Why Anchorage can’t have nice things


Anchorage Community Development Authority’s head cheese Andy Halcro is supposed to represent the biggest city in Alaska and grow business. But just as when he was president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, he’d rather fight with people than grow the economy.

Under his watch, Nordstrom has decided to pull out of the building Halcro’s agency manages, a major blow to the downtown business district.

In other news, Halcro has begun dropping F-bombs on the gentle people of social media, using his sharp tongue to attack anyone who dares cross or disagree with him.

Here is Halcro going off on the elderly gentleman many know as the now-retired Rep. Bob Lynn, who is known as such a nice man that he has no natural enemies.

And of course, The MRAK Social has already called attention to the Halcro cursing of the Alaska Chamber of Commerce, of which he says he is a member. He actually has not been a member for years, but details…

Halcro prides himself with his deep friendship with Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Does his uncontrollable rage now help or hurt her brand? Do his foul-mouthed rants help or hurt Mayor Ethan Berkowitz with his brand?

Murkowski may want to distance herself. But considering Berkowitz’s brand, maybe they’re two peas in a bloodsport pod:


  1. Well, well, well….. I commented on Mr. Halcro’s lingo in his tweet when it was first written about here at MRAK. A man of his “stature” which he likes to tout, can and should do better. Clearly, an internal slob while externally dressing neatly.
    None of us can control the actions or verbiage of our “friends”. If I ditched every one of my friends when they did something stupid I would have none. With that being said, I have pulled a few aside (and they have me) and had a little chat when things have gone awry.
    C’mon Andrew! You can do better! Does an “F” bomb really make you feel better? Try some iced tea and a massage. Its getting hot in here!

  2. This is not unusual. When a person runs out of reason and argument, he or she must concede and change OR go ad hominem. We see that Halcro has run out of reason and we see his tactic. Many of us used this tactic in elementary school but then learned to have better reasoning rather than attack people’s character as if that pushed the topic forward. Halcro is adding to his legacy and it’s now being memorialized on social media for future shame when he gets out of “elementary school.”

    • You’re right. F you, no, F you! Your mamma wears combat boots! Wait! That’s a term of endearment! You are ugly, you are fat….F you, F you. Maybe ACDA can have FYOU as the banner on their website landing page!
      Interesting exchange with him and Bob though. Bob just mentions Andrew’s wife works at PP and all hell breaks loose. Sensitive anyone? Hmmm….I wonder why that is? They aren’t loud and proud about killing babies?

    • The other situations used by Lefties when something cannot be justified is to say it is for diversity purposes. That one always works when there isn’t a real reason.

  3. This guy is a punk. He has always been a spoiled brat even when we were both kids in the same neighborhood.

    He has little to offer but he fits right into the berkowitz goat-rope.

  4. And, Question: Who “hires” Andrew? A board of directors? The Assembly? The Mayor? Pardon my ignorance, but it appears this is a Muni corporation and its “head” is publically dressing down citizens with vile lingo. Not very becoming. If I had done that in as a public servant I would have been fired. I would have expected to be fired. “job suicide” by posting if you will. There must already be a clever word for that?

    • If you are a conservative you would be fired, and rightly so. If you are a Leftie, then you get a bunch of You Go Girls.

    Is this the person you want as the leader of the Anchorage Community Development Authority? Does Andrew Halcro meet and/or exceed the vision and mission of the ACDA?
    A vibrant and prosperous Municipality of Anchorage facilitated by innovative community development and public parking.
    We deliver quality development and public parking services within the Municipality of Anchorage.
    Does Andrew Halcro represent a professional image that fosters growth and opportunity in our city? Is he someone YOU would want to approach, sit down with and have a conversation with about business development in our city? How will he treat you if you disagree with him? What happens when Andrew Halcro doesn’t get his way?
    I think the answer is clear.

  6. halcro represents no one but himself. His “rent a car” business continues to fleece visitors to, and citizens of, Alaska, just because he can. I remember when he went “political”. Didn’t last long there, did he? His disrespectful rhetoric and demeanor seems to fit right in with Anchorage politics these days. So far left, one would think that’s the only direction they know. I despise his mouthing of moronic insults to anyone disagreeing. Makes me think he’s of extremely limited vocabulary, to use vulgar expletives instead of non-insulting, non-threatening remarks, no matter what the issue and he’s supposedly working for the people. Being polite to him is an exercise in futility. I believe hate is a major part of halcro’s emotional make up. Lefty with an agenda for nothing but self centered promotion and a vulgar mouth.

  7. The mayor needs to can this guy before he destroys what’s left of Anchorage.

    As far as Jumping Lisa goes, she can remain friends with the buffoon, because she is a duplicate of Mark Bagich, except Mark didn’t jump the isle like Jumping Lisa does……

  8. Cut Halcro loose from his job. He’s shown himself to use the same tactics as Art Chance. Meaning – if someone questions or disagrees with you, then immediately call them names and use foul language. We’ll all be better off when that tactic is discarded by those who want to lead.

    • Would you rather have the sort of person who pats you on the back because they’re looking for the softest spot to insert the knife? While I can’t claim to be a fan of Halcro or what I’m reading from him, I’d much rather deal with someone who is upfront about who they are and what they stand for.

      • Sean, being upfront about who they are and what they stand for is one thing. I too respect that completely and appreciate that. I like to know what I am getting. What Andrew is doing is rude and unbecoming as a professional representative of the Municipality. When he is serving in the capacity of a public servant, serving as a business professional on behalf of OUR city or OUR state, he should conduct himself to our guests and our citizens in a professional and welcoming manner. A volley of F-bombs and archeological digs back to his legislative days to slam an elder statesman? C’mon. It is sophomoric at best.

  9. The legislative ethics complaint filed against “Andy” Halcro by Alaska Right to Life occurred because he was casting votes on abortion issues without disclosing that his wife was a top employee of Planned Parenthood. That was an unethical “conflict of interest” that should have been disclosed before casting votes on anything that had to do with that subject. Most everyone in the legislature has declared a “conflict of interest,” from time to time, on something we had to vote on. For example, when I voted on some legislation having to do with insurance I did a “conflict of interest” disclosure – because one of my daughters in Maryland worked at an insurance company.

    • Bob, thanks for giving the deets on this. Yes, clearly a conflict of interest should have been disclosed and he darn well knew it. It’s called avoidance on his part. It’s fascinating to me that by shining light on a persons employer, it is met with a volley of F- you’s, F-offs and implications you attacked his wife. And your “pro life” group? He frames his assault with those words like supporting life is bad! They always do that. It is mind boggling to me that killing babies is like clipping your fingernails to these people, but supporting life is heinous. Andrew would have been a far better man had he simply said “you’re right, I failed to disclose a conflict and thanks for bringing it to my attention”. Had he done that we sure wouldn’t be talking about it now.

  10. I’m surprised Halcro has a wife, he dresses like he plays for the other team. But then again these days the term “wife” is shall we say………..FLuid.

  11. Andrew states that in ten years on social media he has never dropped an F bomb. That is a lie. I remember a couple of years ago when someone on Facebook referenced him as a spoiled kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth who only showed up to work at the company to pick up a paycheck. He told the poster to ‘F off’. He would have been shown the door in my administration for his vile speak. But then, that would require a mayor who actually shows up to work.

  12. Andrew is looking rough these days. I look at pics of him and he doesn’t even bother to shave. The dark sunglasses and F-bomb dropping too. LOL. Not a good look. Looks like he’s hitting the bottle hard.

    • It’s a look best saved for the Hollywood millennial crowd. Doesn’t work well on a post-middle-aged man that stays up too late jonesing on his twitter.

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