What does it mean to be a Republican these days?



What does it mean to be a Republican?

It seems there is some confusion on what it means to be a Republican these days. 

Being a Republican means your moral compass is not moved by political winds. We all have a responsibility to promote robust and respectful debate at the national, state, and local level.

Being a Republican does not mean jumping on political bandwagons. It means thinking deeply about issues and how our actions fit into the larger narrative of American history. 

Being a Republican means you support smaller government, local decision-making, and responsible spending because we’re spending the public’s money. 

It means being the adult in the room willing to tackle complex budget issues rather than pursuing simplistic wins that make for good sound bites. Republicans are smart enough to ask thoughtful questions to better understand an issue rather than rushing to conclusions.

Republicans work to prevent unnecessary regulations. That doesn’t mean preventing all regulations –things like child labor laws are necessary and good. But if we’re going to have a new regulation, it should generally lead to a greater benefit than the time and money spent creating and enforcing it. 

Republicans do not strive to control the thoughts and aspirations of others. Rather, the focus is on supporting free enterprise and preserving liberty. 

Not too long ago, Republicans knew that modeling desired behaviors is what motivates people to change. Love changes people. Love your neighbor. And treat others as you want to be treated… even on the internet.

You get one precious life. Build something. Help someone. And take to heart President Washington’s admonition that “a good moral character is the first essential in a man.”

Alisha Hilde is an attorney and life-long Republican. She lives in Anchorage with her husband and three young children. 


  1. All Regulations are created by Unconstitutional Agencies that were never created under the “Constitution of the United States” or any other “Constitutional Republic” Constitution. They were created as the “Headless 4th Branch” under F.D.R. We have absolutely no power or control over any Agency because not one person of them are elected by anyone. They continue on and on and on from one Administration to the next safely behind the scenes. Agencies are the tools of Democratic Socialism. Child Labor Laws say anyone under 18 years old can not work around any dangerous conditions but on turning 18 should have all the skills required to support a family, but where did they ever have a chance to learn all those skills??? I was raised in a small town where Agencies weren’t even known. I started skinning cat and pulling combines when I was 14 years old which is called dangerous but that is how you learn to work. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  2. Alisha,

    Being a Republican also brings with it a commitment to honor our country, state and our flag in conjunction with brief songs that internalize the personal joy and appreciation and celebration for that which has come before.

    Correct me if I am wrong , but I recall that you voted against the singing of the Alaska State song once a week. Ok

      • Thank you Ross for bringing these extremely salient issues to the forefront of the discussion of Republican values. Was extremely disappointed in ms hilde’s stance as I had previously believed she represented my Republican values. Poor vetting on my part. Thanks again

  3. You will know them by their fruits. None of what is described here matches what Republican in office are. What their actions tell us is that Republicans:
    – Put party before country, following a criminal, racist, fascist, traitor instead of doing what’s right.
    – Ignore science because it suggests things their financial backers don’t like.
    – Spending like a drunken sailor and refusing to collect traditional tax levels from the wealthy and corrupt.

    No integrity, no values, no morals, and no patriotism. You want Republican to mean something else? Grow a spine and put your country first.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion JBRO, but your ignorance is showing. We promote the Republican Party because the other side is trying to destroy our Country and our State. As for your spending complaint: I agree we spend too much, but it is the left that screams loudest whenever cuts are made. Cuts – as a percentage of the economy – will come, but it takes time to downsize without killing the entire animal (think diet, not starvation).

  4. Interesting. Now if all “republicans” would adhere to this. Sadly, too many republicans nowadays are nearly indistinguishable from the far left with their shouting, name-calling and mud-slinging and rigid uncompromising ideology. Too many would rather use their beliefs to cudgel others into submission…just like the left. I know Republicans who use the political party just so they can believe they have some sort of political power, and who go to all the rallys (or whatever they call them nowadays) and then name-drop back home like that is supposed to impress people. Just like the left, too many are nothing but a bag of wind. Your words don’t impress me…your actions will, one way or another.

    a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
    This is the word I use to describe the lot of Republicans that are making a massive mess of things. Knopp, Kopp, T. Wilson, Giessel, Von Imhof, etc. etc. etc. and all the other turncoats. Suck up to get something…shiv the party, shiv their ‘values’, shiv their constituents. They would shiv their own grandmothers for a committee assignment. They make me sick. Sucking up to Bryce? And Tammi Wilson crossed back and forth so many times I thought she was doing the electric slide! Le Doux literally stole an election with dead people and everyone has seemed to have forgotten about it.
    The party heads better pull their heads out and figure this mess out. They have been taken over by liberals and sycophants. And good Lord…I don’t want to even get started on what they did to Laddie!

  6. The definition of Republican doesn’t include merely being a better disciplined socialist than your rival party. Freedom and opportunity define Republicanism.
    The author of this missive believes in a Santa Claus who makes a list and checks it twice in order to find who has been naughty and nice before handing out the goodies. Unfortunately this strategy is a perennial loser. Democrats own the entitlement turf.

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