Under fire: NRA moves board meeting from Anchorage to DC



The NRA board of directors had scheduled its annual meeting to be held in Anchorage on Sept. 13, with some fishing and other outdoor excursions planned.

But in late August the board hastily decided to move the meeting to the Washington, D.C. area due to several anti-gun measures being considered in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

The House Judiciary Committee started hearings on Sept. 4. after Chairman Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat who wants stricter gun laws, heard three bills, all introduced by fellow Democrats:

  • Disarm Hate Act, H.R. 2708, introduced in May by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), which would disqualify anyone convicted of a misdemeanor “hate crime” from being able to purchase a firearm;
  • Keep Americans Safe Act, H.R. 1186 introduced in February by Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), which includes a ban on magazines over 10 rounds’
  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders Act of 2019, H.R. 1236, introduced in February by Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA).

The NRA board has been in turmoil all year and in the past several weeks four of its member have resigned, three of them stating that they were concerned about the financial decisions and wasteful spending of President Wayne LaPierre.

The NRA meeting in the DC-Virginia area is now scheduled for Sept 11-14. The cancellation of the Anchorage meeting is said to cost the organization about $100,000, due to cancellation fees for rooms and excursions.

Alaskan Wayne Anthony Ross sits on the board of directors and told a reporter from Newsweek that he was “disappointed” in the decision to relocate the meeting.

“We worked for four or five years to get it approved by the board to come up here,” he told the reporter. “In 2005, we had the NRA board come to Alaska. We have the highest percentage of NRA members of any state in the union.” But Ross conceded that if the board needed to stay close to the action in the U.S. Capitol, he could not oppose the move.

[Read more about the NRA bailing on Anchorage at Ammoland]

Last Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that categorizes the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization.”

San Francisco city and county governments “should take every reasonable step to limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization,” the resolution says. It makes it official city policy that San Francisco should “encourage all other jurisdictions, including other cities, states, and the federal government, to adopt similar positions.”

The NRA issued a statement: “This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few. The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.”


  1. I wonder if the NRA or an NRA member (s) could sue the City of San Francisco for some kind of libel or slander? After all, by official government decree, they have labeled those us who hold membership as “official” terrorists. This is not somebody on the street yelling…it is an official statement.

    Aside from that the NRA needs to solve & stop the infighting.

  2. NRA needs to oust Wayne LaPierre! Will not send them any money until that POS is gone. Col. North had it right; I do not want to pay for LaPierre’s homes, custom suits, expensive suites at top end hotels, his private jet, nor his Viagra for his young wife!

    • Linda, you sound like another hateful Democrat. La Pierre’s successes with the NRA are legion. Best lobbyists in the country, with a mission to protect our 2nd Amendment. And what’s with your beef about young wives? Jealousy? Get your old man on a prescription of Big V.

    • I seriously doubt that Democrat Linda follows Oliver North’s successes. Hurry to Mallwart and buy a lady’s .40 with laser mount for accuracy.

    • I left the NRA at EXACTLY the same time Bush did for the same reason. The “jack booted thugs” was endo for me. I have to say that for years I enjoyed telling the people who called on the phone from the org trying to get me back, “Get rid of that f___wit and I may come back.” After three years or so, they quit. The NRA is a cult and not the NRA I joined as a kid in the early 60’s. Demographics is going to make the NRA a charming memory. They are are the wrong side of history, bigly.

    • Linda, you will notice that NO ONE will actually address your pointed and accurate comment on LaPierre’s grift.

      • Susan LaPierre met Wayne through the NRA. She serves as chair of the women’s section in the NRA. They are a great match, and she is a strong advocate for gun ownership. I doubt Linda has any misgivings about Democrat Larry King marrying women 1/3 of his age (9 marriages and counting). Linda wouldn’t have raised this issue if she was half as good looking as Mrs. La Pierre. Pure sour grapes to Linda, and I hope she gets her new pistol soon.

  3. Abandon the NRA for the Firearms Policy Coaliton. They are actually fighting the fight with legal teams constantly working to overturn anti 2A legislation. Lots of recent success.

