Who got what federal aid? Oil tax guy Robin Brena and partner Gov. Bill Walker



Millionaire Robin Brena and his partner-millionaire former Gov. Bill Walker received hundreds of thousands of dollars in COVID-19 relief money through the federal Paycheck Protection Program, money intended to help small businesses during the economic crisis spawned by the pandemic.

So did a 1,600+ other businesses in Alaska, such as the Anchorage Daily News, which applied for and won between $1 million and $2 million, according to records released this week.

But Brena, who is leading the Ballot Measure 1, is possibly the only person on the long list of Alaska recipients who is using federal funds to underwrite his campaign against the oil industry in Alaska.

Brena is the author and financier behind Ballot Measure 1, which seeks to jack up taxes on oil production in Alaska’s legacy fields. Ballot Measure One has put a chill once again in the oil patch, which is now fighting to retain the Senate Bill 21 tax regime, which was passed by voters in 2013.

And he has paid for the ballot initiative with mostly his own money — money that has now been recovered from the federal government.

Curiously, all of the businesses’ names that Must Read Alaska reviewed on the attached list appear correctly given, but Brena, Bell and Walker’s firm was misspelled “Brenna, Bell and Walker.”

Sloppy work or detection avoidance?

The entire list of recipients is at this link:


  1. No detection avoidance for disgraced governor Bill Walker, who’s spiritual Lt. Governor is now paying the price in hell for molesting children. Bill Walker is a disgusting a$$whole. He takes large sums of money from the federal government (which will ultimately be reduced to a giveaway grant), yet he wouldn’t give the lawfully owed, full PFD to Alaska residents who elected him. Walker is creepy and should be investigated thoroughly for financial crimes. Ultimately, he should go to prison.

      • Bill Walker is a pig. No governor in Alaska had used the system more to benefit himself, while impeding the legal rights of residents. I hope Tom and the FBI go after this guy and all of his dishonest cohorts. Walker is behind the recall of Dunleavy, which is a classic attempt to cover-up the misdeeds of Walker.

        • I’m onboard with the prosecution of Bill Walker. The guy is a complete liar and used his position as governor for his own corrupt activities. He needs to go to prison.

          • Brena purchased Bill Walker’s old law firm and then Brena hired back Walker after he was totally disgraced from the governor’s office. Interesting relationship between these two lawyers. One made his career money in real estate and the other in municipal theft. Now the two are running the oil tax initiative allegedly to bring a billion or two back to state government and ultimately the cities and municipalities that the Brena Walker law firm will make millions through their representation. And, Walker is still trying to get even with voters by running the Dunleavy Recall behind the scenes. In summation, Bill Walker is a snake, or a pig, however you want to parse it. His only ambition is to pad his own pockets. How he conned the electorate and became governor is beyond imagination. He is corrupt and should be investigated for financial crimes. HE should have been recalled in 2015.

          • Walker is a seditionist behind the scenes, for sure. He is also a naive businessman, or a commie sympathizer……
            however you want to address it. Going to Communist China and trying to entice them to invest as majority owners of an Alaska gasline shows how dumb (or desperate) Walker was. That was a Barak Obama style move. btw, Obama and Walker were also political soulmates.

  2. Outstanding investigation, Suzanne. You uncover some things that no one else can uncover. Bill Walker trembles at the sound of…..MRAK.

  3. A person with firsthand knowledge and facts of Brena using federal funds to underwrite his campaign against the oil industry in Alaska might call 1-800-359-3898, the Treasury’s Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline or write to:
    Brian D. Miller, Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR), United States treasury, Office of Inspector General 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Room 4436, Washington, DC 20220.
    The objective would be to ask the IG to determine whether this is an appropriate use for Paycheck Protection Program funds.

    • Good post, Morrigan. I noticed several other big name law firms in Alaska are also on the PPP dole. Nothing like free reserve money to litigate frivilous suits. Or, to have spare cash to pay experts and pay off other law office expenses. Thievery. Pure thievery!

    • Ewww… sounds like an expression of shame! Does somebody need a sugar tit? Are you one of those that porked the system, Denny? Got a fatty check like the Native companies and legal usurpers did and all for no good reason?

      Go feel bad about being outed.

  4. It’s more than Ballot Measure 1 that’s spoiling the oil party in Alaska. High production and transport costs, a historically unstable tax regime, severely depressed demand due to Covid, aging oil infrastructure, diminishing resource quantity, and cutthroat competition all play a big part as well.

    Sad to say, but Alaska has pretty much turned out to be a one-trick pony after all.

    • Woof-woof. Go back to your gas guzzler, Dog. Take your COVID vacation by jet. Turn up the heat on your oil burning boiler. Drive your boat off island. Mow your lawn. You are a hypocrite and a moron like the rest of your fellow Democats. But……….glad you read MRAK. Did you give Suzanne a donation for your meaningless tirade???? Woof-woof.

  5. “I believe that ignorance is the root of all evil. And that no one knows the truth.“

    Molly Irvin’s Texas.

    Suzanne Downing is Molly Irvin’s reincarnated. Keep up the incredibly good writing Suzanne.

  6. The fact that Walker is crooked as a dog’s hind leg is no surprise. He marginalized the whole of the population of Alaska to push a fake natural gas pipeline and siphon millions off the state coffers to people and himself. The fact that it continues today, to the tune of $13 million to pay 26 people to do absolutely nothing of value, is testament to the idiocy going on with the legislature’s fiscal inadequacy today. It doesn’t surprise me that Brena is at the trough, once again, as his end game is to continue to play both sides of the plate to continue to enrich himself by attacking the one industry in the state most responsible for the revenue to operate the state.

  7. Where is Walker? Haven’t seen or heard any public statements from him since he left office. Is he still in hiding? He can come out now, as his soulmate Mallott has traveled to newer Happy Hunting Grounds.

    • Bill Walker is not the Godfather. He’s just a worn-out old geezer, more like a great-grandfather, who can’t find his cane or his tri-focals.

  8. One wonders how long Bill Walker knew that his stinker Lt. Governor was molesting young girls? Was he deliberately covering this from the authorities?

    • ……..if true, wouldn’t that make Byron Mallott and Bill Walker the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell of Alaska?

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