Watch ‘The Fall of Minneapolis,’ documentary with new details surrounding George Floyd’s death


The Supreme Court has denied an appeal by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in the killing of violent repeat criminal George Floyd.

Chauvin had appealed his conviction on the basis that the jury was biased against him because they feared more riots in the city if they didn’t convict him.

Chauvin is serving a 20-year prison sentence for second- and third-degree murder of Floyd, whose death ignited protests and riots across the country, and claims of systemic racism. The incident spawned the Black Lives Matter movement and may have contributed to the election of President Joe Biden, as blacks across the country were motivated to vote.

“Mr. Chauvin’s case shows the profound difficulties trial courts have to ensure a criminal defendant’s right to an impartial jury consistently when extreme cases arise,” Chauvin’s attorneys argued to the high court. “This was particularly true here when the jurors themselves had a vested interest in finding Mr. Chauvin guilty in order to avoid further rioting in the community in which they lived and the possible threat of physical harm to them or their families.”

The court gave no explanation as to why it was not agreeing to hear the appeal.

Also this week, a documentary about the 2020 riots in Minneapolis was released. “The Fall of Minneapolis” is based on the book by Liz Collin, titled, “They’re Lying.”

In the book and the documentary, Collin uncovers what really happened on Chicago Avenue, through interviews with those who were there, including Chauvin and other police officers who have not spoken out about the incident before. The film contains body-worn camera video of George Floyd’s arrest, interviews with officers who served during the riots, key evidence from the autopsy, and important facts from the Chauvin trial.

“Liz exposes how the facts were manipulated to dupe and divide America,” the filmmakers say on their website. “After years of in-depth research, we show the evidence that others have ignored or outright censored. This is everything they don’t want you to see.”

The documentary can be seen for free at this Rumble link or below:


  1. George was a victim of karma. He lead a life of crime, held a handgun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion. Officer Derek Chauvin played the role of karma.

    Reminds me of the Rittenhouse fiasco, where the good guy killed the pedophiles.

    Unfortunately, Officer Chauvin delivered karma to the right person at the wrong time.

  2. Just ANOTHER dimlibby lie, brought to you by soros & friends!
    Kinda like our Anchorage assembly left-wingnuts!

  3. The documentary is revelational. It gives positive proof this generation is right at where the Roman government and Jewish authorities were during the time Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. Corruption and Collusions in government and society stunk to high heaven. Jesus second coming is closer to us that it was to those in the sixties and seventies.

  4. George Floyd was six foot seven and a one time college football stand out . It looked like he had potential to play in the NFL . It’s shame what happen to him in life , poor soul . May he rest in peace ! Chose a bad path of crime and drug use . Probably contributed to his demise .

    Add in a presidential election , Covid and bad autopsy on the poor fellow . Someone is going to jail .

    $8 billion dollars in property damage around the country . Looks like most of it was uninsured as downtown Minneapolis looks like a war zone after the riots .

    I don’t think the courts and our justice system did anything to heal or repair the system . Looks like a mess to me .

  5. I read the original coroners report stating death was due to fentanyl overdose before that coroner was bullied by two left wing coroners from Philly and I believe DC to change the findings. Pure setup.

  6. I wonder why the Trump appointed SCOTUS does not buy into this BS? Maybe because video and audio is clear Chauvin choked George Floyd to death while 3 cops watched and bystanders were telling Chauvin he was killing Floyd?

    • And I wonder why certain anonymous trolls are so cowardly as to continually make drive-by comments, but can never bring themselves to reply to the inevitable responses to those drive-by comments?

        • “SEEMS LIKE” is the operative phrase here, Wayne.

          In reality, none of us here know the true identity of any poster. Just because “Frank”, or you, use what appears to be a real name here, is no proof that those are his or your real names. And it is entirely beside the point anyway, as the identity of any poster is utterly irrelevant to the points and arguments raised.

          I am convinced that the only real reason that the anonymity of posters here irks the radical leftist likes of “frank rast” is because he/she/it cannot use a person’s identity to try to attack them or to divert the subject under discussion. But since he, and they, usually have no rational or logical argument in the first place, they still do nevertheless consistently try to attack the messenger rather than the message.

          • The total lack of self awareness is truly something to behold.

            Bemoan the use of pseudonyms, while using one. Get questioned about using a pseudonym while bemoaning the use of pseudonyms, blame those who may or may not be using their real names or pseudonyms. It truly is remarkable.

