U.S. vetoes United Nations resolution demanding permanent cease fire in Israel-Hamas war


The United States on Friday vetoed a resolution by the United Nations Security Council that demanded Israel stop its defense against Hamas, and create what the council imagined would be a permanent cease-fire.

The resolution needed nine votes in favor and no vetoes from any of the five permanent members, which include the United States, Russia, China, France, and Great Britain.

Thirteen members of the council, including Japan and permanent member France, approved the resolution, offered by United Arab Emirates and which had 98 sponsor nations as signatories; Great Britain abstained.

The U.S. has agreed with Israel’s position that unless Hamas is dismantled, there will never be an end to the conflict, which started when Hamas terrorists made a surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7, killing 1,200 Israelis. The Israeli military response has been overwhelming and there is clearly a humanitarian crisis in Gaza among the civilian population, as food and fuel is running low and as much of Gaza has been razed.

The resolution not only demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, and the immediate and unconditional release of hostages, it did not condemn the terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas.

It was the third time the U.S. has vetoed the security council’s call for an immediate cease fire. The vote came after United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a letter to the Security Council warning that the Gaza war has the possibility of becoming a global threat and calling for a vote.


  1. Yeah, I thought the Secret Service would be, will be part of the corrective process which is due. Perhaps the US Marshalls as well. We may have long wait however though.

  2. Never. Not until Hamas is driven out from Gaza! A good ally decision by US of A. Americans can’t give Iran the satisfaction to repair, rebuild their Hamas axis of power.

    • Jen
      Do you know that a veto means bombing innocent unprotected women and children?

      For every violent member of hamas killed there is 10-20 women or children killed.

      Roughly 15,000 women and children dead.
      Possibly another 10,000 to 45,000 injured.
      Not very many hamas dead . Maybe 10%

      How do you square killing children with your christian faith?

      Are you a christian in name only?
      What is god going to think of supporting the murder of his children?

      Isn’t bombing of cities and civilians against christs laws?

      I dare say it goes heavily against the 10 commandments.

      I also say it goes against Jewish teachings.

      • “American”,

        When you spread Hamas talking points and propaganda how do you expect anyone to believe you?

        • Steve
          Whats a Hamas talking point?
          Do you have a list?

          Your accusation/ incorrect assertion is
          A lie and an attempt to cover up inconvenient facts. Or so it looks.

          It’s usually best to look at a problem from all angles.

          Instead of attacking me personally and trying to slander, why don’t you be specific and question the accuracy of what ever i said to Jen ?

          Technically, whats it matter if it was a hamas talking point?

          ((( The question is was it accurate? )))

          Doesn’t it matter if it’s accurate and adds to a whole accurate picture?

          Thats the best way to try and objectively reach truth.

          Steve lying and saying im spreading a hamas talking point as a way to discredit me without being specific is a unnecessary personal attack.

          Let’s discuss whether im accurate or not.
          Im open to the possibility some of my information could be wrong.
          Why don’t you be objective and show where my statement was incorrect.

          Regarding your question.
          I actually don’t expect people to believe me . Likely they will only believe what they are comfortable with.
          I do hope i can spark a broader base of analysis and inquiry.

          Steve when you lie and try to unethically discredit me , how do you expect people to believe you?

          The answer is – you are just hoping they create colored bias against me so
          )) your
          Narrative wins (((

          Why don’t you put down your dagger and pick up your thinking cap?
          Im open to discussing ideas without throwing insults.
          Who knows maybe we could develop some more rounded ideas?

          • “American”,
            We’ve been over this before and I suspect we will go over it again. The numbers you continue to repost are a Hamas talking point. You’ve been posting the same Hamas provided propaganda numbers, you know where they come from and you continue to post Hamas talking points…that’s propaganda.

            The Gaza Ministry of Health is run by Hamas. Hamas is known to lie about virtually everything, they are terrorists after all…terrorists who still hold innocent hostages from the heinous rampage they went on two short months ago wherein innocent women, children, and elderly were beaten, raped, murdered, beheaded, burned alive, and all other sorts of atrocities. The Hamas led Gaza Ministry of Health lied about the rocket attack at al-Ahli Hospital, they blamed Israel for a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket, they lied about where it hit and how many died.

          • Steve
            I disagree that numbers are a hamas talking point.

            Numbers are a factual starting point for any fact based discussion.

            You are wrong regarding where i get them

            Im willing to bend and use your numbers if they factual.
            Lets use your numbers and show me proof of accuracy.

