Unalaska flights suspended


Alaska Airlines has suspended flights between Unalaska and Anchorage through Monday, Oct. 21.

The airline tentatively plans to resume through its contract airlines operations as early as Tuesday, Oct. 22. Passengers should contact Alaska Airlines at 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR) regarding their travel arrangements, or if in Unalaska, should stop by the airport and check at the desk.

The airlines contracts with PenAir, which since last December is a subsidiary of the Ravn Air Group.

A Ravn Air flight was given special permission to land at Unalaska’s airport today, delivering an NTSB investigator, a State Department of Transportation supervisor, a manager from Alaska Airlines, an Alaska Air “CARE” Team for airline employees, and several representatives of Ravn Air/PenAir.

Meanwhile, a crane is lifting the damaged plane from its resting spot on the edge of Captain’s Bay. Fuel was removed from the aircraft on Friday and fuel leaking into the water was contained and removed with absorbent booms. The passengers’ belongings and luggage were also taken off the aircraft and are being returned to their owners.

Once the plane is removed from the roadway and tideland area, vehicle traffic on Ballyhoo Road will resume and the runway is expected to be reopened. State Department of Transportation personnel determined the runway was not damaged in the incident.

The Cordova swim team athletes, coaches and chaperones departed for Anchorage on the return flight.

Local shippers have a plan to receive inbound freight, including groceries and supplies, for delivery within the community over the weekend, according to a press statement from the City of Unalaska.

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