Why is Kamala Harris’ Facebook page being run by the Democratic National Committee?


Most politicians have two Facebook pages — one is their campaign page, and they have a separate one if they win election and take office.

Such is the case for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

But Harris, rather than tend to her “politician” page, has turned it over to the Democratic National Committee, and its army of operatives at the DNC Services Corp, a political action committee of the DNC.

Although Harris has relinquished control of her own Facebook Page, Facebook has not caught up with her and awards her the coveted “blue check,” which is the verification of veracity.

Under the “page transparency” tab, it’s clear that whatever is going on on the Kamala Harris page, it’s the Democrats who are in charge of it.

This is an oddity, but rules are different for some political leaders. While Facebook and Twitter have banned Donald Trump, we could find no other instance where a politician had given up their page and their personal brand to the political party they represent.

“Sounds like she has a future with the party, but he doesn’t,” said Tuckerman Babcock, former chair of the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. I think leaders shouldn’t even have social media pages, they always will get in trouble for something they said, or not.
    Leaders up to 1999 communicated with their community just as fine, maybe even better, before Facebook and the social media slew coming after Facebook.

    • Kamala Harris is just plain……dumb. An egomaniac and a condescension queen, with a rookie’s playbook. She is not only without a critical thinking mind, she honestly believes that everyone around her believes she is brilliant. She is the product of Affirmative Action and promotional politics through the bedroom. A very dangerous and toxic mix for America.

  2. Kamala has handlers, just like Biden. We really don’t know who our President and VP are. We are being ruled by committee without knowing who the committee is. We do know they hate this country, and us.

    • Jim,
      At this point we have a really good idea who the handlers are…nearly 1.5 Trillion in National Debt to China and they own 2,400 businesses across America.
      The second link in the NWO is the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Martin Schwab who appears to be rising as the “fourth reich” in Europe.
      These nefarious partners coupled with the American Oligarch structure of folks like Bezos, Zuckerburg, Gates, Musk & the remaining industrial complexes of Prison, Military, Hospital & Big Pharma control most of the political puppets in Washington at this time.
      Opps, almost forgot AIPAC & Israel to round out the show. #lobbyists

  3. The article is far too kind. The American people need to know who is actually calling the shots for the Biden/Harris regime. It seems fairly obvious that Mr, Biden is mostly reading what others write down for him to say. His cognitive abilities weaken each week. At the same time, Ms. Harris demonstrates that she lacks the capacity to grasp serious ideas and circumstances. She behaves like she is still in middle school. The national security team makes the Three Stooges look like George Marshall.. I suspect that most decisions are made by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and Susan Rice. Who knows what motivates them or who has the dirt on them. Russia, China and the Taliban can see all of this, as can Chuck, Nancy, AOC, BLM and Antifa. We are in soooo.deep…..

    • In between Biden’s “I’m going to get in trouble” the “they gave me a list…” the “I’ve been instructed to…” and his “I’m not supposed to…” to the “I’m really gonna be in trouble” it’s clear Biden isn’t in charge.

    • Try this, JMARK: Comrade Obama was just a rising star back in ’05 or so. He and his pal Ayers cooked up a run for the Presidency as just a name ID thing to get him above the clutter. You’ve read enough of my stuff to know that I believe that the Dunhams were long time Soviet assets and baby Barack was Frank Marshall Davis’ love child; FMD liked young, pretty white girls. However, it would be complicated for a long-cultivated asset like the Dunhams and baby Barack to be compromised by a connection with a card-carrying CPUSA member like Davis, so they grabbed another KGB asset, the Kenyan, Soetero, and said, “marry this white b*tch.” So, the Kenyan’s name went on a birth certificate and he disappeared into alcoholic obscurity and conveniently died in an accident on a lonely road.

      So, as Comrade Obama gains a little attention in the Presidential race he’s no longer a Soviet asset because this is no Soviet Union, but there is the US communist network, and Bill Ayers is a player in the Chicago epicenter of communist organization; it isn’t an accident that the patron saint of today’s leftists is Chicago’s Saul Alinsky, a dedicated Trotskyite.

      Enter George Soros. Soros offers to bankroll the nascent Obama campaign and bring in investors. The screening on Obama’s campaign contributions comes down and money pours in. How much do you think was Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian money? We didn’t have an election in ’06; we had a coup d’etat.

      • I have not dug deep enough to embrace your theory but I do know that there appear to be forces at work that care little for the integrity and future of this country. I look at people in the “intelligence” community, in finance, like Goldman Sachs, the media and some in academia. The trajectories these folks advocate do not lead to freedom. The current President is an empty suit. Is the country lost already? Possibly.

  4. Just get them 2 out of office, Before they down the US
    We have been for out of touch with the people has now.
    Get them out ,Both of them are so incompetent fool

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