With 57 percent now fully vaccinated, Alaska’s Covid vaccine breakthroughs exceeded 52 percent in January


In 2021, Covid vaccinations were all the rage across the country. That year, Alaskans were hounded to get fully vaccinated, yet the number of vaccine breakthrough cases kept rising. In fact, the higher the rate of vaccinations, the higher the rate of the Covid virus finding a way around the vaccine to infect people.

According to the latest report from the Department of Health and Social Services, 58,531 Covid-19 cases were documented among Alaska residents in January, 2022. That was the highest rate of infection yet in the state, since the virus arrived in March of 2020, and the Omicron variant was to blame.

Of those, 30,668 were among vaccinated individuals. An additional 7,234 cases occurred among Alaska residents who were considered partially vaccinated.

In January, more than 57 percent of Alaskans were vaccinated for Covid, and more than 52 percent of breakthrough cases were among the vaccinated. The reports by the DHSS are released monthly, but typically lag by three months.

Covid-19 vaccines were administered on a very limited basis in Alaska in mid-December of 2020. Mostly health care workers and first responders were allowed to receive the vaccine. Next came the elderly and medically fragile. By March 2021, all persons who lived or worked in Alaska over the age of 16 became eligible for vaccination, and it was widely available. After the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was authorized for youth over age 12, eligibility expanded in May of 2021. In November of 2021, the vaccination was authorized for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Also in 2021, booster shots were recommended and available by September for those who had previously been considered fully vaccinated.

The department says prior infection provides some protection for about six months.

“While reinfections with SARS-CoV-2 are known to occur, they can be difficult to diagnose due to a lack of a widely accepted definition. Observational studies have found that prior infection with SARS-CoV-2 confers substantial partial protection against reinfection with Delta and prior circulating variants for at least 6 months.  The extent to which prior infection confers protection against infection with the Omicron variant is still being investigated. There is evidence that even in persons with a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection, vaccination provides an added layer of protection,” the state Department of Health and Social Services noted in its report.

In most cases, people who had breakthrough cases either didn’t have symptoms or had mild symptoms like sniffles and sore throats, and their sickness was of a shorter duration. The vaccination, while not providing complete protection against the virus, may have reduced the severity for those who were exposed.

For comparison, in Oregon during the week of Jan. 2–8, the state reported 45,334 cases of Covid-19. Some 33,363 of those (73.6%) were among unvaccinated and 11,971 (26.4%) were vaccine breakthrough cases.


  1. Q: What’s the difference between a four shot COVID-19 vaccinated individual and someone who has not gotten their first shot?
    A: Neither will every be fully vaccinated.

  2. Average life expectancy in the US dropped by over a year in the first 6 months of 2020. For the covid vax deniers the simple explanation must be obesity and poor health habits caught up to America all in 6 months

    • Healthy mid 50’s guy here who refuses to submit and guess what? Haven’t gotten it nor do I expect to. I eat my daily regimen of natural supplements and am active. You can keep your retarded mRNA therapy shots.

    • Frank Rast, the article highlighted the so called “breakthrough” cases. From my study this report isn’t unusual, in fact Frank, the countries with the highest rate of Jabbed individuals also have the HIGHEST rate of Covid infection. How does that work Frank?
      BTW what is a covid vax denier?

  3. I tend to think that Geert Vanden Bossche’s assessment of vaccinating into the pandemic being a bad idea is correct. The conclusion of his April 4th article entitled “Omicron is not what was initially considered a mysterious blessing…” is this:

    “Conclusion: In the absence of large scale antiviral prophylaxis, the vicious circle of steadily increasing immune pressure causing steadily rising infection rates will ultimately drive highly vaccinated populations to promote the expansion of a super variant that will likely be featured by full resistance to potentially neutralizing epitopes (due to lack of immunogenicity of these epitopes) combined with a high propensity to cause Ab-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI; facilitated by the infection-enhancing Abs) and a high propensity for causing ADEI-mediated Ab-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED). This is how the evolutionary dynamics of the virus will unfold and how the end station of this misguided mass vaccination program will look.”

    BTW: Ab = antibodies

    So, reading that AK has 57 percent fully vaccinated is dreadful, IMO.

