WHO says Covid is here to stay, and Alaska numbers point to that


To date, more than 88,658 Alaskans have had a bout with the Covid-19 virus that originated in Wuhan, China in 2019 and has spread to every corner of the world. That does not count the perhaps-thousands of Alaskans who had the virus but never reported to a doctor, due to having mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Out of those 88,658 who were known to become infected, 2,059 ended up in the hospital, which is about 2.3 percent of the cases.

Covid has been the attributed cause of 437 deaths in Alaska, just under 1/2 percent of all known cases.

But, if you end up in the hospital with Covid, your chances of dying are over 21 percent, if past months are any indication. Over 20 percent of people in Alaska hospitals right now are needing treatment due to the Wuhan virus. Thus, a good reason to avoid the bug, if you can.

That may not be entirely possible. The World Health Organization says the virus is here to stay and, like the flu, will continue to mutate.

“I think this virus is here to stay with us and it will evolve like influenza pandemic viruses, it will evolve to become one of the other viruses that affects us,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program, during a Tuesday press briefing.

The number of people vaccinated against the virus in Alaska stands at 337,931, and when you add the vaccinated to that total, presuming there’s not a lot of overlap, well over half of the population, or 426,589 Alaskans, have either had the disease or received a shot to prevent it. That’s over 58 percent of Alaskans having some degree of protection.

And yet the numbers of those infected keep climbing, mostly among the 42 percent of Alaskans without protection, and with a smaller, unknown number of “breakthrough” cases, or cases that defied the vaccine.

With 432 new cases on Sept. 6, the virus has hit 17 percent more this week than it did last week. This would indicate that while more people have either medical or natural immunity, those not immune are being hit especially hard. However, the death rate is not climbing as it did during the first year of the pandemic, possibly because many elderly and medically fragile Alaskans have had the vaccine and have adjusted their lifestyles to limit their contact with those who might infect them.

Source: DHSS dashboard


  1. Is there any organization on Earth – except perhaps the Taliban – that deserves to be trusted less than the World Health Organization? If that bunch said it was dark outside, I would check for myself before doing anything. (Runner up: Dr. Anthony Fauci.)

      • Recently I had an emergent possibly serious concern. The emergency room was empty. There was a policeman there with nothing to do. Immediately I was pleasantly triaged. Before that was completed the fantastic encouraging nurse was at the door to escort me to the bay. The doctor was in within minutes. I was seen and out within an hour. NO like what I read in ADN liberal mouthpiece. Just my anecdote.

        • My experience was almost the same last week at Fairbank’s ER. Well, except for an xray tech who treated me pretty poorly and complained about having to disinfect Every. Single. Thing. supposely because of me being a member of the unvaccinated control group. All things considered, it was a really good visit thankfully.

    • The vaccine is not 100% effective. Even the CDC has come forward to say that the vaccine is not as effective as they said in the past and that people will be required to take a booster shot after 8 months. Tired of media portraying the shot as the cure all for everything when they arent putting out in the news the number of healthy people who have died following receipt of the shot, been seriously disabled from the shot, and who now have heart problems caused by the shot. True vaccines take years of study and trials to know what effects they will have on people over time and this so-called vaccine did not have an extensive study. The media and others need to stop the scare tactics, stop the threats, stop violating people’s rights, and stop discriminating against the unvaccinated. It is a personal choice whether to vaccinate or not. If you feel your vaccination is supposed to keep you safe then stop worrying about the unvaccinated because according to your thought process you are safe. In the words of all the abortion activists, my body, my choice.

        • If that is what you got from my comment you seriously need to learn to read. I am NOT pro-abortion and never have been. Pro-abortion people like to throw out the ” my body, my choice” as to why they are allowed to murder a baby and the liberals stand behind that mantra to continue it. Well guess what, it is my body and my choice on what I want to put into my body and it isnt this so-called vaccine.

    • It’s staggering the way vaxxers wallow in their ignorance. You would think as afraid of Covid as they are, they would welcome every alternative which might help. But they blindly go along with the MSM narrative that Ivermectin is “horse dewormer” and can’t possibly be good for anything else. The vaccine is part of their politics and must be defended at all cost, regardless of how stupid this makes them look.

  2. The WHO, ProgComm politicians, and neurotic types want to fundamentally reorder society and the economy for a flu bug that has a 99.97% recovery rate if you are under 69. More children were struck by lightning than died from the chinese flu last year.
    Mass censorship of doctors and medical professionals with differing opinions.
    Ignoring multiple therapeutics that would reduce death.
    No one can tell you the vaccine is safe – no one – the time tested trials have not been won.
    Trust BigPharma?
    Trust the Fed Gov’t?
    Trust the MSM?
    Trust the war criminals Fauci and Gates?
    When the deaths and serious injuries from these vaccines become evident to the masses you will see global revolution.
    Sleep well vaxxers…
    Wake up Sheeple.

  3. Hmmm (???) … There must be another Federal election coming soon? So, better get ready for more scare tactics, wild.n.lavish lies and half-truths … Doom & Gloom … Lockdowns … Command & Control … Forfeiture of rights, freedoms and liberties.