            What exactly is your message here Jeff? Do you have one or are you just another anonymous troll constantly making drive-by comments? A little introspection would do you some good, stop trying to win the internet and start trying to understand what is happening around you and how your interaction with what is happening around you impacts your life.

          • Steve, your pathetic trolling me of me here in this forum is becoming egregious, and your continued insistence on engaging in such behavior only demonstrates what an insecure, intolerant and arrogant person you really are.

            And once again, you demonstrate your inability to read or to honestly process the written word here, as I clearly did NOT bemoan the anonymity of posters here, but was obviously just mocking ‘frank rast’ and his constant, specious and disingenuous complaint about the anonymity of online comments.

            I have told you before, Steve, that your harassment and bullying is NOT going to work on me here. So lay off, or I will report your trolling to the MRAK management, and you will most likely be banned, as other trolls have been.

          • Steve wouldn’t it be funny if jefferson was his real name snd all you guys are giving him a hard time for being anonymous?

            Hes right though. Only the people who desire to use a persons name for vengeance would complain about anonymity .

            Which really begs the question why do you troll 👉 him all the time? Fixation?
            Like really what’s going on ?

            When you complain about his anonymity it makes me wonder whos side you would been on in the war for independence? Whos side are you on now?

            Hes right, it doesn’t matter the name it just matters statement content.

    • Seriously?!? You should actually read the facts and the original autopsy report. Officer Chauvin did not choke George Floyd to death. George Floyd died of Coronary Artery Disease and it was found that he had a75% blockage along with the drugs in his system. It was a perfect storm for this man. Chauvin performed the MRT and it was taught and part of the Minneapolis Police Departments use of force and it is taught and used in police departments not only across the country but internationally as well. So please get your facts straight before you make an outlandish claim. Just because the optics looks horrible does not mean it’s a crime or it violates policies.

  7. They didn’t show where deryck was on floyds neck for extended time .
    This is a bs propaganda video . They even shaded specific parts , made it artificial dark so I couldn’t see what was occurring unless I zoomed in .

    Floyds resistance was super mild like nothing. The people telling him to quit resisting were saying that to justify their future violence actions. When he was being cuffed there was no significant resistance.

    Police are for public safety. They should have listened when he said he was struggling to breathe. Period. They didn’t treat him correctly. They should have immediately called an ambulance or medic when he mentioned breathing problems.

    The car was small ,Floyd was tall. He really didn’t fit well.

    Putting your knee on someones neck means you are trying to kill them period.
    Its a known hazard.
    Especially if it’s prolonged.
    Regardless of surrounding circumstances.

    Floyd was unarmed. He was cuffed. He didn’t try and hurt anyone. He was not a significant public threat.

    Derick chauvin deserves the death penalty.
    His fellow officers deserve a 1 million dollar fine to be given to floyds family and 10 years in prison with hard labor.

    Police violence must stop .
    Qualified immunity is unconstitutional and must end.

    Yes floyd was a looser but if i saw a cop treating anyone with a knee on neck I would consider it murderous intent. Pre meditation because Derick is trained professional in restraint methods which means he thought over the use of knee to neck.

    Floyd was robbed of all American rights.
    The most important ones . Life , liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    They stole his future which is far and beyond any thing floyd ever did .
    Floyd was not a murderer . Yet they murdered him like a gang of thugs.

    Prison is to good for them.

    • I have never been in the situation where there was a police chase and someone had to restrain me
      It is time for each and every single one of us to make a choice
      The choice would be in my opinion, to get help with drug misuse even if you don’t want to
      Stay home every now and again
      I’m awfully certain it is that simple
      I have a son who makes choices to drink and drive, the choices would be simple. Take care of your family, that would be paying attention to them, stay home and pay attention
      It is so grievous to watch humans, misuse the system, their family’s and put other innocent victims in harms way
      I’m not replying to America, I’m speaking for myself on a public forum

    • American you missed the point. It was to show putting a knee across a combative person was part of police training and the chief of police made a bold face lie it not being included in police training. Chauvin was an officer who went by the book. They didn’t know the man would OD. They didn’t know Fire/EMT would take painstakingly longer than it should had which the professionals in video said it was too long than before times. I guess God was done with George Floyd. His time was up. If he was supposed to survived that EMT will had responded pronto.

