          • And there YOU go again, Greg, in your Covidian hysteria and paranoid germaphobia.
            In case you hadn’t noticed, NOBODY anywhere in the world is enforcing, or even suggesting, mandates to keep people FROM getting the clot shots. NOBODY is enforcing, or even suggesting, mandates to force people NOT to wear a mask. NOBODY, anywhere, is enforcing, or even suggesting, mandates to BLOCK the (so-called) vaccinated (sic) from places of business or public venues.
            ALL of the coercion, and there is a host of it, is coming from those who believe as you do, Greg. But your hypocrisy is breathtaking nonetheless.

    • Jean, thank Yahweh you still have the right to utter a comment like yours above. There are many traitors who want to punish us for speaking that way. Let’s thank Suzanne Downing for her courage in these dark times.

  12. Do not for a minute people forget that this menace of a nurse has been put on the platform to repeatedly lie to us by our governor. The one and only spineless tall guy, Mike Dunleavy!!!
    They are committing crimes against humanity!!
    They are the disease to be feared!!
    Print the truth Susanne!!!!

  13. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor and patent holder on the technology that the Covid mRNA vaccine is based on, was recently censored on Twitter & YouTube for stating that the medical community’s refusal to administer hydroxichloriquine & Ivermectin as early treatments for Covid resulted in up to 500,000 unneccesary deaths! He also opined that the universal use of the Covid vaccines was the wrong response to the pandemic. Dr Zink needs to be removed from State employment.

  14. How do we know which strain of COVID we have? When we are tested all you receive is a “positive” or “negative” result. How can all testing sites “learn” the new variants so quickly when this strain was just found weeks ago? I smell fish….

    • Covid is the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, there is only one strain of SARS-CoV-2 but there are many variants. Delta was a named variant, so was Mu, and now Omicron. Most variants aren’t named. All of the variants can be found here ‘https://cov-lineages.org/lineage_list.html’

    • Sit on a bridge, count how many red, green or blue pickup trucks you see in three minutes then take that number and make a statistical guess as to what the most popular current pick-up color is today.
      That’s how Illogically they figure out the dominant Covid strain.

  15. Why get a booster for a virus which has a high infection rate among the vaccinated?
    Especially since therapeutics are getting to be common and effective.
    Covidians gotta hold on however they can.

      • No, Greg, it is you Krazy Kovidian Kultists, with your irrational and authoritarian mandates and coercion, and demands that EVERYONE conform exactly to believe as you do, to act as you would, and to live as you would, who are the ones “stirring the pot”.
        You and all you Krazy Kovidian Kultists have no idea, utterly NO idea, just how much resentment, and anger, and fury, is building up against you, and against your self-righteous, blind and ignorant authoritarian mandates, and against your hysteria and irrationality that has been destroying our economy and our social fabric. If this insanity goes on for much longer, it IS going to come to widespread violence, and you and your Kovidians will deserve every bit of it that comes your way.

        • Is that all you got Jeff? Someone makes a valid statement and all you do is turn it around ropa dope style and say no it’s you not me like you’re some kind of a little damn kindergartener or something. Why don’t you come up with something new to say? Let’s talk about why you think people that got shots are stupid. Let’s address why you think Suzanne the editor of this blog is in that group? Every time I bring that up you always sidestep it or just ignore it.

          • Greg, by trying to drag Suzanne into this discussion regarding the stupidity of having subjected oneself to experimental, unproven and dangerous so-called “vaccines” (sic), you are merely attempting to use the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority” to bolster your weak case. That is not going to work with me.
            And yes, I will state that I believe that everyone, EVERYONE who willingly acted as guinea pigs for a sociopathic power elite acted in very poor judgement, at best, and most acted out of simple blind conformity and propaganda-induced fear and hysteria. That includes you quite obviously.

  16. Two years into this, and all our State sponsored spokesperson can do is allude to treatments, talk about how the sky is falling, and insist on taking a clearly failed ‘vaccine’, that is unapproved and under an EUA. No information on the constituent ingredients, potential hazards of getting jabbed, or on when the ‘approved vaccine’ will become available, just an admonishment from “someone in the know” that your best bet is to run out and get it, AND assume ALL of the liability for having taken it.

    Sounds like a square deal…

      • It’s doing less. Which is characteristic of meds once in the public. What is not being equally reported are the major complications particularly in age populations that have better outcomes in general. Jabbing kids is beyond reasonable.