  4. So covid as replaced the Influenza epidemic? No more flu shots will we here From this point on. Now! its covid season and time for your annual covid vaccine. Flu has miraculously disappeared just like that! Poof!

      • Everyone with a sniffle is calling it Covid, including the recalled PCR test there STILL using. Yes, the regular ol flu just magically disappeared in Anchorage.
        My sister-in-law is a registered nurse at AK regional and they all had a chuckle after a cantaloupe slice they tested gave a positive result for Covid.

    • We didn’t have a flu season last year because everybody stayed home and were locked out of businesses. Amazing what separation will do to stop the spread. They are saying you should run out and get a flu shot this year though because it potentially is going to be bad. So take your pick Jenny, you want covid or the flu?

  5. Suzanne, I believe in your 7th paragraph you may have meant to say number vaccinated plus those Covid recovered.

    Yes, Covid is not going away anytime soon. And as harsh as this sounds, the current infections will ultimately bolster immunity in our community. And the jab should not be promoted as the only answer.
    I believe our state is doing a great disservice by not advancing early treatment options. There are ways doctors can help by providing some guidance to those with symptoms, a positive test, and especially those at high risk. Dr. Peter McCullough brought this to the attention of our country last year and has information for medical providers so treatments can be offered early on, thereby keeping many, of not most from being hospitalized. This common sense approach is doable but I suspect does not fit the narrative of creating fear so all will be coerced into getting the jab.

  6. It’s only here to stay because scared establishment Republicans like Dave and Todd believe all the Democrat lies

  7. This article leads you to believe the vax does anything for you. Facts aren’t supporting that. These numbers thrown out everywhere are probably questionable at best.

  8. WHO’S Mike Ryan said at a press conference,”Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.”

    • Yes. We can’t be having families live that is not the one world order agenda because smart cities. NATO. Partners breaking national treaties together, because the european monarchs celebrating funding, a tiny bit of bio warfare to focus on American dummies who remain firmly confused by their communist teachers’ false, empty rhetoric. The U S Constitution annoys them (the Alaskan public servants) a great deal. “Don’t tell me we have to actually stand UP for that thing now!” “We’d rather wear masks and ping around. Hey, take a pitcher of me with a fish.” Will that WORK?$$$$?

  9. They won’t report Breakthrough cases because it kills their narrative of you must get the vaccine. They like to say those who don’t get the vaccine are anti-vaccers but in truth we are just anti covid vaccine because of the no long term side effect studies.

    • I looked at the dhss site and I looked around at a handful of papers around the state to see how they were reporting on the numbers. The only one that I found anything about the status of those hospitalized with covid was the Peninsula Clarion, it said there are currently 17 patients in the Central Peninsula Hospital with covid and 14 were unvaccinated. Who knows if that is representative of the state as a whole or not.
      It would be informative if they were to share the numbers, but I’m guessing that people who don’t believe the numbers will continue to not believe the numbers, facts be damned.

  10. It is a pretty crappy and debilitating disease, or can be anyway.
    I wish had been one of those Alaskans who had “mild symptoms or no symptoms at all”. But unfortunately, that is not how it has gone for me. I am now in day eight of the symptoms, and I might JUST be finally starting to turn the corner. But damn — the whole-body aches, the incredible lack of energy, the lightheadedness and dizzyness, and the constant coughing jags that have left my throat and lungs and diaphragm feeling like chopped liver — I would not wish this on anybody!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you got it. I have what they call a long-term covid and some report that it can go on for as long as 8 months but yeah that coughing is ridiculous. My wife had almost non-stop diarrhea for 3 weeks. The fatigue is just now starting to go away so that I can get back on my daily walking routine. Get well soon my friend.

    • I had SARS seventeen years ago. Didn’t know it though. It was hell. I worked through it though. Now I’m immune. It was the worst cold ever except for the double pneumonia I had as a severely malnourished kid. No. I wouldn’t “wish” this harm on any others. Judicial Watch has proof the same people who presided over SARs perfected and guided the bio weapon currently pinging around the world hitting some scientifically harder with its smart management bureaucrazies. How about our public servants eh? Aren’t they creeps?

      • The “new normal” no constitutional rights, commie rule, new bio weapon maladies, 70 million lose unemployment forever this week. What’s the dealio with evictions and foreclosures? Can I get an Amen on that one. Ther done; I mean the smilowitxz senate leeeeeeeders you have dim wittedly recognized as your “lords”. They aren’t in DC. It’s a secret who is writing up stuff in the night somewhere. There is no more stay at home stimulus buddies. Best wishes unto thee and btw wake up and stop electing leftards doing the will of foreign nations unto you.

    • Jefferson,
      Sounds like you have it about the same as I did back in April. The body aches were horrendous, relieved very nicely with a 500 mg dose of Tylenol but had to take it around the clock(in approved safety dosage range of course).
      Our family did get Ivermectin(human kind) and other helps ,and even though we were very fatigued for a time after, we all returned to our normal daily jobs as soon as quarantine ended.
      Hang in there and in the end, you will have natural immunity.

    • Jeff,
      Sorry you caught the wuhan flu, seems inevitable that most or all of us will. Thanks to modern science we have tools to help fight this disease, people need to make informed decisions about their health.

