Will it be the Don Young Port of Anchorage?


Will the Anchorage Assembly name the Port of Alaska after the late Congressman Don Young, who was Alaska’s sole congressman for 49 years? Or will it take a pass? The decision could be made during Tuesday night’s regular Assembly meeting, after it was postponed in September. There are several leftist members of the Assembly who have taken a hard line against the late congressman.

Young, who died March 18, 2022, was one of just 44 Americans who have ever been laid in state in the U.S. Capitol. Even President Joe Biden went to his service. Young, who was bipartisan Republican, was instrumental in the designation of the port as a “commercial strategic seaport” in support of national defense. He wrote the law requiring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the port each year, and he pushed through hundreds of millions of dollars for the intermodal expansion project, known as the Port of Alaska Modernization Program.

Now, radicals like Assemblywoman Karen Bronga say the late congressman was unfit to have a port named for him: “The naming of a volcano after him is, in my opinion, way more fitting.”

But the city’s naming panel, made up of Jim Jansen, Gail Schubert, Amanda Moser, and Aaron Leggett, held public hearings last summer and advanced the name for approval by the Assembly.

A motion is on the agenda to reconsider the matter, should it pass on Tuesday. That reconsideration may take place next month:

“If reconsideration passes, it is the intent of the Chair to ask for postponement to the meeting of February 27th. Ordinance No. AO 2023-81, an ordinance of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly adopting the Public Naming Panel’s unanimous recommendation to name the Port of Alaska as the Don Young Port of Anchorage; and amending Anchorage Municipal Code Chapter 11.50, certain other sections of the code and Anchorage Municipal Code of Regulations accordingly, Mayor’s Office. Assembly Memorandum No. AM 585-2023. Information Memorandum No. AIM 150-2023. (PUBLIC HEARING WAS CLOSED 9-12-2023. REFERRED TO THE NAMING PANEL 9-26-2023. PUBLIC HEARING WAS RE-OPENED 9-26-2023. PUBLIC HEARING WAS CLOSED 12-19-2023. POSTPONED INDEFINITELY 12-19-2023. MOTION TO RECONSIDER TO POSTPONE INDEFINITELY AO 2023-81 WAS GIVEN BY MR; RIVERA 12-20-2023, SECONDED BY MR. CONSTANT. MOTION TO RECONSIDER IS ON THE FLOOR.) Information Memorandum No. AIM 233-2023.”

Comments can be sent to the Anchorage Assembly at www.muni.org/testimony.


  1. What is it with Alaskans and their love of sociopathic career politicians?

    NO public facility should be named after ANY politician, ever. Well, maybe a sewage pond or treatment plant — that might be appropriate.

  2. Just go ahead and name it the Ivana Kisacock/Chris Constant Port of Sodomy at Anchorage.

    Deliveries may only be made in the rear of the port.

  3. All efforts should be focused on Mackenzie, and let the Anchorage port continue to rust, as the assembly seems to wish. The valley will continue to be the high growth area and commerce is currently discouraged in the politically handicapped Anchorage. Most of the valuable work force already have relocated and commute to Anchorage anyway. Name the Port of Anchorage the King Constant Port, and sell the warehousing to the city for a new expanded homeless shelter. Our former congressman would approve and chuckle at this. Regardless of your political opinion, Don Young served our state for many years and deserves better than to be named for anything in the Anchorage cesspool of present. Time to abandon ship (creek).

    • That solution is too reasonable, Trig. It’s my understanding that Pt. McKenzie would not have to have such major dredging as the current port and would be much cheaper to maintain. But heaven forbid anyone would choose something sensible or financially beneficial! I have noticed after living here for 40 years that there always seems to be a “competition” between places in Alaska–Palmer vs. Wasilla, Anchorage vs. Wasilla, Anchorage vs. Fairbanks or Juneau, etc.. etc. Does this happen other places or am I just naive and ignorant?

    • It hurts the political reputation of Alaska, Manda, as well as contributes to the misguided and counterproductive love affair so many ignorant Alaskans have for their (sociopathic) politicians.

      Naming public facilities after career politicians is a corrupt and socially corrosive practice that no self-respecting polity should ever engage in.

      • Unless one is a Democrat and names an airport after Harry Reid (Vegas) or a ton of places after Sen. Byrd (KKK history and all.) Then there is JFK. As for Vegas… it should have been Sinatra International….now that would be Vegas baby!

  4. It should be named the Kikkan Randall port of Anchorage or the Kikkan Randall highway now Minnesota.
    This girl is a star.

    • You have to be joking! Randall is a globalist puppet. Spent a year in Davos training? Probably at a WEF leadership training session. Breast cancer? Probably a coverup to gracefully bow out of skiing so that she can start working on the globalist agenda of helping to take down Alaska. If she did have cancer, maybe she made a deal with the devil himself that if she was cured, she’d owe him. Anyone that loves having people bow down to them and demands that they jump however high they are told to jump is a freaking globalist. No, Randall needs to just leave Alaska alone. The old timers see right through her.

      • Her cancer was a cover up for a globalist agenda? Have you been evaluated for dementia? I only ask because you’re talking like someone who is not in control of their critical faculties.

  5. Name it after Austin Quinn Davidson she gallantly lead us through the darkness of the Covid pandemic………
    Haha hahaha eh ha.

  6. Politicians are treated like a higher class of people in American society. Let’s not name monuments after people and pretend that politicians like Pelosi, Ted Stevens, George Bush, Joe Biden, Don Young, and John McCain are actually good people. The vast majority of people in politics are self serving, so and don’t tell me they deserve a bridge or port to be named after them because they put language into a bill to get funding for an interstate highway. That’s the job they are expected to do, and American citizens work for the money that they spend. Ron Paul says that he’s proud that no highways or bridges are named after him and if I were a politician I wouldn’t want to have anything named after me.

  7. Why does Young need the Port of Anchorage? He’s already got Youngstown, and an access road off of a Florida Freeway that leads directly to a billionaire’s mall.

  8. I’d certainly grimace at each mention of a Don port. It’s too bad that Mr. Young lingered so long on the public dole, “serving” in DC.
    Sad how the grifters like Don and Lisa turn into clingers, all the while claiming to be working for the people.
    The founders never intended to have career politicians. It hasn’t worked out, as we observe in real time the collapse of every pillar that keeps a constitutional republic thriving.

  9. Why not name it after Sheffield & Young? At least future generations would then remember who was responsible for one of Alaska’s biggest boondoggles!

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