Ukraine, Russia, and the war of misinformation


“The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, turning down an offer from the United States to be evacuated from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

In an instant, Zelensky became the superstar symbol of courage around the world — the man who would face the tyrant rather than cut and run, like President Joe Biden was suggesting that he do.

Was it true? Was it war legend? Will it stand the test of time?

This writer was asked this week why coverage of Urkaine-Russia fighting was not front-and-center at Must Read Alaska. The question deserves an answer.

The invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign and struggling nation since the breakup of the Soviet Union, has been coming for decades. Thousands have died in skirmishes along the border over the past many years, and Russian President Vladimir Putin could see that now is the time to strike. He’s doing it while America has a weak and demented leader who spends his weekends recuperating from his short work weeks.

But Must Read Alaska doesn’t have a war correspondent, nor the expertise to wade into war reportage from Eastern Europe.

This author hosted a Ukrainian exchange student for a school year in Anchorage and learned a lot.

“America doesn’t care about Ukraine. The world doesn’t are about Ukraine and never has,” were her words that have stuck with me all these years. “We are on our own.”

But that year is hardly enough to paddle the raging river of current events in Ukraine, Russia, and now in Poland, Romania, the Black Sea, and Turkey. Our reporting would be just an assemblage of what others are seeing in the news and social media.

On social media, all kinds of things are being said by people who know, people who copy, and people who are inflicting bad information on the world for a reason. All of a sudden, everyone on social media is an angry expert on Ukraine-Russia geopolitics and history, and everyone loves Zelensky, a former actor and comedian who has been serving as president of Ukraine since 2019, and who is someone who few Americans could identify on the world stage the week prior.

That the same mainstream media that fed Americans bad information on the Covid pandemic is the media that is now crafting the narrative in Eastern Europe, and they are no more intellectually honest now than they were last year with their election reporting or their choice to not fairly report the truck convoys in Canada.

Our advice: Read widely but consume and discern news carefully. Those who have resources to send people to war zones are the same bad media actors who led America into voting in the Biden Administration. Some reporting on TikTok and Twitter is authentic, but some of it may be manufactured by CIA, Russia, Ukraine, or another group. Some Twitter handles may be Russian, even if they seem American. Be cautious about repeating news items that may not be true.

This author is also watching what’s going on with China and Taiwan, as the world’s attention is focused elsewhere. Alaskans should be very concerned about the signals that China is getting from the Biden response to Russia.

If you know of a good, fair, and hardworking reporter with experience in Eastern Europe, send them our way. But we at Must Read Alaska are not going to become the sudden experts — there are plenty of those out there — or pretend this writer has the time to do war reporting justice. Same goes for a reporter who is a specialist in China.

Thus, there is little chance this small-but-mighty little news agency will be able to, without additional resources, adequately report the war news of the day and still stay in our lane with Alaska news and national news that impacts Alaska.

Where we will weigh in, however, is where we see blatant media bias and when the media (and it is only a matter of time) willfully ignores the facts and reports a false White House narrative.

Keeping the mainstream media on their toes — that is definitely in our lane. Let us know how we’re doing, send us tips, and thank you for your support.


  1. Thank you for this.

    The amount of absurd ‘facts’ flying around in such a short period of time is truly amazing to behold. I commend your sober and responsible approach to this situation.
    I would encourage everyone to take note (screenshots are handy) of the things being reported now and then contrast them later when the facts come out.

    I believe it will show clearly the level of falsehood the information peddlers will try and get you to accept, and then remember all the other things they told you years past and maybe look to see if they lied to you then on things you take today for granted.

  2. Thanks Suzanne…I would much rather see your report this morning from Kevin McCabe/s comments on the need to get the Mat-su port project moved forward, something that will have a lasting effect on all citizens of Alaska….I would like to see him comment on at least phase #1 of the Susitna Hydro Project as well..

    • I am a proponent of anything that will decrease the cost of electricity – thus increasing our attractiveness to industry. We absolutely need the ability to bring industry into our state.

      • Suzanne, great description of Biden, weak, demented and might I add CORRUPTED to the core. Great War chiefs must be moral if leading Democratic Republics. Joe doesn’t fill the bill.

