War of words: Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, canceled by publisher, newspapers, and syndicator over race remarks


The company that syndicates “Dilbert,” said it is cutting ties with the popular comic strip creator Scott Adams, after what they call racist remarks about black Americans. Hundreds of newspapers have dropped his comic strip, which is widely syndicated by Andrews McMeel Universal.

Andrews McMeel Chairman Hugh Andrews and CEO and President Andy Sareyan said the syndicator was “severing our relationship” with Adams, and “we will never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate.”

The question about whether Adams was making a racist comment or was making an observation of racism among black Americans is clear: He was commenting about a poll that shows a large number of black Americans don’t believe it’s ok to be white.

Penguin Random House’s subsidiary Portfolio said it will no longer publisher Adams’ forthcoming book, “Reframe Your Brain,” which was set to be released in September.

On Twitter, Adams said that Portfolio has said it will no longer print any of his past titles.

In addition to his comic creations, Adams has published book titles such as, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,” and “Bigly.”

During one of his video episodes of his podcast, broadcast on Feb. 22, Adams referred to a Rasmussen survey that finds that 53% apparently found out that 53% of black Americans agree with the phrase, “It’s okay to be white.”

He said this was the first political poll that has changed his activities, and that if blacks don’t think it’s OK for him to be white, then they are part of a hate group. The poll got him thinking about his.

“I’ve been identifying as black for a while because I like to be on the winning team,” Adams said in a YouTube video. “And I like to help. I always thought if you help the black community, that’s sort of the biggest lever, you could find, the biggest benefit. But, it turns out that nearly half of that team doesn’t think I’m okay to be white.”

Then Adams said he will “re-identify as White, because I don’t want to be a member of a hate group. I had accidentally joined a hate group. If nearly half of blacks are not OK with white people, according to this poll, not according to me, according to this poll, that’s a hate group. That’s a hate group. And I don’t want to have anything to do with them.” It got even spicier after that.

“I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people,” Adams said. “Just get the hell away. Wherever you have to go, just get away. Because there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed.”

Among newspapers that canceled his comic strip are The Los Angeles TimesThe New York Daily NewsThe Santa Rosa Press DemocratThe Philadelphia InquirerThe Albuquerque JournalThe Boston GlobePortland Press Herald/Maine Sunday TelegramSanta Fe New MexicanThe (Spokane) Spokesman-Review , The Seattle TimesPittsburgh Post-GazetteSalt Lake Tribune, and a growing list, which Adams predicted would leave him with no newspapers by Monday.

Watch the entire Episode 2027, “Real Coffee with Scott Adams at his YouTube channel, and see the comments in context … before Adams gets canceled by YouTube’s parent company, Google:


  1. A classic case of bring too smart a– for your own good. The question is WTF was he thinking saying this out loud?

    Is he right? From what I can tell, factually yes. Most black people are OK with white people, and white people being white.

    Think what you want. But know when to keep certain parts to yourself.

    Further proof common sense isn’t common.

    • His problem wasn’t the 53% in support, but the 26% who said it’s not okay and the 21% who said they were unsure.

    • Suicide, an interesting choice of characterization.
      Adams didn’t pull his strip. Someone else pulled his syndication for justifying ‘White flight’ on his stream.

      But never fear – I know how to think like a leftist. We all know this story.
      White argues with black over a parking spot.
      Black gets called the power word.
      Black shoots White in the head.
      Jewish newspaper subtly implies dead White ‘deserved’ it for using the forbidden word.
      After the coverage dies down, black perp gets a lenient plea bargain from the Soros DA.
      ‘Suicide.’ Voila!

      • We do not blame the gun, the bullet, or the gun manufacturer for gun related suicides, despite the gun being the mechanism of action. We blame the person who used their agency and pulled the trigger. Suicide is apt in this case; unless you’re willing to blame guns for school shootings which would be ridiculous. You cannot have it both ways however. This was professional suicide. If he jumped in front of a bus, you wouldn’t blame the bus, you blame the person who initiated the action.

        Is the bus speeding and out of control? sure. Is the woke agenda speeding and out of control? sure. But stepping in front of if when you know the consequences doesn’t garner sympathy from anyone. Just because you know the reaction will be unjust, doesn’t mean you need to force reactions and create more unjustice.