    • Turns out he talked for nearly 14 minutes on the Dana show yesterday. Entitled: “DEADLIER VARIANTS? Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche On What To Expect In The Near Future And Why”


    • The mindless lemmings who did the bidding of SloJoe, BigPharma, and MengeleFauci are the ones to be held responsible if a super variant develops – all for a flu bug that you had a 0.0007% chance of death.
      Hard to follow the logic, science, or reasoning…

  4. “more than 52 percent of breakthrough cases were among the vaccinated.”

    No. 100% of the breakthrough cases were among the vaccinated. That’s why they are called “breakthrough” cases. It’s not a “breakthrough” case if they were not vaccinated. According to the CDC chart, 52% of the TOTAL cases in January (not just breakthrough) are “breakthrough.”

  5. It was interesting to me when I read 📚 that the CEO of Moderna a French citizen who attends top US agency meetings like an ex pert and manufactures product in his home business has sold every bit of his stock. What does he know that we don’t know? Au revoir I guess. 💃

  6. First, don’t call them breakthrough cases. There is nothing to break through.
    Second, many of of the “unvaccinated” are actually vaccinated but caught covid in the first two weeks after getting vaccinated and so they get designated as unvaccinated. Furthermore, those vaccinated got the virus in those first two weeks at higher rates BECAUSE they were weakened by the drug.
    Finally, these statistics are worthless since most don’t even register that they have been infected. Count my family as one of those that are not counted in those statistics.

  7. As they say, the truth comes forward eventually. The ones who chose to offer up their arm not knowing what the hell they were doing, ended up causing more problems than those of us who got the virus naturally. None have any idea when the time bomb will go off in their body. It will, in the form of blood clots and blood pressure, lung and heart issues. Good luck with that! Thank the CDC and Fauci for your sudden health problems! The rest of us will be happily living out our lives. Healthy!

  8. Lies, lies, and more lies.
    The one thing the Scamdemic did was to delegitimize the Feds “facts”, made us question the intent of the medical industrial complex, the basic motivations of BigPharma, and further polarized the MSM from “unbiased” truth.
    It’s really disgusting what thr masktards and covidnazis did to out society.
    Now the same propaganda apparatus is hyping WWIII.

    • Dan, “science” for over a century said that if you contract a disease and recover, you had natural immunity. That all went out the window with COVID. I’m a proudly non vaccinated two time survivor with recovery taking about 2 days. I could never build up the courage to take a shot in the arm from young kids walking around with a cooler.

  9. Just another scamdemic article. 57% of the population that were scammed by pseudo-science. I wonder how many of those will not be around in few years.

    • Im not one of those 57%. I understood this was a scam on day one. I said this would end with massive riots, high crime, a world war and a new monetary system. Ive been correct on all except a new monetary system but thats coming.
      The only people who have had any issue with the scamdemic are those that were stupid enough to get tested or live with those who were tested and those that got the death jab.
      This was always about a collapsing banking system. Nothing more. I dont feel sorry for those that were stupid enough to buy into this hoax. I knew it was coming a year before the hoax was unleashed. How did I know? I read about it in March 2019 on the Bank Of International Settlements website. They sent out notices to all the banks a year in advance warning them that a banking collapse was imminent. That collapse happened September 2019 and the FED started the bailouts. To keep the public in the dark as to what was going on they used a virus that had been around for over 5 decades as a scare tactic.

  10. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, (Ohio) Dr. Ryan Cole; MD, FCAP, CP/AP/DP …and Dr. Lee Merritt; USN; Ret. (Nebraska) along with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (Germany) and Dr. Peter McCullough, (Texas) and Dr. Richard Fleming could provide much information.

    • Good question.
      If the overall statistics from COVID before the vaccines stand, about 1.6% of them ended up in the morgue.

  11. Prudent people were leery of “vaccines” that were:
    A) Rushed into production and distribution in 10% of the time that vaccines usually are.
    B) The companies making and pushing them were granted 100% immunity from liability from adverse reactions.
    C) The companies tried extremely hard to hide the results of what research they did, and any and all collected data following vaccinations…….for 75 years.
    That last one (hiding data for 75 years) should have made everyone run as fast as they could away from these shots, while wondering……..what are they hiding???

    • All good points, and Item C is a damning truth. Unfortunately, there are many more, and pages could be, as well as have been written about them. One of the bottom lines is, that not wanting to be the “animal” that they were/are tested on qualifies as a healthy sense of self preservation.