      • Jen, I agree with you that Chauvin was going by the book, which the police chief lied about in the trial.

        Floyd also lied to them when he said he wasn’t on any drugs, so they didn’t know he was overdosing.

        But the idea that God decides when a person will die or not, and if the ambulance would arrive on time is not biblical.

        God gives us free will. It’s RARE that God will stop something from happening or make something happen. Prayers can greatly affect how much freedom demons have to influence people though.

        God did not decide it was Floyd’s time to die. It’s just how it happened. And God didn’t slow down the EMTs. They were probably just busy doing something else, and didn’t know Floyd was an OD emergency, because Floyd lied about that.

    • American if George Floyd was smarter he’d kept his mouth shut and go to jail obligingly not getting himself all worked up for nothing. George should had followed his passenger’s lead who complied and was quiet and let the police go their work. They were dispatched to dangerous driving, found the driver unfit to drive, and proceeded to arrest George. And george got himself all worked up. Wherever he is at right now. If he could come back he probably tell everyone here to take a chill pill don’t get all worked up, and he should had made himself make better choices when he had the chance.

      • Jen Was floyd an immediate danger to anyone?
        Did he use his size to attack anyone?
        You are right in many ways but it was quite evident floyd was
        On drugs barely coherent and part of police job is to serve and protect. They did neither for floyd .
        They could have took his keys flattened his tires cuffed him to steering wheel and called an ambulance for his clear medical distress.
        Jen i forgive you for not knowing how dangerous it is to put your knee on someones kneck . You probably haven’t had to fight or restrain people much.
        When you put your knee on a neck you have accepted the fact you may be about to kill them . Its well known as a dangerous move as is an arm around a neck . Its deadly . I’ve been in a lot of scraps and it’s something you just don’t do unless you’re own life is in danger.

    • American, if you believe the lies you’ve written, your an idiot and part of what’s wrong with todays society. The truth is in your face and your pansy ass refuses to see or acknowledge it. His resisting was to dump the evidence on his person, everything he said was a lie. Funny how sitting in his SUV with his friends he wasn’t claustrophobic, but in a Police SUV by himself he’s suddenly claustrophobic. Says he was shot last time, he wasn’t. Says he just lost his mother, another lie. If he would have complied he would be alive. 100% his fault, the Police were the innocent victims and Hero’s here. If you don’t like our Country of laws, feel free to leave, we would be better off without you and anyone like you! When the Police tell you to do something, you do it, and you will be fine. If you think they are doing something wrong, you take it to court later or file a complaint with internal affairs. You get stupid on the side of the road, you may end up in the hospital before jail, or morgue, but either way you will comply. He chose to ingest drugs, alcohol, commit crimes, resist arrest and he died from it because of his decisions. Did you notice he had no broken bones in his neck or crushed windpipe in the coroners report? Being on drugs with a heart condition killed him, not the cops. I would have backed off, tazed his ass, hog tied him and thrown him in the back of the car within the first couple of minutes, I would not have given him all the chances these officers gave him first for 30 minutes. You get a chance to comply, then your going down hard. So quit your whining American. You using the name American is an insult as well.

      • Snoopy
        What’s your point?
        That cops should be able to execute people when they run out of patience?
        That’s what you want right?

        Ever heard of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Did chavin take that away from floyd?

        Where in the constitution does it say cops are judge jury and executioners?

        So many ways a responsible person could have restrained floyd and got him the help he needed ( ambulance)
        Without killing him .
        Instead chavin chose the violent way – knee to neck and is now serving a significant sentence because he’s guilty of murder ! Suck it up snowflake snoopy the court has spoken.

        He neither provided the care floyd needed nor the safe restraint.
        He unprofessionally killed Floyd with a dangerous maneuver.
        Since you are so certain the justice system and the police are always in the right and no one should question that then Whats your problem with chavins sentence?
        Its the law man . Hes now serving a peer reviewed just sentence.
        To bad it didn’t involve a knee to neck untill he quit breathing. Save the state a lot of money to get rid of a bad cop .
        That’s the solution you accept for floyd .
        Whats good for the goose is good for the gander . Equal justice right?

        Snoopy dooooooo
        Btw you are an insult to a nice comic for using the name snoopy 😉

        • American,

          You are missing some of the key facts revealed in the body cam footage: what was actually said and done.

          The majority of Americans are missing the key facts, because the media never reported them.