      • Completely agree Greg, the rational question is, what was it *actually* intended to do– it obviously (given the observed science) wasn’t designed to inoculate us against COVID as a properly designed vaccine would.

      • The ‘vaccine’ does indeed appear to be doing what the ‘vaccine’ makers and their sponsors intended for it to do. Unfortunately that is the case. It is a failure, particularly when considering what vaccines were defined to do, and seemingly were able to accomplish, up until this point in time, where the actual definition HAD to be changed in order to accommodate the ‘vaccine’.

        Have you ever gone and got tested to check to see if you caught polio? How about the measles? Diptheria?

        In truth, what I hoped, is that it would go away before it was ever granted an EUA.

      • Greg
        We were told it was a vaccine, when it didn’t work the definition of a vaccine was changed.
        It’s not about health!
        It’s all scripted from several years back. FEAR… SHOTS…. PASSPORTS
        Great reset, depopulation is acceptable.

        • Jeff,
          Very well said. The gullible and weak minded who have fallen for the political nonsense that the vaccines are bad, and the (non)vaccinated are dying at a much higher rate than those who are vaccinated. I’m glad to hear you are finally getting it.

          • Steve, its to early to claim victory. You now have this for as long as you survive it. The consequences are only now being documented
            You really might consider the GOLDEN CURE!

          • No, it just offends and outrages me, Greg, for an experimental and now-proven highly dangerous treatment, that neither stops the contraction nor transmission of the virus, to be incorrectly and disingenuously called a “vaccine”. It is simply more disinformation and propaganda from the sociopathic and self-serving power structure that you implicitly truth and serve.

  17. The real tragedy of Covid is the politicalization of health care. Providers already tend to think themselves above the average person. Now they have leverage to force it.

  18. 4,000 cases in 2 days. Wow, at that rate within 150 days the entire state will have it. Or not. Did they really have Covid, or did they just experience one of the following symptoms: two eyes, two ears and walk upright? And isn’t it odd how all the vax’ed people are getting it?

  19. Meanwhile, a study from the WHO states:
    “The result of this study taken together demonstrates a product that directly causes more COVID-19 associated cases and deaths than otherwise would have existed with zero vaccines.”
    In other words, vaccinations are causing the disease to spread faster and kill more people.
    Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries.
    But… hey. Why pay attention to the WHO now. They were the experts in 2020, but no longer. Well, ever since they started saying the disease is not as bad as the politicians want it to be.

  20. The US Constitution applies. An analysis will show “agencies” are excercizing authority not expressly delegated to them by the US Constitution. When agencies do this they are getting into illegal group behavior. A person must have personal jurisdiction and subject matter athority to delegate it to someone else. Mere disinterest in the US Constitution rigghts does not make them go away. These rights are unalienable. Looking forward to the day when government overreach is recognized and government is MUCH smaller.

  21. Some non-vaxers say, those who took the so-called vaccines will “get what they deserve” if they die of blood clots, etc. Interestingly, the vaxed say the same about non-vaxers (like me)…. they don’t wish me ill…. but, if I die of Covid, I’ll get what I deserve. However, the proliferation of contradictions from credible sources on both sides makes all information questionable. How is a reasonably skeptical person supposed to negotiate this landscape of contradictions? I believe each of us must first answer for ourselves the two most fundamental questions related to this matter: do I trust my government?…. and do I trust the media? My answer: no and no.

    • Wayne Coogan, I would submit that your Government has been become a marketing and delivery division for Pfizer and other Big Corporations. Additionally one must ask the question, who owns the controlling interests of the major media ?
      Trust is built through transparency, not contradictions and obfuscation.

    • I personally haven’t run into any “non-vaxers” saying that those that got vaxxed will “get what they deserve”. I’m sure those uvaxxed people exist, but it’s rare. That attitude is overwhelmingly coming from the other side and not just as opinion, but with heavy handed mandates, shaming, and fear mongering and it has been that way since the birth of this crazy fiasco. The fear mongers aren’t blaming the virus for anything. They spend all of their efforts in blaming other human beings.

      But I share your sentiment. It has been 100 years since the Spanish Flu and after all of that time, epidemiology never could figure out whether mask mandates did anything good or not. That’s why Fauci and Zink easily dismissed that masks would help at the beginning. Now egos, narcissism, politics, and just the overwhelming need for human beings to be stubborn and right have made objectivity pretty much impossible. The medical establishment and media have sent everything so far off the rails that it will be impossible to sift through any of the data and expect two people with different philosophies to come to the same scientific conclusions.

