U.S. Supremes will decide if Trump can appear on Colorado ballot


The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday afternoon it will decide whether former President Donald Trump is eligible for Colorado’s Republican primary ballot.  

The Colorado Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, had ruled Trump ineligible because, justices said, he engaged in insurrection when he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election, a violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The case will be argued Feb. 8. The court will not delay its decision, as Iowa’s Republican caucus is Jan. 15, and New Hampshire’s Republican primary is Jan. 23. Super Tuesday on March 5.

Trump asked the Supreme Court to intervene after Colorado’s Supreme Court disqualified him from the ballot. The state Supreme Court decision is on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court decides it.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment was ratified after the Civil War and prohibits people from holding office who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” 

The Colorado case is one of several emerging in Democrat-run states that are using the 14th Amendment as a way to block Trump from running for office.


  1. The US Constitution is pretty clear on this, he is ineligible. I guess if we are going to ignore the 14th amendment maybe we can then pick and choose which ones we would like applied at various times in the future. TRUMP FOR TREASON!

    • Liar!

      The only thing clear here is the anti-democratic, authoritarian and hyper-partisan lawfare attempts by radical leftists like you to suppress your political opposition. You are an un-American traitor to everything this nation USED to stand for. For shame, for shame.

    • You are not a very good constitutional attorney. Better start taking some night classes to brush up on the law.
      Regarding “insurrection” – it would require that Trump be found to have planned or directed a “violent uprising”. Jefferson Davis, of all people, was never found to have committed “insurrection”.
      Here’s another example: You might be interested to learn that the 10th Amendment is known as the “Amendment in Exile”. So much for the Bill of Rights.

    • It is clear and Trump is still eligible. There was no insurrection, it’s been a media spin against him for 3 years.

      • Even if there was an insurrection, until Trump has been charged and convicted, he remains eligible under the 14th. Just because a bunch of partisan hacks call it insurrection does not make it one.
        Pesky thing that “innocent until proven guilty” thing…

    • You have never read nor understood the Constitution.

      I especially enjoy the part where you are worried about picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution matter. A progressive ploy for decades.

    • There’s a legitimate question about due process. The Constitution does not say there must have been a conviction for the crime of insurrection, but how exactly can this be decided without opening the door to future abuse?

      On the other hand, it is pretty clear that the events of January 6 would not have happened without Trump’s egging the perpetrators on, as many of them have said themselves. Too bad the other participants were left holding the bag, as Trump has done his whole life in business, but people keep falling for it. So he did do *something*. The question is, how does it get adjudicated in a constitutional way? If only the Supreme Court were beyond suspicion of partisanship and bias, and was universally viewed as having been appointed in a fair way…

      Then there’s the political question of whether this is a good idea or not from the Democrats’ point of view. I tend to think not, because as you can see from the comments on this article and many others, people would feel disenfranchised. Better to beat him AGAIN at the ballot box. You know, the place where those “bags of garbage” (i.e., votes for someone other than Trump) are routinely deposited.

      • Actually the constitution does effectively say you must have a conviction to be removed from the ballot.
        The constitution guarantees equal protection under the law and jury trials for significant charges.

        If trump is removed from the ballot for a violation of law without conviction he didn’t receive equal protection under the law . So you are 100% mistaken
        The constitution must be read as a whole.

        • American. I don’t think you are corrrect. Guess that’s why we have a Supreme Court to decide these things. Wish they were trustworthy.

        • If Trump could show that someone else who did something similar to what he did was or would be treated differently by a state or the feds you might have a point (about “equal protection” being the relevant issue here). I think the better argument in his favor is just about due process. And he will get all the due process he deserves (and then some) at the Supreme Court. Judge Luttig (more of a constitutional scholar than you or me) doesn’t think a criminal conviction is necessary. It will have to be decided at the Supreme Court whether the president is to be considered an officer of the US and if lower court findings about the significance of his involvement in January 6 events disqualify him from holding office. In any case they are the ones who will decide, not your opinion or mine.

      • NW. excellent comment. I agree with experienced constitutional scholars like Lawrence Tribe who thinks Trump is ineligible. Section 3 14th is straight forward. Doesn’t contain squishy concepts like freedom or rights.

    • Why not ignore the 14th.
      So far, this current administration is ignoring the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, and the 8th amendments.
      Why should the 14th somehow become sacrosanct and above question?

  2. What they “believe” Trump did is irrelevant. He’s either convicted in a court of law or he isn’t. Right now he hasn’t been.
    How far our judicial branch has fallen from lady justice’s blind faith in such esoteric concepts as innocent until proven guilty that Supreme Court justices should understand better than anyone.

    • On the issue of “conviction” in a court of law. What was the “rape” trial about and what was the outcome of the trial? The news reported a conviction. The news reported an appeal that was dismissed. The news reported that he had his attorneys file counter claim against the “victim” and that was dismissed. Do you know if he was added to the sex registry for felons? and was the reporting in the news the truth?