          Please read my two comments below that start with:

          “To me, what happened in Minneapolis is TRAGIC on many levels.”


          “That may be true, but it was Floyd who requested to “lay on the ground,” and the officers finally agreed.”

          We’re only going to be able to agree on issues if we have the facts. You seem to believe what the media is saying without checking to make sure they’re telling you the truth.

          Some of what you say may indicate you didn’t carefully watch the entire video before commenting too, what this article is about.

          • Jeff
            You could be right.

            Im not going off the media reports. I live in alaska and basically don’t watch msm

            Im going off the fact George was having a mental and medical emergency that required paramedics.

            Im going off the fact its the responsibility of a public officer / police to help render aid.

            Im going off the fact only a person bent on murder pushes his knee into someones neck that has repeatedly said they couldn’t breathe even before going to ground.
            The facts are the cops did not render aid
            The facts are chavin kept his knee on a mans neck for extended time who was in a medical emergency condition.
            Chavin helped him to his death bed
            Those are the facts without media input.
            Just based on the body cams.

        • You’re not even worth responding to anymore. You’re blind to the truth and will answer for it later. Enjoy La La land that Floyd did nothing wrong, didn’t need to comply. Also, murder takes pre-meditation of intent, which did not happen, but when you liberals think anyone can do anything they want and don’t take responsibility for your actions and always blame someone else, your mental and lacking logic. Kangaroo Court of media bias, yes there are bad courts too, this was one of them, but you’re going to tout it as justice. You probably believe in evolution too. We will all have a final judgement, yours will be interesting, say Hi to your “Lucy” (The supposed monkey you evolved from).

          • Snoopy,

            Please read my response to American, above what you just now wrote, in case you missed it, because it was just posted.

            Thanks for bringing up the final judgment. This is the biggest problem in America today, even for “Christians,” since 99% of pastors teach all we have to do is say a one-time prayer for salvation and we’re secure eternally, made popular by Billy Graham, who laughed at Bill Clinton’s adultery problem, and justified it in a Katie Couric interview.

            Compare that to Jesus’ serious warning in Matthew 5 about what happens to us just by lusting in our heart without fully repenting.

            Pastors have removed the fear of God from the church, so sin is rampant, even among pastors, so few “Christians” are really Christians, being salt and light.

            Even Paul feared losing his salvation, so he ran his race to win, working out his own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). “I beat my body and bring it into submission lest I myself should be rejected.”

            Jesus said narrow is the way, and few find it. Nowadays, pastors teach wide is the way…, including every pastor I know in Anchorage, unless they teach Hebrew roots, which is another deception, refuted by Galatians.

            Paul made sure his conscience was always clear before God and men (Acts 24:16).

            This is the key for Jesus’ prayer in John 17 being fulfilled in Alaska. When we’re right with one another and Christ “the world will know!”

            This is the key to everything.

            In the meantime, pastors are teaching and people are believing “fables,” Paul’s prediction:

            “For The TIME WILL COME when THEY WILL NOT LISTEN to the sound doctrine, but, having *itching ears,* will heap up for themselves TEACHERS AFTER THEIR OWN LUSTS; and will TURN AWAY THEIR EARS FROM THE TRUTH, and turn aside to *FABLES*” (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

          • Hello Jeff,
            For some reason my browser didn’t show a “reply” under your below comment so I’m posting this message to you here.

            Well Said!!! Many won’t understand it, but you are spot on, Thank you for the reminder of His truth, and what we are supposed to be “living” on a daily basis.

            My biggest fear is being judged “Luke warm”. I better get my own “Fire” back! That gate IS very Narrow.
            Thank you Jeff!

        • American,

          I live in Alaska too; have for 43 years. That’s no excuse.

          What you said here seems incredibly biased and unfair. If you phrased it as a possibility, that could be different. You’re judging intent based on Chauvin’s knee. I highlight two phrases:

          “Im going off the fact *only a person bent on murder* *pushes his knee into* someones neck that has repeatedly said they couldn’t breathe even before going to ground.”

          First, I didn’t see Chauvin “push his knee INTO” Floyd’s neck, but I was more interested in watching what led up to that, than what happened on the shoulder or the neck..

          Whether his knee was even on Floyd’s neck is in question. Some say the different angles that the videos were taken from makes a huge difference.

          I did read that Chauvin admitted putting his knee on Floyd’s neck in an article. If that’s true, I’d like to see what he said.