  12. In light of another 11,000 pages of Covid vaccine data that Phizer & the FDA were compelled to release on April 1st by Court order, it appears that everything in this article is just flat out wrong! Amongst many other insights, Phizer admits that natural immunity is superior, the series of shots leads to a greater viral load than those who were naturally infected and those who were naturally infected had less severe cases of Covid than those who were vaccinated. Combined with the first 10,000 page document dump in March that listed 9 pages of potential side effects of the clot shot, the evidence is becoming damning against the Phizer Covid vaccine. Anyone who continues to push this poison is a criminal or stupid.

  13. “Covid vaccine”?
    Oh, did somebody come out with an actual vaccine for the Wuhan Virus? Or are still merely talking about the unsafe and ineffective mRNA jab that masquerades as a vaccine?

  14. Are we still paying attention to this?

    The unvaccinated are still disproportionately making up the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

    Regarding hospitalization, the state reports “unvaccinated persons aged ≥5 years were hospitalized due to COVID-19 at 8.6 times the rate of up to date persons and 2.9 times the rate of persons who were fully vaccinated but not up to date. Persons who were fully vaccinated but not up to date were hospitalized at 3.0 times the rate of up to date persons.
    Among Alaska residents aged ≥5 years with specimen collection dates in January who were hospitalized due to COVID19, the median age among those who were fully vaccinated was 66.2 years, and the median age of those who were not fully vaccinated was 57.9 years (8.3 years younger).”

    Regarding death, the state reports “unvaccinated persons died from COVID-19 at 16.4 times the rate of up to date persons. Compared to fully vaccinated but not up to date persons, unvaccinated persons died
    from COVID-19 at a 5.1 times higher rate.”

    • Still doggedly clinging to the disinformation, misinformation and outright lies of the political and corporate media establishments regarding the Wuhan Virus, eh Steve? You are nothing if not persistent, in your ignorance and your gross dishonesty.

    • Steve-O please get help for your condition. This fear driven mass hysteria may be treatable. Begin with asking yourself this question, ” does the m-RNA jab work “.
      The obvious truth is that it doesn’t work.
      Then ask yourself this question, ” who created this thing, why was it released and for what purpose was it released”?
      You are an intelligent fellow, I think if you do some poking around for answers you may come to an understanding.

    • Are you able to accurately quantify exactly how many people are “unvaccinated” due to the fact that they are within two weeks of having taken the shot, or that they have decided to eschew any or all boosters? Do you realize how easy it is to manipulate statistics, or spit them out while incompletely qualifying them in a manner that is difficult or impossible for a consumer of them to discern? Have you given any thought to the mass media’s capability and tendency manipulate the masses?

      Nothing personal, but I disagree with your conclusions here.

    • Jeff/Nico/North,
      It’s very telling that not a single one of you is capable of providing a single shred of evidence to support the nonsense you spout.





      Diddly squat.


      Next time bring something more than personal attacks and mindless distractions from the subject at hand.

      • Unqualified statistics. Unqualified source(s). Unqualified judgement. You got it all, Steve-O. Does this qualify as a personal attack?

      • Snake venom is used to make monoclonal antibodies. The vaccine contains cobra venom genetic components, actually enzymes, and they code your DNA to manufacture those peptides and/or proteins, and the effects of an accumulation of them in your DNA is acute respiratory distress syndrome. The good news is there is antidote. Multiple ones, actually. The bad new is the psychos have used our taxpayer dollars to get the world here.

        I anticipate that you will have to look away from your “authoritative” sources to learn all this. Good luck. How do you like me now?

        • North,
          Monoclonal antibodies aren’t vaccines. The discussion here is about how the unvaccinated make up a disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths. Monoclonal antibodies is an infusion treatment prescribed after a person is already infected. Vaccines are given before being infected so the body creates it’s own antibodies.

          • Steve-O. Monoclonal antibodies WERE prescribed for that purpose, until January 21st when that option was eliminated. Why, you might ask. Kind of like how you might ask: Exactly what is in those vaccines? Why are they so harmful for/to some people, to the point of maiming some and killing others in relatively short order, in an unfortunate number of circumstances?

            I pointed you to a couple of excellent sources of information. Perhaps they have drawn incorrect conclusions, but they ARE experts that are earnestly trying to share the TRUTH as they understand it. Why not consider what they have to say?

          • You know the difference between a flu shot and a vaccine I take it: You’re not getting a Covid vaccine, it’s a modified flu-shot.

