This will be a weird election season, ‘and we can prove it’



If Alaska Public Offices Commission filings are any indication, the Anchorage Municipal election in April is going to be, well, weird.

An independent expenditure “group” has filed with APOC under the name: “Everyone Poops and We Can Prove It!” It appears to be in opposition to a ballot initiative that is asking Anchorage voters whether men’s and women’s public bathrooms and locker rooms should be generally separate, as they have always been since the beginning of public bathrooms.

The Everyone Poops entity lists its abbreviation as: ??. For those whose computer screens don’t translate, that is a poop symbol and a police symbol.
Everyone Poops’ purpose is stated: “An entity independently formed in the spirit of humorist/ special counsel, Saul Molliver to investigate election fraud and defeat the ‘Regulating Access to Facilities such as Locker Rooms and Bathrooms’ Bathroom Bill.” 
In other words, the group seeks to allow bathrooms to be open to any gender, something traditionalists oppose. The Protect Our Privacy bathroom bill will be on the April 3 ballot.
Paul M. Oliva is the only officer listed and he gives his title as ??.  That appears to be “Poop Police,” if we’re reading it correctly.
In social media sites, Oliva lists himself as “Alaska’s resident smartass” and as the founder and lead developer at DataShark LLC.

Oliva appears to also be the creative genius behind a second registered campaign entity: Alaska Tea Party Watch / ???

The entity’s abbreviation is: ???. As in three cups of tea.

The purpose of the group is: “We pay protesters and internet trolls to annoy important people and make others laugh at them. Basically we elevate the dialogue, man.”

His title at Alaska Tea Party Watch is “Captain Paul and Troller in Chief.”

Oliva lists his address on “Potlach Circle” in Anchorage for both independent expenditure groups. (And yes, he spelled the name of the street wrong.)

Other than that, and the fact that this will be the first municipal election in Alaska to be conducted entirely by mail, the election season appears to be shaping up normally.