    • It appears to me covid sickness depends upon the infected persons attitude. You live with bad attitude and prone toward worrying, you have worse time with covid. You have good attitude and live somewhat at peace, you have “milder” form of covid. Don’t make a big deal about a little discomfort and it’ll not have the chance developing into anything worse.

      • Hmm, Jen, has that been your personal experience?
        I suspect the degree of illness one experiences has more to do with the condition of the body terrain. Look at who seems to suffer the most severe illness. They are obese or older or have underlying health issues etc..

        I have no idea if my own bout with Covid could have been easier or more difficult. I went on Ivermectin and several other helps. I’m mid 60’s, slender, rarely become ill except for a chronic health issue which is challenging and one that I have had to draw on every ounce of positive attitude to get up and deal with each day.

        There’s a place for positivity but with the degree of suffering our society has experienced over these last 18 months, I suspect we’re all running a little dry in that department.
        God bless all who suffer from this illness or any other. And I hope you have family and friends to help see you through.

      • I don’t think anyone thinks that’s how illness works, not since the middle ages anyways…or hippies, hippies definitely think that way.

  11. Interesting that the “breakthrough” cases are unknown. Most positive cases at my daughters school are amongst the vaccinated. I’ve spoke with other parents too and seems to be the trend at their children’s schools too.
    Also Israeli and UK outbreak is predictedominantly amongst the vaccinated.
    I’ll believe it when I see and have every reason to believe they’re feeding us BS!

  12. Another reason the death rate is not climbing in concert with the other numbers could simply be that the Chinese flu has picked off so many of those the most vulnerable to it; the pickings get slimmer for the virus as it kills Alaskans. The one-in-five hospitalized now dying is a stark number however. People are dead a very long time. For months I was angry at President Trump for not responding militarily to the Chinese flu but now that I see how we were defeated in Afghanistan by turbaned boy-chasers on motorbikes I wonder if Trump just knew the Chinese would hand our heads to us. A couple of attorneys have informally opined in conversations that our stand-your-ground law probably can work as a defense associated with this disease e.g. if the fellow isn’t masked and you can’t back away…..better to just avoid people as best one can until this epidemic subsides; great time to be a florist or undertaker however. In any event this is a bizarre time in Alaska history and in US history. It surprises me that the mainstream media do not talk about whether this is the first salvo from Red China in the coming world war yet many people I speak with mention it every time we speak of the disease.

    • You’re suggesting that Alaskans can employ deadly force against the unmasked in certain situations? Somebody needs to ask AST to have a very real conversation with you.

      • Liberal feel they’re “at war” with anyone who doesn’t believe the same things they do. If you look at their actions from this perspective you can begin to understand them.

    • “A couple of attorneys have informally opined in conversations that our stand-your-ground law probably can work as a defense associated with this disease e.g. if the fellow isn’t masked and you can’t back away…..”
      A couple of attorneys who are not capable of reading the law you mean. What field of law do these attorneys practice, real estate law? Contract law? Because they certainly cannot practice criminal law with an opinion like that.

  13. If I want to hear about WHO and CDC fear mongering, deception and willful representation of facts, I’ll read ADN or Ch 2 , KTUU.

    This article was completely unnecessary and makes me wonder why you put it together.

    It’s flu season. People get symptoms.

    FYI – I called both Providence and AK Regional a few days ago asking if I would have a long wait to be seen for a bad stomach problem – both said NO. I also told both hospitals that the media and Governor are suggesting COVID is causing staff shortages and long waits. Both said come on in.
    This is PURE MISREPRESENTATION of FACTS to continue the drum beats of irrational fear. Nothing less. The bible also says in many verses that only Satan instills fear. This continued fear mongering is clearly for nefarious reasons. Not refutable any longer. This entire Covid issue is done with pure wicked intentions. Not debatable any longer as the science and medical evidence says so. Why is MRAK regurgitating what WHO says ? They have zero credibility.

    I think I’m done with MustRead AK and I’m done donating to this website.

    • The only way the vaxxers “win” the argument is by censoring the other side. We see this frequently on the sites you mention because they can’t defend their argument. Please don’t advocate that Must Read Alaska start using this technique. No one wins when censorship is employed.

    • Recently I had an emergent possibly serious concern. The emergency room was empty. There was a policeman there with nothing to do. Immediately I was pleasantly triaged. Before that was completed the fantastic encouraging nurse was at the door to escort me to the bay. The doctor was in within minutes. I was seen and out within an hour. Not like what I read in ADN liberal mouthpiece. Just my anecdote.