      The two lessons that I hope we definitively learn from all of this is that pharmaceutical advertising and funding needs to be forbidden in many areas. For example, I see no reason why pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to finance medical education, media companies that provide news, and THE FLIPPIN FDA! The other lesson is that the employees of government agencies responsible for policing drug companies and for giving public health recommendations should have something similar to “non compete clauses” that prevent them from being hired by the companies they are supposed to be policing and from profiting off of recommendations they make in any shape or form except in a salary from Uncle Sam. There are many lessons that I hope we learn, but I think that is a good start and hopefully that will lead us to other good ideas, like putting some skin in the game again for vaccine manufacturers so they try harder to not harm people and so they don’t try to sweep real human tragedies under the rug, like Maddie de Garay.

    • Wayne, If you’re trying to negotiate with the landscape rather than navigate through it, it really doesn’t matter what your position is. But kidding aside, do look at the number of professionals who are vaccinated versus everyone else. 99% of doctors are vaccinated. If you were a betting man, would you invest in a company where 99% of insiders were fully invested? If you have nothing else to go on, that alone tells you that people in the know are behind the company and expecting future results.

      • More than 99% of all Germans did not oppose the rise of the Nazis. Undoubtedly more than 99% of all Russians did not oppose the rise of Communism. 99% of all so-called “journalists” in the corporate media supported the unjustified invasion of Iraq in 2003. What’s your point, other than that ANY group of individuals, even (and I would say especially) those in the credentialed elite, can fall prey to groupthink and mass psychosis?

  22. At what point are people listening to Dr. Zink and saying: “Wait a minute….”? We have vaxed, masked, locked-down, distanced, taught kids at home, closed businesses, fired employees, all with the implied promise, that the virus will be curtailed and go away. But after hoops and hoops and more hoops jumping, cases surge again and she gives the same-o, same-o response.
    It should be clear to everyone that these measures have questionable efficacy at best and a clearly established destructive impact on our communities. It is time to demand better factual numbers, and actual treatment plans from Dr. Zink. Case counts are only used to scare people, but actual hospitalization “from Covid” instead of “with Covid” would give all a much better way to judge actual risk.

    • I’m guessing the reason they’re not doing that is that the risk is pretty much nonexistent. Might be a small ordinary risk to the people that ordinary flu is also a risk. Two thirds (rough estimate) of the country never masked, never distanced and never got sick.

    • I took a big risk reading this article and some of the replies. Just as much of a risk as catching a cold. I have not stayed in one day during this entire Pandemic. I ran for office and walked door to door during the height of the pandemic. I have been in large crowds, traveled on vacation out of state a couple of times. I have not been sick once. So the risk of COVID is low as far as I am concerned.

    • If you want to see the canary in the coal mine, watch for news coming from Life Insurance (not Health Insurance) companies in the near future. For companies that invest in you living a long life, watch what they start doing. If there is something you are doing (or did) that shortens your life and makes you die, guess who’s not going to be getting inexpensive (or any) policies. You may find that voluntarily taking an experimental treatment that happens to kill you may relive them of paying a beneficiary; or issuing you a policy at all.

      • Wow. You come up with that on your own? Life insurance has always been a risk assessment algorithm. If you smoke or have high blood pressure, you pay a higher premium. More than likely you get a discount for being proactive and doing things that lengthen your life like vaccinate.

        • Alaska is a small, somewhat friendly state. There are still, miraculously, men and women of good will.

  23. So, another bleating covidiot official. “Clot-shots, get yer clot-shot right here!” You betcha’.

    • Do you include yourself in that assessment?
      Or is this just an easy way for your ignorance to re-affirm that your imagined cognitive abilities are better than other commentators, not realizing you lack critical thinking skills to assess validity or participate in a factual discussion? Asking for a friend….

  24. So, Dr. Zink, is the state of Alaska keeping track of how many people are in hospital because of covid vs in hospital with covid? How about how many that are in the hospital with no comorbidities? What are the latest stats on vaccinated vs unvaccinated getting omicron? One of the three usual target genes—the S gene—does not show up when dealing with the Omicron variant, so it should be easy to get this information quickly. Finding out quickly is worth the effort since omicron is less severe and less alarming. If unvaccinated are getting it more often, will you let us know? If the vaccinated are getting it more often, will you let us know? For me, it is obvious that Anchorage has the omicron variant as cases are skyrocketing.

  25. Right On Brother, when they have to change the definition of what “Vaccine” means you’ve got to question their motives. I just can’t believe how gullible people are!