            No matter how many times you ask for soy milk in your Starbucks frappuccino, it isn’t milk unless it comes from a female mammal’s teat. Can you even differentiate between a male and female?

            What is it with you liberals and this constant perversion/revision of science.

    • Steve-O – Your data completely flies in the face of the recently released data from Pfizer/FDA! Hospitals, doctors, big pharma, and health officials have so corrupted the Covid data that it will be next to impossible to sort out. Whether that was intentional or not, one can only surmise.. One thing they cannot hide though is excess deaths which are trending upward in lockstep with vaccination rates.

      • Fishing…How right you are. Steve_O’s data is just like any data that can be and does get changed, screwed or manipulated to deceive. But what is worse than the fake data are those that know they are lying through their teeth and still push their agenda. There is one thing more powerful than the fake data allot of the people swallow automatically and that is actively seeing the deception. One can see their own reality does not need the pseudo-science control/indoctrination to determine what we need to conform to, to live a healthy life.

      • Fishing,
        By all means, please feel free to share that data from Pfizer/FDA that the data from the State of Alaska flies in the face of.

        Excess deaths jumped up at a historical rate at the beginning of this pandemic, long before the vaccines were created.

        • Steve – O – The Court ordered Pfizer/FDA document release can be found on the Public Health & Medical Professionals for Transparency website. 10,000 pages were released on March 1st & the latest 11,000 pages on April 1st. More releases will happen every month. This is the same data that Phizer/FDA wanted to delay releasing for 75 years! A courageous Judge thought otherwise.

          • What do those pages say that contradicts what health departments around the globe are reporting regarding the unvaccinated making up a disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths? Telling me that there are 21,000 pages of information out there doesn’t really tell me anything new. Specifically what from those 21,000 pages supports your opinion that the data from the state of Alaska flies in the face of the recently released data from Pfizer/FDA?

        • Just like all those Volvo drivers who survived that near fatal crash, they’d all have positively perished in a less safe vehicle. You lack any credibility, with you wild lapses in basic logic, you quoting tainted data can only lead to one thing, your tainted conclusions.

          Now go read those Pfizer documents, you know the ones they were trying to hide from YOU for 75 years, and don’t forget to report back to us on their admissions about natural immunity, you know, that thing you were dismissing 6 months back.

          Looks like you were sold a bill of goods, along with devastating lockdowns and useless masking procedures. And let’s not forgot that 4th booster you just got, you know, the one that caused a 30 plus FDA head to resign over. Enjoy!


          • Eric,
            We’ve already established that there is a plethora of recently released Pfizer data, 21,000 pages according to Fishing. Is there anything in that recently released data that shows the data from around the world that the unvaccinated make up a disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths is incorrect? Anything at all?

            You all can go on and on about volvo’s and confusing monoclonal antibodies and vaccines all day long while ignoring the subject at hand. But if you are incapable of providing any information, any data whatsoever to support your opinions then you might as well stop digging the hole you find yourselves in.

          • More deaths, under your boy “mRMA mandate Biden” with all his experimental shots, than under Trump with zero treatments.

            What, logically, does that tell you?

          • Eric,
            Neither of your boys are my boys. I voted for Trump and would never vote for Biden. Yep, more dead under Biden than Trump. Yep, disproportionately more hospitalized and dead among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated.

            Why is it, do you think, that you constantly and continually feel the need to outright lie about things? I think it’s because you are completely incapable of being honest and dealing with the fact that your opinion is demonstrably false and based on lies, but I’d like to know why you think that you constantly and continually feel the need to outright lie about things.

          • Well, it looks like you aren’t interested in reading that Pfizer (court mandated) document dump of adverse side-effects eh, as you just keep spreading the NIH CDC NPR NBC CBS NYT (Pfizer) corporate propaganda, keep taking the endless Pfizer boosters blindly.

            Fear is the ultimate motivator for intellectual and moral cowards, I will pray for your health and redemption from ignorance!

          • Eric,
            I’m still searching all those documents for any information that shows the unvaccinated don’t make up a disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths. With you and Fishing helping I’m sure we’ll find it pretty soon, you’re still looking right?

          • Try searching: Vaccine related injuries & long term side effects.

            Be a little more intellectually honest, in your research (maybe listen to Linda).

