Why we changed from ‘undeclared’ to Republican



We have always been conservative, but originally did not want to be limited to vote for one specific party. We preferred to consider the individual candidate, not the party. And like most independent/undeclared voters in Alaska, we were Republicans but didn’t want to be pigeon holed. Typically though, there hasn’t been any other vote for us than the Republican candidate, especially of late.

This year it became a necessity to declare our Republican affiliation because of the high‐profile betrayals, abuse of voters’ trust, and violation of voters’ mandates. The Left has manipulated the election process in their win‐at‐any‐cost mentality so that being registered as undeclared or independent is just the Left’s subterfuge.

Just look at the House Speaker; does anyone truly believe he is an independent? Or is he rather another Democrat who is willing to do anything to get what the Left wants?

That’s the problem with the Left, they have minimal foundational values to stand on, but only a sliding scale of what is good for their agenda at the time.

A January 2018 article on the Politico website outlined the left’s appalling tactic:

They have also started to manipulate the Republican Party so that weak, power hungry, greedy and/or hate‐filled elected officials that registered as Republicans no longer even attempt to adhere to the party’s platform. We saw it happen in the 2018 30th Legislature and even worse with this year’s 31st Legislature.

It has even reached the point to where the Senate President, a “Republican”, recently removed a conservative Republican from the head of the Republican Majority in the Senate and appointed a Democrat. This newly appointed Senate majority leader then promptly began denouncing Governor Dunleavey’s budget cuts.

This must end. We can no longer be passive or stay on the outside and look on without taking action. By registering with this party, we are taking a stand. We want to assist this party to become one that, if you claim to be a Republican, you will have to closely adhere to their stated ideals in the platform. If you can’t, leave the party. No more RINO’s like Lisa Murkowski, Cathy Giessel, Gary Knopp or the rest of their ilk. When you vote for a Republican, you should know with confidence they will stand by the Republican platform.

Will all Republicans always agree with every item on the platform? No, but a genuine Republican will identify with the vast majority of them and never turn against the party to align with a group in opposition. This is the party that formed in 1854 to oppose slavery, now it is the party that stands against the destruction of our country by the Left.

We urge other genuinely conservative voters that are not registered as Republican to join us and register as Republicans and get involved to make your voice count and make a difference. It’s time for people to declare their allegiance and work to protect the real Alaska, not the Alaska that left‐wing socialist groups outside our state are pushing to create. Do it, and do it now.

Paul and Suzette Huber live in Nikiski, have been married 30 years and Alaskan residents since 1994. Paul is retired after serving 25 years with the United States Coast Guard and Suzette just completed 21 years as a homeschool teacher to their four children.  Paul is very active in his community and is on numerous local boards and committees.


  1. Libertarian here, I fail to see how that would make much of a difference. Republican and Democrat are two sides of the same coin. Both want MORE regulation, MORE legislation etc..Want actual change? Start with the education system. NO RULES on education. Anyone can open a school, anyone can teach whatever they want, anyone can charge whatever they want for their services.. there are too many examples throughout history of free and unregulated education producing the greatest progress. Your senators or reps aren’t going to do anything for you. Pressuring them is a fools errand. Take your kids out of school. Homeschool them. I can hear it already “ both parent work” and “we can’t afford it….” well it’s a good thing homeschool is free then, isn’t it? I’ll give you the free curriculum now. Google ”the trivium” then use that and apply it to everything. Have your kids read Huckleberry fin, Moby dick, black beauty. Have them keep a journal and kick them out of the house one day out of the week. For arithmetic, have them read ” lemonade stand” by Connor boyack. Make them find odd jobs around the town and make money. Have them save 30%, donate 5% to charity, and have 65% for spending. Tell them to find an opportunity to volunteer. The pioneer home always needs help. Manners are taught at dinner time. Let them play with kids of all ages. ITS FREE and a higher quality education than you will ever find in a public school or a school regulated by the government.