        • Not a valid comparison, unless you assume that the dozens individuals employed in media that made decisions to remove ‘Dilbert’ from widespread circulation were inanimate objects.

          Sure, we often claim leftists are braindead, but we still have to assume as adults they have some form of agency, where a gun clearly does not.

    • Did you actually listen to his (so-called) “rant?”
      Anyone who actually listened to it and paid attention would have realized Adams was not being racist. Petty and childish maybe, but not racist.
      Then again, he should have known better in today’s cancel culture world. So, maybe there is some truth to your statement.

  2. And, that is the problem with leftists today. (And, the news/publishing industry is nothing if not full of leftists).
    When someone says something they do not like, they must be destroyed.
    It is the adult equivalent of covering one’s ears and shouting LALALALALAA really loudly.

  3. Lol! Comedians can sometimes be the best presenters of brutal facts. While you are laughing at ‘the joke’ something in the back of your mind says “Hey! That’s a good point!’. And if we just flipped the races we can examine the hypocrisy of the publisher. I.e., if Adams had been black and said that half of white people were identifying as a hate group, the publisher would have applauded this and pushed his book even harder. Random House just proved it is a racist organization.

    Makes me want to go out and find some of Adams books now.

      • How do you know it’s all white? Presume much?

        Even if he does, what does it matter? It would sorta prove his point of just getting along.

      • You have some stereotype about Florida that isn’t true. You should visit sometime and look at our demographics. But I do have a holster mounted on the inside of my wheelchair. That helps with me not being afraid of the 13% even though most big cities down here are killing the hell out of people, of their own color I might add, at a rate that would make Chicago jealous.

      • You sure are hung up on me being retired in Florida. There’s plenty of work down here. You can get $17 an hour flipping burgers. I don’t know if you could get much sob story work though. Most people down here tend to take care of themselves or each other rather than rely on a head shrinker. The more the merrier. I try to stay away from the big cities as much as I can. I’ve always been a country boy.

    • While I don’t alway follow my own advice, I try to remember to think commentaries through. Sometimes the quiet part is best left quiet until later.

      Discretion is a hallmark of common sense.

      Im genuinely curious why he went where he did? Was there some event I missed to get him going?

      • Thanks for having my back there. I don’t live in a white retirement community. I’m in the country. Rednecks abound. Yeah, I got the AFib and it was time to leave the bush. Living on the cheap in my new RV. Fishing a couple days a week. Could be worse.

        • I have family in Fla. I’m at least once a year. Outside of Naples and the Villages, one thing Fla isn’t is overwhelming white.

          There will come when I’m probably gonna call it a day in Alaska. Too expensive, 15 years behind the times in healthcare, heading too far left. Doubt I could do Fla. Way too many people, not a hell of a lot cheaper than Southeast AK.

          Great it works for you, however.

          • The villages is mostly White. Old people. I don’t even think they let high school kids in there full time. Could be wrong. Up in North Florida it’s predominantly white redneck. That area was never conquered during the civil war and in fact most of central Florida remained Confederate throughout the war. Mostly they have hung on to their roots.

    • Nothing “running scared” about it.
      If there is a group that does not want me to be part of it, why should I insist on joining? That is just stupid.

      • If you visit Metro Florida, you’ll find out that most of the big crime is produced by the blacks, same as any other big city. Many times in Florida, criminals prey on the elderly as being easy marks. This scares a lot of people but not those of us who are well armed and realize we’re on the downward side of life

  4. His personal logic follows the way I interpret ‘Dilbert’ every day(entertainment). Anyone that tries to contextualize the subject of races is going to get him/herself in trouble these days.

  5. I took his remarks as something like, if you don’t know how to swim, don’t go near the water. Statistics die when it comes to wokeness.

      • As long as we’re dreaming, how about classic Andy Capp from Britain? Something I picked up during time spent in England.

        Drunken, smoking, fighting with his wife..not politically correct at all.

        Not asking for the topless women pic of the day, however. I used to wonder why my mom got so mad when I got ahold of the paper before her. I get it now. Been a long time since I was that young and innocent.

  6. Racism against whites at almost 50% is what the globalists want: divide and conquer. The higher the hatred and division, the easier for them to destroy the USA and bring in their NWO. If people do hate whites just because whites are white, they are making whites their enemy. Jesus’ response is to love them: “love your enemies,” instead of disengaging, like Adams now suggests, maybe because he doesn’t have the love of God in him.

