University of Alaska Anchorage says masks back on faces when inside buildings and in other places on campuses


In May, the University of Alaska relaxed its mandate on masks, and said, in line with CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated University of Alaska employees, contractors, students and visitors would no longer be required to wear masks. People who were not fully vaccinated must continue to wear a mask while on university property, at university field sites, and in university vehicles.”

Now, effective Aug. 2, a new mask policy is the old policy:

The use of a face mask or face shield is required on all UAA campuses, regardless of vaccination status. Wearing a mask is of particular importance if in an enclosed room or university vehicle. In classrooms, masks are required at all times.

Masks are also required outdoors if it is not possible to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people and when mandated by an event- or location-specific mitigation plan.

Anyone who visits a UAA campus should wear a mask when entering and exiting facilities, when traveling to and from personal workstations and when work requires meetings or contact with other people. Masks are not required inside a private, on-campus residential unit or when an individual is alone inside a private office with the door shut.

If the state, local government or UA system institute more restrictive requirements, those requirements will supersede this policy. Chancellors may grant exceptions to the masking requirements, based on local conditions and CDC guidance. Chancellors will notify the president and HR of approved exceptions.

Th new policy relies heavily on the cooperation and personal responsibility of the entire UAA community, the university announced.

Whenever possible, concerns about face coverings should be respectfully addressed at the time such concerns arise by informing the individual about this policy and encouraging compliance in a courteous and considerate manner.

There are exemptions for those who can’t wear masks due to a medical condition or specific work requirement or hazard.


      • And he holds ALL the power at UAA, is that right, Frank? Really?
        PS: I would just love to ask you, how does the hypocrisy feel, with you being freely able to post here on a conservative/libertarian-oriented website, while your highly censored, radical leftist authoritarian gulag of a comments section over at the ADN will not allow anyone holding differing opinions than their own (and than yours) the same privilege?

        • Jeffy, anytime someone approaches you with some sound wisdom and evidence he always counter with your anti-government babble. You’re not a true conservative by any sense of an active imagination. You don’t even know what it means to be conservative anymore.

          • Gregory, I never claimed to be a conservative, although you are most adamantly not one yourself, either.
            I am a life-long libertarian, so my pro-freedom philosophy does not suffer the contradictions inherent in so-called liberalism and so-called conservatism.
            With that said, do you have any coherent point to make? Do you deny my comment above to Frank Rast? No, of course you don’t deny it, because you cannot.

  1. And also, the Covidian-hysterical UAA has also just cancelled their December Holiday Crafts Fair, for the second year in a row. Pure F%#^%ng insanity!

  2. This is proof positive that our university system is overrun by democrats. Their liberal policies of masking, closing businesses, restricting the elderly and minorities by scaring the holy hell out of them with made-up dangers is all you need to know about liberals. They are scared of their own shadows, or they are perpetuating the propaganda. Delta Variant, my ass. CDC lies. Media lies. All so pharmaceutical companies, who are the largest lobbying entity in the country, can rake in billions for government-paid (your taxes paid) vaccines that they are trying to make mandatory.

  3. And the ‘academics’ at the university are supposed to be the smart ones. Science must be a strange misnomer for them. Propaganda and control seems to be their forte’, not science. The average four year graduate from this ‘prestigious’ university could not pass a sixth grade completion test from 1910 and I doubt most of their ‘professors’ could either. I haven’t heard of the UA regaining accreditation yet. Could that be true? Is the ‘credibility’ of their graduated students at stake? Last I read, a person could get a ‘comparable’ degree online, though also non accredited. Why is Alaska putting up with second or third rate educators? The funding UA receives should be more than enough for them to furnish top shelf degrees with full accreditation in all quarters. Instead, UA graduates are taught leftist values, contorted history and disrespect for out Country, sans a credible degree.
    If I sound a little bitter, it’s because I am. I am fed up watching our Country being trashed by trash, our freedom being eroded and endless prevaricating about a con game they call a ‘pandemic’.

  4. I am unsurprised by it.
    Bad enough the education quality is gone. Now! You have to be muzzled like a dog wearing a cone. Paying for UAA education isn’t worth the facial humiliation! Hahahaha

    • Jen, not to mention all the mental humiliation of being subjected to the steady drumbeat of leftist, rigidly dogmatic “wokeism” from the professors and teaching staff.

  5. Long ways from an education and science. It’s scary that graduates are in a position to make actual decisions.

  6. It doesn’t hurt to get the vaccine.. just a little poke. Then it’s over. Then maybe your mommy could buy you ice cream afterwards.

    • You are projecting again, Gregory.
      And actually, I find that it is usually if not invariably those who question and who challenge the official narratives and orthodoxies to be much better informed, and more intelligent, than those, like you, who blindly accept those official narratives and orthodoxies.
      In short, Gregory, you are too unintelligent to realize that you are too unintelligent.

  7. Morons.

    But it’s worse. They are a cult. Cult of leftism, cult of scientism. Dangerous fools..and of course we find them most holed up in either the bureaucracy or academia; the places where merit and common sense are most seldom rewarded but loyalty and commitment to the narrative can insulate the mediocre for life..

  8. One might be forgiven for recommending, encouraging mass disobedience, boycotts, strikes
    … whatever it takes (lawfully, of course) to send the message loud and clear, “go to hell with your damned masks!”
    We ask Governor Dunleavy to stop this woke bullsh… (hey!) with an Executive Order.

    • We need to act COLLECTIVELY in this regard, and not remain, or try to act in defiance, as isolated individuals. Say 20 or 50 or 100 of us march into UAA not wearing masks — what are they going to do? We need to take a lesson from the radical left, who for all their innumerable faults and insanity, do know how to act as a group.
      One isolated individual, acting alone, can easily be bullied or dismissed. 100 individuals acting in the same manner cannot.

      • YES! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE NOW! With Biden “exploring” his ability to mandate COVD injections for all, delay may mark freedom’s death knoll.

  9. Come on down to the Dakotas …
    – No mask mandates!
    – No vax mandates!
    – No quarantines!
    – No overbearing, intrusive, overcomanding and liberal Guv’ment!
    It’s nothing short of Life, Liberty, Freedom, and God’s Country!!!

  10. One would expect an institution of higher learning would actually… oh, I do not know…. do some study and research on a topic before implementing policy. Instead, they just parrot what a Federal Bureaucracy is saying.
    Is that where we are these days?

  11. Take the jab it will not hurt? Thalidomide ring any bells? The FDA said it was safe to. Many doctors have said oxycontin is safe to?

  12. My daughter is half way through a two-year health related program at UAA. She has been told she needs to get the jab, no exceptions! If jabs work, why masks? If masks work, why force people to get the jab they don’t want/need?

  13. “The use of a face mask or face shield is required on all UAA campuses,…”
    Funny thing about the face shields…they’re not compliant with CDC mask requirements.
    Google it and you’ll find this:
    “The following do not fulfill the requirements of the Order. …Face shields or goggles…”
    These various authoritarian idiots reimposing pointless mandates are just sheep obeying their master’s commands without critical thought or reasoning.
    Typical of modern education where those who memorize and regurgitate without questioning what they’re told are considered to be the “smart” ones.

  14. Settle down folks. The Alaska Supreme Court already ruled that “should”, “must”, and “may” all mean the same thing- if you feel like it.

  15. I had put off continuing classes because I wasn’t interested in online courses. I was excited to be able to attend a in person class which starts on the 22nd. Being fully vacinated I’m very disappointed at the mask mandate. The Mayor got it right.

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