    • It really is amazing how many gullible people fell for the line that the definition of vaccine was changed!

      • The CDC disagrees with you, Steve.
        But I see you are still desperately trying to deny reality, and uphold the establishment narrative at all costs.
        Honestly, I would like to know: what does it feel like, being such a subservient and servile conformist and establishment lackey? Does it give you a sense of (self-)righteousness, or does it merely alleviate the all-consuming existential angst that those without any fundamental meaning in life must feel?

        • Jeff,
          Wait, if the CDC and I disagree and since you are the one pushing the CDC narrative then wouldn’t that make you the subservient and servile conformist and establishment lackey?
          The CDC doesn’t write the legal, medical, or common use definition of words and they didn’t write the one for what a vaccine is.

      • I love how easily Jefferson (see below) can be triggered. I hope he is the extremyist of far right extremists.

  26. I personally know of 3 people currently hospitalized and ALL 3 of them were fully vaccinated with their boosters. I also know of several unvaccinated people who had the virus and they NEVER required hospitalization. The Covid scare tactics continue to villify the unvaccinated yet it appears the vaccinated are the ones spreading it and being hospitalized.

    • Good for your anecdotal evidence. It does not stand up to statistics showing those who are vaccinated, despite being on average older and having weaker immune systems, are being hospitalized at a rate of about 10% compared to healthy, young people who remain unvaccinated.

      • John, you are once again repeating outrageous lies here.
        Your so-called “statistics” are so far from reality that it surprises me that even somebody as profoundly dishonest and ignorant would try to repeat them.

  27. Unvaccinated aren’t getting omicron anymore often than the vaccinated. Where did you come up with that nonsense? The unvaccinated are getting more symptoms, some of them severe. Omicron is Nationwide including in Alaska. Hopefully everybody up there has got their shots in our boosted and this thing will burn itself out as quickly as it arrived.

    • There’s an issue, the current gen.1 COVID shot is not seeing Omicron, and for reasons unknown Pfizer aren’t willing to release the second generation shot yet. Rand Paul talked to this in congress, his concerns fell upon deaf ears. In simple terms, it’s like taking penicillin over and over in an effort to treat a penicillin resistant bug– an exercise in futility. I’d recheck your numbers, of course if you go the statistical analysis route, you can no doubt prove your point.

      • “of course if you go the statistical analysis route, you can no doubt prove your point.” I just spit my coffee out! If you use facts, reason, and logic, yeah you’re no doubt right…hahaha!

          • Pfizer CEO admitted just the other day two Pfizer shots are INEFFECTIVE against Omicron, and we also have W.H.O. just this morning saying enough with the first generation boosters, they aren’t working on variants.
            But you “statisticians” should just keep re-analyzing your outdated faulty data, and keep on re-jabbing yourselves if it makes y’all happy. #takethebluepill

    • Greg, I had to laugh. You always urge all to get the vaccine, yet you just admitted that getting Omicron has nothing to do with your vaccination status. Can you back up your assertion that the un-jabbed are getting more symptoms? I wonder….
      You know Greg, Anne is relating her personal observations. They are neither right nor wrong, they simply are what she observed. Her conclusion is logical as related to her experience. ALL regardless of status are getting this thing and the vaccines are clearly not even slowing it down. It is also becoming increasingly clear that all that mandatory testing accomplishes nothing but raise the numbers and keep the anxiety meter high. I bet if testing were only done on individuals with actual symptoms, we would see a much lower count and more sane reporting. On a personal note, it is really none of your business, if we up here have our boosted shots or not.

        • Oh funny again!
          And I quote:” Hopefully everybody up there has got their shots in our boosted and this thing will burn itself out as quickly as it arrived.”
          There is YOUR proverbial finger wagging and you are projecting. Glad you got your shots and the umpteenth booster.

  28. Dr. Zink is just pushing Big Pharma’s money making machine. The new COVID pill is no better than the vaccine as it is causing terrible side effects, especially when used with other drugs. Notice how Zink avoids Ivermectin and HCQ, which are the most effective thing you can do along with Vitamin D, C, and Zinc to fight off the virus.

    Have you heard about the new China Virus that China is trying to suppress in the news? It makes COVID seem harmless by comparison. Dr. Robert Malone and other virologists are trying to warn the world to shutdown all travel from China as it has hit their 2nd largest city. This virus has only a 50% survival rate, link below. Funny how bumbling Biden hasn’t done anything about it and the Olympics are coming up. How stupid is that?


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