Watch: ‘Lady Ballers,’ a laugh-out-loud comedy about men who play to win on women’s teams

Scene from "Lady Ballers" by The Daily Wire.

Friday’s premiere of the video “Lady Ballers” brought laughter and accolades to The Daily Wire, a conservative news site that produced the comedy that makes light of the serious topic of men who compete as women in athletics.

“In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed, The Daily Wire calls foul with the most triggering comedy of the year. A once-great coach is on a hilarious journey back to victory by reuniting his former high school championship basketball team, but this time, he’s challenging them to play like girls,” the producers wrote.

The film is being criticized as “transphobic” by some in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, but hundreds of five-star reviews have been posted at the movie-rating website Rotten Tomatoes.

View the trailer here:

The movie plot surrounds a failing high school basketball coach, played by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing, who will do anything to win, even going so far at to teach his team of men radical gender ideology concepts and pushing them to identify as women in order to win across various women’s competitions.

Boreing said on X/Twitter that The Daily Wire made the film because “Hollywood won’t make a movie about how laughably absurd it is that we now allow grown men to call themselves women and then dominate women’s sports.”

See the entire video production at The Daily Wire, as well as scenes left on the cutting room floor, at this link:


  1. Well. I’m glad some people are having a good laugh at Womens expense. This no different than what Southern Governors done bussing migrants into blue states instead of pushing congress and the senate to allow themselves to enforce their state’s own borders.

    • You missed the mark. When people try to do the right thing and run into the same rock wall time after time, they turn to comedy. They’re not poking fun at women’s expense, they’re poking fun at the absurdity that our country/society is exhibiting.

    • The southern governors had no choice, just like female athletes have no choice to not play against men. The Govs pleaded for border security to deaf ears. Women, like Riley Gaines, tried to have a voice but met threats and violence. Good to see satires like this.

    • They are not migrants. They are illegal immigrants that your nutty side welcome into the Country. Your side is the reason my leftist brother overdosed on drugs because your side allows fentanyl to come right over the border. Now stop pretending to be a Woman. You’ll never be one. Your side is sick and that’s why they Voted for a man that sniffs and gropes children inappropriately on camera. So your side is killing themselves on drugs and think it’s perfectly fine to hurt children. There’s people on your side that refer to children as minor attractive people/person. Your ideology is sick and you can try your hardest to distance yourself from the people part of your ideology but it doesn’t change the fact that they exist.

      • Don’t forget, he also made his teen age daughter take showers with him. Of course, if you believe a diary that no one was suppose to see.

    • Jen, I wholeheartedly disagree.
      Southern governors have been and continue to push congress to allow them to enforce their own borders. However, congress, for the most part, does not care. In fact, they actively destroy border protection measures to ENCOURAGE more border crossings. Texas has received 3.8 MILLION!!! illegal border crossings since Biden took office and it only took (at highest estimate) 60,000 bussed to New York (1.5% of what Texas is getting) to make them declare an emergency and start bussing illegal immigrants north from their state. The tactic is working and making idiot leftists see both their own hypocrisy AND the devastating results on both the town and the immigrants.
      As for the laugh a women’s expense, the laugh is coming from the radical left who created the nonsense idea that men should be allowed in women’s locker rooms or play women’s sports. The Daily Wire is MOCKING the idea and demonstrating how allowing men in women’s sports is worse than “laughing at women’s expense”, it is actually an attack on all women.

  2. Warning to those who care: this movie was unnecessarily crude. Don’t understand why Daily Wire felt the need to make it so gross but it was. Don’t watch with kids.

    Also, there’s that weird double standard going where women in the movie are vile because of being promiscuous and lustful, but men who are promiscuous and lustful are “just being men.”

    Husband and I agree with the premise but agree we just felt yucky after seeing it.

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