    • Yup, “This is PURE MISREPRESENTATION of FACTS…” just about sums it up perfectly.
      This article reads like another propaganda hit piece from CNN.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’ve never donated, but I’m glad to see that trash like this and pandering to Dan Sullivan brings out the best in the comments. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  14. I keep seeing statements like this: “And yet the numbers of those infected keep climbing, mostly among the 42 percent of Alaskans without protection, and with a smaller, unknown number of “breakthrough” cases, or cases that defied the vaccine.” but there are never any numbers attached.
    Assertions that the “unvaccinated” are disproportionately getting infected or hospitalized or dying but no breakdown between the “vaccinated” and the rest.
    You know that the health officials have the numbers. What do you think is one of the first questions the hospital staff ask the patient upon admittance? “Have you been vaccinated?” Why wouldn’t they ask and record and report the results? Why aren’t they sharing the statistics?
    Non-official sources are reporting that those who got the jab are being hospitalized in large numbers.
    That conforms with the results of early animal tests where the treated test subjects suffered a disproportionate infection rate with severe reactions upon reinfection.
    Naturally the health authorities don’t want you to know the truth because knowing that the mRNA injection doesn’t help you will cause rational people to refuse it.
    Their confused messaging tells you the truth, if you listen…first they promised protection if you got the jab but now they’re warning us that we aren’t protected from even the original virus (hence the renewed masking and social distancing mandates) and telling us that we’re going to need a series of booster shots.
    And all of this over a virus that “…has been the attributed cause of 437 deaths in Alaska, just under 1/2 percent of all known cases.” according to this article.
    Hardly a civilization ending pandemic situation.
    Wake up…figure it out…something isn’t right here.
    We don’t really know what is actually going on here and some are filling in the blanks with crazy conspiracy theories but the numbers don’t equate to the draconian measures being taken. Covid is obviously not the threat they’re trying to make us believe it is.

    • I looked at the dhss site and I looked around at a handful of papers around the state to see how they were reporting on the numbers. The only one that I found anything about the status of those hospitalized with covid was the Peninsula Clarion, it said there are currently 17 patients in the Central Peninsula Hospital with covid and 14 were unvaccinated. Who knows if that is representative of the state as a whole or not.
      It would be informative if they were to share the numbers, but I’m guessing that people who don’t believe the numbers will continue to not believe the numbers, facts be damned.
      I completely agree when you say “We don’t really know what is actually going on here and some are filling in the blanks with crazy conspiracy theories”, there’s been no shortage of crazy conspiracy theories that’s for sure!

      • After the year that 2020 was how could a person not lean (at least a bit) into “conspiracy theory”. If you even question the current approved narrative you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist and possibly silenced

        • Don’t get me wrong, I like a good conspiracy theory as well as anyone, but I also have a rational mind that gathers facts and assembles them into rational thought.
          Covid zombie apocalypse, could have happened…still could. Computer nerd sex fiend ruling the world, possible…computer nerd sex fiend ruling the world by injecting tracking devices via vaccine, idiotic conspiracy theory.

  15. How many deaths last year from the flu? How about positive flu cases? What? We cured the flu? AMAZING!
    Did you know that the Covid testing does not differentiate form Influenza A or B or C-19? So what are the real numbers?

  16. Suzanne: I read that you said you got the shot. Can you help calm people by getting a blood test? It’s called a D-Dimer test to show blood clots. You can even order it for yourself if no doctor wants to do it.

  17. You are still considered unvaccinated 14 days after first shot…… MSM is pinning it on the Unvaccinated people because of all the “Breakthrough Cases” coming in…. why do you think they moved vaccinated dates out to 14 days? ITS ALL ABOUT FEAR TO CONTROL YOU.

  18. I wonder if the vaxxed – when they are laying in bed at night – ruminate on the possibility that they have compromised their immune system by taking a “rushed to market” gene therapy that has never been used on humans before.
    Do they fear an enlarged heart, brain swelling, auto immune disorders, their ability to ward off other infectious diseases, guillen-barre disease, bell palsy, VITT, myocarditis, pericarditis, and ADE antibody-dependent enhancement?
    This IS NOT a vaccine.
    No one can tell you it’s safe – they have not been any long term studies.
    Why is the MSM censoring ALL dissenting voices from medical professionals?
    Why are people with PHD’s the LEAST likely to get vaccinated – think about that?

    • You Sir, are suffering from cognitive failure. I’d ask you for source data but oh yeah, there is none.
      My family consists of several health care providers including one PhD (most med docs are not) and it is a rarity for any of them to choose to weigh both the science side as well as your raving lunatic side and conclude that you might be on to something. Now be a good nonconformist goofball and go get yourself on the wait list for an ICU room and a ventilator. Maybe toss back a few snorts of horse wormer while you’re at it. There’s no sense in not going all in so go grab yourself a medieval bird face mask and a boatload of essential oils. Maybe birch and essence of cat scratch if they’ve got it. Make a few cluck noises every once in a while. Like that.

      • Trouser Bark, perhaps you might look at the stats compiled in Africa, you know in Countries where the ” Horse Dewormer” was used vs Countries where it was not used…
        You are an intelligent person, pretty sure you can connect the dots here.

    • Actually many reports are coming in just like you say, especially from medical professionals as they see vaxxed people with short and long term side effects, while so many unvaxxed recover from the full blown illness, some easily and some with more serious symptoms but recovery nonetheless. People can always get the jab later, especially as better shots hit the market, but once shot with the mRNA you are stuck with adverse effects until death (just like herpes!).

      • Yeah. BS. You and DWI need to provide objective sources if you hope to maintain a shred of credibility.
        Be that as it may I hope your flare-ups are under control. Nasty stuff, that.

        • Except that it may be the vaxxed dying long term. Time will tell. Soon only 99.85% of the unvaxxed will be survive to build the future.

