Under oath: Top 12 takeaways from ‘Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena’ hearing in Congress


On Wednesday, the House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs held hearings during which a former military intelligence official, now a whistleblower, explained that U.S. military personnel have been attempting to reverse engineer unidentified aerial phenomena, known as UAPs or UFOs. The government has actively concealed these endeavors from the public, he said.

It was the first time in American history that a government panel has taken testimony from former military and intelligence officers about extraterrestrial activity the government has purportedly kept the lid on.

Some of the other statements made under sworn oath by witnesses during Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing:

Former Intelligence Officer David Grusch: “I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz: “Mr. Grusch, as a result of your previous government work, have you met with people with direct knowledge or have direct knowledge yourself of non-human origin craft?”

David Grusch: “Yes. I personally interviewed those individuals.”

Grusch said the U.S government is in possession of UAP’s: “I know the exact locations and those locations were provided to the Inspector General.”

Grusch told Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that he will provide her with specific names and locations of unacknowledged UFO Special Access Programs in a classified setting.

Grusch said, “I know the exact locations” of UAPs of which the federal government has possession.

Grusch said he has personal knowledge of people being physically harmed in attempt to keep UFO information from being disclosed to the public. He indicated attempts to silence people also led to murder, although he stopped short of detailing that by saying he could not talk about it.

Grusch stated that the government has retrieved non human biological material from crashed UAP.

Grusch personally witnessed “very disturbing”‘” injuries to his colleagues by UAPs: “I know of multiple colleagues of mine that got physically injured…The activity that I personally witnessed…was very disturbing.”

David Fravor, a retired Navy pilot who videotaped a UAP off the California coast, said the technology “is beyond anything we have. There’s four sets of human eyeballs [who saw the UAP]. We’re all very credible. It’s not a joke.”

Ryan Graves, an ex-Navy pilot, told the committee that he saw UAPs “every day for at least a couple years” over the Atlantic Ocean. “As we convene here, UAPs are in our airspace, but they are grossly underreported. These sightings are not rare or isolated; they are routine. Military aircrews and commercial pilots, trained observers whose lives depend on accurate identification, are frequently witnessing these phenomena.”

Graves said that some of the flying crafts he saw could not be of domestic origin because they were staying absolutely stationary in Category 4 hurricane winds and then accelerated to supersonic speeds.


  1. Dialogue sounds so Qanon. it reminds me of those non mainstream journalists called independent media who sent millions of Americans, who watch and swear by their independent media’s truth, on a wild guessing game as which date Biden will be indicted and Trump be sworn into office in 2021.these guys! Are pulling our leg.

  2. Kind of suspect that all of this information is being discussed at higher levels of government, and almost seems like a distraction from which the current administration could benefit from.

    • Absolutely. This testimony could have been gleaned from the National Enquirer from the last 50 years… Hearsay, “I’m not allowed to talk about that”, self aggrandizement, second-hand info, unsubstantiated allegations, and bold prevarication – just what I expected from an expensive “hearing” designed to distract from problems and elevate the “leadership” impression of a failed admin and its policies. I call BS and demand biden refund the American taxpayer – treble damages for the waste of time and resources.

      • I’ve studied UFOs for decades. I never read the National Enquirer. With all the cases that have been reported over the years, it would take a very long time to review them all.

        I’ll take refunds on wasted tax money, but research into this topic is not a waste of funds, and facing reality is the best thing anyone can do.

        • The testimony at the inquiry was BS – maybe you should have gone there…
          True believers will never admit they’re wrong.
          The testimony solicited could have proved your point, true believers, but it fell woefully short. It was just a political distraction. Could there be something out there? Unlikely, but still worth being certain. This hearing was just a rip off. I suggest for a reality check check out ‘https://washingtonstand.com and look up an article by Joshua Arnold from 7/27/23

  3. So much news about UFO’s.
    It’s all to distract from the bad news of the Bidens, bad economy.
    More news about UFO’s means the closer the Biden Administration are about to sink.

  4. Thank you for reporting this.

    Elizondo outlined what I think he calls “the five observables,” and those are a great way to distinguish what we’re looking at here from things like Chinese spy balloons.

    There seem to be parts of the military that are doing their best to stop disclosure. They seem to forget who they work for, and I must admit, I’m getting impatient — and certainly not younger!

  5. From the transcript:
    Attorney: Your Honor, I would like to call Mr. Patie to the stand.
    Attorney: Your full name sir.
    Mr. Patie: Gaylord Patie
    Attorney: And what is your occupation?
    Mr.Patie: I’m a certified public accountant for the State.
    Attorney: And I understand you have personally witnessed Flying Saucers. Is that correct?
    Mr.Patie: Yes, I’ve not only encountered Flying Saucers but I’ve also encountered the Aliens that fly them. And on multiple occasions.
    Attorney: Mr. Patie, I understand that you’re president of the International Conclave for Unidentified Flying Objects. Is that correct:
    Mr.Patie: That is correct, sir.
    Attorney: Where was your last meeting?
    Mr.Patie: On Mars…
    Attorney: Uh, You may step down.