      • There was never any demonstration of actual sexual assault, nor evidence presented.
        The trial was not about a rape. It was about some woman who claimed to have been raped, without evidence of any kind, saying that Trump libeled and/or slandered her.
        Since there was no conviction of sexual assault of any kind, no need to register for a sex offender database.

  3. Talk about voter suppression. If you can’t beat him in the ballot box, remove him from the ballot. He has not been convicted, let the voters decide.

  4. Only Congress can decide whether or not an insurrection occurred under section 5 of Article 14, and Trump was already acquitted of insurrection in the impeachment process. That’s a separate issue from whether or not Article 14 even applies to the office of President since he wasn’t an “officer”.

  5. Dear Alaskan for Freedom, you really need do more reading. Trump was impeached on the charge of Insurrection by the House of Representatives and acquitted by the Senate. Not one J6 defendant has even been charged with Insurrection. Presidents are not subject to Federal prosecution until they have been impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate. Read U.S. Constitution Article 1 Section 3 Paragraph 7.

  6. SCOTUS will dodge this question and pass the ball back to Congress. Just watch.

    Why? One might think that the Conservative Justices are an educated, intellectual bunch, who really want nothing to do with a low-life like Trump now that they have their lifetime appointments, and that they’re ready to toss him overboard. One might also think that these same Justices value their reputations in scholarly legal circles, and would find against Trump so as not to be seen as sellouts.

    But none of that will happen. Why, you ask? They won’t find against Trump because they know MAGA folks know where they live, and they fear their violent nature. Plain and simple.

      • Masked
        Thats a old over used trope.
        Unfit for “grown ups talking”

        Hans is wrong and really sticking his neck out.
        Do the world a favor and use your brain to educate Hans and his followers.

    • (Copied from an online comment seen elsewhere.)

      A moment of silence on the anniversary of J6.

      We remember the police inviting protestors in.

      We remember the Fed agent provocateurs fomenting violence.

      We remember the police opening fire on the unarmed crowd.

      We remember Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland, innocent women martyred by a globalist coup.

      We remember the political prisoners held in the DC gulag, some going years without trial and many denied proper medical care, subject to prolonged solitary confinement and tormented by sadistic, partisan guards.

      We remember our country was stolen by an international cabal of pedophilic globalists. We remember Biden is a puppet, that Obama and Yellen are really running the country on behalf of Davos.

      America remembers J6.

      America remembers.

  7. Game time 2024 begins.

    I don’t see how we have a country in a years time. Like a marriage gone south, we ought to split up the album collection and go our own ways. We no longer have common values and we really don’t like each other. Why not find a better arrangement before it gets worse or violent?

    I do pray for safety for a few pols these days (DJT, RFK). If either one- esp. the first – is taken out by the intelligence agencies then its going to get weird asap. I sure hope everyone has a go bag and/or a plan.

    Good Luck out there. And pray.

  8. One last thing. There is no use arguing with these people. We are well beyond that. They have forced a zero sum game. Best to cut ties and keep distance between us.

    If we do split, can you imagine the country they will have? Reminds me directly of 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

  9. well, I’m sure it’s the constitutional way now having the court rules deciders tell you who you CAN vote for. Makes total sense.

  10. The evil is losing so badly that they are adopting names and phrases we would use to confuse people and to maybe help with their “history rewriting?” So sad. For example, abusing the rainbow colors, calling men women instead of women being women. Changing meaning of many things to be bad or sick. Creator of all creation, we rebuke this evil in Jesus Christ’s name.

    • Ginny. What in the world if effective about saying” Creator of all creation, we rebuke this evil in Jesus Christ’s name.”? Does that work? DID it work and I missed it? Can you define evil? Why do you think you are powerful enough to over ride your god’s plan?

  11. The irony is Grandpa Bloodstains is claiming democracy is on the ballot. While his side is doing their damnedest to undermine it.

    So in a way, they’re right. Re elect Grandpa Bloodstains and poof goes democracy

  12. They will declare that the states CAN remove him from the ballot, but only after there is a conviction. Thus giving themselves cover and still getting him off the ballot (in many swing states) when he does get convicted…after he secures the nomination. Feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football yet?

  13. I think there is more evidence of Biden committing high crimes for failing to protect our borders, taking bribes from China, and giving aid and comfort to Iran and the Taliban. I can’t believe SCOTUS will allow us to go down this slippery slope.

  14. Part of what continues to amaze me is the rank stupidity of the left. Every single time they try something like this, it comes back to blow up in their faces.

    Every. Single. Time.

    If, somehow, they manage to do this, it will be game on from here forward.

    But their goal isn’t to protect “democracy”, it’s to end it with them in charge.

  15. TROLL ALERT………
    of course unless- he, him, her, it, is in
    fact really that ignorant.
    However those types do even know this site exists or they are paid to be here….. kinda like the ADN.

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