          • Eric,
            Speaking of being intellectually honest, where did I ever say there is no such thing as vaccine injuries and long term side effects? And why are you intent on completely ignoring and attempting to try and change the subject from the fact that world wide the unvaccinated make up a disproportionate number of hospitalizations and deaths? Please show how intellectually honest really are.

    • I fully support an individual’s right to refuse this vaccine.
      Does it matter what the hospitalization stats are? No. Does it matter what the death rates are? No.
      None of that justifies any kind of mandatory vaccination scheme. If an individual chooses to endanger their own life, it is their choice, and I cannot in good conscience request the government stop them from doing so.
      Now… if you can demonstrate that the vaccinated spread the disease less, then… maybe… mandatory vaccination is justified. But… curiously, the vaccinated test positive for the virus, and spread it. In fact, the lower the symptoms, the more likely the vaccinated will carry the virus without realizing it. Thousands of typhoid Marys wandering around Anchorage every day.

    • Steve-0, skip ahead to 10:50 in the video. Unlike your dodgy NIH/CDC/NPR/CNN data, the “socialist healthcare keep lots of records Brits” actually keep accurate centralized data, note John is also referring to a healthy/strong segment of the population, he’s not talking about obese triple comorbidity types here:


  15. Terrible truth is coming out. The damage from the experimental jab can’t be undone. Everyone that was tricked into taking the bio-weapon should be detoxing and carefully monitoring their health. Lawsuits are everywhere. Don’t get any boosters. If the first rounds didn’t work and cause health issues why would anyone do it again! We need a complete overhaul of local, state and federal government! We can no longer trust most politicians. If they don’t legislate for We the People they need to go!

    Death By ‘Suicide’: Life Insurance Companies Will Likely Deny Most COVID Jab Claims. Attorney Todd Callender: “The court specifically found that participation in clinical trials is so hazardous that it voids the coverage of the insurance contract. ‘You should have known.’ They treated it, for purposes of the law, as a suicide. The court is saying, ‘Participating in a phase three clinical trial is suicide.’ That’s the conclusion.”

    @VigilantFox | Rumble | Full Interview

  16. The trial genetic therapy injections are not “vaccines”. What we do see is a large number of relatives, friends, and individuals personally well known from small communities that have suddenly died or are ill due to blood clotting and cardiac arrest. These are not individuals who already were ill, but a massive surge in surprise deaths and hospitalizations commencing at the time of mass injections.
    It is alarming that there is ongoing research to create and release self spreading “vaccines”, which would be enhancing the danger of these toxins to health conscious individuals from the adverse effects of “shedding” from the current “vaccines”.
    Governor Dunleavy failed the public by not preventing companies the ability to terminate employees and ending careers by “mandating” these toxic drugs for employment. The bitter irony to lose your career or destroy your immune system in a so called “free” society.

    • “What we do see is a large number of relatives, friends, and individuals personally well known from small communities that have suddenly died or are ill due to blood clotting and cardiac arrest.”
      Don’t forget the people who have had a resurgence of cancers that were said to be in remission.

  17. And the billions made by pharmaceutical companies and supporting corrupt politicians. Of course they keep saying ‘you would have had a worse case had you not been vaccinated”. I say ‘baloney’. A group of our family and friends were all exposed at same time and got Covid. My husband and I were vaccinated, he also boosted. Our unvaccinated friends actually had the mildest cases. I am still dealing with severe long haul symptoms and have had myriads of costly tests done. Add also, I have zero comorbidity, low BMI, distance runner, work out daily. What a farce. I am done with Covid vaccines. Hoax instituted by greedy globalists. Starting with the virus itself aided and abetted by “Falsy”.

  18. Choose your poison. Listen, observe, investigate and question.
    If you only follow what is the prescribed narrative, you believe every scamdemic from the past 60 years naturally occurred, you follow the covid scamdemic in the same way. If you sit back and observe without falling victim to the fake fear Porn, you find that none of the “science” affected you physically or mentally because you did not participate in the collective scheme.
    Think about it, if I am right, life will continue. If the indoctrination of the “science” cannot be wrong, the world will end next year.

  19. No one should die! All options should be on the table. All methods of assessing should be on the table too, like testing for antibodies for those who already had COVID and now have natural vaccination of immunity. How many Alaskans have natural immunity yet we have been indoctrinated into hysteria? I have a bill (HB 278) which will at least honor the science of recognizing immunity resulting in job and social security.

