Who has filed for Anchorage elected offices so far?


The filing period for Anchorage mayor and school board seats opened on Friday. So far, eight have filed for mayor for the April 6 election.

The filing deadline is Friday, Jan. 29 at 5 pm. Here are the applications that were received on Friday by the Municipal Clerk’s Office, with more expected on Monday for school board:

School Board Seat B, 1-year term
School Board Seat E
School Board Seat F
School Board Seat G


  1. I’m in the valley so will not be taking part in this. However. questions.
    1. Will the mail in drop boxes be monitored to ensure no ballot harvesting, i.e. bunches of ballots dropped off by one person?
    2. Will those monitoring be checking ID and ballot signature for each ballot dropped off?
    3. Will al ballots be signature checked prior to count and if outside is not filled out correctly and/or the signature does not match that that ballot be not accepted, period?
    4. Will the post office be required and checked to ensure that all ballots that do not have an accurate address be held and then returned to the elections to be destroyed? Will that be witnessed by ballot watchers?
    5. Will we be on the shoulder/elbow of all counters to ensure the accuracy of all ballots to be counted and to ensure any fraudulent ballots not be counter. Also, that those that were refused (see #3) be guarded so that those ballots cannot be counted at all. If those are to be adjudicated, will they be in a totally different building and who will be the final authority on adjudication?
    We know from past Anchorage elections the problems. We know the problems of this past national election. We must take back our right to vote to ensure the safety and sanctity of those votes. To do less allows the socialists the ability to ensure that the once great City of Anchorage to be a true Communist city.

  2. Wish I could be a ballot counter, verifier. Our state and country need more honest ballot handlers, workers who can separate their political preferences from the job.

  3. Don’t use mail in vote. Get out and vote the old fashioned way. It worked for hundreds of years. Electronic voting can be hacked just like the Pentagon was.

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