  4. So it begins for Alaska. The leftist/dim agenda is already impacting Alaskans. It will only escalate from here. Like I said before, “Alaskans need to get in front of the leftist mantra/BS, not react after the fact”. Too bad the NRA is so easily manipulated. I dropped out of their membership several years ago, when they didn’t follow up on their ‘membership’ promises/benefits. NRA rhetoric sounds good but their actions belie their words. Americans/Alaskans don’t need the NRA to front for them.. We have the real deal in Alaska and a goodly portion of America. Stand for ourselves. The unfortunate circumstances behind their cancelling the Alaska board meeting only illustrates the fact. If NRA really “walked the walk”, they would have the board meeting in Alaska, despite wingnut opposition. Disappointment is more than a word where they’re concerned.

  5. I am sad that the NRA had to cancel a wonderful trip to Alaska but I am happy that they are going to be fighting for gun rights in Washington instead. Every time I hear about people wanting to impede my gun rights I buy another one or more magazines. I also try to teach as many people as I can to use firearms safely. As with everything, education is the key.

  6. I’m a gun owner, moderately liberal, and a former member of the NRA. I canceled my membership because the NRA long ago morphed from being a sporting group to being a rabid single-issue political organization with extreme views – and most Americans agree with that assessment.

    The current expansive interpretation of the Second Amendment (Heller), which they support, is a historical fraud foisted upon us by the NRA and like-minded people, and it will eventually be reversed by a more enlightened Supreme Court.

    The public’s attitude towards guns is changing much in the way that attitudes towards towards smoking have changed in recent decades. As young people who have grown up with Sandy Hook, MSD, Columbine, and too many other mass shootings come into power, we will see common sense and restrictive gun regulations put into effect, like those adopted in New Zealand in just several weeks’ time after their recent slaughter-fest. The clock is ticking on loose gun regulations in the USA, and the days of the Wild West are numbered.

    The NRA is increasingly on the ropes as their leadership is exposed as a bunch of high-living freeloaders, and their finances are in disarray as members flee due to their internal malfeasance and extreme philosophies. It’s good to see them being held to account by their members and it will be even better to see LaPierre depart. That day can’t come soon enough.

    • You go Whidbey, couldn’t have said it better. I’m a Gulf War vet, who’s proud to own my Great Grandpa’s rifles and shotgun well as a couple handguns. They’re in a safe with trigger locks. No one needs assault weapons and hi cap mags in this country. No one except mass shooters that is… Let’s be sensible for our children’s sake. We’re not living in a silly 80s action film.

    • Whidbey Woofer’s post is the exact type of thinking the Democrats and Lefty’s want gun owners to adopt. It’s the slower, less emotional ploy to get the teeth out of the 2nd Amendment. There is an absolute agenda that the Left is working on to move the general public to their way of thinking. An outright gun ban will not, and has not, worked. But a deliberate and slow grinding methodology to more restrictive gun rights is now being played out. What the Left WON’T tell you are the numbers of homicides prevented by good guys with guns. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment activists need to use the same methodology as the Left does……but focus the issues on mental health, illicit drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety medications, family values, violent and bloody video games, violent and bloody movies, lack of gun education in schools, Lefty propoganda, and Lefty media conditioning. Guns are the instruments. Mental illness and deranged Liberalism is the weapon.

  7. It seems the San Fran Board of Supervisors is more a terrorist organization than is the NRA. The Board says the NRA incites acts of violence among its members. The only such I have seen advocated are self defense or defense of others. By that standard, the San Fran Board has a cadre that it has armed with guns, assault weapons, cudgels and chemical weapons. These people will use them to the extent necessary to impose the will of the Board of Supervisors upon the people of San Francisco. By which I mean the San Fran police. Meaning no offense to the police when I say that. I’m simply judging them by their employers’ standards.

  8. Mr. Bureau, why is it that you need your guns so badly?

    What is it about guns that makes them so precious to people? Most zealotic gun owners will claim that it’s the ability to protect themselves and their families. But that’s not entirely it. The real driver is that gun possession makes them feel powerful, cool, and it completes a false mental image they have of themselves – that of a gunslinging hero who saves the day. Pure fantasy.

    The reality is that the proliferation of guns results in far more intentional and unintentional death and injury than could ever be prevented by A Good Guy with a Gun. Has anyone ever heard anything more insane than LaPierre doubling down after Parkland, calling for teachers to be armed? No wonder he’s been called The Most Hated Man in America.