            Provide your numbers that you desire to use.
            I can probably use them even if they are only close.
            Numbers please Steve.

          • I don’t have numbers. I know that Hamas lies, they continue to lie, they will say and do anything in furtherance of their stated goals which is the total annihilation of Jews and the State of Israel. Hamas lied about the attack on al-Ahli Hospital, which was a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Hamas lied about the al-Shifa Hospital, ‘https://david-collier.com/doctors-shifa-hospital’ which was a staging ground and command center for terrorism and where hostages were taken after October 7th…not for medical care mind you, but to bring down into their tunnels to hide them behind human shields. Hamas has lied about the hostage exchange and they continue to lie, that’s what they do. Repeating their lies, their talking points, their numbers, their propaganda…well some are comfortable with that, I’m not.

            Now if you want numbers provided by someone other than the well known terrorist liars, who could possibly provide those numbers, let’s put our thinking caps on shall we? Do you think that maybe the army hunting down these terrorists might know how many terrorists they’ve killed? Seems like they might know, they might even know better than the terrorists who are known for lying what the actual numbers might be. Can you trust those numbers more than you trust proven terrorist liars?

            So instead of repeating the propaganda of well known lying terrorist, why don’t you expand your sources and see what they say? Yeah, you probably won’t do that or believe it even if you do. The Israeli Defense Forces say they’ve killed 7,000 terrorists, now I’m willing to say that number might not be 100% accurate, but who has more incentive to lie about that number Hamas or the IDF? The IDF informs Palestinians when and where they will be attacking Hamas, meanwhile Hamas hides behind women and children like the cowards they are. The higher the number of noncombatant deaths the greater the pressure by the international community to allow Hamas to continue its terrorstic goals, so honestly who has more incentive to lie about that number Hamas or the IDF? If Hamaswere to lay down their arms and surrender there would be peace, if Israel were to do the same then it would cease to exist.

          • Steve
            You say you don’t have numbers?

            Then why dishonestly or in accurately proclaim my numbers are hamas talking points?
            Sounds like you are just making things up again.

            Let’s keep the current thread as simple as possible. Get some valid numbers you are comfortable with.
            We can then discuss.

            We could start with UN numbers.
            Apparently Un numbers are typically within 1-4% of the gazan health ministry numbers analyzed historically after each conflict for decades.

            Yelling health ministry numbers are lies without proof is dishonest and misleading. The un numbers are typically respected as a general rule within a few percent.

            So before you go lying and saying im using hamas talking points please get some accurate numbers.
            Your rants are hard to follow.

          • “American”,
            I don’t count the dead, I’m not in Gaza, I don’t have numbers, I don’t believe known liars like the terrorists Hamas or those who support or sympathize with them. I provided IDF numbers, you believe Hamas numbers and willfully spread them…you do you and keep spreading their lies and propaganda.

  3. No cease fire! Israel has been patient long enough. They need to protect themselves. Who sincerely believes that Hamas would ever abide by a cease fire???

    • Kirk
      If Palestinians were treated as loved brothers
      Hamas might stop its attacks.
      It would certainly loose its support.
      Then cease to exist

  4. The UN, for decades, has been a bureaucratic joke. A little over a month ago Iran was appointed a chairmanship on the UN Human Rights Council…seriously Iran whose state police beats women to death for not wearing a hijab. Russia was allowed to veto a resolution that condemned the unlawful annexation of Ukrainian regions…by Russia, it’s a bureaucratic joke beyond measure.

    The number of resolutions that the UN General Assembly have brought forth against Israel, while simultaneously not bringing a single resolution against the likes of China, Cuba, Libya, Qatar, and a number of other dictatorships is beyond absurd. In fact Israel has been condemned by the UN General Assembly well over 10 times more often than Iran and North Korea combined, antisemitism runs deep and wide at the UN.

  5. Normies are starting to realize there are hundreds of vetoes against Israel being condemned for war crimes that blocked by the United States. It’s always been the United States acting as a shield for Israel. For decades. All the way back to the Naquba.

    Are you, the person reading this comment, aware that non jews living in israel are forced to get identifying license plates and drive on separate roads from jews? Are you aware that refugees that get into Israel are sterilized by Israel? Did you know that Israel exports all its non jewish refugees to Western nations? Did you know that all non jewish people are considered cattle only worth serving jews according to the talmud? Did you know all prospective citizens need to have a DNA test before Israel gives them citizenship?