          They knew each other before; worked for the same bar. So there could have been bad feelings, since Floyd was a thug.

          Floyd was also the size of a football player, which is probably a main reason they were going by the book on the ground procedure, once Floyd requested to be on the ground.

          He lied about so many things to them, it’s hard for them to know what to believe.

          If Floyd would have told them he was overdosing on Fentanyl, then they would have known more of what to do, including using Narcan, perhaps.

          With a 3X overdose plus Meth, and the heart condition, it’s likely he would have died no matter what, unless they used Narcan, maybe, which I know nothing about.

          I don’t know what Chauvin’s mindset was. It’s possibly he was willfully murdering Floyd in his mind, or maybe he was just trying to go by the book, and tried to drown out the bystanders’ many comments.

          If it was so obviously wrong what he was doing, why wouldn’t the other policemen say something to Chauvin, questioning what they were doing.

          Their own safety was probably a main priority, knowing what Floyd was capable of.

          It’s just not that cut and dry.

          I don’t presume to know Chauvin’s motives.

          It’s clear they were dealing with a very strong, 6 foot 7 inch man who just passed a counterfeit bill, was clearly lying to them about some things.

          The officers next to Chauvin would know if Chauvin was applying too much pressure and if it was in the wrong place. They didn’t seem to say anything to Chauvin. It’s possible they were in on it, but I doubt it.

          The fact that the police chief lied about the knee-on-the-shoulder technique was huge!

          The fact that they didn’t release the body cam footage right away with the transcript got Minneapolis burned down, because “I can’t breathe” was their mantra, as they were avenging who they thought was a saint. But he couldn’t breathe because he overdosed, and lied about it.

          He was a thug who said he couldn’t breathe because he had 3X fentanyl in him, not because of Chauvin’s knee.

          The fall of Minneapolis didn’t have to happen had they told the truth and presented the irrefutable evidence right away.

  8. Speaking of the media lying to you, most of the reporting about the Shifa Hospital leading up to when the IDF attacked the terrorist stronghold has been proven incorrect. The sources that the media was using were terrorist sympathizers, relayed to terrorists, or even terrorists themselves. ‘’

    It’s similar to what occurred with the Islamic Jihad firing a rocket into the parking lot of a hospital then having the world’s media report the hand delivered Hamas propaganda as fact. Sadly many believe what they see in the news and think it is fact and not editorial misconduct at best, or as the evidence suggests the pushing of propaganda.

  9. Oh “Frank”….

    Do you see Trump in your dreams? Do you wish he would ask you on a date?
    When no one is around, do you put on a MAGA hat and whisper sweet nothings Trump will never hear?

  10. By all accounts, Floyd was dying of an OD. Chavin certainly didn’t help matters by not getting off his neck.

    Best read is the truth should fall in the middle. Chavin is guilty of misconduct and a lower degree of manslaughter. However, his claim the punishment exceeded his crime has merit.

    There was no way this ended without a pound of his flesh. Deserved or not.

      • Yet, strangely, most of the commentary is about Mr Chavin.
        More the death of Floyd was the linchpin for Minneapolis becoming a third world city.

        If one really wants to understand why an event occurs, it’s important to study the triggering mechanism. And the events leading up to it.

        • You didn’t answer my question.

          “Did you carefully watch the entire video *before* publicly stating Chavin [should be ‘Chauvin’] is guilty of manslaughter?”

    • This; what TMA said is the most plausible and accurate assessment. Chauvin went too far and is reaping far more than he should; Floyd reaped the reward for a wicked lifestyle. The left ran with it and used it to destroy America.

  11. Floyd acts like a crybaby during the entire time officers detained him and subsequently arrested him. Something is wrong with this boy.
    He’s on drugs, quite obviously. Probably opiates mixed with benzos, a killer combination. He was obstinate and fought with officers the entire time. His breathing looked extremely labored. I doubt Derrick Chauvin killed him. Floyd was in respiratory depression long before Chauvin attempted to settle him down from fighting with officers. Floyd, the serial criminal, was his own victim……..and perp.

    • His apparent disabilities (self-imposed or otherwise) and derangement were readily obvious to you. Therefore, they should have been blindingly obvious to the cops. Why couldn’t they just bind his legs and let him lay or sit on the ground waiting for EMS without the neck pressure (or any pressure for that matter)?

