Yellowknife, N.T. under mandatory evacuation orders as fire closes in


Thousands of residents are fleeing the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Yellowknife, along with several other communities, is under siege as over 200 wildfires continue to engulf the region, creating hazardous conditions.

The fires are part of a widespread failure of the government to control any of the more than 1,000 fires blazing across Canada this summer, which is the worst fire season on record. Smoke has drifted into the United States at times, creating health conditions, particularly along the Eastern Seaboard earlier this summer.

Evacuation orders were made for Yellowknife, which is home to about 20,000. The advancing flames also threaten a major highway out of the city. Emergency flights are being organized to airlift those stranded by the fires.

All residents, including the families of essential workers, are required to evacuate by today, Aug. 18. The city closed its vacant multiplex as an evacuation center.

“Residents are either sheltering in place in homes, or they have been evacuated,” the territorial government stated. “If your sheltering situation changes, please go to Sir John School to register for an evacuation flight.”

The fires have reached the province of British Columbia, where West Kelowna has seen several homes lost. At 1 a.m. Friday, a state of emergency was declared in the City of Kelowna and residents in the surrounding areas were ordered to evacuate their homes as spot fires flared in the city, which is east of Vancouver, B.C.


  1. That was an interesting comment about Yellowknife. This is from Wikipedia, “Yellowknife is the capital of and largest city in the Northwest Territories and the second largest in Northern Canada.” The blurb goes on to mention that in a province the size of India, its skyline with nine skyscrapers greater than 98 feet tall is rather disproportionate to the fact that there’s only 20,000 people in it, but that it’s the site of headquarters in the iron-, and diamond-mining in northern Canada.

    • ???
      NT = 519,700 sq. mi
      India = 1,269,219 sq. mi
      No where on either the Yellowknife nor the Northwest Territories wikipedia pages does it say that the NT is the size of India.
      You just love lying about literally anything, don’t you?

      • Wikipedia is notorious for what information does and doesn’t get updated, sometimes for many years, and the lengths they’ll go to obstruct improvements. They list NWT at 519,734 square miles. If you add to that Nunavut, formerly part of NWT, you have another 771,403 square miles. That’s close enough to the figure given above for India.

        • Nunavut separated from NT in 1999 and both have their own governments. I’m fairly certain Mrs. N and I were reading the wiki pages on Yellowknife and NT on the same day.
          My point being when you continually allow NWO misanthropes to obfuscate small facts as something unimportant you eventually end up with Nazi eugenics in the past and presently with children funneled into a government sponsored medical cult of abuse and mutilation.

  2. Alternate headline: “The Radical pro-Globalist, Castro, er, Trudeau-led Government of Canada, Under Orders From Klaus Schwab, Davos And The UN, Makes Decision To Sacrifice Yellowknife In Its Quest To Further Climate Alarmism And Hysteria.”

  3. I remember as a kid vacationing in BC around the Kelowna area in the 1970’s. There were always forest fires, evacuations, and fire fighting efforts. The only difference is that now we have a mainstream media presenting it as historical, even though the proliferation of vacation homes continues to grow.

  4. Northwest Territories is the size of Peru with a population of only 45,000 people with most of that population living around Yellowknife.
    So, Canada and NT really only had to concentrate on the one small populous area to keep from burning but as usual that was just way too hard for theem.
    And really that many skyscrapers for 45,000 people total? Or is Trudeau letting his Chicom friends build themselves New Beijing in the NT?

  5. I heard that they have charged 3 or 4 people for arson in the Yellowknife area. Pretty much most all the fires in Canada have been set by arsonists.

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