Utah’s biggest newspaper just called for National Guard to keep unvaccinated citizens in their homes


Two years ago, a reasonable reader might have chalked this up to a crazy conspiracy theory. Times have changed and what seemed impossible in the United States of American just got a little more possible.

This week, the Salt Lake City Tribune called for the National Guard to be used to keep people in their homes — if they are unvaccinated for Covid-19.

The editorial is titled, “Utah leaders have surrendered to COVID pandemic. Cowardice and misinformation at all levels have left each one of us to fight this battle alone.”

The editorial said the government should “deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”

Then the newspaper singled out Republicans as a special problem for combating the virus.

“Government officials, mostly but not exclusively Republicans, were apparently determined not to be caught governing in the face of this challenge. Any move or recommendation to mask up or, when safe and effective vaccines became available, to make vaccination a requirement of admission to public places and society in general was shouted down as an unwarranted imposition on individual freedoms,” the Tribune said, before going after Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox. “Cox and so many others have not carried the courage of their convictions. Cox, state legislative leaders, our congressional delegation and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes have so proudly stood against the kind of vaccine mandates that civilized society has used for generations to effectively wipe out everything from polio to diphtheria to the measles.”

The editorial took a kinder, gentler approach to President Joe Biden, praising him for trying to mandate vaccines nationwide, and wishing he would do more, faster.

“President Joe Biden tried to pull a couple of useful levers by ordering vaccine mandates for health care workers and vaccine-or-test rules for workplaces of more than 100 employees. The U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld the former while quashing the latter, foolishly holding that a communicable disease is not a workplace hazard,” the editorial board said. “Not that Biden is blameless in all this. Seeing the obvious reluctance of so many people to get, or to require, vaccinations has only now moved him to push to make tests and the most effective kind of masks available to everyone. It’s the right thing to do, but months late.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune was purchased by billionaire Utah businessman Paul Huntsman in 2016. Huntsman is a Republican.


  1. Interesting. In the practice where I work, 32/34 recent COVID infections were in vaccinated individuals. One of the two unvaccinated was a completely asymptomatic contact who never did get sick, while all of the ‘vaxxed’ showed significant illness. Just an observation.

    • You are not alone in this observation. Many people I know have noticed this as well.
      There is a Danish study that confirmed the same thing. Nobody, at this point, should think the CDC is capable of being objective and would share unflattering information about the vaccines and everyone should be looking elsewhere to find objective information.

  2. Utah is such a beautiful state. What a shame they have such a commie newspaper. Who are they to advocate traitorously for deliberate taking of Constitutional, God-given liberty. The communist left must be desperate. Unalienable rights, ya’ll. Love it or go to China if that’s what floats your boat.

  3. Been saying two things for some time:
    1-Covid has always been about exerting control over citizens.
    2-Republicans are just as useless (often as dangerous) to a free people as Democrats.
    Believe me yet?

    • 1 – not many conservatives would argue with that.
      2 – not many conservatives would argue with that either. too many republicans do too little and just love hearing themselves talk. Or they do things and get ridicule from both sides because conservatives are critical people, like yourself, and also sometimes have wacky ideas because they are a little too independent in thought.
      So what’s your point? What are you doing? I’m not doing much either. I don’t like the government and the people in it and don’t want to deal with it. I guess we’re screwed. Eventually enough will be enough, but we are frogs slowly being brought to a boil.
      This is just an editorial in a newspaper. Quebec is taxing the unvaxxed $5000. If this omicron doesn’t end things quickly, and we have another year or two of this, it won’t be long before they lose their patience and realize how many lives they could save if they just prevent the unvaxxed from living and then of course that wouldn’t end the pandemic, so what would be next? “They just want things to return to normal again and some people are preventing that.”
      So if Republicans aren’t the answer, who is? Independents? Which one? For me, Kristi Noem or DeSantis are the best bets and they are both Republicans. Tulsi Gabbard would be very refreshing too just cause she’s left, but she isn’t off the rails. I’d take anyone with some courage in what they know (not self righteousness), integrity, and class. I agree, we don’t see many that have all three from either side, but cynicism gets us nowhere guaranteed.

  4. Note: their version of “civilization” includes forcing people they don’t like to behave at gunpoint.
    Or else.

  5. What is wrong with these Fools who ignore constitutional rights AND science?! Nobody is any more dangerous than anybody else! If you have a working pair of lungs, then you can spread respiratory viruses. Injections into your bloodstream doesn’t affect antibodies in your sinuses. So, so, so stupid!