  2. I have maintained this for years now. There is truly no such thing as an Independent voter. These are individuals who are most certainly of an opinion one way or another and by and large, vote their conscience on the weight of most of those issues. You’re either Right or Left, and to say that you’re truly independent is another way of saying that you hold opinions on both sides. But normal people do hold a majority opinion one way or another and to say that your vote swings back and forth is not accurate. I have known a few independents in my life. One was my best friend. He always voted Republican when push came to shove. However, two other independents I knew invariably voted Democrat when it came time to choose. I have never bought the line that Republicans need to “go after the Independents” and that’s been proven over and over. By virtue of your own ethical beliefs and your stance on the issues, you can guarantee pulling an Independent over to your side based solely on your platform. There really isn’t a need to pursue that vote. Political consultants have been pounding this into candidates’ heads for ages and it’s never been helpful to anyone. However, this ploy that Democrats engage in, where they are “posing” as Independents or Undeclared has also been going on for more than a decade. Even back on the East Coast, this has been employed as a tactic on the Left for a long while. I will continue to believe that “Independent” is really nothing more than a stalling tactic to ultimately come to a decision that you have truly known all along…that you’re either a Right-winger or a Left-winger.

  3. Yes, the speaker of the House is a Democrat in that he was officially a Democrat and then change to an independent in order to get some moderate Republican votes going his way. He caucuses with Democrats and his blood runs blue. He has an uphill battle mind you since Alaska is a red state but like you said, their no holds barred win at all cost, even if it hurts alaskans approach, to lawlessness in the legislature will be his undoing. History has shown this approach never works…..never!

  4. Good article Paul and Suzette. If we want to reform the ARP and replace RINOs with true conservatives we must be active and get involved in your local Republican District politics. The ARP Platform defines who we are and what we stand for, it should be one of our guiding principles. If an elected Republican does not stand by these principles, they are not a Republican, they are something else, but not a Republican. You have stated it very well Hubers. Thank You

    • Actually, this is where the problems start. The authors allow that adherence to all of the Republican platform is not required yet you suggest that it is required. Exclusion of alternative views and a demand for uniformity does not make Republicans stronger. Those that become members of the exclusive club may be happy with the result but it hardly makes Republicans more likely to secure the support of a majority of voters. I believe that conservative principles are strong and deep enough to allow different perspectives and that should be our path. All of that said, elected Republicans that abandon a majority of their Republican colleagues to organize withe the Left should be deposed. I hope all can agree on that.

  5. I think that being registered as a Republican will have little effect for this couple on where the state is going. Anybody who is not a registered Democrat has been able to vote in the Republican Primary since it was closed many years ago. So, conservative thinking people can still help propel their choices for political offices into the general election without joining the Republican Party.

    • Not really true about anyone other than those registered as Dem being able to vote n R primaries: I registered Undeclared for years, but when I went to cast a vote for a republican other than Trump, I had to re-register as R.

  6. GOP needs to be reformed, that is obviously. Not an easy task, though, since it is, ya know, the establishment.

    Trump will get re-elected, but the GOPe will continue to Ben Dover on the 2A, free speech, and immigration until we are the FUSA, and no R will ever get elected again. Trump has given us time to prepare, use it wisely.

  7. You may be right. I probably won’t be around to see it and that’s a good thing. The party of President Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan had better get their stuff together in one pile before we get overrun.

  8. Unfortunately, many Republican district chairs and the Alaska Republican Party have such close ties to the RINO Republicans that they are neither doing or saying anything about their “friends” turning on the Party.Party leadership and district leaders refuse to denounce the traitors to the Republican redo.

    It is time for change in both legislators and party officials.

    From here in Fairbanks to the southern tip of Ketchikan.

  9. “Undecided” is nice. I don’t get hundreds of robo calls in the evening when I get home from work. I already know who I’m voting for. I make sure those I’m voting for are not RINO’s, ! vote republican, vote “no” against all judges, vote “no” to all bonds. The sad part, There’s more cars in the Walmart parking lot than there are at the polling place on election day.

    As to the GOP, it’s run by GOBs (Good Old Boys). I saw this when Palin was running against Murkowski. She won and at the last minute, the GOP threw their weight behind her in the run off. I don’t trust the GOP because of little Lisa, I definitively don’t trust the DNC, they’re tax happy closet communists.

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