    • Thank you for standing up for the truth! There will be a lot of explaining as the “Truth” continues to surface. Censorship should never be allowed! ALL CONSTITUTIONAL rights must be restored. Then corrupt FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, WEF, Rockefeller Foundation, big pharma mafia, etc. must start explaining how they violated RICO laws to commit genocide. When everyone starts looking at the buried evidence they will understand victims were poisoned. Corruption has been exposed.

      What is going on with the worldwide bio labs, including those in Ukraine? DOD and others must thoroughly explain these patents: AIKA US Patent ATTC VR-84 (Rockefeller Foundation), SARS US Patents 789744 & 9506968 and Coronavirus US Patent 101307701. I believe in safe vaccines, but the statistics behind these jabs and others demonstrates we don’t have the proper safeguards in place to prevent profiteering. 1986 Child Safety Act must be repealed and big pharma and all those that colluded with big pharma must be held accountable. Follow the money!

    • The best natural immunity by far is not to succumb to a scamdemic that was/is 100%, a man-made theory, that only existed because with the continual shoving down the worlds throat. (Mask and which these vaccines are not vaccines but gene therapy/manipulation)
      Why is it that every sickness, ailment and death from 2019 until the “vaccine” was from everyone getting covid, then once the “vaccine” was in the publics arms, every sickness, ailment and death had nothing to do with the “vaccine”?
      More deaths and adverse side effects have been reported since the fake covid vaccines, from their propaganda fear roll out, then all of the Vaers reports for 30 years prior to the fake jabs?(That includes every vaccine administered combined up to the covid rollout)
      Believing in science is one thing when no harm is caused, but when the agenda of pseudo-science is the byproduct of a scam, the man made outcome for problems are what the world is faced with now.
      Freedom of choice should ALWAYS fall to the individual if the science is proven and not experimental population control.
      If you do not participate in the fraud you will not suffer the chaos that the fraud has caused.

  20. An interesting article came out today… it seems there are a great number of the unvaccinated that will NEVER get Covid. Some thing about the “immune system” 🧐🤔🧐 Hmmm…. I’m 73 with multiple comorbidities. Survived a four-way bypass seven years ago. Overweight. Never wore the face rag of subservience, got tested, swabbed or injected with Lord knows what, never distanced, isolated, disinfected, boiled or sterilized anything. I was around Covid positive people, and they were around me. I guess I’m just not going to be programmed into living in fear. I’m also not having strokes, blood clots, heart attacks or seizures 😏…The HUGE elephant in the room right now is that the unvaccinated are NOT the ones dying! 😎👵🏻😎

    • “The HUGE elephant in the room right now is that the unvaccinated are NOT the ones dying!” Except for the fact that the unvaccinated are dying at a much, much, much higher rates than the vaccinated…but facts be damned. It’s easy to see who lives in fear and peddles in fear by the comments on this article, there are people wholly consumed by fear spreading all kinds of nonsense. There are people commenting here saying the exact same thing they were 6 months ago, a year ago, a year and a half ago…even though their predictions have been proven completely false. Fear is all they have because the facts do not support their nonsense.

      • Steve, for a so-called “conservative”, you share the EXACT same denial and divorcement from reality that the most radical leftists exhibit also.
        EVERY honest, unbiased and non-corporate, non-establishment report and data shows exactly the opposite of your claims here. From the beginning of this false pandemic, you have been vehement, nay, positively rabid is propagating the establishment narrative and party line, many times so blatantly disingenuously that I have to suspect an ulterior motive on your part. You have simply made a fool of yourself by doing so, and by repeating ad nauseum the laughably discredited official narratives surrounding the Wuhan Virus and the so-called “vaccines” that have been so maniacally pushed (in the face of a mountain of evidence proving their danger and inefficacy), while NEVER, not once, acknowledging the innumerable reports, and the huge amount of data, demonstrating their widespread and devastating side effects, often lethal. Yes, I have noticed with great interest your damning silence on that matter, among others.
        Face it, Steve: your feeble and Quisling-like attempts to support the party line propagated by the political and corporate-medical establishments here has been not only a complete waste and failure on your part, but has completely and totally discredited you from any serious consideration here.

        • Jeff,
          I have asked you repeatedly to share the data you claim to have, as of yet you have shared exactly none of it. You simply parrot talking points and hurdle insults. You are incapable of having a discussion because you simply refuse to.