  6. Remember the nationwide uproar from journolos whose lives were ‘literally’ in danger when tom cotton penned an oped saying the national guard should help quell violent and deadly riots?

    If it weren’t for double-standards……

  7. The owner may be a “Republican”. The editorial board clearly is not. And as is typical of most major newspapers, the readership isn’t, either. Check their comments section.
    ADN is probably foaming at the mouth for not publishing this thought earlier.

  8. Some how i can see internment camps happening again. When i am meeting people they are appearing as heartless as neighbors who directed obscenities toward Germans and Japanese. Fear turns once good neighbors into enemy. They will be your friend again when all the fighting is over.

  9. There is truly NO accounting for brains and the liberals prove it every day by doing/saying things like this. I have no idea why newspapers are even in business(probably Soros-owned), couldn’t be people are really buying them. People are smarter than that!;)

    • We need to take back the language, just one more aspect of our lives that has been hijacked and corrupted by the left. The word ‘liberal’ is a prime example. There is nothing liberal about the ideologies of the communist marxist left. It’s either their way or no way. Neither are they ‘progressive’; rather, they are attempting to REgress society back to the Dark Ages.
      As for newspapers, my neighbor buys them to protect his garage floor when he’s gutting and cleaning fish.

      • Very good point, Dave. I, also, cannot stand the appropriation of the words “liberal” and “progressive” by totalitarian forces of intolerance, deceit and darkness who are the very antithesis of those words.

  10. How to end this “pandemic”.

    ?? stop testing healthy people
    ?? delete the word “asymptomatic” from the vocabulary
    ?? get back to the “stay home when you feel sick” principle
    ?? arrest corrupt politicians, journalists, and scientists
    ?? ban the use of masks and face shields
    ?? reform and defund biased MSM
    ?? bust up big pharma and big tech
    ?? run health campaigns focused on healthy diet and sports
    ?? prohibit the use of models to enforce policies
    ?? correct the population’s vitamin D and Omega-3 deficits
    ?? administer evidence-based drugs such as Ivermectin and melatonin.
    ?? dismantle the UN, WHO and powerful philanthropic organisations (e.g. Open Society and Gates Foundation)
    ?? restructure the domain of science to regain some credibility
    ?? prohibit gain of function research

    Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to smile now and then. Life is good! ☀️

    Dr Simon @Goddek

  11. I really hope The Anchorage Socialist Alliance hasn’t read this story!
    Oh, you prefer to call it the “Assembly”?
    OK. If even one of them reads it you’ll be hearing of a lawsuit against the governor wanting him removed – even imprisoned – for NOT locking YOU up in your burrow.

  12. Why not just make the “unvaccinated” (sic) wear Yellow Stars, send gangs of thugs to beat them up randomly on the streets, smash their businesses and confine them in walled ghettos?
    History does not repeat, but it does rhyme.

  13. Utah’s socialistic governor will rubber stamp this plan ASAP. Cox is one of the only Republicans more liberal than Mike Dunleavy

  14. Just when you think that it couldn’t get crazier, it gets crazier.
    My question is why stop with just locking up the un-jabbed untermenschen? Why not just go all the way and provide the final solution!

    Still think this is about a Public Health issue?

    • The only difference this time will be that they will use environmentally friendly solar ovens instead of gas-fired ovens to dispose of the bodies. But the skins of some of the unvaccinated will be saved for commemorative lampshades.

        • No, Steve, the serious help is needed by all your Krazy Kovidian Kultists, who are ripping apart the social, mental and economic fabric of this nation in the futile and idiotic quest for perfect safety, at ALL costs, from one very particular and rather low risk, in all denial of any cost-benefit analysis.

          • Jeff,
            You are hysterically jumping up and down calling people the KKK, claiming that people are followers of Joseph Mengele, comparing the unvaccinated to Jews who were slaughtered in the Holocaust, now saying that the unvaccinated will have their skin flayed from their bodies and turned into lampshades like what happened during the Holocaust to Jews…it’s completely disgusting and beyond disrespectful to those who died in the Holocaust. Just this last weekend a muslim terrorist stormed into a synagogue and held Jewish people hostage at gun point and the FBI denied it had anything to do with them being Jewish. The antisemitism you’ve displayed here is beyond the pale.
            Do you somehow think that your unhinged hysterical name calling actually helps you spread the good word, or have you just accepted that you’re just that guy?

