Women’s Republican booth at fair vandalized


Sometime overnight between Wednesday and Thursday, the Mat-Su Republican Women’s booth at the Alaska State Fair was vandalized. Someone destroyed one of the running lights on the trailer and put several random dents and large scratches down one side. The vandal also tore down the board that had names of veterans and ribbons on it and left it face down on the ground.

The booth is one of the many that are at the fair every year, and the women and men who volunteer at the booth hold an annual gun raffle as part of the festivities. Volunteers said it appeared someone took the sign for the gun raffle, which was attached to a concrete block, and used it as a battering device. Other than the broken running light, the rest of the damage was mainly cosmetic.

Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club was established in 1947, when the Territory of Alaska was still largely run by Democrats.


  1. Oops!
    My BAD!!
    It say ” Take a walk, Walker ”
    I am grooving with that.
    The only reason Walker stands a chance is ” Rank Voting “

  2. The ever tolerant left.
    Voter turn out matters people. Do you want Anchorage livable and prosperous?
    We are going into a very dark place as a city, along with the country.

  3. I’m willing to bet the perpetrators were females themselves, under 30, attend or attended college, have hair a color not found in nature, and wear glasses.

  4. BLM, Antifa, Pro Abortion advocates, and democrats in general have been responsible for billions of dollars in damages to public and private properties in the last couple of years, yet Brandon and the FBI consider conservatives the dangerous group…….

  5. It’s a shame the Bible never gets picked up, yet the television says republicans suck, and watch the evil one’s get up off the couch to destroy. Republicans of oath integrity is all this country has. The coward way is easy, to love and understand is in the Bible. Team spirit republicans they trampled Jesus also.

    • Oath: the Bible DOES get picked up once in awhile and used as a deceitful prop (held upside down). That time in Lafayette Park by the small handed weak coward and non Christian Trump.

      • ‘https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-hold-bible-upside-down/

        Even far leftist anti President Trump Snopes disagrees with you…..

        photographs from Getty Images and The Associated Press show that Trump was holding this Bible the right way up when he was photographed.

  6. Ring stick up cam in an inconspicuous place? Cheap and effective. I have four around my home and move them around.

    • Use your own WiFi and access the cam from anywhere. The batteries last 2 – 3 months before recharging and are good down to 35 degrees last I checked. A person with an IPhone can monitor the cam and it alerts activity and presents clear videos when an event occurs. In winter I mount them in windows and use the “inside” setting. Clear as a bell. Just a suggestion. Check out the Ring cams on Amazon. I have been using mine for over a year and have had great results, summer and winter. I love the moose videos from these cams!

  7. Word on the street is the vandalism was done by Youth Republicans as a false flag smear to discredit progressives.

  8. Leftists’ feelings prevent them from thinking and acting rationally. They know in their hearts their ideology does not conform to reality. They cannot understand why so they grow frustrated. Sometimes they act out violently. We must pray for them.

  9. “Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club was established in 1947, when the Territory of Alaska was still largely run by Democrats.”

    Alaska is still run by Democrats…………they just change their party association to get elected.

  10. The way the 60’s is memorialized by the left in music, entertainment, and universities has made these acts seem righteous and virtuous, and most importantly “cool”, but in truth it is shallow impulsive bigotry and blind hate.

  11. Sometime on January 6, the US Capitol in Washington DC was vandalized. Someone destroyed parts of the structure and put several random dents and large scratches on the building. The vandals also injured members of the Capitol Police and left them face down on the ground.

    Just sayin’.

    What goes around comes around.

    • Funny. Besides your talking point about attacks on capital police being widely disputed, the premise of your point seems to be

      “a bad thing happened, so the response is to do another bad thing”

      The only person actually killed was Ashli Babbit, shot in the neck with little/no warning by Capital Police.

      I thought your side was supposed to be tolerant, inclusive, and forgiving. Right up until you decide to be violent. THEN violence is just fine. Justified, even.

      You go, girl.

      • I detest any kind of violence, but there are a lot of MAGA folks out there who are just hankering for a fight. And that includes Civil War.

        • The Dog, Let’s thank our Lord that true patriots were “hankering for a fight,” and actually followed through with it, so you and I now have the 1st Amendment protecting our right to say what we want about it on this public discussion board.

          • Well, sir, if you think that a Civil War will improve your life in any way, I’d say you’d better reconsider…

  12. The actions of toddlers. It is no different than a five year old putting their hands over their ears and yelling LALALALALALA at a painful volume.
    If they do not like what you have to say, they will do everything they can to stop you from saying it, AND, stop others from hearing it.
    Yet, it is the intolerant, violent right wing extremists that are the real threat to America. Right. Evidence proves otherwise.

  13. I don’t care left or right.
    Disrespecting the Veterans that fought and DIED for our freedom should be punishable by a mandatory draft. 😡🤬😡

    • It does matter. If this was done by republicans it’s important for us to figure out who and why and what they have to say in their defense. If this was done by godless democrats then they need to be put in jail for the rest of their lives pronto! No excuses!

  14. With the parking , admission, and high rent paid by vendors, you would have thought the fair would have a security, patrol system in place to protect all vendors. Very sad what Alaska has become.

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