Which state votes most Democrat? The one where Alaskans go to get away from winter


Hawaii is rated as the most Democrat-leaning state in the nation. 

According to World Population Review, Hawaiians vote for Democrat candidates 18 percent more than the average American voter does. Second place is Vermont, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ country; and third place is New York, where Democrat lawyer Andrew Mark Cuomo is governor.

Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and Florida are the states closest to the average, in other words, they are the most swing states of all, but slightly to the Republican side.

Wyoming is the most Republican-leaning state, with a 25 percent Republican swing off the U.S. average, followed by Oklahoma and Utah, then Idaho and West Virginia.

The calculation is called the Cook Partisan Voting Index, also known as the CPVI. It measures how strongly a state leans Republican or Democratic compared to the entire nation. The index is updated after each presidential election, looking at the average Democratic or Republican share of the last two presidential elections compared to the national average.

Alaska is nine points off of the average, toward the Republican side of the scale.

See the entire list of states and how they rank at World Population Review.


  1. Indeed, Hawaii is a veritable cesspool of nanny-statism and overbearing, overreaching goverrnment at every level. I actually toyed with the idea of moving there at one point, but after three lengthy trips to Hawaii, talking to friends and locals there about life in that state, and the costs and burdens of governmental regulations, controls and decrees, I had to put that idea to bed for good. Hell, one might almost as well move to the insane asylum known as California.

  2. That Hawaii as the most liberal state is not really news, I thought everyone knew that. I mean, any state that would elect a loon like Hirono is way off the deep end. One could also say (and it could be related to its liberalism) that Hawaii is the least welcoming state.
    Anyway, this list is fodder for progressive colonists (largely from California) who are intent on turning states and communities blue. Look what they have done to Colorado and Arizona.

  3. Love it, nice information
    But I’ll stay here in Alaska
    I do love Hawaii, that sunshine and warm ocean water, but yikes

  4. Correlate the states that vote democrat the most with the states that have the easiest climate to live in. Things like farming production, availability of clean drinkable water, minimal requirement for energy usage, an assurance of food, shelter, etc…
    Your average Democrat is lazy. In HI, living is easy, pretty much year around. Same in NY (although, it is expensive, but seriously NYers are tough is really a myth.) On the other hand, go to the states that generally tend to vote Republican. There is (generally) a bit of self reliance happening, a bit of knowing (and trusting) your neighbors. You do not live in small town America and expect life to be easy. You live there because you understand and appreciate hard work, and earning what you get.
    Studies like this make me laugh, and actually they reinforce everything I know about human nature.

  5. I stopped going to Hawaii for any reason after Hirono and her band of criminal senators wrote letters to banks telling them they should NOT support economic activity in MY state of Alaska. Hawaii can sink for all I care, they won’t be getting any of my money.

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