    • “…….Are you, the person reading this comment, aware that non jews living in israel are forced to get identifying license plates and drive on separate roads from jews? Are you aware that refugees that get into Israel are sterilized by Israel? Did you know that Israel exports all its non jewish refugees to Western nations? Did you know that all non jewish people are considered cattle only worth serving jews according to the talmud? Did you know all prospective citizens need to have a DNA test before Israel gives them citizenship?”
      Nope. Got references to those claims?
      Are you aware that our borders are wide open for anybody to enter, even without documented identification (which is all against U.S. federal law), and that in a few years these people will be accusing YOU of racism if you don’t grant them citizenship?
      Maybe the Israelis are a bit wiser than you and I?

    • That is interesting.
      Have been to Israel many times, and I have not seen any of that.
      In fact, I know several Arabs that live in Israel, and they have yet to mention any of what you claim. I will check though.
      By the way, where, exactly are you getting this info?

      • I’m inclined to think if any of that were true, it would be ongoing national news.

        Since I’ve never heard of anything like it before, color me wildly skeptical.

    • It’s the only Jewish nation in the world, surrounded by Muslim nations. Let’s look at what the Quran says about Jewish people. This battle has been going on for thousands of years. The temple mount in Jerusalem is under Muslim control. Why aren’t Jews allowed to enter it?

      • Let’s look at what the Talmud says about Christians? Let’s look at where the Talmud says Jesus is (hint: in hell), let’s look at what the Talmud says about the Virgin Mother (that she was a wh*re). Israel should not control Jerusalem, and Muslims shouldn’t either.

    • I notice you’re an avid promoter of unverified Hamas propaganda.

      You’re ignorant of history, culture, religion, mid eastern politics, civics, common sense…hell son, you’re just ignorant.

      I’m curious: what’s your solution? The one Germany tried? And I’m genuinely curious.

      The one nation which multiple entities have openly the want erased. And frequently try to eliminate. What, exactly, do they do?

      Be damned specific.

    • Israel built an entire road system just for non-Jews to use? Apparently Jews are excluded from using it? And that DNA test…what are they looking for? Jewish DNA? You must be the dumbest person on this site today…and that’s a noteworthy accomplishment because there are some seriously stupid people on here. Here’s a valuable tip…stay away from Israel or you might force them to start giving IQ tests to keep people like you out. Maybe the DNA test can spot genes that code for low intelligence?

    • Noticer
      I think you are exaggerating the situation. Not helpful.
      Im pretty sure Israeli’s don’t inflict such subjugation until someone is committed of crime.

      Though it is known Israels law’s target the arab and muslim population inadvertently and treat them inhumanly while being investigated, charged or convicted of crime .

      Erasing police videos and recording while interrogating arabs or anyone of any faith ethnicity or nationality regardless of charge is setting the stage for human rights violations and Israel does this . Its a crime there to do anything that puts the state at risk from over active protests, boycotting israeli institutions ( even if you are israeli ) even calling for boycott is considered crime , stone throwing even without damage receives minimal sentences of several years.
      It’s illegal to sell or rent land to foreigners for over 5 years.
      Its a pretty racist environment.
      Really it borders on a police state totalitarian system. ( not quite) when you require citizens to participate in military training it’s pretty questionable and cant be considered a truly free nation.

      • “…….Its a pretty racist environment……..”
        Closer to home, how many readers here have tried to become naturalized citizens of the Sioux Nation? The Cherokee Nation? The Navajo Nation? A bit further off, how about Japan? Not everybody have wide open arms. Do you folks want to start an international campaign on uniform international immigration laws? International school standards? International Miranda Rights?
        Or is all of this just more piling on to support 1 of 8 billion opinions on Jews?

        • Reggie ,

          I agree. Humans seem to tend towards racism. Our unconstitutional law’s support racism.
          Giving one group of people something based on their race and denying another group based on ethnicity or race is racism. Even if the words race are not spoken and it’s only implied by specific profiling. Israel definitely is not alone in that regard.

          I am not sure about legal naturalization into tribes . ( technically i don’t think the Sioux are a race ?)

          At any rate my personal experience with Native Americans has been quite good and inclusive. If you share their life and customs they accept you and treat you as a brother.

          My father was raised on an Indian reservation. He was well treated and accepted as one with the group.