          • Greg, I haven’t time in my life for TV. Any spare time I spend reading journals, right now mostly studying therapies and jab effects. It is a crapshoot so far, and not worth playing Russian Roulette with my health (I have comorbidities). If I had a chance to invest with 99.85% chance of winning, you can bet that I’d be all in. I’ve been through COVID, had a random positive since, and see no need to risk my health or life with a long term unproven therapy.
            Remember, in the 1930s the AMA promoted cigarettes for health. “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette” “20,679 physicians say ‘My Luckies are less irritating'” “Trust Me I’m Your Doctor, and Why Not Have a Cigarette ?” ran the ads in the medical journals. How did that work out? For every doctor then promoting cigarettes we have one today promoting the jab.

        • If that is what you got from my comment you seriously need to learn to read. I am NOT pro-abortion and never have been. Pro-abortion people like to throw out the ” my body, my choice” as to why they are allowed to murder a baby and the liberals stand behind that mantra to continue it. Well guess what, it is my body and my choice on what I want to put into my body and it isnt this so-called vaccine.

      • Actually some are. I’ve heard more than one regret as more adverse data accumulates about mRNA. But you believe what you want. Time will prove one of us correct, so you needn’t blather on with your BS. And the people dying from the shot have deep regrets, I’m sure (and for the record I recommend it to those meeting the criteria, including in my own family).
        We can have a beer in five years, the one with the correct stance treats.

      • You must know and communicate with tens of millions to make a statement like that. A science based guy like you wouldn’t make an unsupportable statement like that without proof to back it up, would you?
        I know people who have expressed regrets over getting the jab and who worry that there might be longer term negative side effects.
        Seriously, Greg…go get a comprehensive blood test run and post your results.
        Tell the doctors to look for misshapen red blood cells, stacking of RBCs, low platelet counts, micro clots and other abnormalities.
        Put up or shut up.
        Do it and I’d bet you’ll be lying awake at night wondering why you rushed out for an experimental gene therapy drug for a virus that is less dangerous to the average human than the flu.
        You won’t though because you don’t really want to know.

  19. Haven’t had the flu in over 25 years, and have never had a flu shot. I’ll take my changes without getting the prick.

  20. Just freewheeling here… I’m finding it to the point of being bizarre that the WHO/CDC and local/national doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are literally refusing to recognize Ivermectin and Hydroxy as viable treatments and/or prophylactics against COVID. Pharmacies will refuse to fill the orders (yes, I’ve heard numerous accounts). Ivermectin was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2015 as a treatment against animal-to-human disease. When taken as directed, both are safe with little to no side effects. Is it better to wait until you develop a 104 degree fever in order to be admitted into the hospital? That just happened recently to a friend of my son’s father who was told not to come to the hospital until you hit 104. Why not give it a chance as it isn’t the aforementioned drugs that will kill you. I think that the way government has peddled (pushed) the Wuhan vaccine, the mask/vax shaming, and the resulting division in society, is scary and disheartening. Who knows what their next move will be.

  21. Must Read Alaska news site is a shill for pumping “clot shots.” This whole get your shot BS needs to stop because they are injuring and killing people, causing increase in viral variants, and making the whole Covid situation way worse. Just look at the data. Huge spikes of Covid in highly vaccinated areas, like Israel. I am done with this news site. Just another shill pumping Covid fear and vaccine BS. Besides they won’t even let you post links to information in the comment sections; therefore they have full control over their BS vaccine narrative they report. And, yes they censor their comments. I am done with my donations too. Good bye.

  22. Yeah I currently spent a week in the hospital for an underlying health condition of mine and there was no wait in the ER. I got seen in under two minutes and transferred to an inpatient hospital room in less than a few hours. This whole Covid narrative is BS. Plus the nurses told me that the Covid ward is full of those who are vaccinated. And they told me NOT to touch the vaccine and those nurses that did told me they regret getting the shot and encouraged me and others to stay far away from the vaccine. They know. They see what is happening. Shame on this news site. I could have read an article like this in the ADN. It’s funny how some of those who were scared enough to inject themselves with shot defend the vaccine at all costs.

    • Not any longer. Now, people who have received the vaccine want the unvaccinated to stay away from us. You see, the vaccinated have rights too. You have the right to not get a shot and that is fine. Vaccinated people have the right to not have an unvaccinated person sitting next to them in the movie theaters or in the checkout line at McDonald’s or Walmart. The unvaccinated say, well if you’re scared just stay at home. That’s not a solution because it takes away the vaccinated rights. They have a right to be there and I believe they have the right to shop or eat or entertain themselves without fear of getting bad sick or worse.

      • Perhaps the vaccinated need to wear an icon on their chest. Perhaps a Scarlet Letter or a yellow Star of David. Vaccinated shed virus and evidence shows that they may shed their mRNA, so they’re dangerous. Besides, too many of them are fanatics and we have a right to know. I tell my son the same thing about masks-that a mask is a sure sign of a leftist, so beware. We get a good laugh.

          • Ah, RINOs! Not really, it is a general rule, not hard and fast. But when you see someone wearing two masks and a shield that is almost a sure giveaway. My sister-in-law uses N-95, but she has lung problems and is on chemo and would wear it without COVID.

