What is wrong with these people?



The Anchorage Assembly’s 8-2 vote this week to change local law to force women’s shelters to accept men who say they are women makes us wonder: What is wrong with the our Assembly members?

The vote – Assemblywomen Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy were the only “no” votes – would revise Anchorage Municipal Code Title 5, the Equal Rights section.

The move appears aimed at the Downtown Hope Center, a Christian shelter, which allows women, but bars biological males, even if they identify as women.

The city lost its last kerfuffle with the Hope Center, which has provided safe space for battered and vulnerable homeless women for more than 30 years.

In a 2018 letter to the Anchorage Daily News, Kate Anderson, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona-based legal ministry, which represented Downtown Hope Center, laid out the facts.

A man, Jessie Doe, claiming to identify as a woman, arrived at the center agitated, aggressive, and injured. Hope Center Executive Director Sherrie Laurie encouraged Doe to go to the hospital, even paying for the taxi to the emergency room, Anderson wrote.

Doe complained to the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, claiming sex and gender identity discrimination.

“Laurie later learned that, before coming to the Hope Center, the police had picked Doe up from another homeless shelter where Doe had started a fight,” Anderson wrote. “The other shelter had even banned Doe from returning until July 4.”

After months of investigation, the commission pressured the Hope Center to change its policies, despite its finding no evidence of past discrimination – and despite the Anchorage ordinance in question specifically exempting homeless shelters.

By day, the Hope Center provides food, shower, and laundry services, and also job skills training to any man or woman in need, no matter their status, no matter their gender identity. It serves 450-600 cups of soup daily and 142,000 meals annually, Anderson says.

At night, the Hope Center becomes a women’s-only shelter to fill a deep need in the community to help homeless women who have been beaten, raped, trafficked and emotionally and physically abused, Anderson says.

The center went to federal court in September 2018 to block enforcement of Anchorage’s anti-discrimination laws against the center. The center argued it was exempt from the city’s anti-discrimination laws.

On Aug. 9, 2019, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction to stop the municipality from enforcing its non-discrimination code.

The next month, Anchorage dropped its complaint against the center, conceding the shelter is not, under the law, operating a public accommodation. The Equal Rights Commission settled, awarding the Downtown Hope Center $100,000 in legal fees and $1 in damages.

It is nothing short of incredible that eight members of the Anchorage Assembly would force a shelter for battered, abused, vulnerable homeless women – women abused by men – to house men who say they are women at night in the same facility with those women. What kind of a mind believes that is OK?

You simply have to ask: What is wrong with these people?


  1. This all just reveals how how selfish and dependent the LGBTQ and their allies are. They run to the government for financial services instead of dipping into their OWN wallets to build their own domestic violence shelter for Transgender males and women. When Anchorage needed a womens shelter in AWAIC, the builders didnt run to the government first they did the fundraising, planning, and building themselves.

  2. Maybe the people of anchorage will correct their grave mistake and start cleaning house next election cycle.
    It is ridiculous that again the assembly feels their views are more important than courts or women’s safety.

  3. What is wrong with them? you ask. They Have No Morals. They claim they want to protect Women yet they allow biological males who have an identity crisis and claim to be something God did not make to continue the abuse of Women.

  4. So let me lay out a hypothetical scenario here:

    An abused woman escapes from her abuser, and seeks shelter at Hope. Her abuser finds out where she is, and also comes to Hope “seeking shelter,” and claiming to identify as a woman. What could *POSSIBLY* go wrong?

    Idiots…unfortunately, including my two (so-called) representatives. Can’t wait to vote them out.

  5. I quote:

    Robert A Schenker / May 26, 2021 “…Dalrymple explains that in his study of Communist Propaganda he came to the conclusion that its aim was not to persuade, convince or to inform. Its purpose was to humiliate and that the further it was from reality, the better.
    When you can force someone to remain silent in the face of such lies and even better for the Leftist, get them to repeat these obvious lies, they tend lose their sense of probity.
    To assent to such a lie is to cooperate with evil, and perhaps for some to become evil themselves. Having swallowed the lies above one becomes emasculated and unable to resist the next round of lies and therefore is easier to control.
    Why do the leftist on the Anchorage Assembly hold women in such contempt? Especially these women who are in such a fragile state? I think it speaks volumes about who these Leftist Assembly members are and what their agenda is…”

    They demonstrate favoritism towards the LGBTQ community, which suggests that they’re using humiliation of real females to inwardly justify their own personal fantasies … to compensate for their own sense of humiliation for being so gender confused.
    A man pretending to be a woman is just a politically acceptable way to be gay … which flies in the face of “Gay Pride” because it suggests that they actually feel shame, and need to rationalize it away. Maybe that’s what’s causing the fixation on “pride”?