  3. Meanwhile, back in Delaware, one can hear a senile old man snoring to the accompaniment of Crickets.

    Obviously, in Biden’s world, “y’all’s making a mountain out of a mole-hill kid, my boy Hunter, Kerry’s step-son, Pelosi’s kid are all cashed-out, and safe at home.

  4. It’s difficult to read this crock with a straight face.
    It’s Biden’s intelligence reports that have given Zelenskyy and his administration the backing they needed to slow the “genius” Putin and his invaders down enough for the West’s sanctions to finish his (Putin) attempt at destroying a democratic nation.
    Your attempts to play Biden as some sort of fall-guy are nothing but a joke IMO.

    • Stop watching MSN…….


      ‘I need ammunition, NOT a ride!’ Zelensky blasts Biden for offering to evacuate him from Kyiv and drinks tea with his soldiers after saying the ‘fate of Ukraine’ was being decided during overnight battle. #retiretodelawarewithmezelensky

    • Bill,
      What backing has Biden provided? He talked tough and then cut and ran while offering to shuttle Zelenskyy out of his own country, an offer that Zelenskyy has turned down by choosing to stay and fight…like a leader.

      • For Pete’s sake Steve-o, Biden has given Zelenskyy the ability to save himself if (or whenever) it’s needed. There is no “cut and run” involved unless it becomes necessary, but Zelenskyy is on the ground and knows his limits better than someone in the Whitehouse, even with his intelligence.
        It would likely take a Sealteam 6 effort to do what was offered, which is plenty.
        I’ve fished with several Checks that spoke of throwing molotov cocktails at Soviet tanks, some years ago, and know those Slavs are plenty tough. Trump and Putin together likely have met their match.

      • Steve, are you interested in a war with Russia? Biden never cut and ran. You’re letting your emotions run your mouth. Biden literally alerted the world, while folks on here continued to ignore it and worship Putin. Biden has been right along. Swallow your pride and pay attention.

        • John Wrote:
          “Biden never cut and ran.”
          Well, not since Afghanistan anyways. #5secondmemory

          • 5 second memory? Did you forget Trump set that entire withdrawal up? I mean, give Biden some credit for following through with Trump’s poorly planned mission.

          • John,
            That’s funny right there, it wasn’t long ago Jeff was claiming that you and I were the same person…
            I wasn’t lying, bluffing, or disagreeing with any facts. The words are right up there^ feel free to review them.

        • John,
          Talk about letting your emotions run your mouth. Biden alerted the world? Biden was right? This war over the Ukraine has been going on long before Biden became president, it was going when he was vice president when Putin took Crimea, it was even going before that. Biden didn’t alert the world to anything. Even Obama warned us about Joe’s penchant for not being right when he said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [email protected]&k things up,”
          I’m not interested in a war with Russia by any means, but Joe Biden seems intent on [email protected]&king things up so bad that we will be in one before long. Biden has played right in to Putins hands my stumbling and bumbling his way to where the US is funding his war machine with the daily purchase of nearly one million barrels of oil a day. Biden has shutdown American jobs and development while bolstering our enemies.
          You might ought to take your own advice and start paying attention to the ineptitude of Joe Biden and his well known ability to [email protected]&k things up.

          • Steve, why are you lying? It’s not a good look. Should I call you Jefferson? We know Biden released intelligence weeks ago regarding Russia’s buildup. You know it. I know it. There’s nothing you can do to change it now, and going “whatabout waahh waaah” makes you look silly. We aren’t re hashing Crimea and the mistakes made. We’re talking about an all out invasion of Ukraine. Get with the program. You’re emotional like Jefferson. Bad look.

          • John,
            What did I lie about? Biden did release Intel, I never claimed he didn’t, but he didn’t alert the world to anything that wasn’t already known. What he did was make a bunch of tough talk that he didn’t plan on backing up, then when Russia invaded he took half measures and back tracked his tough talk. Over the weekend his handlers seems to have started to make a show of getting with the program, but they still have a ways to go. Want to stop the invasion, stop funding it. Put in a good word with your fellow democrats and tell them if they support Ukraine they must support clean local American oil production and stop supporting dirty Russian blood tainted oil.