      • Wayne, due to lawsuits brought against police departments, officers are NOT allowed to let a suspect just lay on the ground or freely stand outside of a vehicle. Once the cuffs go on the police are baby sitters for the perp until he is remanded to a jail or a hospital handcuffed to the gurney. Binding his legs would’ve still made it look like the cops tortured him to death or let him suffocate. It’s all in the medias perception.
        The biggest mistake the cops made was letting Floyd out of the car. He was going to die that day or very soon to it either way…..chauvin was securing George, so that he wouldn’t be hit by a passing car, kicked by a pissed off victim or any number of other problems that the aclu,blm or splc would’ve sued over. The ambulances have innocent people to attend to and are almost always not in a “emergency” mode to get to a suspect with asthma problems. Chauvin isn’t guilty of anything, Floyd was guilty of many things. I guess he wasn’t a murderer because he didn’t kill the pregnant woman he held a gun to, but he Damn sure wasn’t a good person. Why cry over him? Was Dahmer ok? The dc sniper? Kazcinsky? How bad does a person have to be before you say “eh, it’s probably better he’s gone.”?

  12. If the Jews want to get the justice system and the media on their side, they should threaten to loot, burn and murder if they don’t get their way. Actually doing it would be even better. We need a Jewish Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton.

  13. To me, what happened in Minneapolis is TRAGIC on many levels. First, the riots (burning and looting on a massive scale) could have been avoided had Hennepin county releaesd the body cam footage right away, which showed George Floyd saying “I can’t breathe” five times before being put on the ground at his request! He couldn’t breathe because he was overdosing on fentanyl.

    “I can’t breathe” was the MOST REPEATED PHRASE that the rioters CHANTED as they burned down my home town!

    I grew up in Minneapolis (move here in ’80), and attended Lutheran grade school, K-8 about a mile from the George Floyd memorial. It’s so sad to see the hate and anger that continues today, the needless destruction that fueled riots in other cities, the racial division that doesn’t need to be.

    One of the excuses to let the riots happen during Covid was that blacks were dying at a higher rate from Covid because of lower economic status, but it was mostly from lower vitamin D levels, since blacks need up to 10 times the amount of sunlight to get the same amount of vitamin D. And high enough vitamin D levels was the key for most to not get seriously ill from Covid.

    Whites who had the same low levels of D died at the same rate.

    Lies of omission and commission are destroying the US from within, some of which this video highlights, but it’s 2.5 years after the event. Minnesotans should have learned the earlier key findings right away. And since the media wasn’t telling the truth, Minnesotans should have flooded social media with the truth.

    All Minnesotans should have known the truth about “I can’t breathe” right after the body cam footage was finally released, which I posted on 8/26/2020:

    George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” 5 times BEFORE laying on the ground (at his request) — Police bodycam transcript & video

    The majority of Americans still don’t know this. This video is now helping educate though, 2.5 years later.

    We also knew by the end of August that Floyd had 3 times the fatal level of fentanyl in his system, which many still don’t know, but is shown in this video.

    August 26, 2020
    New court docs say George Floyd had “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system

    Thankfully, the Minneapolis mayor’s decision to allow the police precinct building to be overrun and torched is rightfully criticized in this documentary. I watched the rioters enter the building and torch it, live on YouTube, which a leftist citizen journalist filmed. Dozens of police stood side-by-side in front of the building, but weren’t allowed to use force to stop the rioters.

    That was three days after Floyd died. The National Guard should have been called in right away, and could have stopped a lot of the devastation.

    Floyd was publicly praised as a cult hero, portrayed by the media as having been an upstanding citizen, instead of the criminal he still was, having a long record. He had even done porn films.

    Had the truth about Floyd’s thug life been told, he couldn’t have been venerated. There would be on George Floyd memorial.

    The documentary pointed out how the judge in Chauvin’s trial was allowed to withhold much key evidence that would have exonerated Chauvin, which enabled the police chief to lie under oath, so officer Chauvin is now in prison.

    This video shows what lying can do to society, which is now rampant nationwide, since the fear of God isn’t taught in churches anymore. God says in Revelation 21 that “all liars,” their place will be the lake of fire after they die. I don’t know of any Anchorage pastors who teach this. We have lots of lying too.