      • Greg, your reasoning is very flawed. The vaccinated have rights to go to the movies and so do the unvaccinated. I see you have taken the jab and decided to slide down the slippery slope of dangerous absurdity, which isn’t necessary you know. You can just get vaccinated and feel good about it. The vaccines don’t stop the spread. They diminish it, supposedly… Israel’s situation isn’t great evidence of that. But anyway, it’s better to drive with ‘speed’ injected into your bloodstream. It makes you more alert and therefore a safer driver, until it wears off at least. Therefore I think it is my right to make sure everybody on the road is on speed just like me, regardless how they feel about it.
        This is a new method of vaccination that has failed every time it has been attempted in the past 10 years. The inventor of the method says these particular spike proteins are dangerous and risky and believes people should be weighing all of the different risk factors before assuming they should just get the shot. It has killed thousands of people already. The first polio vaccine that came out killed and paralyzed kids. How many? Not more than 200 were paralyzed and 10 died and that was enough to make the decision to stop mass vaccination and return to the drawing board. We are above 14,000 deaths caused by the covid vaccines and not only do you, Greg, not want vaccines halted until that gets sorted, you want them mandated! I know 14,000 is less than the amount of covid related deaths, but depending on your other risk factors it might not make any sense to get vaccinated, especially with the amount of treatment options that are now available. It’s perfectly healthy for people to be skeptical, especially when dysfunctional government agencies are involved that get their funding from the companies they are supposed to be policing, and outright lying and contradicting themselves right in front of our faces.
        Not everyone that is vaccinated thinks like you, thank goodness. And not everyone has drank up the fear porn hyperbole about covid. It ain’t polio and it definitely isn’t the Spanish Flu. It’s more dangerous than the typical annual flu and it’s novel, but there is no reason to become totalitarian chicken littles. I don’t think that is the mature and wise approach even if it was the Spanish Flu. But I don’t doubt that there were people like you around during the Spanish Flu. People literally got shot dead for not wearing a mask back then because “I have a right to be on the street and see everyone else wearing masks. You see, I have rights too.” It makes a lot of sense that many of the people that grew up during the Spanish Flu thought totalitarianism was a good idea and brought on WWII.
        Regardless, I ain’t getting the jab and neither are a whole bunch of stubborn people. You can reply to all of the comments until you are blue in the face and you won’t change our minds. So you need a new game plan. This is a war against a virus, not each other. I suggest you shift your thinking and realize we aren’t going to be able to force everyone to get vaccinated (and we shouldn’t anyway) and with that in mind it’s time to use all of the weapons we have at our disposal and take this on without using medical tyranny. Vaccines, stock up treatments, and staff up the hospitals, even with nurses that are unvaccinated. We could even create a policy that a patient is allowed to request a vaccinated nurse so your “rights” aren’t infringed. Let’s do this. If you think vaccines are the simplest and easiest path for everyone, you certainly aren’t alone and you should be right if they are as good as purported. As a matter of fact, it should be a stress free piece of cake, if they are that great. And if that is true, and people are suffering who aren’t getting vaccinated and the news and medical industry is being honest and transparent and allowing healthy discourse, perhaps many more people will trust what they have been told and get vaccinated. Wouldn’t that be sweet. “Those that are vaccinated don’t have to wear masks and those that aren’t vaccinated can make their own choices without threatening the vaccinated”. Do you realize how nice that sounds? We could get along with our lives instead of wasting our time being keyboard warriors. But you know the vaccines aren’t that effective at stopping the spread which makes your whole position total self-centered judgemental and arrogant BS. There are ways out of this that don’t involve tyranny. Tyranny wouldn’t work anyway, just ask Israel unless you think we need to achieve 90% vaccinated, which would involve vaccinating young children who aren’t even at that much of a risk. And there would be parents that would fight it and homeschool if they had to, so you would have to pry children out of parents’ arms to achieve that goal. You need to wake up to what’s really possible and quit whining like a selfish 4 year old demanding the impossible, respectfully.

  23. So…. COVID 19 is doing exactly what every other pandemic has done in the past. It infects, hospitalizes, or kills the most vulnerable first, then sticks around pretty much for all eternity.
    What is different about this pandemic? Test and trace. In previous pandemics we only tested those who were sick or showing symptoms. With this panicdemic, we are testing people who have zero symptoms simply because they went into a shop/restaurant that reported a positive case the day before they went into that shop/restaurant. The hospitals test everyone who enters for any kind of treatment, and every death is tested for the virus, regardless of the cause of death. If we tested every who died for common STDs the leading cause of death would be hanky-panky.
    Add to that, the gold standard for testing, the PCR test is spectacularly unreliable. So unreliable that the CDC is saying front line medical people should not use it during flu season because it cannot differentiate between the seasonal flu and COVID.
    As with most things, not enough people are saying “Compared to what?” when they hear statistics. 437 people in Alaska died with the virus in their system. ZOMG! The Horrors!… but wait. That is over a 19 month period. That’s less than one person a day on average.
    How many people a day die in Alaska from the top three causes of death? (Cancer, heart disease, and accidents) Do you know? If not, how can you be so sure COVID is terrible? (HINT: It is a lot more than 1 a day.)