          • Steve, thank you for proving your rabid intellectual dishonesty and disingenuousness here once again (as if we needed any more proof of either).
            I stand by every statement I made here, as the current campaign of demonization against those who, unlike you, have the sense to not have taken the experimental and deadly clot shots is EXACTLY analogous to the demonization of the Jews in Nazi Germany; the fact that it has not (yet) led to imprisonment and executions is irrelevant. You are either wildly historically ignorant, or wildly disingenuous (as we already know), to deny or ignore this fact.
            And what a pathetically cheap, ridiculous and dishonest shot, to try to paint me as “antisemitic” for making the valid historical parallel here. Clearly, your arrogance and dishonesty know no bounds. What a reprehensible excuse for a human you are.

          • Jeff,
            It’s completely absurd to claim that the unvaccinated in this country are being treated “EXACTLY” the same as the Jews in the Holocaust, completely absurd. I respect that you fully admit to disregarding facts when you said “the fact that it has not (yet) led to imprisonment and executions is irrelevant.” Facts aren’t irrelevant Jeff, the facts are that what you keep saying is demonstrably false. The only way for you to try and make your point is that you have to call facts irrelevant that’s very telling.
            If you don’t want to be called out for making antisemitic statements, stop making them.

        • Steve-O,
          I think Jefferson was responding to R.A. Schenker’s comment, the question Schenker posed was, do you still think this is about a Public Health issue… Well do you? Because it most certainaly is not, it is looney tune mania created to control.

  15. Obviously another uninformed and brainwashed/paid off Republican. This whole thing is about power and control. Most the lemmings still supporting the draconian and unconstitutional mandates are in the pocket of Big Pharma. Americans in great numbers are now finding out how these corrupt individuals jerked them around and manipulated their lives needlessly. I’m praying for military tribunals like the Nuremburg Accords to bring these monsters to justice. Enough nonsense, end all mandates and find a way to eradicate the poison that has been pumped into the gullible masses that trusted their government to not pump a deadly toxin into their bodies.

  16. It’s pretty rich for a journalist terrified of a cold virus to accuse others of cowardice for refusing to go to the extreme measure of imprisoning people in their homes. They were so brave as to sign the editorial as “The Salt Lake City Tribune Editorial Board”. A bit of research identifies that board as Paul Huntsman, who “purchased The Tribune and became its publisher in 2016, and remains the chairman of its board now that the newspaper has become a nonprofit. He is president of Huntsman Family Investments”, Michelle Quist, “involved in law and politics for over 20 years. She is also a commercial litigator and appellate attorney at Holland & Hart in Salt Lake City. She has been a Utah Republican Party county and state officer, is on a number of court-related committees, is a Utah State Bar Commissioner”, Dave Patel, “a first-generation immigrant and long-time Utahn, serves as the associate dean of the business school at Utah State University. Prior to joining USU, he spent 15 years in Washington, D.C., in both the public and private sectors”, Executive Editor Lauren Gustus, who “joined The Tribune in December of 2020, coming from The Sacramento Bee, where she was editor of that newspaper, a member of its editorial board, and oversaw nine other West Coast newsrooms owned by The McClatchy Co. She was an assistant sports editor for The Tribune from 2004 to 2007 and has overseen newsrooms in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Reno, Nevada. A native of Massachusetts, she has a degree from Pepperdine University in Southern California”, Opinion Editor George Pyle, whose “career at The Tribune began in 2002 as an editorial writer and he became editorial page editor in 2017. Before that he worked for a series of community newspapers in Kansas, starting in 1978”, and Senior Director of Public Outreach and Operations Tim Fitzpatrick, who “has filled a variety of roles at The Tribune in a career that began 44 years ago, including copy boy, reporter, editor, editorial page editor, deputy editor and executive vice president. He has a degree in physics from Utah State University and an MBA degree from the University of Utah.” These are the fine folks demanding that the unvaccinated be confined to their homes, well, until they die.

    • Reggie: good research on the Salt Lake Tribune. Did you catch this component of the editorial – “Instead we were left to listen to various forms of foolishness and misinformation, promises of being rescued by everything from a bleach cocktail to horse dewormers to, most recently, drinking our own urine.”

        • Trump used the word “disinfectant” so the editorial board must be referring to somebody else, maybe the guy who put his dog on the car roof and didn’t pay any income taxes.