    Sadly, what about the 53% of blacks who still think it’s okay to be white? Adams is dissing them too, in his dissing of all blacks, in order to have nothing to do with the 47% that are apparently haters, according to the poll.

    Adams shouldn’t be cancelled by the media. He has a right to say this. And the facts of the poll should be said. The globalists who control the media, education, etc. have been pushing hatred against whites for years, and white shaming. Rap music also foments black-on-black hatred.

    Whites should show those who hate them because of skin color that we love them no matter what, which helps destroy the media’s divisive lies and heal communities from the globalist hate machine.

    Love conquers hate. Love should be the focus, not running away, which helps the globalists divide and conquer.

    Jesus’ second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as ourself, no matter what their skin color is.

    One of the never mentioned factors in the hate is that dark skinned people need up to 10 TIMES the amount of skin exposure to the sun to get the same amount of VITAMIN D, which helps cut depression.

    In Anchorage, all of us can only get vitamin D from the sun from May until August if the sky is not smokey or overcast. So 8 months of the year we must take enough D3 to compensate Most do not, which can make anxiety and hatred happen more easily: blacks and whites equally vulnerable most of the year.

    So everyone should be taking enough vitamin D, at least 5,000 iu. Many need more. We should all be fully aware of how much to take, but Bib Pharma says nothing, even when the ads on Anchorage radio say blacks are more prone to breast cancer. Why is that? Because blacks have lower vitamin D levels nationally, proven, because melanin decreases UVB ray absorption into the skin, the precursor to vitamin D production in the body.

    Big Pharma knows blacks have lower vitamin D, and that vitamin D levels above 70 ng/ml reduces breast cancer by 70%, peer reviewed studies show.

    Yet they won’t tell blacks or whites to take enough vitamin D3. Instead, they push what they can make money on, using their expensive equipment: chest x-rays or MRIs.

    Blacks died at TWICE the rate from Covid. Why is that? Low vitamin D.

    Whites that had the same low D levels died at the same rate.

    Big Pharma said nothing to whites or blacks about getting vitamin D levels to above 50 ng/ml, what would have solved Covid, costing Big Pharma $billions!

    Why is black-on-black violence so high? How much of it is low vitamin D?

    High enough vitamin D levels can help children concentrate during school. Why doesn’t the school board care about the school children having high enough vitamin D levels, especially because black children often have lower D levels?

    Black lives matter and all lives matter.

    We need to stop letting ourselves be influenced by globalists’ divide and conquer, and Big Pharma’s silence on vitamin D — and walk in love instead, fueled also by vitamin D.

      • Yes, but we can’t solve the world’s problems because of the all the ‘intolerant’ people.
        They refuse to tolerate milk!
        So here we are.

      • That’s one way. The other is more sun exposure. We always tested low when we were in Alaska and had to take vitamins supplements. I’m not a doctor but I can only imagine that dark-skinned people have less vitamin d because of less absorption.

  7. I love this guy and have for years–Dilbert has made me laugh out loud more than any other comic strip- altho’ Calvin and Hobbes could be a tie. The fact that he doesn’t roll over and play dead when it’s demanded of him.
    Have to respect his observations.

  8. This endless focus on race has the perverse effect of driving it ever deeper into the national psyche, which, at least in theory, is the exact opposite of the original intent.

    • At the time of Obama’s election, race relations were (on a whole) as good as I’d ever seen.

      Not great, but considering, good. People lived where they wanted, worked where they wanted, married who they wanted, life went on.

      But beginning with the Obama election, we began sliding backwards. Quickly. It’s like the Obama candidacy gave people permission to let their lesser angles out.

      I’m old. Old enough to clearly remember the race riots of the 60s, plus the outright hatred which came with them.

      One man’s opinion: it’s worse now than any time since reconstruction.

    • Very true.
      If everyone would just stop talking about skin color, a lot of “race” discussion will become moot. Instead of seeing skin color, we can again focus on character.

  9. I don’t see Black Folks , White Folks or any other Folks. I only see People, GOD’S Children. Some good, some bad, one at a time, each on their own merit. “If a man comes to kill You, arise quickly and kill Him”. That IS the word of the LORD. We are ALL responsible for our on choices.