          You aren’t able to show any information whatsoever that disproves the unvaccinated are dying at disproportionately higher rates than the vaccinated so you resort to attacking me personally, like you always do Jeff. You have nothing to bring to a conversation so instead you try and take away from the conversation.

          • You’ve still not answered my simple question either:

            Where do you Steve-O get your daily news from (other than MRAK)?

          • Eric,
            I’ve already answered your demand. If you want to share which news sources you deem worthy of being my daily news sources, by all means share away. There’s no interest on my part in listing all of thew news sources I look at on a daily basis as it furthers absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

            You Johnny come lately covid conservatives always crack me up, proclaiming that anyone who dares objectively look at the data is a leftist. It’s very telling that covid conservatives demand others believe exactly as they do or they vilify any opposing views. Actual conservatives do not behave the way you covid conservatives do.

          • Well, there’s a great example of your intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice. If you’d actually looked at any of those (numerous) sources I shared with you, you’d plainly see, NONE are from “conservative” sources. This is why, people, such as yourself, get suckered, over and over, by the establishment propagandists, and them (here) spend so much time defending your severe case of buyers remorse. I will say (once again) a little prayer for your terminal (re: Pfizer document dump) mistakes, numbered 1, 2, 3, & 4. #stoptheinsanity

  21. I would still be well if I wasn’t given a flu shot throughout my childhood. Covid-19 taught me that vaccines for any coronaviruses are useless. It’s not helpful, as the polio, chicken pox,and measle vaccines proved itself, but also they are not coronaviruses. You think the covid vaccine has anything to with why our older population are suddenly dying?

  22. The vaccines were never intended to prevent all infection, but to prevent severe illness and death. They did that very well considering vaccinated people in this ignorant state were inundated in sick, unvaccinated fools. COVID causes WAY more blood clots, heart problems, etc., plus diabetes, neurological damage, shingles, organ damage, brain fog, cardiac anomalies, and who knows what else than the vaccines ever will! All side effects of vaccines appear within a couple weeks of the shot. COVID causes increased heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other risk for a year or more after having it, regardless of severity. If you know anything about how vaccines work and about covid you know this is true. Bottom line is COVID causes considerably more and generally more serious problems for much, much longer than the vaccines do. And they are just starting to discover some of the things COVID does that will affect people for the rest of their lives. This is a retrovirus like HIV. They WILL discover numerous more serious complications from the virus as time passes, regardless of age and severity. Good luck with that.

    • As usual for a radical leftist authoritarian and ignorant and gullible believer in the official (and false) narrative and propaganda, you have reality turned on its head, Esthera. It is in fact many more of you vax bots who are going to be suffering long-term effects from your ill-considered guinea pig status, rather than those who have suffered from the Wuhan Virus.
      I am not saying that ALL vax bots are going to suffer and die as a result of the jabs, nor am I saying that nobody who did not receive the jabs but who did contract the Wuhan Virus will not possibly suffer long-term effects. But the data, you know, THE SCIENCE, is clearly demonstrating that it is the falsely-labeled Wuhan Virus “vaccines” that are far more damaging than the disease itself.
      Try reading and researching some honest and independent news sources for a change, instead of relying solely on the propaganda spewed by the corrupt corporate media and the corrupt political establishment, as you so clearly do.

    • You have no idea what your talking about. The cases were pumped up by a corrupt medical establishment that was more concerned with making money from Big Pharma than researching the truth. They couldn’t even supply safety data sheets on this poison. The terrible adverse reactions and deaths from this virus have been suppressed. You need to do your research and listen to the experts like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Sucharit Bahkdi. Fauci is a liar and murderer! A Federal Judge ordered Pfizer to release 5500 pages of documentation on the so called vaccine because they were trying to hide the information from the public for 75 years. You are brainwashed, wake-up! Go to Dailyclout.io and read the documents for yourself that includes 9 pages of adverse reactions to the drug in the trial stages. The criminals released it on the public anyway.

      • Dearest Esthera, bear in mind that The Daily Clout was started by Naomi Wolf, a Ph.D who spent time advising Clinton and Gore. She was a roughshod feminist before that movement was co-opted, and somehow, miraculously, her eyes got opened and she became alarmed about the current crisis in authoritarianism. You would do well to become alarmed, too.