          • Jefferson, er Steve, I mean. When you disagree with facts, you’re either lying or ignorant to the facts. I called your bluff and now you admit it. Good. Biden releases intel and warned the world. It certainly wasn’t coming from the news media.

            Did you see where Trump mistakenly assumed the US had invaded Ukraine as opposed to Russia? Great interview with Laura Ingraham. She was dumbfounded. Think Trump’s handlers were in the room?

            I know it’s hard for you to admit whe. You’re wrong. But it’s the mature thing to do.

          • This is where that comment should be…
            That’s funny right there, it wasn’t long ago Jeff was claiming that you and I were the same person…
            I wasn’t lying, bluffing, or disagreeing with any facts. The words are right up there^ feel free to review them.

        • When a cop de-escalates a situation, and he and the criminal walk away amicably without anyone getting hurt, that’s different than said cop running for his car, guns a blazing, firing recklessly over his shoulder killing innocent children in his wake.

          My question for Biden, do you sleep at night, or do those kids you murdered when running from Afghanistan keep you awake. That John, was NOT Trumps plan!

          You write pretty John, like most socialist/marxist/communists, but your intellect is lacking objectivity.

    • Perhaps the “genius” remark needs to be heard in it’s entirety. It’s obvious that the Biden administration went to China, gave China our intelligence on the matter, and China handed it to Putin. Putin isn’t a stupid man and he chose this moment for a reason. Putin knows he’s going up against an America, NATO, and EU governed by illegitimate players. Putin knows that ultimately he will be supplied by the Biden side and excoriated by the American people who will support Ukraine.

  5. How about a story on how Biden siphoned off millions in foreign aid to Ukraine. I imagine some of these monies went to support Hunter’s crack habit and taste for expensive sports cars (and female companions).

      • Here’s an idea, let’s give the Biden’s the same level of Government and Media scrutiny the Trump’s got. #beautifuldreamer

      • Actually, you may want to read Miranda Devine’s book. The FBI has also acknowledged that the “Russian Disinformation” piece is not exactly Russian Disinformation. Yet, many of your earlier comments have been based on zero evidence. You may want to read the New York Post article that was actually true and several BBC articles that noted the Biden money train. Several reports from WSJ Sara Carter, Hill’s John Solomon, and Yahoo News Zachary Evans shows the connection. The players involved mention the connection. Ever wonder why CNN and MSNBC was so shocked about Rittenhouse when people who live in actual reality were not shocked by the outcome of the trial? Mainstream Media loves to pretend to be shocked. They’re doing it now with Covid and Biden.

    • Yes. Ask Biden about blackmailing the Ukraine-‘You either have the prosecutor ‘stand down’ about Biden’s son or I won’t give you these millions of foreign aid’. Ask Biden why his son, why Pelosi’s son and daughter, why John Kerry and Chuck Shumer’s SONS all sit on oil and mineral boards in Ukraine. This is not a coincidence. Ask Biden why there were 11 biomedical labs in Ukraine that are only staffed by Americans grew to 39 biomedical labs after January 2020? Ask Biden why America has such a great interest in Ukraine?

      • No longer, who cares? It was supported by everyone. House, Senate, the European Union. It was a well known and supported contingency placed on our military aid. That’s not blackmail. There was no investigation into Hunter. This has been debunked along with the election fraud lies. Get with the program.

  6. Putin is reliving Hitler’s theme. Invasion by a poor and broken country that was forced to capitulate to the rest of the world, ie. treaties or stronger forces that limited their expansion and power. IF not for the US Hitler may have won WWII. But Russia now has many nukes, (and another weak crazy at the helm who is desperate to get power to save the fatherland). Like Hitler, Putin invades another weak country to see what will happen.
    I’m not an expert, but a study of WWII is better than listening to leftist propaganda 24/7, like most of the population does.

  7. I believe if Russia wanted to destroy Ukraine they could easily and there would be no electricity nor much less anything left remaining. Perhaps the targets ARE limited to laboratories etc. now incinerated much to the fury of several interconnected deep states perhaps with unknown nefarious agendas.

