We support Carmela Warfield for GOP chair



Alaska is home to 140,804 voters who have chosen to register with the Alaska Republican Party. Our Republican coalition of like-minded voters is nearly double that of Alaska Democrats.

These 140,804 Republican voters present both a blessing and a challenge for Party leadership as it strives to give voice to our voters and convince independent voters to support our candidates.  

As active, committed Party stalwarts, we have served with and under nine different Republican Party chairs and held leadership positions both within the Party and with Alaska’s Republican women groups.   

Over decades we have devoted countless hours to the cause of conservative governance at the local, state, and national levels and have striven to remain faithful to our Party’s statement of enduring principles.

For a state party to function, our leaders must not only share our values, but be competent and professional in their management of our coalition, our finances, and our communications.  

We also know that leaders cannot succeed if they are not deeply respectful, inclusive, and transparent – and that is why we are in full support of Carmela Warfield for state Party chair. 

For several years, Carmela has been president of the Hillside Community Council, serves on the board of directors of HALO, and is a delegate to the Federation of Community Councils, the largest group of community councils in Anchorage. These are not easy groups to lead.

Carmela has earned the respect of numerous party affiliated volunteers, and never wavers from her commitment to the values we as Republicans share.  

Carmela has served as both a district and regional chair, and most recently led one of the largest regional Presidential Preference Polls in the state and went on to successfully help guide her region’s district conventions.

Carmela Warfield is the competent professional our Party needs now. Please join us in supporting Carmela’s bid for Party Chair.

Paulette Simpson, Rhonda Boyles, and Judy Eledge are longtime members, officers, and activists of the Alaska Republican Party whose work on behalf of Alaska Republicans in the Interior, Southcentral, and Southeast spans over 75 years.


  1. Fortunately, I do not have to cast a vote in this election. That said, it is my understanding that the new MAGA Trumpian Republican Party can only consist of, and be led by, those that are permanently surgically attached to some part of the Donald’s anatomy. Thus, it appears that Ms. Warfield, whilst young, bright, effective, forward-thinking and honorable is at a disadvantage.

    • It would clarify our perspectives if we more appropriately referred to such people as “applicants” rather than “candidates.” We need to view them more as servants rather than figurative leaders.

    • I know all the organizations that have endorsed Carmela, non of them as you state. I am voting for and endorsing Carmela as well. This after talking to and listening to the other candidates as well.
      I am a Trump voter, and will be again in November.
      So, you comments are a flat out lie.

      • Mike, my comment was simply (and I would have thought clearly) just a jest, as well as a jab at the bipartisan neocon warmongering establishment, based solely on her surname.
        Lighten up!

        • Nope, clearly you was comparing Carmela to Liz Cheney and Nikki Haley and all of us whom support her as followers of Cheney and Haley. I do hope there are Haley supporters whom are Delegates that are now supporting Trump and Carmela as the ARP Chair.
          As to the “play on words”. Not appreciated along with the context of the above.

  2. What’s the ‘effective’ plan to get Republican Voters to the polls to cast votes for respectable Republicans?
    What’s the ‘effective’ plan to hold Republican Senators and Representatives personally accountable to uphold the AK GOP Party Platform?
    What’s the ‘effective’ plan to “WIN” … ???

    • Change the belief system. The Republican establishment inner circles are out of step with Republican voters. They need to stop huddling, go to the ground and listen to voter sentiments. The voters don’t trust Republicans to follow through on conservative performance after elections. Begich seems to hear this message. He will likely win at the convention but that event has been rendered largely irrelevant by Rank Choice Voting. He should prevail inasmuch as his is the most grass-roots campaign out there.

      • NB3 needs to hold a lower office and prove himself first. straight into a big chair isn’t a smart move. He’s young yet.. He should wait and do something other than fatten his own wallet by outsourcing jobs overseas before being handed a spot in DC we dont want another Princess,do we??

        • You are demonstrating a flaw in both the Democrat and Republican establishments. Always looking for an “experienced” politician. As if you are looking for a mechanic for your car. The fact is, you want someone who comes from zero political background to bring a completely fresh, outsider perspective to government. Preferably from the private sector where accountability is likely ingrained.

          • And who has held your boy accountable?? Nobody.. He sent jobs to the FAr Shore of India. When he could have hired Americans! We know nothing at all about what he would do in office, other than nice , bland words when he tells us what he thinks we want to hear!

            • Chuck, you have unwittingly revealed your very sheltered existence. I wager you are or were a government employee. When one runs a successful business every infinitesimal move is an act of accountability. Payroll must be met, bills paid, taxes paid, materials ordered, facilities provided, bankers satisfied, investors answered to. Anything delegated must be managed for accountability as well. In other words, the accountability is endless; nothing in government compares, least of all elected office. Nick successfully ran the gauntlet.

      • Wayne, your wish is in the upcoming Rules requests that we in Rules will be reviewing and hopefully passing. I fully agree that past ARP Chairs and leadership have not held RINO’s to task. There are at least 2, maybe 3 proposals that can change that. It isn’t “conservative performance” that is the problem, it is the person that runs as a Republican that show the RINO upon first day in Juneau and shows the liberal/Democrat that they are. The ARP leadership needs to be for forthcoming with those people, be involved in testifying on bills that the ARP supports or opposes. The DNC does a great job on that and the Dems are Dems/Socialists, never to come over to our side on just about any bill.

  3. So long as she is not a RINO…….I will support.
    The RINOs are worse than the Democrats. They are the enemy in friendly uniform, and can never be trusted.