    The solutions you offer for solving the problems of gun abuse (fixing mental health, illicit drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety medications abuse, family dysfunction, violent and bloody video games, etc.) are smokescreens thrown up by the NRA that are both ineffective and impossible to implement. Solve everyone’s mental health issues and the problem will be solved. Repair the dysfunction in families, and there’s no more gun crime. Job done! Why not solve world hunger while you’re at it?

    The obvious problem with this approach, aside from it being blatantly disingenuous, is that most of the “solutions” you offer require modifying things that are both intangible and invisible, and therefore very difficult to even identify, let alone correct. Guns themselves, on the other and, are tangible, visible things, and therefore offer a much more effective route to a solution.

    Look at countries like the UK, which has all of the same social problems as the US, but almost no guns. What do you see? Almost zero gun crime and annual gun deaths at a rate 1/50th of that in the US. Pretty hard to argue with that.

    I’ve lived several places where guns were essentially prohibited or very tightly regulated, and guess what – life was just fine – and there was almost zero gun crime, no Stand Your Ground assasinations, and no mass murder. All upside, zero downside.

    You have been sold an irrational philosophy by the NRA, and they are feeding on your fears and living high on the hog with your membership dues.

    Taking away away all guns is not the endgame of pragmatic people like myself – it’s regulating them in a sensible way, just as we do with automobiles, explosives, and other dangerous but useful items.

    Maybe, if you really try to think for yourself instead of just repeating the mantras of the NRA, you will, as the rational person I’m sure you are, come to the same conclusions that I have.

  9. According to posts on Twitter the NRA has decided to sue the City of San Francico regarding their terrorist proclamation.

  10. Yes kids are growing up with Sandy Hook, and other shootings because society is changing. But how is it changing? When gun laws were far far “looser” there were less criminal use yet the same types of firearms were available. The AR-15 has been sold since 1963. One could buy through mail order M1 carbines and M1 Garands. Kids went to school with rifles not only in their cars or truck but to shooting clubs even in NYC. What you are missing is the historical perspective. Society is coarser, more narcissistic , more egotistical , ignorant and values life less. What is missing is that society is not better with it ‘s more flashy trinkets . By virtue of such statements as “stand your ground assasinations” your position is eroded. To be on the right side of history requires knowing history .

    • Mr. Bridges, sadly, you are correct about the overall erosion of society, and its increasing coarseness. However, as in medicine, if you cannot treat the disease, you still try to at least treat the symptoms. Perhaps eventually society will heal itself and return to a kinder, gentler state, but in the absence of that, reducing access to guns can but reduce the level of human suffering they cause.

      I’m a gun owner. Regulate me. I’ve seen it work other places.

    • Mr. Bridges: the Sandy Hook killer’s own MOTHER bought him all of his guns. He was a nutcase kid. The first one killed was his own MOTHER, a teacher at Sandy Hook. Gun safety and responsibility begins at HOME.

  11. Sorry Whidbey, but I can’t roll with your Psychology 101 version about the fantasies of gun owners. Heard it too many times in the past 40 years. Your sound bites are from the 70’s, …… all manufactured to appear scholarly……but straight out of the anti-gun playbook. Sorry! And for your edification, I carry double concealed, practice at the range every week, do not gloat about the fact that i’m an expert……..and,…..i am not a member of the NRA.

  12. Proud to be a Life Member of the USA’s premier civil rights organization! The NRA might be imperfect – and members should strive to make it excellent in every respect – but this organization is largely responsible for a marked nationwide decline in accidental (negligent discharge) firearm injuries to persons in all age groups, even while there has been a substantial increase in the number of households with firearms. As to the matter of mass shootings, there were few in the USA until a lone psychopath sniped from a tower in Austin, Texas (UT) in 1966.. The increase in mass shootings (and so much other social pathology) is symptomatic of an unraveling society, which to my eye stems from the rising percentage of broken families since the 1960s, the widespread use of psychotropic substances (including certain prescribed drugs), and widespread adolescent male exposures to the graphic and grotesque gun violence that is presented in video games and Hollywood film entertainment. Credible researchers have determined that the 1994 semi-auto and magazine ban did not make a dent in gun crimes, and a renewed ban would undoubtedly be challenged in federal courts. Let’s be sensible for our children’s sake, and raise them in the love and awe of God, and with a full understanding of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and not in a Hollywood action film.

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