  8. A good place to get some background information on what led to events in Ukraine is to watch Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire”. I don’t believe you can find it on mainstream media outlets ( Clinton neocons made sure of that), but it is on YouTube, at least as of today. It will probably be taken down soon.

  9. I do not know of an eastern European reporter but I do have a friend that has lived in Norway for many years and has focused on Russian history for about fifty years. He has always maintained that ninety-eight percent of Americans do not understand the intensity of the Soviet experience in WW 2. The US lost over 400,000 in WW 2. The Soviet Union lost 24,000,000. On the basis of my friend’s arguments, I view the Russian concern about border security as understandable and perhaps approaching legitimate. In contrast, the western media and the Biden regime has wanted to ignore this concern. Putin may not be entirely rational but we are now seeing the human cost of not taking him seriously. But then it is also my view that we are no longer a serious nation or a serious people. A couple of years ago in Europe, I became acquainted with a young Russian woman. She was darn serious about a lot of things – none with anything to do with me – and it was most enjoyable.

  10. Thanks for what you do. I have found it interesting reading Moscow Online News and using Google translate. Some same figures on CNN but reported with a different skew. Amazing what perspective does. i.e. 138 Ukraine Civilians Died vs. 138 Ukraine Soldiers died

  11. Do you know anything about the 2014 Maidain Coup America did in Ukraine? Have you not heard the phone calls between two State Department members where Victoria Nuland chose who America should help prop us as president in Ukraine in 2014? Do you not know that Ukraine has a huge militia of Neo Nazi nationalists that literally fly the nazi flag and they have been killing people in Eastern Ukraine (the Donbass)? Do you not know that Putin specifically is actually trying to “demilitarize” and “deNazification” of Ukraine’s militia and government that have been bombing and killing civilians in the Donabss since America’s 2014 coup?

    It’s strange to read people trying to compare Putin to Hitler when Putin is literally trying to fight against actual neo Nazis in Ukraine who have been slaughtering civilians in the Donbass for years. The real Hitler-like people are in Ukraine parliament. Zelensky has banned Russian from being taught. He has closed Orthodox Russian churches, and the neo nazis have brutalized priests.

    Ukraine is not a “poor and broke country”. Ukraine was set up as a vasal state to America and American oligarchs have been siphoning off all their mining and oil (e.g., Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney). Ukraine has the largest lobbyist in DC, and there’s an awful lot of our politicians that have received millions a year in donations. Ukraine is corrupt, full of nazi nationalists, and Zelensky is the real puppet president that America propped up. America is literally supporting actual nazis who are killing innocent people in the Donabass, and America oligarchs are getting rich doing it. I have sympathy for the people, but this war is 100% the fault of America and our broken promises.

    • Beth – your comments will literally make a lot of ignorant minds explode on here, but facts often go against the official narrative these days. A lot of what is going on in Ukraine can be laid squarely at the feet of the Obama/Biden cartel & the scumbag neocons who infested that administration. Regime change foreign policy always leads to conflict and now the prospect of war with a nuclear power is very near. For those who want to hear a more rational explanation of what brought us to this point I would suggest that folks watch the documentary “Ukraine on Fire” starring Oliver Stone. Better do it fast before the State Department bans it.

    • Hitlers main concern was Russian Communism. Now it is reversed. Nazi (German Socialist) killing in the Ukraine is appalling, but in the US we never hear about the 50 million or so starved and murdered by Soviet Union’s Stalin. (Stalin made Hitler look like a piker). Why is that? Then lets talk the 60 million or more murdered by Mao. Hillery’s Hero. The ONLY Superpower that has not murdered millions is where you live.

      • Do the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki ring a bell, Auntie Dot?
        Several megatons worth of Democracy dispensed there.
        Maybe Vietnam?
        Maybe Libya?

  12. Until we enforce actual sanctions like not buying the oil and gas that is the life blood of the Russian economy we are as complicit in this war as Putin. We could put a quick stop to this war simply by cutting Russia off from SWIFT and not buying their oil and gas. Until we open up the resources within our borders to offer a cleaner alternative to the blood soaked oil, gas, and minerals of countries ruled by those we claim to oppose who do not follow the same rigid environmental laws we have then we are part of the problem.