  24. Anyone at the hospital for a physical, foot surgery, tonsillitis, dog bite, constipation ect. who test positive with the faulty PCR test is counted as a “Hospitalized Covid Case”.
    Why are people having such a hard time connecting the dots? Something in the water?

    • Exactly. Why do you think there pushing so hard for everyone to get it? The censorship of the vaccine deaths is astronomical right now and is a huge undertaking they must steadily pursue until there numbers are met. All those FEMA coffins that rose eyebrows years ago are now making perfect sense.

    • There deaths will be blamed on the unvaccinated and new variants. Biden to announce “New measures for fighting the plandemic” at the end of this month….
      Australia is calling their camps “Well camps”. What will ours be called?
      Our CDC is calling it the “Shielding Approach”.
      What is the Shielding Approach?

      “The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (“high-risk”) and the general population (“low-risk”). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.”

      Search: “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings”

  25. My preliminary study of jab results: jab ingredients, 2-fenoxietanol (likely spelled wrong) is anti-freeze, is liquid that smells nice, has glycol ether, an insect repellent, antiseptic, solvent which acts as a fish anesthetic in acquaculture, also aluminum which is knownto be a neurotoxin causing ms, ALS, alzheimers, also NBC-5-celler, a diploid cell culture line composed of fibroblasts (connective tissue secrete college proteins used to heal developed from lung of a 14 week aborted fetus isolated by JP Jacobs colleagues in Sept. 1966 from seventh population doubling of the original strains which reach senescence in 45 population doubling. Please do your own tedious research. This is my own beginning research off of the general information on the internet and draw whatever conclusion you wish. These are just three of the known ingredients. The secret in the United States ingredients covered by corporate veils are itemized in other countries and left intentionally blank in the mds given at injection in the US. So I wonder how can anyone make a completely informed consent under these circumstances.

  26. SARS-2 and it’s mutated variations are here to stay forever from the time it was released (accidentally or purposefully) from its’ lab of man made creation.
    There is documented evidence recently published that removes any plausible deniabilty that SARS-2 was a joint venture bio weapon created with US funding using Chapel Hill in North Carolina and two CCP military operated labs in Wuhan, China. Ironically under the approval of Dr. Fauci himself.
    The FDA and WHO are either funded by and under control of Big Pharma companies which just coincidentally were developing Mrna “vaccines” and issued 117 patents for a virus which supposedly did not yet exist.
    Hospitals are corporations and run by administrators, not doctors. Medicare and Medicaid both pay enhanced reimbursements for patients who are treated, or even higher amounts for those who die with
    The key to additional funding is that a test, however inaccurately or suspect the test protocols used to determine the viral presensce are, is positive for presence of SARS-2.
    Old fashioned flu and pneumonia pay less than the enhanced SARS-2, therefore flu has largely disappeared officially. This unusual fact is explained by the theory that increased hygiene and hand washing has lessened flu to a rarity. The hygiene protocols recommended for SARS-2 apparently ended the flu, but do not prevent the virus its recommended for.
    From those we personally know who took the jabs, all (100%) have subsequently become ill from SARS-2 to varying degrees of intensity, 3 have died a few weeks after being injected and several have developed chronic heart issues and lung conditions, usually blood clotting.
    Those we know who have developed positive tests without the injections have ranged from asymptomatic to mildly ill and fully recovered.
    Everyone must make their own decisions. We weight first hand observable facts over the words of proven liars who have documented financial renumeration motivation.

  27. Members of my family have taken the jab. One said to me: “I don’t believe my government would EVER do ANYTHING to hurt me; why would they want a bunch of sick people on their hands?” I thought that was very sweet.

  28. President Trump said of the World Health Organization: “The U.S. has raised concerns about WHO officials’ praise of Chinese “transparency,” its ignoring of warnings about the virus from Taiwan, and its repetition of Chinese claims that COVID-19 could not be spread from person-to-person.”
    WHO officials also opposed Trump’s decision to place a travel ban on China in the initial days of the China flu crisis.
    The United States gave WHO hundreds of millions of dollars annually. President Trump stopped that gift because the China flu pandemic showed WHO is more interested in appeasing Chinese communists than in fighting a global health crisis.
    WHO repeated Chinese misinformation for months. While communist Chinese were failing to contain the China flu, the WHO repeated Chinese claims that the disease did not spread human-to-human. WHO officials reported the regime’s success in containing the disease while covering up the brutality of its quarantine which included starving people to death in their locked homes.
    Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director, was complicit, praising the Chinese government “transparency”, accepting Chinese claims that no new cases emerged.
    Top WHO adviser Dr. Bruce Aylward, ended an interview rather than answer a journalist’s question about why Taiwan is excluded from WHO. The answer is because the PRC do not want it there.
    So… enough of WHO. If one’s hobby is prospecting for micronuggets of truth about China flu, may we suggest WHO
    …or for that matter any unelected official whose authority and ability to get money depend on perpetuating China flu hysteria,
    are not the places to look.