  6. What those Assembly members did seems to be somewhere in the gray area of a hate crime, if not over the line.

  7. “You simply have to ask: What is wrong with these people?”
    Your average leftist has the mental reasoning capacity of a toddler. Mature individuals understand the world is an imperfect place, and there are issues and problems, some of which are tough to fix.
    But, like the five year olds they are, instead of trying to figure out what is wrong, and why, as well as consider any potential adverse impacts, they choose to blindly act. Why? Because children are lazy and impatient.
    And, all too often, the option they will choose is to destroy what is imperfect.
    So, to answer the question of “what is wrong with these people?” The answer is, nothing. They are acting exactly as expected for their mental age.

  8. So the Victim is told she has no rights but to go sleep with the Victimizer. Something is really wrong with this picture. I think Anchorage is being Victimized by this Assembly !!!

  9. This assembly, Allard and Kennedy aside, has become absurd and irresponsible unless you’re pre-puberty. Since when does the focus on gender and race eclipse fundamental societal well being?

  10. So, quick question here… if a male wanted to stay at the trans shelter that they are funding, he could do so by simply claiming to be trans? I mean, if there is no stipulation in Title 5 regarding biological gender or point along the continuum that the trans person is, what would prevent them from having to accept cis males? I think the homeless could really take advantage of this golden opportunity!

  11. “What is wrong?” The trans desperately wants everyone to believe (including him/her self) that they really are the opposite sex from what their body was determined to be by their chromosomes. Acceptance at shelters is part of this mental delusion. That is also why they fight so hard for “rights” – and they don’t care who they step on. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, but not to the point of exalting mental illness at the expense (and likely injury) of others. Letting any man who claims to be a woman into Hope Shelter is just STUPID.

  12. Perhaps before the nest election all of the candidates should undergo evaluation at API. Or perhaps the city would be as well served by inmates of API. Insanity used to have a stigma of shame, now it seems to be a badge of honor.

  13. You have to ask what’s wrong with the people of the districts that elected these San Francisco style politicians.

  14. I can tell you what’s wrong with these people in fact what’s wrong with America. The people we’re talking about have been in the closet mostly for a couple of generations now ever since McCarthy identified them as communists.

    Communist in Hollywood are now some of the biggest stars as they were back then but they’re no longer in the closet.These people have infiltrated every part of our system from entertainment, to professional sports, to local state and federal public offices and also the judicial system including the United States Supreme Court.

    Trump winning the election from the queen bee Clinton is what pushed it over the edge and made people come out of their cracks like the cicada are doing this year completing their 17-year life cycle. It was more than they could stand when Trump pulled back the curtain and identified all of them. They were embarrassed at first and then they got angry. Their followers took their lead and murdered and burned their way to becoming a domestic terrorist supported by the people currently infesting are government. Obama, the anointed one, was just the beginning and was kind of a experimental placement to see how the rest of the country would react.

    Now that they have defaced President Trump, and have come out of the woodwork reminiscent of Friday the 13th when the pope killed all of the crusaders, they’ve got now gone after everyone who disagrees with them and dare put a bumper sticker on your car against them.

    They try to disarm us. Scare us back into hiding. The Covid-19 threat was real but perhaps it was planned to put us all back on our heels so that they could move in while we were reeling from the effect of the shutdown. Now firmly implanted. It’s going to be hard to get rid of them. It’s going to take raw courage, determination and perhaps bloodshed. Kind of like George Washington and the troops at Valley Forge incurred. It’s going to take all of us to band together in this fight.

    Every month now and in some cases every week there’s a new group of minorities who claim to have had it bad in our country 100 to 200 years ago. They refuse to live their lives and that the past die. I saw a commercial the other day and even George Takai, or Sulu from Star Trek, was on there mad because his family got locked up when he was 5 years old after Japan bombed Pearl harbor. Of course we’ve all seen the commercials with poor Oprah Winfrey and poor LeBron James and all the other black folks that call on everyone who support them to make our life a living hell for something we had nothing to do with. It’s going to take a war to turn this country around. It can’t be done in the crooked ballot boxes. We have to fight fire with fire. Start a backfire like four strangers do to eliminate the fuel and put out the main inferno. Our founding fathers were considered terrorists and traitors in their day. We all know what the outcome of that was. Most of the time, everybody has to put something in the kitty for good things too come out of it.

  15. What’s wrong with a society that doesn’t take care of the mentally ill by having services to identify, place, care for, and treat them?
    We are one of the few first world countries that don’t put money into our mental health system, then wonder why we have all these mentally ill people on the streets, high rates of dv and violence, and all the shootings across the country.
    Unless we are going back to 19th century science and policy, we need to get with it and take care of these issues.