    • Open up the US oil spigot, flood the market with US oil, and bankruptcy Putin without firing a shot.

      But no, the likes of Kerry and the soy latte save the planet green crowd would rather spill someone else’s child’s blood in another senseless war, in true sociopathic socialist fashion.

      Ukraine isn’t worth one drop of US blood BTW, neither is Russia.

      • Eric, we aren’t worried about buying Russian gas or oil. It’s Europe who is dependent on them. And we have oil supplies. The problem is bottlenecked supply chains and war fears contributing to stockpiling and driving up.the price of oil.

        • We’re buying 500,000 RUSSIAN barrels a day under Biden John, it’s not that hard to do proper research when you cut the MSNBC/CNN socialist/marxist/communist propaganda off.

          • Eeic, these were deals made long ago. We aren’t reliant on them like Europe. The ships are already in transit. Do you hate capitalism? Or just when you want to criticize Biden for deals made under Trump?

          • It’s up to ONE MILLION barrels today John, who’d have thunk it possible, Russian petrochemicals coming into Alaska. #vivacomradebiden

    • The irony is that we can extract all the oil and minerals we desire without harming the environment. Technology and priorities have changed. What has not changed is the rabid agenda of enviro-nazis.

  13. For those interested in updates re: Ukraine you can follow Nolan Peterson. He is an American living in Ukraine now with his Ukrainian wife and maybe kid(s). He decided to stay. It’s his home. He is also on twitter & facebook. He used to report for the daily signal. His last web site update was Feb 25. ‘

  14. Thanks for your perspective. After watching the Mainstream media go on a witch hunt for four years with a President who loves his country and puts America first, I learned not to listen to a word they have to say again. I get my information for anyone but them.

  15. My humble suggestion would be to seek a global economy journalist versus Eastern Europe Correspondent.

    I appreciate your candor in this article.

    That is refreshing, Suzanne. The beauty of Must Read Alaska, for me, is this forum of open communication and debate that you created and nurture.

    We are not supposed to all cosign each other’s point of view.

    Thank you for bringing journalism into a real-time living, breathing organism, as opposed to the one-way street of talking at people journalism that is archaic and dated. Thank God!!

    • This the latest Leftist approach: Any criticism of the official Left/Biden line is dismissed as being delusional, unpatriotic or parroting of Russian talking points. Talk about shallow. I never expect folks to agree on things but I do expect people to occasionally note that others have said something interesting. Or, perhaps, you have joined Justin Trudeau in believing that some hold “unacceptable views?”

      • Actually it’s called patriotism. You can admit that Biden isn’t doing a bad job here. We’re facing a national crisis, facing Russia’s threats against democracy, and undercutting the president because he’s a democrat only serves our enemy’s interests. If you love your country, you can overcome your hatred of Biden for a moment, can’t you?

        • A good job would involve attempting to ascertain if there was something to Russia’s angst over border security. Instead the current President has sought to project faux resolve for domestic political purposes. By failing to take Russia’s concerns seriously, hundreds, if not thousands, of lives have already been lost. I wish I could say that every country had a right to determine their path without reference to the wishes of their neighbors. While that may be the aspiration, it is not reality. I like Ukraine and Ukrainians but everyone needs to recognize that they share a large border with Russia. In 1962, the US was apoplectic when Cuba allowed the USSR to locate missiles in Cuba. The real story of that conflict was that the leaders of the US and the USSR cut a deal that involved significant concessions by both sides. I see none of that approach from the current US President. Patriotism is great stuff, I wish we would see more of it from the Left. Wisdom is also a good thing. If the current administration can demonstrate some smarts and an ability to solve problems, they will deserve some support. All we have now are bluster and columns of smoke.

        • You actually think Biden is running this country? Biden probably can’t run a toaster. And nothing our “elected representatives” are doing is admirable.

