Voting hours and tips to have a good voting experience through Aug. 21


It’s time to vote, Alaska, on what kind of future you want for the state.

Tuesday, Aug. 21, is the Alaska Primary Election, but you can get your voting out of the way, and avoid the lines, by casting your ballot on Sunday and Monday.

Are you registered to vote? And where do you vote?

To see if you are registered to vote, check here.

Although turnout so far appears to be sparse, there are a few things to remember:

  • If you’re voting in Anchorage, don’t expect to get your ballot by mail. The municipality of Anchorage has caused voter confusion. This is not a municipal mail-in election, but a state election, and normal precinct locations will be open. Several readers have asked when their ballots will arrive by mail — they won’t.
  • The Division of Elections has changed a couple of normal voting locations: Find your polling location here.
  • The Division of Elections has reassigned many voters into the wrong precincts and even districts. If you are given bad information by the elections worker, don’t get frustrated with them. It’s not their fault. Tell them you want to vote a questioned ballot (if they have assigned you into the wrong district).
  • If your polling place runs out of questioned ballots, ask the election worker which voting location has them, and go there to vote.
  • Get your voting out of the way before Tuesday to avoid frustration.
  • The locations and times for the rest of the primary election: