1. That $47K is just simple housekeeping accounting. There will never be a future campaign for Bill Walker. Just long walks on beaches in Hawaii and a few visits to his plastic surgeon. The man looks beat! His legacy as Alaska’s fake unity governor has aged him 15 or 20 years. He’ll unload the $47K to pay off his tax liabilities to the IRS. Otherwise, Walker looks like the walking dead.

  2. Maybe the money is to be used for a future bail loan to Byron Mallott?
    Or, mailed to Jim Whitaker (his former Chief of Staff) in AZ to be used as hush money?

    • Or maybe to help Alice Rogoff pay the attorney’s fees she owes. Without Alice and the efforts of the ADN, Walker would not have been elected.

  3. Hey look; Corruption does pay! But in his case, not that much. He needs to take a few lessons from the Clintons on how to make 100s of millions in corrupt activities while planting operatives in the bureaucracy to keep from being prosecuted.

  4. He should grow a spine, get some religion in his heart, apologize to everybody, and donate it all to MRAK.

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