          I was born in a native alaskan village and have been accepted as a native brother wherever i go .
          I admit i have never tried to get special treatment from the US government via a native claim or tribe . The Us government tends towards anti constitutional treatment of people so I would probably not be treated equally by the government. Maybe maybe not. Idk
          Regarding native culture- racism isn’t really a thing. They have a known history of adopting people into their society and tribes . Cherokees adopted who ever wanted to join. Adopted escaped slaves was an every day thing.

          Suspicion of unknown cultural groups has always been in native culture. Probably a survivor tactic.
          Athabaskans and Yupik’s inupiats Rarely got along in old times.

          Regarding support of opinions. Not sure your point.
          I support an accurate picture when possible.

      • “Really it borders on a police state totalitarian system. ( not quite) when you require citizens to participate in military training it’s pretty questionable and cant be considered a truly free nation.”
        Just FYI the US had the draft (as in compulsory service) until 1973.
        Switzerland to this day has a compulsory military service requirement (once complete each service member gets to take their weapon and gear home)
        Most European nations also have a draft, even Germany.
        So what was that about totalitarian regimes???

  6. Hamas is a terror group that will not stop murdering Jews. Hamas attacked Israel. Now Israel must kill or capture every vile member of Hamas. The war ends with the last of Hamas being killed, or Hamas surrendering unconditionally. That’s how wars are prosecuted. Hamas has within its power the ability to surrender. Yet, they don’t. This is all on Hamas.

  7. Arabs kickstarted global terrorism, killing innocent and in many cases completely uninvolved civilians, as a way to address their complaints against Israel when they slaughtered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Are their grievances legitimate? Maybe some of them are but when they started hijacking planes, shooting and blowing up civilians and, in general, trying to force the world to comply with their demands by waging a war of terror they lost whatever moral or legal high ground they might have enjoyed and became just another threat that needed to be exterminated. Israel needs to finish this once and for all because, obviously, there’s never going to be peaceful coexistence. When you have an enemy at your door who wants to kill you there’s only one outcome…exterminate them before they can do it to you. Arab (aka Muslim) terrorism is a threat to us all and even to their own populations…the world should band together to rid us of the threat, the ENTIRE threat but the superpowers will never do that because terrorism is much too useful as a tool to justify oppressive laws to subjugate their own populations and to use like a hand puppet against our “enemies.”

  8. Ham ass fires hundreds of unguided missiles into Israel every year, they launch infatadas regularly, they attack border checkpoints or random Israeli’s regularly.
    But, somehow when Israel strikes back it is a war crime?
    I need to find out who it doing the advertising and marketing for them. They are fantastic.

    • Cb
      Its true Hamas does these things.
      What we must ask is why?

      Why would humans endanger their tribal existence to inflict pain or death on their neighbors?

      As it’s been said, it takes two to tango.

      In the Palestinian mind the Israelis took their homeland. Then established martial law against them . It’s documented back almost 100 years ago Britain and other world powers helped create Israel and violently forced out hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who became refugees. Killing and murdering many .
      ( not a good way to make friends)

      Israel has been involved in a violent tit for tat and subjugation of the Palestinian population for around a hundred years possibility could be construed to thousands though it becomes over complicated after about 90 and many other countries/ romans turks ect ect were the primary subjugation leaders.

      Anyone who supports bombing civilian centers to messily eradicate hamass stoops to the level of hamass and has innocent blood on their hands .
      A 20 -1 kill rate is pretty bad . Imo no innocent should die as Thats unAmerican.
      Perhaps that’s unreasonable but as close as possible is the only ethical way.
      ( specific hunting of Hamas and careful justice is the humane ethical treatment that will resolve the situation combined with very generous treatment of Palestinians in general) they must be treated as family members and friends. If peace is to be achieved.

      Its horrific that America a predominantly christian nation founded on liberty and innocence until proven guilty supports the murder of thousands of innocent civilians.

      Einstein and many great Jewish thinkers we’re against creating Israel as a militarized nationalist state . Many feared for the Palestinians who they considered kin .

      I think it’s very important to recognize the true difference between antisemitism and just being against how a political entity (Israel, chooses to conduct itself)

      People are currently conflating antisemitism with criticism of ( Israels actions as a nation state)
      The two concepts are as different as oil and water and should not be confused or conflated as one .

      Anyone who conflates the two is trafficking in disinformation and pushing for violence to continue.
      We must not water down the concept of antisemitism by tying it to the winds of politics.

      • “What we must ask is why?”

        THEY HATE JEWS. This isn’t a secret, it’s the very definition of antisemitism.