  6. In 7+ decades, I’ve yet to personally observe or experience anything appearing to be extraterrestrial, therefore I’m compelled to reserve judgement. But I also hesitate to grant immediate credibility to the same government that has blatantly lied to it citizens about so many issues just in the last 3/4 of a century. In case you haven’t noticed, there are still political prisoners in prison who simply attended a rally in Washington D.C., harmed no one, threatened no one, yet have remained illegally and unconstitutionally incarcerated for over two years. You have former soldiers suffering the effects of atomic radiation, chemical experiments, Agent Orange defoliant from Vietnam and depleted Uranium from the Gulf War. The US Military instructed doctors to ignore or completely discount claims for over thirty years. You’re welcome to make up your own mind on the highly suspicious story surrounding the COVID “pandemic”, and all the people dying today from unexplained blood clots?
    Trust your government at your own risk!

    • The hearing demonstrated that Congress can’t trust our gov’t either. I would have thought more Alaskans would understand at least that much of it. I’m certainly cheering on our elected leaders over the Military Complex that is refusing them.

      No diss on you, but I’m amazed more Alaskans aren’t more interested in this, since we’re one of the states where UFOs seem to be.

  7. All of this is merely people saying these things exists and that they are of extraterrestrial origin. Zero actual evidence provided. I won’t hold my breath waiting for actual proof.

    MRAK is getting dangerously close to having the same content as National Enquirer.

  8. My totally unsupported theory about UAPs is that a number of small boats off the coast of California, direct focused energy beams into the sky, and where they intersect, the air glows. The boats (or submarines on the surface) are in computer communication with each other, and coordinate the aim of their beams. They can therefore make the glowing “object” hover or dart away at fantastic speeds, and turn on a dime. Just a thought, though not likely, I suppose.
    If a search light or bat signal is focused on a cloud, the projected spot can make very rapid maneuvers.
    Also, I witnessed the testimony of the transcript that was presented in the comment above by Jacob Parish. it is in the movie “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” starring Don Knotts. It’s a very good movie.

    • That wouldn’t explain the nonglowing object I saw in 1974 in Great Falls, MT. It was metallic and hovering over the northern part of the city in broad daylight. It then moved at unexplainable speeds and stops (they would kill us if we subjected ourselves to such speeds) and hovered again over the central area of the city. No sound, even when it broke the sound barrier and disappeared toward the south. As an Air Force brat, I was living on bases before the new laws came out about sonic booms being allowed near populations, so was subjected to them — of course, as a kid, I thought they were cool. 😉 In 1974, our best tech air craft was the SR71, which I was privileged to touch, and it doesn’t move anything like these objects. It can’t hover silently, turn at right angles, or break the sound barrier w/out producing a sonic boom.

  9. We must appoint VP Kamala Harris as the “Atmospheric Border Czar”. “Quick Joe, send out invitations.”
    Real Aliens will show up in droves and will be given cell phones and mail in ballots and become more “useful idiots”.

  10. So you’re telling us that those things travel millions of light years across the universe to get here, but then can’t fly well enough to avoid crashing when they arrive??

  11. It’s not an easy thing to do. Jumping from one dimension into another. Perhaps they’re ships are more suited for the climate and atmosphere on their homeworld. A simple lightning storm takes them out. JUST GUESSING. MAYBE THEIR PHYSICS IS DIFFERENT.

  12. I’ve personally seen many of these crafts but one event really scared me. I was on a cruise ship that was traveling through a section ocean that has been labeled by some as the “Bermuda Triangle”. A UFO was being chased by what appeared to me to be two F-22 Raptors when the alien craft suddenly did a 180 degree turn on a dime and vaporized the two jet fighters. I carefully watched the news but for some reason no aircraft were ever reported missing as a result of this event. I swore at that moment that I would NEVER again drop acid. And thankfully I haven’t ever seen any UFO’s since…

  13. ANYTIME THEY WANT TO DISGUISE THE REAL TRUTH WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING, they are always pulling stunts to sidetrack your attention of what is REALLY going on.. They’ve done it with the Ukrainian war, remember the many over undaunted pages in the ADN and any other schemes of they’re bunch of lies… Just how many of these are black ops operations and classified experimental aircraft soon to be built if they pass all the testing. The people seeing these are not qualified to report or it’s their life in jeopardy.

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