          • Evan, your Fuhrer Fauci should certainly be considered for the Eichmann/ Mengele Award for the biggest disservice to Humanity. And you as a denier of Science, yes I said Science, you know that discipline that requires observation of empirical data. You seem unable to connect the dots when it comes to interpretation of data, like 45% “Breakthrough” cases in so called, fully vaxed people. Such medical disasters used to be called FAILURES.

      • Did you catch the point about using soldiers to imprison American citizens guilty of zero crimes?
        Sorta missing the lede, here. Intentional?

  17. I’m unvaccinated and 100% healthy. Meanwhile, cases are on the rise with most vaccinated. I have several vaccinated coworkers home sick, and when I went down south last week to visit relatives last week, I couldn’t see anyone. Several were sick with COVID and others contact quarantined. Might as well lock us up for not being Liberal and subscribing to groupthink. At least it would be the truth.

      • Ah, there is that wonderful so-called “liberal tolerance” on display again.
        Tell me, John, is self-righteous arrogance and intolerance of differing opinions a prerequisite for becoming a radical leftist? Because it sure does seem to be the case. And by the way, your opinions are just that, “opinions”, not the divinely-revealed absolute truth that all your radical leftists seem to assume.

  18. This is getting old. The ‘Rona is here to stay, forever. The “vax” does absolutely nothing OTHER than to keep the receiver from having worse symptoms. This papers editor shouldn’t have ever authorized this drivel as all it’s designed to do is push the wedge of division even further between us than what it currently is. Me refusing the jab only hurts….. ME! No one else. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, we all can get it and we all can spread it. It’s time to stop this insanity.

  19. Not only unconstitutional and discriminatory–but it lacks the latest medical evidence that is showing breakthrough cases among the vaxxed rising–and rising fast. The most heavily vaccinated areas are now approaching 2/3 or more of cases by those fully vaxxed and ‘boosted.’

    In any event, the vax junkies will probably not last beyond 4 or 5 ‘boosters’ before something comes along and nails their malfunctioning innate immune system. As these ‘boosters’ will have to be given more and more frequently–they got a couple more years for many of them.

    • Very good points, BLM.
      Indeed, I have read several doctors and virologists suggest that those who have taken the vex, and now the first booster, may have put themselves on a “immunity treadmill” and may well have to take more and more boosters, more and more frequently, in order to maintain any meaningful immunological function in the short and medium term, but with ultimate total or near-total loss of immunological function in the longer term. Very scary, if true!

      • Jeff,
        I appreciate the fact that you couch your statement with numerous may’s and finish it with a “if true”. Nothing quiet like trying to fool the gullible! Like they say, if if’s and whats were candy and nuts…

        • “…….I appreciate the fact that you couch your statement with numerous may’s and finish it with a “if true”……..”
          You should. Open disclaimers beat false flags every day of the week. Offering points to consider instead of pushing fear, lies, and threats are precisely what the journalists at the Salt Lake City Tribune ought to be doing, but the Huntsman family is much better known as a political family than journalists.

    • Those heavily vaccinated areas aren’t experiencing hospital strain or significant death counts. Case count among vaccinated is not a concern.

      Which is why the vaccines are being promoted. The only concern we still have are those who remain unvaccinated.

      As for the silly predictions of vaccine complications, at what point do you get a clue? These predictions come from the most ignorant among us. Do you expect ignorance to be a reliable source of information?

      • John, we are not talking about just “predictions” of vaccine (sic) complications and side effects, but innumerable and scientifically-reported DATA indicating those effects. But I cannot provide links to the many such reports, as this forum automatically will not post any comments in which I provide such links. Rest assured that such data does exist, in droves.

        • Jefferson you continually make claims that Covid vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, but when asked to cite your sources, you don’t, won’t or can’t. Study after study has shown that vaccines are safe and effective. If you want to believe otherwise, based on misinformation you consume on blogs like this, then that’s fine, don’t get vaccinated. The odds are against your getting severe Covid, even if you aren’t vaccinated. But quit saying false things about the vaccines, unless you’re prepared to cite the specific studies that you claim show them to be unsafe or ineffective,

          • Rick, your problem is that all the evidence for the very limited and temporary nature of any positive effect of the so-called “vaccines”, along with the significant danger that they pose i the long term, and the side effects and deaths that they have ALREADY caused, is and has been out there for all to read. But conformist sheep like you adamantly refuse to research or to acknowledge that evidence, preferring instead to meekly and blindly listen to nothing but the unscientific, contradictory and illogical propaganda of the political and medical-industrial establishment instead. There is no helping you or those like you who are locked into a rigidly divorced-from-reality political narrative.