  16. Months ago I talked to public officials in Fairbanks about establishing a men’s shelter, which would help to stop these issues. I was told there is no need. First, men are not going to generally be afraid of a woman and may need a place to stay for the night to prevent violence or to get away from psychological or emotional abuse. Second, they typically send men looking for services to homeless shelters or similar facilities that do not deal with domestic issues. The shelters do not provide actual men’s services here and operate on the Duluth model, which pre-supposes the man is at fault. It is different for men than women, the people here acknowledge this, but a men’s shelter is beyond the pale. Women are not seen as violent or manipulative, but men are all that is evil. Men commit suicide, die by murder and on the job more than women, but almost no services specifically for men exist. Any time they are established a woman does the same thing these trans people are doing and demands access because someone has something they do not. Look up how many men’s shelters are in the US. I will save you the trouble 1, in the entire country. Shelters constantly get grants from the city, state, and federal government. They also take tax breaks and other incentives to operate as shelters for women, but no such facilities exist only for men. Men make up the majority of the homeless, but there are always more resources for women.

    Women have surpassed men in college graduations and are earning more before the age of 25. Women almost always get custody of children, no matter how good or bad they are at being a parent and are not held to account for lying in family court. Now, mentally ill people are acting like women and women are upset that someone figured out their racket. I could keep going, but nobody cares about men and it does not matter.

  17. JosephDJ, Sir, I think you get my point, these people are EVIL, that’s what’s wrong with them Thank you for expounding upon it further.
    Think, if the Assembly really cared for “Homeless Women”, why would they force a hundred poor , down and out women to allow one confused biological man into their safe zone? Callous and uncaring only? No! This is ideology and politics before compassion. This is a humiliation of an organization that has been doing good works for decades. That is the definition of Evil.

  18. So all those that voted for this Scary scenario, we should make them go, stay a few nights at the shelter.
    Wait until the shelter shuts down. Then what is the assembly going to do next, make the Captain Cook Hotel house them?
    Yes we need to vote these Losers out. Plus let’s hope Bronson cleans house of theses selfish people.

  19. Chris Jensen, the ‘mental health’ industry (fill in homeless here) is an almost bottomless pit of money. The ‘crisis’ goes back to the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 which federalized much of the ‘industry’ and de-institutionalized many of these people. Done with the best of intentions by JFK, it has resulted in these mentally ill people being dumped into the streets from institutions. I cannot judge whether the conditions have improved or worsened (many institutions were horrible) but undoubtedly the ‘industry’ which has grown up around them, flush with federal dollars, is failing. Perhaps it is time to reflect and force many of them back into institutionalization for their own safety. Or perhaps just turn our heads when they choose dysfunctional destructive lifestyles. But money already flows like water without beneficial effect except to those profiteering from it and more money will not help without policy changes which many will deem as very harsh and punitive.

  20. The assembly has lost control. The assembly wants the citizens of Anchorage to know we are nothing to them. They have abused the spending of covid money. They have abused the citizens of the right to speak in public forum, they have refused the protection and rights of women, as per Rivera to wards Jamie in public..

    Seriously, what kind of man is Rivera ? I am upset concerning the rights and privacy of the women’s shelter.

    I have been abused, kidnapped, shot at, beaten and no one to help me until I ran to another state,, thinking back in the day it was safe ?? Now as of 2021 I find I am living in hell. Do to the women-hating assembly that women no long have right’s to protection let alone privacy from men.

    Rivera along with his cohorts are hell bent on the evil they force upon this once beautiful city of Anchorage.

  21. A safe place for women who are in danger or suffer from post traumatic stress is indeed a Godsend. Assembly members Allard and Kennedy are capable of governing with caring attitudes and common sense. Sadly, the actions of the majority demonstrate that they are consumed with deep hatred, confusion and an urge to destroy.

  22. John: The Hope Center and the Gospel Rescue Mission do not get any government support. They are 100% privately funded.

  23. How do you legally define, “identify”? If a rule making body is going to make law for people who identify, then there should be a legal definition of the word. It can’t be so simple as just saying the word and being what you want to be depending on what day it is.

  24. The Democrat party is not the party for women anymore. It is the LBGQT party. I don’t hate gays but for some reason they hate me. The rainbow symbol is a symbol of hate to me now. I am anti communist, anti marxist, which makes me anti BLM. For me now the letters BLM symbolize hate. Why does a Black Caucus get its own building? These groups have become what they say they are fighting. Exclusive and racist, sexist and just about any “ist” there is. They spend a lot of time representing a very small percentage of the citizens and ignore the majority.

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