Video: Left’s buzzwords on ‘carbon pollution’ exposed


Restoration of America has produced a new video exposing the Left’s use of certain buzzwords and made-up terms like “carbon pollution” to claim carbon dioxide is somehow a threat to humans and the environment.

“The language of the Left shifts as fast as the weather,” says the conservative media group founded by entrepreneur Doug Truax .

“In this new video series, we tackle the Left’s top political buzzwords one-by-one to reveal the bias, lies, and truth-twisting by the media.” Watch the video below and leave your comments in the comment section:


  1. Basic eighth grade chemistry: nothing is either lost nor gained, only changed. Today’s natural gas (methane) burned is tomorrow’s trees, which live, then die, then turn into next week’s ‘swamp gas’ (methane). Nothing is either gained nor lost, only changed. And for the record, the Earth currently experiences an extreme low in atmospheric CO2 compared with the ages beyond the last few millennia.

    • @AK:
      Too much logic and actual science for the hard left climate kooks. They need fake science and manipulated science for their theories to work. Your steady state theory, via transition, by way of the cycle of natural change is valid. But don’t expect climate wackos to comprehend it. It’s outside of their bailiwick of scientific understanding. To them, it’s all about political propoganda and how to effectuate an outcome.

  2. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves: the coming generations will need to fend for themselves. If they have to fight to survives, so be it–may the best win. We know that Earth won’t last forever. And certainly all the good guys have been long dead. The thoughtful survivors will be selfish and mean to get and maintain the edge on their “friends” and neighbor.

  3. The USA has never added CO2 to the atmosphere, in fact Mother Nature uses North America to reduce worldwide atmospheric CO2. Search ‘North America carbon sink’ for a technical explanation.

    The amount of man-caused CO2 is too small compared to the remaining greenhouse gasses to make any significant, measurable temperature change. Look it up outside the green-biased websites. Carbon is just a taxation excuse.

  4. Is the society we are living in “democratic or republic”? This was a big question for the founders of the Constitution. What type of society was the framers of the Constitution really afraid of? Seek the answer and then you will really see a play on words in today’s society.

  5. All of the climate change mania is just more reason that we need a really free press that explores both sides of an issue. Sadly, the elites that press on the garbage have decided that science should stop and the earth should be a closed system with just 500 million slaves in attendance to them, according to the WEF. The fact that the sun will eventually consume the earth is beyond them. Worst is scaring the kids into suing to stop all mining and development.


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