Why is CNN trying to sway Alaska’s U.S. Senate race already?


Earlier in April, CNN was outed by Project Veritas for being a de facto wing of the Democratic Party and putting a big thumb on the scale of the 2020 presidential election.

The undercover video captured CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester saying, “Look what we did, we got Trump out. I am 100% going to say it, and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out. I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that,” Chester said.

The video is here.

Now, CNN’s opposition research department has the long knives out for an Alaskan who just burst on the national scene: Conservative U.S. senatorial candidate Kelly Tshibaka. 

Kelly who? Tshibaka (like Chewbacca) announced last month her run against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and she’s obviously made CNN nervous. Thus, the media attack machine was sent in for the kill.

A CNN publicist reached out to Must Read Alaska to make sure this news organization saw the story CNN posted: Senatorial candidate Tshibaka is a conservative and should be framed as a Trump-supporter and — gasp — a Christian. 

It’s free and easy content, and comes with the CNN seal of approval. Most political blogs would bite.

According to the CNN’s KFile, 20 years ago in the Harvard Law School student newspaperTshibaka wrote that those who are gay should not be controlled by the ‘once-gay-always-gay’ rhetoric used to advance political agendas.” She also supported a group that ministers to ex-gay Christians and seekers.

The KFile also found a post on the internet years ago where Tshibaka said the “Twilight” book and movie series is “evil” and not something people should read because it “leaves us spiritually vulnerable.”

Twilight is a young adult horror-romance novel based on vampire mythology. For some, it is fantasy, but for conservative Christians, it’s normalizing horror fantasy for younger readers.

CNN also advises Must Read Alaska that Tshibaka “spread baseless conspiracies about the 2020 election, alleging widespread voter fraud in key states, which has been disproven.”

It is passing strange that a major news network would reach out to a tiny political blog published from “Somewhere in Alaska” to see if the blog would bite on that big scoop. We’ve never heard from CNN before, so why now?

Must Read Alaska has an average of 20,000 readers a day. Most of them live in a place considered at the edge of the earth for those in the national political realm.

Must Read Alaska, ranks 19,000 on Alexa’s U.S. ranking, while CNN ranks #92 worldwide. CNN has 5,400 employees, while Must Read Alaska has one and a half. Must Read Alaska’s portfolio is politics on the Last Frontier. CNN covers the world.

But the Murkowski-Tshibaka contest, CNN has determined, cannot be ignored. It’s the big race in 2022, and therefore it is important to attack the conservative challenger, and to do so now, so as to frame the narrative.

Although she has not been endorsed by Donald Trump, Tshibaka has a campaign team that includes many heavy-hitters from the Trump 2020 campaign — Bill Stepian, Justin Clark, Nick Trainer, and Tim Murtaugh of Line Drive Public Affairs. 

She’s from a great, big multi-ethnic family of Bible-believing, church-planting Christians, with family members stretching from Alaska to Republic of the Congo (her husband’s family immigrated), and she came from humble beginnings, with parents who started out in Alaska living in a tent. Tshibaka, brilliant from the start, managed to graduate from Harvard Law School and distinguished herself as a government watchdog. 

Tshibaka has a unique life story that CNN was not interested in telling. No mention of her African-American husband and children. No mention of her devotion to family and country. Instead, they packaged her as a Christian, and made that deeply held faith their point of attack.

It wasn’t just Must Read Alaska that CNN reached out to. The publicity department planted the story at other Alaska news organizations, most of which have already reported on Tshibaka’s Christian beliefs, as these were matters brought up by Democrats opposing her confirmation for Commissioner of Administration in 2019.

We’ve seen the CNN playbook — the one it used on Trump. We know the operatives disguised as reporters are gunning for Kelly.

CNN has picked a side in the Murkowski-Tshibaka race in Alaska. It’s the anti-Christian, anti-conservative side. They must be really worried about Murkowski.

Suzanne Downing writes at NewsMaxMustReadAmerica and MustReadAlaska.


  1. Perhaps all it took was a personal comment by one of your readers on the Donald Trump Jr. @Rumble page. I seem to recall that Kelly’s name has been dropped there along with an extended point of view about the situation in Alaska & all the dark money and outside influences that are invading out States Political Landscape. It seemed appropriate in a post he, DTjr , made to comment about the deception dished out by CNN. Your info was added as well for those who might wish to get a conservative update on a very important RACE, as well as to offer support for the work YOU do to battle the partisan press that has enveloped the largest city in the state with a limited view on the issues at hand.
    TY, Your welcome & if it helps you to continue your great efforts I will continue to speak my peace for as long as I can as much as I can as many places that I can, While I Still CAN♡

  2. You know, CNN opposition only raises her status in the eyes of most people, except for the maybe two people who still watch CNN.

  3. “We know the operatives disguised as reporters are gunning for Kelly.” Just when I think I can’t like your work anymore than I do, you come up with a line like that. Suzanne, take your shot of wheat grass, (or whatever keeps you going), and keep telling the truth with sass! You create reality and perspective that is lacking elsewhere.

  4. It is always the media fault in the Minnery sphere. Jim Minnery uses his position to convince others that his way is the only way. It is not surprising that churches continue to lose members, it is always “do as I say not as I do” and please fill up the donation basket. The largest scam on the planet is being a Christian leader. $1000.00 dollar suits and private jets paid for by little old ladies.

    It appears even with Suzanne writing in defense of the so called “church” the people outside of these folks sphere are sick and tired of the hypocrites and grifters. The country does not need another so called Christian as a representative, someone that believe that only their version of society is correct. The Hand Maiden Tale is certainly a possibility in the reality of Tshibaka world. Religion and Politics should never mix but the conservative church continues to make that mistake and they watch as their world shrink’s. Supporting Trump is doing to destroy both the GOP and the conservative religious churches.

  5. Let them be scared. Be afraid, very afraid. ?
    God is good! Being Christian is Liberty!.. and for the Democrats to actually say being a Christian is bad for holding office should leave a few Dem voters questioning their insanity. At least I hope so. Ok, I will not hold my breath.
    We are worn out and tired of Murky voting left for important issues. I say Ciao to Lisa. You be gone!
    Unless you cheat.

  6. Love your post Kim Minnery.
    Please Mr.Trump, buy the Communist Nutcase Network, fire their entire staff & replace with writers as good as Suzanne and anchors better. Since CNN is so obviously afraid, that’s enough for me to pledge more funding for Kelly’s campaign.

  7. Harbor Guy, I’ll stack any Christian, man or woman ,boy or girl,minister,missionary or little old lady prayer warrior against the likes of Joe Biden and his son any day of the week and come out way on top.

  8. Whidbey: You rightfully blast the church, it’s been apostate for 1800 years. However, you shouldn’t totally discount Yahweh. “If there be but ten righteous.” – which may be all that keeps His offer of eternal life open for you.
    More likely than not, it is the prayers of those ten that keep your name before Yahweh. Don’t hold them in contempt, alongside the apostate church.

  9. Harbor Guy: I meant the above post to Whidbey for you … but no harm, as the both of you have the same message coming. I’m sure Whidbey will come on board this thread and read it also. He hardly ever misses a chance to dis the church.
    I guess I’m just so used of you two being clones of each other. My apologies if I’ve insulted one or both of you.

  10. Those CNN people really have an inflated ego of themselves. I remember the night Trump was elected and the look on that gay chicks face who hates him so badly. That was priceless. I don’t think CNN has much clout anymore. Everybody knows they’re just a hate squad and manufacture lies so just about everything on their channel is not believable.

  11. The Associated Press didn’t take very long to start gunning for Kelly Tshibaka. As long as the Leftist press keeps attacking her, all the more public exposure. Kelly Tshibaka may become a household name as quickly as yesterday. The association with “Chewbacca” should resonate well with the tens of millions of Star Wars fans.

  12. Poor Harbor Guy, he can never debate the facts of an issue but instead launches forth unfounded attacks against individuals who dare hold a differing World View then what he has been indoctrinated into believing. Poor little Myna Bird is he. Living in his dropping splattered cage repeating sounds without thought or cognitive reflection of the logorrhea he repeats. He and his ilk are to be pitied, what a waste of human potential. Truly sad.

  13. Mr Bird Fetish,

    Tell me what are the facts? I can hold a different world view then you it is my right.

    I do not support the Minnery’s and never will.

    Since you know nothing of my back ground you are just talking out of your back side.

  14. I wouldn’t put Kelly as the one to beat the Democrat Lisa Murkowski, just yet.
    There will be at least another, maybe two, who could also do the job. Lisa is not well liked among Republicans. The problem is: ranked choice voting.
    That’s the only thing that can save Lisa’s re-election bid. And she knows this.

  15. “CNN also advises Must Read Alaska that Tshibaka “spread baseless conspiracies about the 2020 election, alleging widespread voter fraud in key states, which has been disproven.”

    Voter fraud has, so far, been neither proven or dis-proven, just claimed and denied. Arizona may set the stage for further determination, probably having different results in different states.

  16. Not that many years ago, when Barack Obama was still president, I remember him stating proudly, during a speech, that “America is a Judao-Christian nation” and claimed Cristianity as his own religion. So, I’m not really understanding how an anti-Christian angle could help the Left. If anything, the attack story will probably help Tshibaka’s campaign. Maybe Kelly should take a tip from Suzanne and send CNN a
    $5.00 check! – M.John

  17. What kind of people Still watch CNN. The only viewers watching CNN should be the producers by now!
    Americans and legal immigrants should had kicked the t.v. to the curb as late as year 2000. then we wouldnt have hardly any troubles with explosive narratives put out by the alphabet soup networks sorely meant for work us up all for nothing. Hahahaha

  18. CNN means Communist News Network. In case you didn’t know. Just a little moderation Alaska!!

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