    Why didn’t Minnesotans make sure everyone knew that Floyd had 3X overdosed and was saying “I can’t breathe” multiple times before being laid on the ground, as he requested, and that Floyd really was a thug, not an upstanding citizen who was venerated as a saint? Had something outrageous happened during a football game instead, Minnesota men would have spread the word like wildfire.

    Apathy and an unwillingness to speak out is commonplace in Minnesota, going along to get along and because the population is so large, “what good can my one voice do?”

    The Anchorage area has a big advantage in that we’re low population. Many of us know each other and know we can make a difference.

    This is another reason why I believe the greatest spiritual awakening ever may start in Anchorage before America completely goes down. Standing up for righteousness in truth and love matters.

  14. Anyone knows if someone “can’t breathe,” regardless of why, they are better off sitting up than laying down. Sinuses and airway function better in the vertical position. Just saying….

    • Wayne Coogan,

      That may be true, but it was Floyd who requested to “lay on the ground,” and the officers finally agreed.

      First, he asked if he could sit in the front seat, maybe because he was tall and couldn’t fit in the back. I know what that’s like myself, but he was really tall: 6 foot 7 inches!

      He then convinced the officers to let him lay on the ground, which they finally did allow.

      In the article I linked to above, I show exactly what was said according to the police transcript of the body cam audio, which they posted on Jun 15, 2020, three weeks after Floyd’s death.

      This small portion starts after they wouldn’t let him sit in the front seat:


      J. Alexander Kueng: Take seat.

      George Floyd: lcan‘t. Hold on. can’t choke. Ican’t breathe, Mr ofcer. Please, please.

      Derek Chauvin: Quit talking. Sit down.

      J. Alexander Kueng: You‘ll be fine.

      George Floyd: My wrists. My wrists, man. My wrists, man. Please. can’t… I’ll lay on the ground. I’li lay on the ground.

      George Floyd: want to lay on the ground. I’m going to lay on the ground. …

      Also, the documentary video points out that Floyd was asked if he was on drugs, but said no. He blamed his difficulty breathing on Covid instead.

      “ljust had COVID, man. can’t breathe. Ican’t breathe.”

      Had he told the officers the truth that he was overdosing on fentanyl and meth, perhaps they could have saved his life, perhaps with Narcan, calling the ambulance immediately, saying it’s life or death, and using minimal restraint.

      Floyd was a big guy. Since the officers didn’t know he was dying, their priority was keeping Floyd from hurting them.

      Floyd could have been lying about not being able to breathe, just like he lied about his mother.

      He just passed a counterfeit bill, which they probably knew. Guys like him will say anything…, but the truth that could have saved his life.

      This is my article which has the dialogue from the 6/15/20 police transcript. I highlight the key points. The link should work this time (had a hyphen before, above).

      George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” 5 times BEFORE laying on the ground (at his request) — Police bodycam transcript & video


      Everyone in the US should have known these facts, which would have diminished a lot of the hate and the additional violence, including in Seattle and Portland.

      Most people don’t even know this now, even those who watched the trial on TV.

      The judge rigged the trial by not allowing key evidence. The police chief and others got away with lying while under oath, and Chauvin’s lawyer may have thrown Chauvin under the bus by not saying everything he was allowed to say, and by not emphasizing that.

    • Wayne, the police knew who George was. He was a masterful manipulator from my view watching how he goes off making every excuse hindering an arrest that should be smooth. The police knowing George Floyd well will had responded with more aggressive restraint methods dealing with a known manipulator. It’s the only way to deal with a manipulator. You either walk out and walk away never to have anything to do with the manipulator. However for police they arresting will assume a known manipulator pleas are just stalling and trying to gain control over the people and Situation and proceed with more aggressive restraint.

  15. This should play as a double feature at the cineplex coupled with 2000 mules. Morons/conspiracy theorists would pack the theater for weeks! Make sure the concession stand has Colt 45 beer and pork rinds.

  16. Great comment Jeff!! I knew you grew up down there and I spent formative years in NoDak A visit to the Twin Cities back then was a real treat and very impressive-not any more!!

    • Thanks, John!

      We just discussed more about Floyd and Chauvin above.

      I did see your comments under two earlier posts (“Demboski sues…” and “Providence Medical…”, and REALLY wanted to respond; kept thinking about what to say concisely enough, but then the comments closed.

