Video: Jane Fonda calls for ‘murder’ over abortion laws


On The View, actress/activist Jane Fonda said that one more step in the fight for abortion rights is plain old “murder.”

The hosts of the show quickly tried to walk that suggestion back by saying that Fonda must have been joking, but Fonda just stared, giving them no indication that she was, in fact, trying to be funny.

Her comment came after she had talked about the importance of women being able to control their own bodies, and “able to determine when and how many children they will have.” She said women will not go back to the era when abortions were limited.

“We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are,” Fonda said, and the audience applauded.

She was asked what else women could do besides protest.

“Well, there’s murder,” Fonda replied.

“What did you say?” said Lilly Tomlin.

“Murder,” Fonda repeated.

“She’s kidding,” said Joy Behar, trying to walk back the statement. But Fonda sat stony-faced, while the others around the table tried to brush it off and then say that surely that statement would be taken and run with by the conservatives.

Watch the entire exchange here:


  1. If that was a conservative who said something like that, they would be canceled right then live on TV

  2. Nothing new here. Purple-haired old granny who thinks she’s still Barbarella. Would have gladly shot and murdered young US soldiers in Vietnam if the VC had given her a gun and ammo. Biggest POS in Hollywood. Even though she had a famous last name, she still effed her way up the ladder. Complete psycho at 85.

    • She also “effed” her way up the capitalist food chain. Married Ted Turner for a spell and got hundreds of millions of his property. Made herself rich with workout videos and fashion clothing. Lives the life of luxury as a rich capitalist, but wants everyone else to live like a poor, middle-class government drone worker. The woman has been a free-rider and hypocrite for her entire life. And the brave military soldiers who kept her free for her entire life…….hate her with a passion. A selfish, treasonous b*tch.

  3. Well, she has no problems murdering silent, defenseless children so why would one expect her to honor or respect the life of someone protesting? Funny how life comes full circle. The Protestor is now the protested.

  4. Actually, if we think clearly, her statement was quite logical. After all, anyone supporting murdering children before they can escape their mother’s wombs should naturally support murdering those who would interfere.

  5. Well! I’m not a promoter of abortion! I have too many stories too tell why! I also, believe in people’s choice of what they do! With their bodies! God gave you a brain Snd a said choice! Pick your choice Snd live with it! Last I heard threatening murder is a hate crime? But it’s okay for her too speak her mind? Freedom of words to some but not to all?

  6. Terrorist comments she should be in jail, Federal Bureau of incompetence should be surrounding her house and hauling her off for interrogation by the J6 committee.

  7. “…….I don’t care what the laws are…….”
    I wonder if she cares about the laws that prohibit others from murdering her? Or is it just that she refuses to care when laws prohibit her from doing whatever she wants?

  8. I’m not fonda of Hanoi Jane usually, but I do respect her forthright honesty. Forget about arguing about whether a 6 week or late term abortion is proper because Jane has carried this argument to its logical conclusion for us. Jane bravely has come out in support of midlife abortion at least for males, and she has given it its proper and legal name, murder.

  9. Ah, the peaceful left. Give us the ability to slaughter children or we’ll kill you all.

  10. Washed up old actresses are the worst. Age has caught up with them, beauty is gone, even if they worked for free no director would cast them. Instead of riding off into the sunset with dignity, they become tyrannical in thought and words. They do a last gasp shocker of some sort hoping they might become relevant again. Very sad if you think about it.

    • Jane is always working. Hollywood rewards her (she is a good actress)
      She stars in a football movie, playing at the Century theater, right now.

  11. Is she maybe suggesting that mothers who can’t get an abortion could instead murder their newborn children?

  12. As I commented in regards to another story, public statements like this is calling out the wackos and is not without effect. It is domestic terrorism.

  13. Radical speech like hers is very similar to her sister Kamela on Steven Queerbears show. When asked about all the rioting looting of businesses (including black owned businesses) and burning down police precincts she had this to say “All the protesters must not stop Do not give up until equality and fair equity is achieved”. When you hear rhetoric like this coming from a vice president of the UNITED STATES its no wonder the View is so fond of Fonda Jane especially how she showed so much support of the soldiers. Ever wonder why soldiers were kicked and spit upon and rejected from employers after returning from the hell hole war the democrats insisted on waging that we lost. She has absolutely no remorse for the pain she inflicted upon innocent soldiers and now she goes on national TV again spewing words of hate knowing people listening to HER words may someday take an innocent life just as she did with her hate speech about Soldiers as though it was all their fault. All the soldiers lives who returned from Vietnam will NEVER be the same as other soldiers all on account of HER cheering for the “Hippies” to burn their draft card wrapped in an american flag and protest. Does anyone here remember the college students who died protesting at Kent State University? If not probably because there was no J6 committee to determine that Hanoi Janes hate speech urged all those “insurectionists” to burn all those american flags and draft cards as well as attack the officers who had the pleasure of riot control that day!

  14. Where are the leftists supporting Fonda?
    Com’n, you know who you are… where is the abortion at all costs arguments. Abortion is a fundamental human right arguments? Healthcare!
    I know of at least one person who would likely be OK with men being murdered over abortion laws. Claims that removing a healthy child from a healthy adult woman is somehow medically necessary healthcare. Where are you?

  15. Like A True Communist, Jane feels that anyone who doesn’t agree with her should be Fed Into The Chipper. That’s why China is so big on Survalnce Thecnology . Now that point of view has entered millions of USA Living Rooms. Maybe 1% nodded in agreement, next time maybe 3%,, and on and on.. Jane is an old actress, you can see in her theatrical response, it was intentional, and scripted. She was sending a shot over the bow.

  16. Willingly gave aid and comfort ( thru her publicity antics) to the the enemy in communist North VietNam while Americans died in the south and south Vietnamese civillians were slaughtered by the NVA. Now advocating murder of those who oppose slaughter of the unborn!! This lady just cannot get the blood off her hands!!

  17. This woman claims to be a Christian.
    She ‘became’ one at a church in Atlanta, at the end of her marriage to Ted Turner (her 3rd alpha male husband)
    Turner, an atheist, claims it ended the marriage.
    Born into privilege; her Hollywood dad (5 marriages) married Jane Seymore, a wealthy Canadian socialite.
    Jane Seymore Fonda is named after King Henry’s (VIII) third wife Jane Seymore who Fonda traces her ancestry to.
    What a Hollywood POS …. IMO.

  18. When Hanoi Jane apologized to all the vets for bbeing a traitor, she must have been lying. Now she wants to just flat out kill innocent people because she can’t get her way. Her communist father taught he better than that. Her brother who raised bison in Montana probably is looking for a hole to hide in.

    • Peter Fonda is dead. He drove his easy rider bike onto a bison which was crossing the highway near Ted Turner’s Montana ranch. Ouch!
      Drugs and driving don’t mix.

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