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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Who is signing the checks over at Recall Dunleavy?



The news was not unexpected and the headline in the ADN no surprise: “One year in, the recall campaign against Gov. Mike Dunleavy has slowed.”

It seems the poorly conceived effort to recall Dunleavy, which got underway before the ink on his oath of office was dry, is losing steam because of coronavirus restrictions and other pressures.

It is no real surprise, we suppose. There are myriad reasons to oppose a recall – or simply losing interest in it – based on sins mostly imagined, but the one that does it for us? The campaign’s continued secrecy about its financial backers.

Alaskans are being asked to unseat a governor — reverse a legitimate democratic election — without being told who actually is asking, or who is paying for the effort.

Somebody is forking out wads of dough for signature-gathering, research and public relations firms, surveys, lawyers and who knows what else? Recall Dunleavy has had months of court fights all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court. Whose names are on all those checks?

Alaskans may never know. State law allows Recall Dunleavy to collect and spend truckloads of cash from anybody, except foreign interests, without revealing where it came from or went — at least until the recall question wins a spot on the ballot.

Only then, and only if any signature-gathering money is rolled over into a recall election campaign, would backers be forced to report every penny collected and spent since the effort’s beginning. If none of the signature-gathering money ends up in the election campaign, Alaskans might never know who paid the bills.

When it comes to removing a duly elected official from office, that simply is not good enough. You have to ask: Would Alaskans ever have signed the petitions if they knew who was underwriting the effort?

We do not have a clue, but perhaps Recall Dunleavy does not think so.

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  • The short answer?
    Commies and RINOs.

    • Walker.

  • Lots of governor’s are facing this same thing. Coup attempt.

  • If it’s not the erstwhile banking family, and the old coal miner, then those fellows need to tell us it isn’t them. Up to now they have forthrightly taken ownership in the newspapers and at political events. For a moment I thought I saw them landing at Juneau International yesterday. But they have a Gulfstream IV, and it was a V. Impressive plane.

    The recall is a dog’s breakfast. Has been from the start. They went after Dunleavy because he cut the budget. But the budget cutting has yet to actually occur. There’s almost $1.5 billion GF that can and must come out of the operating budget.

  • Somebody out there must have a believable clue?

  • Bill Walker. Look no further. Maybe not his signature on the checks, but the recall is inspired by Bill Walker. His former AG and COS are the prime movers of the recall. This is not hard to figure out, either.

    The man behind all of the deadend attempts to rid Trump from the White House……… Barak Obama.

    Walker and Obama are both losers. History will bear this out. Both men were succeeded by conservatives. Both men have much to to hide and to run from. They will try to erase the achievements of their successors. Walker’s and Obama’s past misdeeds will eventually catch up with them.

    • Well said!

    • Good post, Chrissy. You nailed it! Bill Walker inspired the recall and had his former chief of staff and attorney general take the lead on recall Dunleavy. Then, like the true coward that he is, Walker goes and hides in a law firm and takes big $$$ from PPP to pay himself. What a schmuck and a schiester. Hope Walker goes to jail. His Lt Governor side-kick, the child-sex abuser, paid for his sins. Walker should too

      • Maybe Byron Mallott will summon his soul mate and together they can govern from a place below.

  • Berkowitz knows who is signing the checks and that Rogoff and her ilk are probably part of it too.

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