    • Same here, until I start getting “this is the first black person to get a masters degree in underwater basket weaving” or some other BS. If we just stopped making skin color the definition of a person, people will stop making skin color the definition of a person. (Hey, Brandon! How about you lead the way, and stop appoint black females because of their pigmentation and plumbing. Instead, nominate them because of their qualifications.)

      • I’m gonna give you the qualifications of two Supreme Court Justices and you tell me who you think is more qualified.

        Justice A:
        Attended Georgetown for undergraduate schooling then to Harvard for Law school. They went into private practice for 7 years before switching to teaching for 15 years. After that, they spent 4 years on the US Court of Appeals before being appointed to SCOTUS.

        Justice B:
        Attended Harvard for both undergraduate and law school. Clerked for different judges and SCOTUS justices for 5 years. They then worked in private practice for 3 years before working as an assistant on the sentencing commission for 3 years. Then spent 3 years as a federal public defender. They then spent 5 years on the sentencing commission before spending 8 years as a district court judge. Then they were appointed to SCOTUS.

        Who do you think is more qualified to be a SCOTUS Justice? Justice A or Justice B.

        Justice A is Antonin Scalia and Justice B is Ketanji Brown Jackson.

        And it was high time a black person was appointed to SCOTUS. Much has been made about how black people make up 13% of our population, why shouldn’t the highest court in the US represent the population it is supposed to judge?

        1/9 = ~11%

          • Is she qualified or not to be a SCOTUS justice?

            Her resume is better than most of the current justices. She is the only justice who was ever a public defender. She is the only justice who has ever served on a sentencing commission.

            What qualifications does she lack?

  10. Many of you here take your assessments and your opinions much too seriously. Some of us are laughing at your arrogant ignorance. Open your mind, get a life and think for yourself. DILBERT is accurate, and funny! Get over your wokeness!

  11. Liberals and Democrats are the true haters in our country. Especially the White ones. Don’t believe me? Ask any brown or black skinned minority.

    • But they would say that because they all have a big chip on their shoulder. I have one on mine from my distant native ancestry, to being white looking and seeing discrimination rampant against other whites. Societies attempt to even the playing field was always a fool’s task because it can’t be leveled. Too many things affect a person.

      • So, all ‘minorities’ automatically have a chip on their shoulders? If I have a chip on my shoulder because of how the Brits treated my Irish ancestors, does that make me a minority or a racist? It’s all so confusing. Lol

        • Larry did in fact have a chip on their shoulder back in the day especially in the big cities of the Northeast. They were frowned upon and looked down onto. Most minorities if they’re being honest with themselves do have a chip on their shoulder.

  12. I don’t think many, if any, of the commenters here actually bothered to watch the podcast.
    It is a funny monologue full of irony and sarcasm that do not translate to print.
    Scott also predicts with great accuracy what will follow and is okay with it. He seems to have a plan.

    • Patrick, thank you for noting that. It is why I included the link, because these kinds of commentaries are being take out of context everywhere. – sd

  13. Adams did a 1+40 interview on a Hotep Jesus podcast Saturday. Really, really good discussion. Says most of what he needs to say the first hour.


    From a persuasion standpoint, he is an energy monster. And his target is the media. It is the media giving him a lot of power in this. And they don’t have a clue what he is going to do with that power. Stay tuned. Cheers –

  14. Just so I understand the rules – it’s OK to be racist against whites, but it’s racist to point out that racism? Is that the new rule?

  15. He is like a present day Will Rogers. Poking fun at the narrative promotes healthy thought process which we all can use. Constantly hearing only one side of everything gets kinda boring for most. When we used to have two newspapers, I would read both, still not buying either side but more informed. The movement to ban anyones take on events is dangerous to a free society, and does nothing but create more suspicion. Especially when some of these suspicions prove true with time.

  16. Are people allowed to be sarcastic? To make biting comments about patently ridiculous actions by corporations? By people? Scott Adams is neither racist nor stupid. He is frustrated by what he sees going on though. Do you commenters have any truly positive bits of advice? Or just all your divisive hateful comments? I am embarrassed for all of you.

  17. This is a LONG ways from professional suicide. Scott Adams isn’t going anywhere soon and neither is the point of his comments, which is ‘if someone identifies a group by skin color and states that it isn’t right to BE that skin color, isn’t that the very definition of racism?’

  18. 67 years old and a net worth over $80,000,000.00.
    Doubt he is terribly concerned about his career.

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