          • Here’s one for vaccine efficacy, but I don’t even know why I need to share this. ‘https://youtu.be/wHfT4SzRbI0’
            The boosters are proof they aren’t very effective, because whatever they are effective at only lasts about 3-5 months, if that. And they definitely aren’t effective at preventing transmission, which is the whole justification for acting like totalitarians…. And if you look up the VAERS database for adverse reactions, the amount of adverse reactions surpass any vaccine in the history of mankind by a country mile. There are over a million reports of adverse reactions. Fauci and the CDC explain this away by saying that even if you die in a car accident after getting a vaccine doctors are required to document the death, but that’s also true of the flu shots and I believe there are less than 100 deaths reported after flu shots whereas covid shots have over 21,000 deaths reported. Soccer players have collapsed on the field after getting the shots because of myocarditis. Have you ever heard of that happening because of any other shot? I don’t really think you need facts. They are right in front of you. You need to connect the dots, which you aren’t willing to do, which I understand honestly. It’s hard for anyone to admit they were wrong about something, especially something like this. But I hope you allow yourself to admit that these vaccines don’t do anything against omicron and there have been severe side effects for many, more than any other vaccine in history and it is wrong to coerce people through their livelihood to get them when there is such a risk, especially because they have NEVER prevented transmission. I invite you to admit that Fauci and the CDC have done a terrible job in influencing the world in how to deal with this pandemic and you were duped. Not looking for a debate. You will take it or leave it. I just hope you eventually can look at things objectively.

      • Take it or leave it John.
        ‘https://twitter.com/justin_hart/status/1480613496853200897?s=20’ I am not looking for debate, nor am I excited to burst your bubble, despite how rude and obnoxious your comment was. I have no doubt your first reaction will be to not accept a link to twitter as fact or something, but this graph shows the opposite of what you are saying. I know you won’t believe me when I say that this is the truth, so I am just sharing it with you. I can’t make you believe it. I personally suggest boosting your immune system because there is plenty of evidence that the vaccines, even if boosted, do very little to diminish omicron, but luckily it is indeed even a milder sickness and regardless you will probably be fine unless over 70 and really overweight with other comorbidities. Good luck. I really suggest you realize that the CDC and NIH are incapable of being objective, nor is anyone that has bought into what they have preached before. They have had one goal, admittedly, from the very beginning, and that is to get everyone vaccinated. Whether that was with altruistic intentions or not has yet to be proven. But that was the strategy they laid out before during simulated drills before there was covid and well before there was a tested covid vaccine available. They already knew the potential of mRNA vaccines and how fast they can be developed when they laid out that strategy. They already had the mRNA covid vaccines started within days after discovering the virus because that’s what that tech allows. But there is always a chance that plan wasn’t a good one, especially when we have never been able to successfully use mRNA vaccines before and they are unproven.

  20. Meanwhile in China they are rounding up those sick with covid and sticking them in boxes, ‘https://news.yahoo.com/video-chinese-covid-19-patients-003833211.html’ ain’t it great to be an American, where you can say and publish the dumbest stuff without fear of being dragged through the streets and locked in a box just for being sick.
    It’s completely absurd for the editorial board to suggest what they did, they need some perspective, but then so do those who imagine we are actually doing this in this country.

  21. “The U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld the former while quashing the latter, foolishly holding that a communicable disease is not a workplace hazard,” the editorial board said.” The authors must likewise think that OSHA’s charge is to totally regulate everything, in the workplace, out of the workplace, at your home, in your body. Why it’s as if they agree that your body is a government workplace. I didn’t read in the article where they called on China to feed and care for the “Mass Incarceration” the editorial board is calling for. I hope they move to Beijing to live with their comrades.

  22. Why not just have the guard shoot them? Burn their houses while at it?
    Confiscate their property and bill their relatives?
    The point isn’t anything except a section of American citizens advocating the use of military force to project their wishes.
    This crap leads to violence and civil wars.

  23. There IS no vaccine mandate, because there IS no FDA-approved vaccine being administered in the US for covid. Governments have lied and have been purposely deceitful as to what has been approved and what is still in the experimental stage. This is an ongoing human experimentation trial. Under both international and domestic law, a person can not be forced to take part in a medical experiment. Informed consent and scientific discussion are required by law for anyone who is included in a human research project. Both consent and discussion have been denied and squelched, because the narrative has been framed to imply that there is no choice but to comply with the mandate.

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