    • How can you know that she is a rino until she gets in and proves to be a rino? I do not know her, so I cannot know if she is trustworthy or not. My gut says one thing, my heart does not know and my brain is suspicious.

        • Chuck, your comment is fundamentally in error. Nick’s record is extensive; very exceptional for his age. He is highly accomplished in the private sector with experience in government as well. Moreover, his business success means he is not running for office for the money. He is doing so for his love of Alaska… I venture to say it is a genetic feature that he shares with his grandfather, Nick Begich I (RIP).

  4. When I see certain words, like inclusive, it turns my stomach. I’ll never vote for anyone who adopts the jargon of the other side.

  5. I worked with Carmela indirectly when whe was entry level. She made a positive impression on me then as someone who was honest, hardworking and curious. While I like Jerry and Mike, I think the Republicans should experiment with a younger person.

    • “Respect for Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge of Him is understanding.” Prov 9:10…

      Intellect, age, gender, ethnicity, experience, are not foundational to wisdom. Wisdom relates primarily to truth; the guiding light. Moreover, the truth is a person.

      Yeshuah said, “I am the truth…”–John 14:6

  6. Can a single republican candidate for anything not be an israel first, whatever the democrats are doing – but five years later, sound money activist,
    isolationist, citizen first leader ?
    You call yourselves conservative, but you need to explain – what are you conserving? Nobody in this country wants to keep the status quo. Where is the vision for the country? What sort of future do you want for future generations?
    All anyone hears is fake and gay platitudes that are pre-approved by aipac

    • Explain to me, in specifics, how isolationism works in a global economy? In an interconnected world?

      Who do we trade with? Do we have any allies? Do we allow international businesses to do business here? So we have embassies? If so, why?

      North Korea is rabidly isolationist and they are broke and starving.

      Every time we try isolationism it blows up in our faces.

      And get over yourself regarding Israel.
      They fight Iran so we don’t have to.

    • Uh oh, Noticing, you better watch out! The dual loyalty rabid Zionists are going to kneejerkedly accuse you of being “antisemitic” for criticizing IN ANY WAY the unhealthy and parasitical relationship of the Jewish state with the USA.

  7. Sadly, the vitriol here is so outlandish. Hey folks, you want to vote whomever, if you are a delegate or will ask you delegate to vote for whomever, up to you.
    Yet the attacks are just that and because of those attacks Carmela will win.

  8. Yet more GOP Inc. hagiography… who needs boats when everybody walks on water?
    Daringly flavored with a dash of “inclusive”, the message is served with tantalizing aromas of woke condescension and moldy obsolescence.
    Seems reasonable to ask how GOP leadership can “give voice” to voters, knowing as they must that their worn-out GOP Inc. message “they bad, we good, send money” gives neither voice nor hope?
    How does GOP Inc., “give voice” to Republican voters of any political persuasion, while seemingly indifferent to what voters of any flavor have to say?
    What’s “give voice to our voters and convince independent voters to support our candidates” when GOP Inc. seems struck dumb by city election officials putting 20K “undeliverable” ballots on ice because they can, and a federal judge having to order Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor to disclose ERIC data reports?
    So… does your Carmela Warfield have a vibrant, populist message for voters of every flavor, something to inspire hope and action, a message folks’ll quote just from the sheer joy of sharing that Somebone Important gives a damn about them?
    If so, let’s hear it. If not, why bother?

    • “does your Carmela Warfield have a vibrant, populist message for voters of every flavor, something to inspire hope and action, a message folks’ll quote just from the sheer joy of sharing that Somebone Important gives a damn about them?”
      Yes, she does. Yet that is not for the Dems, it is for Conservative Republicans. I seriously doubt you are a Republican, much less as a Republican attended a District meeting where Carmela has spoken. She has been clear, concise and answers questions thoughtfully and concisely.

      • How do Conservatives, Republicans, or the Party win by exchanging monotonous platitudes among themselves instead of mounting an all-out populist campaign to win hearts and minds?
        A few examples of memorably vibrant, populist lines from Camela might be helpful, unless, like the other hopefuls and just as drearily, your Carmela speaks only through prophets?
        Regard the “Dark-money group linked to George Soros just reserved $4 million in TV ad buys to support Peltola” story: why invest $4M to attract and hold only Democrats if they’re only a minority of registered voters?
        If the $4M message is meant only for the Democrat minority and no one else, why are Republicans so afraid of it?
        In other words, Mike, the propaganda wing of the Radical Left Democrat party is launching while Alaska’s GOP Inc. is doing what, exactly?

        • I don’t h have the time, nor the quotes that you wish. This is a Republican convention and leadership for the Alaska Republican Party. So why would I try to go any further when the vast, vast majority of those here are not delegates to the convention.
          The Dem propaganda wing is alive and well. We Republicans are working on defeating the Democrat/Socialist. I am supporting Carmela in hopes for some much needed changes to the party so we can do a far better job shutting down that Dem/Socialist propaganda and attacks on our Republic.

      • No ! Don’t know where she came from or where she plans on going! The women’s Republican leadership says she is a party person that cleans up after the party is over. Never heard of her before.

    • Well said, Morrigan!

      I am sick to death of all the cuckolded and spineless RINOS, voters and elected officials alike, who cannot bring themselves to even consider anything beyond business-as-usual. Conventional, hidebound, “acceptable” business-as-usual got us into the national chaos that currently reigns, and business-as-usual is not going to get us out of it, or solve anything at all. “Business as usual” is the problem, and not the solution.

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