  16. Well said. I agree China is the key player, looking and feeling for weakness, playing for long term gain.
    And on that note, just what did the natural gas agreements Gov. Bill Walker signed with China mean to the Chinese?
    We never learned what the agreements Mr. Walker, signed with numerous entities who funded his long effort to get a gas line to Valdez.
    I don’t know who would believe him if he told us, but if he ran on his record, perhaps Gov candidate Walker’s slogan should be:
    Alaska my a–, it’s China’s gas.

    • Interesting analysis. I think they bring up a lot of good points regarding the Soviet collapse. But it gives the impression that Russia is right to invade Ukraine now. And this theory is simply false. It’s also insulting to Ukrainians and Russians. You might want to avoid tgos kind of talk personally.

      Russia has no right to invade Ukraine. Period. The agreement made assuring NATO would not expand East was made specifically toward reunification of Germany in 1990. The Soviet Union had not dissolved at that time. It is enterily dishonest to pretend that agreement would extend to sovereign nations as a result of the Soviet Union collapse. That agreenent was null and void, and could not possibly apply to a russia and independent states that didn’t even exist in 1990.

      This video is Propaganda in its assertion that Putin is upholding some non existent deal. If you want to consider a deal now, consider the Budapest Memo agreed upon in 1994 by 6 countries, including the USA, Russia, Ukraine and others, providing security assurances against threats or use of force against the independent states of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Look it up. You should be aware of it. That deal triumphs over any previous deal related to the Soviet Union, and no agreement was made to prevent Ukraine from entering NATO.

      • NATO is little more than a tax vehicle, one collecting for the global military industrial complex.

        Now we know why Russia were never allowed admittance, without a common enemy, NATO has no reason to exist. Follow the money.

        • Eric, your simplistic inderstanding of history allows you to make ridiculous claims like that. The reason NATO was established in the first place was to oppose the growing threat of soviet expansion in Europe. It’s self explanatory why Russia is not a NATO member. At least to people who have a basic grasp of our history.

          • Ouch, looks like your party leaders have zero grasp on reality nor history:


  17. “That the same mainstream media that fed Americans bad information on the Covid pandemic is the media that is now crafting the narrative in Eastern Europe, and they are no more intellectually honest now than they were last year with their election reporting or their choice to not fairly report the truck convoys in Canada.”

    Had to repeat that.

    An article in Veterans Today postulates the Russians are after fauci labs in Ukraine. I don’t know if that’s true or false.

    I do know Russia invaded Ukraine a few years back (2014?) and nobody seemed to care overmuch.
    I’ve never seen the news media line up so fast, the propaganda spew so furiously, the drums beat so unanimously about anything.

    Makes me think, “WTF is going on here?”

    I don’t pretend to know the politics of what’s happening in Ukraine but I do know a bit about the politics in the US and what Tony Fauci and his crew did in Wuhan.

    I suspect the Russians know what he did, too.

    Carry on.

    • You’ve got a lot of propaganda to spew. You would do well to trust the media, because your sources have led you astray.

  18. We have 6 churches in the Ukraine whose pastors have been reporting daily to our presbytery.
    The church men are staying to fight.
    And the courageous truth is they still had Divine worship today with small numbers.

  19. Puty’s Big Gamble

    Putin is on the move
    Advancing into Ukraine’s groove
    Will they take orders
    From a Russia without borders
    As the world does not approve

    Leaders gasp at the plight
    Another history rewrite
    Can the ex-comedian
    Stay out of the bear den
    Fighting with all of his might

    Or will Z finally back down
    Giving up Ukraine’s crown
    Wishing he sang soprano
    Whilst his dick still playing piano
    There’s no more joking around

    The world is coming awake
    To the many things now at stake
    From Europe’s breadbasket
    And for NATO a casket
    Damage showing in Putin’s wake

    He said to all be aware
    Of poking a stick at the bear
    Said put up your dukes
    And I’ll challenge with nukes
    And throw you all quite a scare

    While Biden sits licking his cone
    Ignoring the damage he’s done
    To corrupt such a state
    Will SWIFT come too late?
    And are Hunter’s payoffs all gone?

