Washington group turns in signatures to repeal anti-police law preventing cops from pursuing suspects



Voter advocacy group Let’s Go Washington announced it has collected enough signatures to put Initiative 2113 on the ballot, which would restore the state’s policy regarding police pursuits.

The organization submitted the signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in Tumwater this month at an event in Shoreline marking the occasion hosted by the mother of Immaculee Goldade, who was killed earlier this year, and Mike Dunn, owner of Dunn Lumber.

Twelve-year-old Immaculee Goldade was killed in January 2022 after being hit in Parkland by a driver inside a stolen truck. A friend of hers was also struck while they were walking together near Midland Elementary School but survived after being hospitalized.

The driver was later found guilty of numerous felonies, including fleeing the scene, and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

I-2113 would effectively restore state policy regarding a police officer’s ability to pursue criminal suspects. Prior to 2021, officers needed “reasonable suspicion” to pursue. That year, the state Legislature enacted HH 1054, which required “probable cause,” effectively stipulating that unless the officer directly witnessed a crime occur, they could not pursue. That same bill also prohibited most vehicular pursuits, a fact some criminal suspects have told 9-11 dispatchers while being pursued by police.

Let’s Go Washington founder Brian Heywood of Redmond told Glen Morgan of We the Governed in a video interview that “what they [state Legislature] did with the original law was they flipped everything on its head.”

While testifying earlier this year in front of the House Community Safety, Justice and Reentry Committee, Amber Goldade said her daughter was a victim of the state’s pursuit law.

“This man committed many other serious crimes and fled in stolen vehicles knowing he would get away with it because the police can’t pursue him,” she said.

Noting that the man had fled police weeks prior in another stolen vehicle, she said if police had been allowed to pursue, he might have been caught and her daughter still alive. “This man is just one of many criminals who have figured out how to get away with crime by using the no-pursuit law to their advantage.”

Although the Legislature has since made modifications to allow some pursuits, Heywood argued that “what they did in this last legislative session was really nothing. One of the most shocking parts of the conversation was the current legislation that limits police pursuit says you can chase if it’s a violent crime, but when they were looking at what that actually means, most crimes don’t fit the violent crime definition. If they saw somebody selling a child and the buyer drove off, that wouldn’t qualify as something that would rise to (violent crime).”

“We’ve handcuffed our police officer so much they cannot do the job,” he added. “We don’t have enough and the ones who are here are not allowed to pursue or arrest. It’s leading, has led to, and will lead to bad outcomes.”

Let’s Go Washington has recently submitted enough signatures to qualify several other initiatives, including I-2117, repealing the state’s cap-and-trade program and I-2081, establishing certain parental rights regarding review and notification of a child’s education programs and materials.


  1. Too little too late!
    Democrats have turned Washington as well as Oregon and California into leftist havens for drug addicted criminals who will rob steal and kill to get high. They cater mostly to Heroin addicts who live on the streets.

    Definitely not a place for law abiding folks with children or safe peace loving family life.
    I avoid the west coast cities at ALL cost. The human feces on the sidewalks is unimaginable.

  2. What’s happening is that crime is now seeping into Liberal neighborhoods and Liberals are becoming victims. Now it’s time to do something.

  3. What does the US Constitution say? And the Criminal Code enacted at approximately the same that was designed to have permanent principles to perfectly support the republic. Now I believe there are 5200 federal felonies. Most of them new. Let’s add more. Who cares about the constitutionality of them. Sorry. It’s wrong to desire to felonize your fellow man and women. You are insatiable in that regard. Get an actual relationship with God.

  4. Speaking of collecting signatures, I just received a postcard in the mail telling people to DECLINE TO SIGN a form to repeal Alaska ranked choice voting. I wasn’t aware someone was collecting signatures but I would like to know where I can locate the people collecting these signatures so I can sign one. I am vehemently AGAINST Rank Choice Voting. I also would like to thank the Democrats for sending out this postcard to me so that I can now try to locate and sign the Petition that they are asking me not to sign.

    • This ‘citizens initiative’ nonsense is a Lib idea to begin with.
      “I know!, let’s have a pure Democracy” we don’t need no stinking Republic!
      And it’s how we wound up w/ RCV

      But now that conservatives are using it, the Left is raising $ to campaign against it.
      Can’t make this stuff up; libs never stop their ‘progress’.
      And they will own AK soon.

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