    • This “COVID” did not exist until the vaccine…..oops I mean gene therapy/manipulation that was injected. The vaccine(s) is/are the covid, some saline. So all the things you described covid doing is doing because of the vaccine which is not a vaccine, where AIDS is going to be one of the side effects of the jab.
      No wonder why so many people are so gullible, they just wait for someone to say something without doing their own research. This covid scamdemic is just as much a scam as was the global warming scam, the models are the same but personal fear is why so many people rolled up their sleve and threw reality out the door.

    • “…but to prevent severe illness and death.”
      A task the vaccines failed miserably at.
      Comparing the hospitalization and death stats from before and after widespread vaccination, any benefits shown by vaccination are equally easily explained by normal progression of a pandemic. i.e. those that are susceptible will succumb to the disease early, and those with resistance will not.

  23. Lies, lies, lies by many “Chicken Little” politicians, bureaucrats, ABC organizations and mainstream mockingbird media who shout, “The sky is falling the sky is falling.” War mongers with their profiteering schemes; big pharma with their we have the cure(s) that are actually a bio weapons; foolish medical professionals, corrupt fake religion leaders in 501Cs that spin lies, and those like Klause Schwab, John Kerry, George Soros, Bill Gates and many many others that fly around in their private jets saying global warming will destroy the planet, must be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity! Great Reset will be foiled by the Great Awakening!

  24. Take the shot, and you’ll still catch and spread Covid. So why take the shot? Just jump into the deep end and get Covid over and done with. My family of 4 got it, confirmed by our symptoms and our positive tests, and now we’re done! Case closed.

    No more need to try gaslighting any of us with fear porn. We, and our healthy robust immune systems, rose to the occasion.

    • No… take the shot, contract COVID anyway, and have such mild symptoms that you take no precautions against spreading it. Everyone can be typhoid Mary now!

  25. Here is the dirty little secret they are keeping from the public but it is already out of the bag. The Jab causes a high viral load in your body that causes COVID. No, not a conspiracy, a fact! Why the hell do you think they pushed the shot so hard. Stop to think about it. Why would guys like Schwab, Gates, Fauci and many others push the vaccine so hard? Go read Klaus Schwab’s book, the Great Reset. These guys have talked publicly about their plans to depopulate the earth. There is documentation showing they were working on the so called “vaccine” before COVID hit in 2020. Folks, this thing was planned years in advance.

  26. Only 54 percent of Americans agreed to this series of injections. Alaskans accepted this series of intervention under coercion threats of job loss etc. The neighbor Canada has prepaid to the company providing this item and partially owned by Trudeau ten boosts. Already purchased. He dictates American health edicts from afar and thus has interfered with commerce, industry, investments, and treaty travel agreements in place from the Jamestown days that were in place to northern regions. We should review and renew previous treaties. Perhaps that could reasonably be considered.

  27. Dear Steve-O,
    At this juncture I am compelled to respectfully submit that you are willfully blind to the truth.
    Hereby diagnosed with what appears to be an incurable case of discernment deficit disorder.
    Please look for and highly value the truth.

    Do not allow yourself to be misled by those who on a worldwide basis have obviously attempted to and have clearly done so to anyone that will listen to them, time and time again.

    May the veil be lifted from your eyes, that you may see.

    • North,
      Thank you for your kind words, I can only hope the same for you. Turn your back not from the truth, but from the darkness. There are many out there trying to convince you of things that are false for their own wicked ways…you shall know them by their deeds. If you think that’s me, so be it. Read what these others have written, time and time again. I can only hope that wisdom will prevail.

      • Steve-O,
        The second part of the three part series on the envenomation is here: ‘https://www.brighteon.com/60556b94-86af-4eae-aa59-441b02b71c33 ALL assertions have their references presented ON SCREEN. Can you show the reference material for the assertions made by your chosen source material? The first part of the series was posted above, and I respectfully suggest that you finally make the time to watch that, too. Trust not the serpent.

        You are called to the truth, here, as well as what is made obvious by the words you use. You understand that the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who seek to make peace. May the hand of the Creator guide each of our actions as we seek the light, and fill our spirits to bursting with it.

        • Steve-0 won’t watch it, been here before with him– he’s been royally mind Fauci’d, and intellectually castrated with the mRNA propaganda, and is completely unable to even consider alternate viewpoints.

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