U.S. House bill protecting hunting, shooting education in schools passes key Education committee


Rep. Mark Green’s bill to protect shooting sports in K-12 schools passed out of the Education and the Workforce Committee unanimously on Thursday.

The bill from the Tennessee congressman is in response to the Biden Administration withholding funds from schools that provide hunting, marksmanship, and archery activities for students.

The Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act was introduced in the House on Aug. 1, as H.R. 5110.

“This is a win for our nation’s students who choose to participate in shooting sports. Defunding shooting sports in schools would be a disservice to students. These extracurricular activities are keeping kids out of trouble, making them more focused at school, helping them build community, and giving them scholarship opportunities. Sports like archery and trap shooting are some of the fastest-growing sports in the country,” Green said.

“If applied equally, this interpretation of this law should also restrict funding for other school activities like fencing, track and field activities, and even the culinary arts. But instead, shooting sports are being targeted. This isn’t right or fair,” he said.

Green’s bill amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to clarify that the prohibition on the use of Federal education funds for certain weapons does not apply to the use of such weapons for training in archery, hunting, or other shooting sports that are part of school programs.

The bill can be read at this link.


  1. I can’t think of a more effective way of teaching young folks not to do stupid with weapons. brandon and the democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with this policy. Thank you Rep. Green.

  2. Perfect opportunity for Peltola to safely cross over and cast a purely symbolic vote in support.
    Lets see if she will even pretend to care about Alaskan interests.

    Clearly, the bill won’t be taken up by the Senate and Biden would just veto it anyway.
    Our Republican Senators knowingly handed Biden the power to punish gun owners like this – so why would he let this silly little bill get in the way?

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