  29. This is a bit tangential to Suzanne’s article, but has anyone noticed that pretty much everything in, around and pertaining to Covid is starting to repeat itself? The pressure on the health care system, masks, vaccines, variants, societal restrictions…. Is there anything that is really new in the discussion? (One exception may be the emerging and developing discussion about the origins of the virus.) All of the institutions involved have taken major hits to their credibility. Can anyone honestly say that there is a good and clear path forward? I cannot. It is time that we developed one.
    We need to expect more from our leaders, particularly those in the health and scientific fields. So many of those folks are driven by ego (Dr. Fauci comes to mind), fear (Dr. Walensky at CDC) or politics.(which includes many). And there are likely some that are making a lot of money. The Covid crisis is coming as close as anything I have seen in my lifetime to breaking our society and civil order. Unless a better path emerges in the next couple of months, I am starting to think that things will start to come apart. That could be very ugly. Everyone should be concerned about that.

    • The truth is becoming harder to decipher. I hear from nurses that the severely ill are vaccinated, but hear the opposite from the media. Also a caveat: the most severely ill, vaccinated and not, also have severe comorbidities, so the picture is blurred and statistics largely meaningless.
      People in authority do seem to be intentionally muddying the waters every chance that they get, and a cynical mind might almost think that they purposely try to confuse and divide us. A government of the people would never do that, though. It looks to be a tough winter for all.

    • I see things pretty much the same way JMark.
      And tomorrow, our demented prez will announce further measures affecting the unjabbed.
      Things may get interesting faster than we realize.

    • Jmark,
      Look to history. The parallels with the 1918 Spanish Flu aren’t hard to follow, it came in waves and lasted much longer than just the year 1918. The disease that caused the Spanish Flu is still with us, just like this one will most likely be 100 years from now. Review what happened after the recovery from the Spanish Flu and WWI, something similar will likely happen again following this pandemic. The Strauss–Howe generational theory is an interesting concept, worth some review.

      • Speaking of world war I, apparently you don’t know that the Spanish flu was the reason that they stopped it. Everybody was too sick to fight. And apparently you don’t know that the only thing that saved Nome was for it to completely shut itself off from the outside. 100 years from now they’ll be talking about this one too. The fat lady hasn’t sang yet.

        • Greg,
          It’s rather simplistic, and not all together true, to say that the Spanish Flu singlehandedly ended WWI. There were numerous things that led to the armistice, a rather large one being that the US joined the war the previous year…which most likely led to the rapid spread of the Spanish Flu into the combat theater. Also there were a number of Alaskan villages saved by complete isolation, and some completely wiped out for lack of complete isolation.

  30. Covid and the social control it brings are here to say.

    15 days to flatten the curve quickly became 15 months to flatten the Constitution.

  31. WHO, can be trusted? I’m 70 and don’t give a s—, no mask no vaccines for me, I go about my life as usual as does most in my family. The first thing to do is turn off the bulls— news.

  32. For those asking about the vaccinated vs unvaccinated hospitalization rate, the adn is reporting the following:
    “In one week in late August, 26 out of 136 COVID-positive people hospitalized in Alaska were vaccinated, according to the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association. Of 33 COVID-19 patients in the ICU, five were vaccinated. Out of 18 on ventilators, one was vaccinated. Unvaccinated COVID-19 patients in Alaska hospitals are far younger than those who are vaccinated, and exhibit fewer underlying health conditions yet get seriously ill from the virus, officials say. At one Anchorage hospital, the median unvaccinated age was 44, while for vaccinated patients it was 66”
    Now you can believe them or not, but that’s what they are reporting.

  33. Purely anecdotal, but I know of at least half a dozen healthy younger adults who tested positive for Covid shortly after being vaccinated. At least half of them subsequently infected other family members. Health “authorities” and the media are downplaying this as it does not fit their official narrative.
    On another note – are there any studies out there linking increased fatal heart attacks in older folks who had recently taken the jab?

    • Fish, I was going to ask how long after they were vaccinated did their family members get sick but in the end it really doesn’t matter since it’s been reported that vaccinated people have the ability to spread the disease. Unvaccinated people spread the disease five times faster than unvaccinated mind you, but this thing is so contagious it really doesn’t matter. Where I live a two week old newborn and a 3-year-old kid died from it last week. They were too young to get the vaccine. Most people who get the vaccine do not die unless they’re bad sick from something else. Here’s the benefit from it all, if someone has had their two Pfizer shots, and also gets covid, then they are the most protected person in the world from covid or any of the future variants that come down the pike. Someone that hasn’t had the shots and gets covered and survives is only as protected as long as they’re immune system keeps pumping out antibodies which is typically 6 to 8 months. I haven’t heard of anyone getting a heart attack after they’ve taken the shot. I haven’t heard of anyone dying from the shot itself. My friends died from covid because one was fighting cancer, and two were over the age of 70. They all had shots but even with the added protection this deadly disease overwhelmed them.

      • I find your story about two children dying of COVID somewhat stretching credibility. I want to see the reports. According to Johns Hopkins research, ZERO children under 12 died of COVID without other significant illness such as Leukemia. According to NBC news, there have been 121 deaths under age 10, almost all with one underlying condition and over half with two or more, mostly treatment resistant asthma. For perspective, during the same time period 49,725 children (under 17) died from all causes. Statistical breakdown by age is not readily available, but from CDC reporting, 82 kids under 24 have died from the vaccine, though the true number is probably much higher.

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