        As far as conflating legitimate criticism with antisemitism; when people insist upon repeatedly posting antisemitic statements, repeatedly posting Hamas talking points including blaming Israel for the October 7th attacks and blaming Israel for Hamas using Palestinians as human shields, that isn’t legitimate criticism, that’s antisemitism in action.

        • Steve
          Lets disect your statements.

          First, what is hate ? Does it often have a root cause? What are the causes in this case ?

          Do they really hate Jews or do they hate how the world powers and Israel has treated their people?

          Does hamas think Israel mistreated them?
          Does hamass think Israel occupied their home land ?
          Does hamass hate Jews in General or Do they Hate that Israel treats their people as second class subjects?
          Would hamas Hate Jews if Jews only lived in America and didn’t try to assert Ancestral land claims in Palestine ? Jerusalem ?
          Would hamas hate Jews if Jews put aside their differences and treated Palestinians as brothers?

          Its important to determine what their hatred is made of and if it’s technically hatred.

          Personally I consider Hamas the aggressor and should not be given one inch. They should be punished fully under the law of the land.

          I think the group hamas must be separated as a group from Palestinians in general. Shedding Palestinians blood goes against Jewish, Christian beliefs and religious laws. It’s considered murder . It breaks the commandments.

          Steve is it possible you have distorted the definition of Antisemitism?
          Maybe you don’t really even understand it?
          Disagreeing with Israels political decisions is not antisemitism. The two are not the same at all .
          Anyone who tries to claim they are the same spreads misinformation or disinformation.

          Steve ,i suspect you don’t really understand Judaism.

          I think you have oversimplified the situation and are putting your viewpoint as the only position without having enough personal background in the situation and perspective.

          • “American”,

            I appreciate that you’ve backed away from the antisemitic rhetoric of an Israeli genocide of Palestinians and the supposed apartheid that we’ve previously seen discussed here. I’m glad to see that you’ve moved towards a nuanced conversation, however moving to a nuanced conversation that lends credence to a barbaric terrorist organization isn’t actually nuance at all…it’s just lending credence to barbaric terrorists. But hey, have fun storming the castle!

            The history of the Middle East isn’t in question, except from those who would prefer to gaslight others and lend credence to terrorism. There’s no need to apologize for terrorism unless one supports terrorism…inconceivable!

            You are certainly allowed to believe whatever it is you want about me, as wrong as you might be. You’re even entitled to spread lies about me and whatever it is you believe about me, just don’t be surprised when I point that out. As you know, life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

          • Steve
            When you dishonestly put words and concepts in my mouth it is despicable.
            Its a lie .

            Steve o is a purveyor of purposeful disinformation throughout this site.
            History usually proves him wrong.

            Steve o ,Stop your crap lies.

            What we can expect in life-

            Steves lies .

            Generally If Steve is typing he’s lying.

            Steve do the world a favor and actually try to have an honest discussion.

            Stating unpleasant facts is not antisemitic rhetoric .

            Steve take your dishonest disgraceful method of communication and keep it to yourself.

      • Masked please look up moral equivalence.

        I don’t think you are using it correctly.

        Your sarcasm on dead Jews is highly distasteful and poor commentary on your
        Communication skills.

        Its also dishonest. It was not Sanctos intent to sanction killing.

        What you said in sarcasm was a form of slander and dishonesty.
        Masked use your right for speech honorably.
        With freedom comes great responsibility.

  9. With all due respect I believed in error this comment was placed under the guise of censorship story provocation and available solutions.

    The dots are indirect in the context of this story but are a confusing distraction.

  10. I used to wonder how the Holocaust occurred. What sort of mental gymnastics were necessary to let otherwise sane people ignore barbarity at that level.

    It requires a suspension of morals, decency, and a willingness to accept evil.

    I’m getting to witness it in front of my eyes. Seems it’s very easy for people to justify the unjustifiable.

    • There’s certainly more Hamas apologists than I’d have imagined. They willfully spread their propaganda all while attempting to shame people and attacking their faith as less than if they don’t agree. It’s amazing how we’ve gotten to this point but not surprisingly it’s a movement that reaches to our public indoctrination centers all the way through Ivy League colleges and even into some of the highest offices in the land.

      Here’s a good read about how Karl Marx had a part in what we are seeing today, its a long read but informative ‘https://lawliberty.org/anti-zionism-and-the-bolshevik-jihad’

    • Yep!
      Sadly the only ones laughing are the myriad of little tin-pot dictator nations, taking us to the cleaners each and every time.

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