      I’ll just say this here: I didn’t take the vax, never worked for Alaska Air, attended all 3 Covid Alliance Conferences (’2021-’23), have studied everything Covid and have 1600 Covid posts at ToBeFree. I also have 200 posts on vitamin D, because it’s always been the key to solving Covid, and would have soared Alaska through the pandemic with a big reduction in many other illnesses and social ills, like depression, insomnia etc.. It costs pennies, and NO ONE was talking about it, but me, it seemed. I tried. My fact sheet is pinned at the top of my site: ‘

      Regarding Mayor Bronson continuing to run, I APPRECIATE VERY MUCH your herculean campaigning for Bronson!! I also did my part, testifying twice, defending him, as well as online, etc., but Amy & Kendall’s distributed list, the ADN and others have destroyed his chance of winning, plus the snow. People aren’t behind him. He and Amy should have fixed their dispute privately with perhaps church leadership. Now, his staying in the race makes the chances of “spend big & mask everyone” La France winning too good. The attack ads will skewer him. Please, he needs to humble himself, so someone conservative enough and without the extreme negatives can win.

      And I attended something weekly at ABT for almost two years since 2019. The main problem is “once saved always saved.” The main solution is we must actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” together in love — God’s grace FLOWING that “the WORLD WILL KNOW” — Jesus’ John-17 prayer finally fulfilled. The JOY of the Lord will be our strength through the tough times ahead, walking in wisdom together, our unique gifts functioning together. John 17 and Ephesians 4:11-16 realized has been my main goal since the ’80s! That’s what we should be focusing on, please. Political solutions cannot solve serious spiritual problems. Life in the Son is the solution, much more than even vitamin D! : ) God bless!

  17. Psch, ex-Alaskan here now living in Mpls. And let me tell you, the DFL’ers in this state, along w/all the White guilt-ridden liberals, have sainted George Floyd. Everything from a $27 million settlement (paid to his estranged family) to an annual George Floyd Scholarship at the University of Minnesota. The man was a felon. A drug dealer. And a user. He was not a good dude. It’s a sad fact, but the best thing quite a few Black families seem to aspire to here is a multi-million-dollar settlement from the city for ‘police brutality.’ Of course, our woke city council is more than willing to oblige.

  18. what bs. this country has fallen under the Dems.
    When those animals came in the precinct, they should have been shot.
    They were criminals, not protesters.

  19. Everyone in Minneapolis, even the cops and the lady who made this video got exactly what they worked so hard and so long for. Boo, hoo, hoo. And that was just chapter one. Just wait and watch. They be some special kinda dumb.

  20. George Floyd was a criminal, failed to follow commands, was high on drugs, resisting arrest, and died due to his drug induced heart attack. He is not a hero or a martyr. The proof is here.
    If you disagree, you’re part of the problem with our society.
    When Police tell you to do something you do it. If you disagree with it, you later take it to court, you don’t dispute it on the side of the road. You have NO RIGHT TO DISPUTE IT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!
    I hope that Mayor and Governor end up in jail for the riots they caused.
    You don’t want a problem with police, quit being a criminal or an assho_e, you won’t ever have a problem with them.
    Floyd can kiss my backside from his grave for the destruction he has caused this Country, as well as all his supporters.

  21. The entire country needs to have a vote of whether or not you want Police protection. Take all the people who do not, and give them a state, like california wouldnt that be great, and they can live in their own state with their own rules.
    The people we see trying to defund the police, I promise you, have police protection around them at all times. And i think the only way they can say to defund is if they give up the walls and police protection around their homes.
    How are we supposed to live in this type of environment? This is absolutely absurd. What do we do there’s got to be something
    I believe in Jesus and I pray. But it still just scares the crap out of me. These guys should not be in prison, they did not kill him. And they could do this to anybody absolutely anybody if they wanted to. I’m just scared to death of it all.
    Everyone knows that if you’re pulled over by the police, you do exactly what they say period, end of story, Why can’t anybody see that.

  22. Horselover, while I agree with most of your post, I must disagree with the useless fantasy of giving our enemies their own state. They are not going anywhere. We must defeat them. Take your children out of the government brain washing center, if you don’t have children donate to private schools. Contact and engage your family, friends, neighbors and ALL of your representative’s. Over and over and over. And yes, Pray, read the Scripture. And Witness daily, wherever you are. Our enemies were once empty vessels, now they are overflowing with the lies and hate of the Fallen One. They can be saved, but only by Their own choice, and the Saviors Blessing. This war will not be won until HIS return. Embrace the battle, it is your life.

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