    For years they were corrupt
    But the end comes quite abrupt
    Joe gets no refund
    From his Ukraine slush fund
    Too bad war had to erupt

    All eyes now on Putin’s station
    Will he stop at just one nation?
    He bemoans the Soviet loss
    And warns NATO don’t cross
    Or be subject to more predation 

  20. To Madam Editor’s exchange student and its “America doesn’t care about Ukraine”, may we suggest America “cares” about Ukraine more than this one wants to know.
    Ukraine still has internet and social media because Americans “care”.
    Since 2014, Ukraine received about $2.5B of military aid; trainers, defensive systems like counter-mortar radars; Javelin and Stinger missiles, and who knows what else the news media don’t know about, from Americans who “care”.
    Trainers? Americans who “care” enough not only to smuggle war stuff in, but who risk life and limb to smuggle themselves in, show the locals how, when, where, and why to use their new war stuff?
    What, Ukrainians gotta order war stuff on Amazonsky, complete with instructions, overnight delivery, and money-back guarantee because Americans don’t care?
    The first batch of 90 tons of military equipment just arrived in Ukraine, sent by Americans who don’t “care”?
    Only an exchange student assumes no one’d ever haul war stuff, including Americans who “care”, secretly across Ukraine’s borders simply because it’s kinda stupid to let exchange students, Russkies, and the Peoples News Media know they’re coming.
    The $350M just authorized for Ukraine, more tax money taken from Americans who “care”, maybe Americans should take it back because, God knows, we could use the money at home?
    Literally overnight, Ukraine morphs from one of the three most-corrupt nations of the world to the Alamo, but an exchange student believes Americans should march over there anyway, die, risk World War III to show they “care”?
    You want Americans who “care”, remember President Clinton, instumental in helping swindle Ukraine out of its nuclear arsenal, which arsenal, and the willingness to use it, might have persuaded Russians not to do what they’re doing now.
    You want Americans who “care”, remember President Biden, instrumental in helping Ukraine’s judiciary learn what America allows, and does not allow, regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma.
    You want Americans who “care”, remember America’s boys and girls who fought and died in Korea, the Cold War, Cuba, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Benghazi… wars since 1945 they were not allowed to win.
    You want Americans who “care”, remember the invasion of America, happening right now, just check your social media, over her southern border, which America’s own government opened wide to invasion by the world’s human trash, for the express purpose of destabilizing America, causing her very social fabric to fall apart so it can be replaced by what Vladimir wants for Ukraine!
    To the exchange student infected with metastatic disinformatsiya only a school year in Anchorage could enforce, it’s almost reasonable to sympathize, almost reasonable to rush American boys and girls off to World War III just so the exchange student will believe we “care”.

  21. Thank you, Suzanne, for that explanation regarding the Russian invasion. Such truth and integrity not to wade into that quagmire. You are much appreciated in my book. Keep up the good work.

  22. “Keeping the mainstream media on their toes — that is definitely in our lane?” MRAK’s opinion of itself is definitely more than a little inflated – a real Don Quixote story in the mind of Ms. Downing. I’m sure the mainstream media lives in perpetual fear of being exposed by MRAK.

    Even in a story about war and suffering imposed on innocents by one of the Country’s arch enemies, this publication can’t resist the opportunity to take a cheap shot at the President – shameless pandering unparalleled, except perhaps by similar comments made by The Former Guy. Sickening.

  23. Nice job Suzanne but there is more happening here than many of us know. The important thing to know is the quote “follow the money”. There is a reason the corrupt war-hawks in our government continue to pour our hard earned dollars into Ukraine and it has nothing to do with their defense. The unsealed documents already released by Special Council John Durham and documents already released by Judicial Watch, prove the Biden, Obama, Bush and Clinton crime families are intricately connected to Ukraine. It’s funny how long they were silent until their money laundering operation was threatened by Putin. Now you should hear them beating the war drums along with their allies in Congress. A sitting US Senator, Linsey Graham, publicly called for the assassination of Putin. If you don’t think there is massive corruption in our government and that they no longer serve the American people’s interests, your dreaming. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us in the 50’s about the industrial war machine also known as the Deep State. He knew the danger they represented to our Constitutional Republic. We are witnessing a global battle between good and evil. Let’s pray the good guys win!

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