Walker team players drifting toward Begich?


Gubernatorial candidate Mark Begich is looking for ways to distinguish himself from Gov. Bill Walker. They agree on so much — taxes, taxes, and taxes. But he’s found something that will get him a lot of votes: Supporting the Stand for Salmon initiative.

The governor’s former deputy press secretary, Jonathan Taylor, signaled his “like” that Begich is pro-Ballot Measure 1. Ballot Measure 1 would shut down Alaska’s resource development sector, but that’s what the greenies are hoping for.

Taylor is now working as the communications director for the Department of Public Safety. Is he looking for his next gig in the Begich Administration?


  1. Let me get this straight Mark. You’re going to tax Alaskans, grow the government, and now shut down all development? Oh my. They’ll be dancing on the desks at the Dunleavy offices tonight.

  2. Marky just got himself a boatload of outside cash. I wonder if he thinks they will rename Alaska to Markyland if he turns the entire state into an amusement park for high priced environmentalists?

  3. My goodness. Seriously? The man child endorses prop 1? Maria Cantwell parties are next. This is horrible. Well, maybe not. Maybe this just seals the deal for Dunleavy. Keep talking Mark.

  4. I remember a time, many years ago mind you, when Mark Begich was simply an Alaskan Democrat, one that actually supported, so he said, the positive development of Alaskan resources so as to benefit the people of Alaska.

    Then he was ‘elected’ to the Senate, and almost immediately became a ‘Washington Liberal’ and threw each and every Alaskan citizen under the bus by slavenly supporting everything the rest of the ‘Washington Liberal’ cabal stood for, not even to bother negotiating some benefit for his supposed home State while committing his deciding vote for ‘Obamacare’.

    And now he comes ‘home’ as a failed ‘Washington Liberal’ so as to run a campaign for Governor of the very State he threw under the bus in Washington so that he may continue this States demise.

    He has illusions of grandeur to return to Washington after a stint as Governor and once again be taken into the national Liberal fold by showing how he could finish the job of bankrupting Alaska started by Walker, by taxing its citizens as strongly as possible, while supporting his values of degenerating and disparaging any and all resource development projects that would actually benefit Alaska and its citizens even though said projects could, and would, be done within an environmentally safe manner.

    He cannot wait to sell us down the river once again, as he is now beholden unto the ‘Washington Liberal’ and militant environmentalist cabal.

    Not this time, Mark, and never again.

    When you lose this time, please never return.

  5. Big Labor, Vinny, Jimmy and Tony, drove Begich to the Greens; left him no constituency but those who worship at the alter of Climate Change and Global Warming. Big Labor went to Walker so Begich went to the Alaska Center, Northern Center and SEACC. And there is money to come from the Greens. Walker wants a carbon tax, and he wants the Pebble process stopped today; that left the salmon ballot measure as the only place for Begich to feed. Look for Begich to come out for repealing SB 21 soon, and he just may become the only gubernatorial candidate opposing a gas line. Take a look on the Walker-Mallott FB page and study the people who attended the Walker fundraiser held by the Juneau bagel brigands. Some of those people, Beth Kerttula and Jim Powell for example, may now migrate to Begich over the salmon ballot measure. Some are Tier 1 in PERS and a Begich win could boost their highest 3 years of salary (the way Ulmer did hers as University Chancellor) whereas the Walker cabal is fully staffed now. This has time to explode all over the Alaska Democratic Party landscape before November 6. For example, the D-34 candidate Andi Story may be shoved into the Begich camp by her campaign manager, and the D-33 race could begin to pivot on the ballot measure. But I can only say what Mark Begich says; Get Over It.

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